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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Fire, 723:appear at the occasion of the initiation of the solar Logos, and They have a peculiar connectionFire, 724:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals 2. Solar Avatars: These avatars are of three typesFire, 725:bring about anticipated results. Another type of solar avatar, Who can be seen appearing in theFire, 726:even when in physical incarnation; this solar avatar performs the same function for the planetaryFire, 727:They are the nirmanakayas of an earlier solar cycle Who now again take the opportunity to effectFire, 729:manifestation of a planetary Logos and of a solar Logos in a dense physical body is hidden in theFire, 729:in essential manifestation. He is electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. [730] But theFire, 731:marks a stage in the intensification of "solar Fire." It has relation to the achievement of Vishnu,Fire, 732:human. A hint as to the constitution of these solar Pitris and Manasadevas may come to the studentFire, 732:of the: Cosmic physical plane, in relation to a solar Logos and to a planetary Logos. SystemicFire, 734:time and space) of the positive energy of the solar Logos, the planetary Logos, and of Man to theFire, 734:three kinds of Pralaya. See S. D, I, 397-398. Solar pralaya. This comes at the end of one hundredFire, 734:into unity. It marks end of manifestation of solar system. Concerns the solar Logos. IncidentalFire, 734:of manifestation of solar system. Concerns the solar Logos. Incidental pralaya. This succeeds theFire, 735:been decided upon, this thread of light, or of solar fire (note the word "solar") is withdrawn, andFire, 735:of light, or of solar fire (note the word "solar") is withdrawn, and gathered back to the atomicFire, 740:the Lord of his Ray. Orders emanating from the solar Logos which are conveyed to him afterFire, 740:Path 5. The Ray Path. Path 6. The Path of the Solar Logos. Path 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship. Fire, 741:the atom) and after the great pralaya the next solar system will start with the threefold SpiritFire, 742:of the work of the Manasadevas in the solar system. In every scheme They have Their place, but inFire, 744:making again a ten of perfection. Between Two Solar Systems. This covers the period of one hundredFire, 745:on the physical plane of the cosmos, our solar systemic planes, or the reincarnating jivas who areFire, 760:plane from the planetary Logos, or even from the solar Logos Himself. In the first two cases,Fire, 761:the will of the planetary Logos or of the solar Logos, taking form for a specific purpose. ItFire, 761:be extended to include all the planes of the solar system, and not just our physical plane, theFire, 761:to be three: Egoic impulse. The activity of the solar and lunar Angels. Karma, or the place whichFire, 762:petals are formed out of the substance of the solar angels, as are the central three, - substanceFire, 762:are the medium of communication between the solar Angels and the lunar Pitris. By means of theseFire, 762:the egoic petals, and thus with the aid of the solar Angels, acquires knowledge and equally on moreFire, 762:the causal body - electric fire at the center, solar fire enclosing it as the flame encloses theFire, 764:of a certain Word of Power - the great solar Angels gather back into themselves the solar fire,Fire, 764:solar Angels gather back into themselves the solar fire, thus producing the final dissipation ofFire, 765:its rays, as the moon reflects the light of the solar sun. Similarly the egoic Sun, - through theFire, 765:its reflection the Ego, but only in the coming solar system will this interaction be carried to itsFire, 767:the imminent event. Through the activity of the solar Angels the twelve petals have gradually takenFire, 767:take shape as the vibrations begin to affect solar substance, the three types of petals being eachFire, 768:the higher, covers a long period wherein the solar Angels are working on Their Own plane and theFire, 768:loose of threefold energy, the work of the solar and lunar Pitris is coordinated, and the threeFire, 771:WORD. This sound expands into a mantram and the solar angels vibrate in response. There is a pointFire, 771:the whole process then proceeds under law. The solar angels have begun their activity, and untilFire, 771:body, an analogy to the Silent Watcher. As the solar Angels continue sounding out the mantram,Fire, 772:tread the Probationary Path, the mantrams of the solar Angels begin to die down, and slowly (as theFire, 772:them which respond to the note of that Word. The solar Angels direct the vibration, and the mantramFire, 773:Activity of the Pitris The joint activity of the solar and the lunar Pitris 53 in the processFire, 775:borne in mind. 53 The joint activity of solar and lunar Pitris. - S. D., II, 258. "The spark hangsFire, 775:Elementals and Fire Elementals The work of the solar Angels is of a triple nature: (1.) DirectingFire, 776:its application to the atoms is the work of the solar Pitris. As evolution proceeds, their work inFire, 777:into its nature through the activity of the solar Angels. These three activities are the main workFire, 777:These three activities are the main work of the solar Pitris where man is concerned. Where theFire, 779:their work, the key being given to them by the solar Angels. These lunar Pitris embody theFire, 779:the substance of man's lower bodies, just as the solar Pitris sacrifice themselves to give him hisFire, 780:of the three sheaths. In connection with the solar system they embody the Brahma aspect, being theFire, 780:who work in connection with a planet, and with a solar system as well as those working inFire, 781:that of the atom up to the consciousness of a solar Logos, is the result of long cycles ofFire, 781:is the result of long cycles of acquirement. The solar Pitris, therefore, could give to man hisFire, 781:they give to the planetary Logos and to the solar Logos the sumtotal of the form consciousness ofFire, 781:chain in every scheme sees the work of the solar Pitris in connection with man begun. It sees alsoFire, 781:in activity through the impulse given by the solar Angels. The matter of those sheaths has passedFire, 781:and fashion inner man. - S. D., II, 114 56 The solar Angels (Sons of Wisdom) are entities seekingFire, 781:wise. Read carefully S. D., II, 243 note. These solar Angels are high intelligences. - S. D., II,Fire, 781:permanent atom to the vibration set up by the solar Pitris; to word it [782] otherwise: theFire, 783:the effect is the same for human, planetary and solar vehicles. The different stages might beFire, 783:to the "fire-mist" stage in the formation of a solar system and of a planet. The Pitris of the MistFire, 788:in the construction of His physical body, the solar system, and also in certain correspondencesFire, 791:out that the interaction of the energy of the solar Pitris and of the lunar Pitris produces a veryFire, 791:will eventually reach the stage at which the solar Pitris are. This (if fully realized by man) willFire, 792:of Brahma - An occult century. The period of a solar system. One year of Brahma - The period ofFire, 793:planetary bodies (of great number) within the solar ring-pass-not. The entire solar sphere is fullFire, 793:within the solar ring-pass-not. The entire solar sphere is full of such bodies, characterized byFire, 794:the dense form, the study of the interaction of solar energy, and the occult "give and take" ofFire, 794:all that represents vital energy has left, all solar live has passed off, no remnants of pranicFire, 797:"100 years" and its "777 incarnations" have a solar analogy, so equally groups of Egos differ as toFire, 797:heart" or the "central sun" of any organism (solar system, planetary scheme, planetary chain, egoicFire, 798:reaches the position where causes antedating the solar system have to be dealt with, and this pointFire, 798:substance, a human being, a planetary atom or a solar atom. We might express it also in saying thatFire, 799:by friction when brought into contact produce solar fire; it flashes forth from darkness, yet aFire, 800:this brings in the influence of the life of the solar Logos, for that Life imposes rhythm uponFire, 800:of matter itself before it was aggregated into a solar system, and which was the vibratory activityFire, 800:produced through the rhythmic life of an earlier solar system. [801] This is equally true of allFire, 801:the Great Bear, The seven planetary Logoi of our solar system, The seven Pleiades or Sisters, isFire, 801:All that we can see is its working out in the solar system. The intricacy of the whole subject willFire, 801:be Studied. In connection with the karma of the solar Logos, the subject is even more abstract andFire, 801:MAY BE SAID, and Whose relationship to the solar Logos finds a faint analogy in that of theFire, 802:response, play upon every form and atom in the solar system and all that can be predicated of themFire, 802:can be predicated of a Heavenly Man, and of a solar Logos. We might, in closing, express the sameFire, 802:with "fire by friction" produces light or "solar fire." Electric fire is force or energy of someFire, 803:these concepts involve facts long antedating the solar system, and hidden in the Universal Mind.Fire, 803:is produced by their approximation, and this is solar fire or light. These thoughts may make clearFire, 803:so is fire by friction; they together produce solar fire, and thus the esoteric fifth. It will beFire, 803:Finally he is governed by the will of the solar Logos as it demonstrates itself in initiatoryFire, 804:and which had a faint beginning in an earlier solar system. This vibration impinged primarily uponFire, 806:of the egoic lotus, and with the blending of solar fire and of fire by friction. Reflex actionFire, 806:body inherently for it embodies (as does the solar system) the heart aspect, or embryonic loveFire, 806:the evolutionary process of the preceding solar system; in the second stage he is the victim ofFire, 807:of the Ego. It concerns the work of the solar Angels, or the true self-conscious Identity, man. IfFire, 808:and principles through which the energy of the solar Lords may make itself felt, and we shall nowFire, 811:who - through the energy or activity of the solar Lord - will themselves later be raised, andFire, 811:is preventing the right flow of prana, or of solar vitality to every part of the body. It isFire, 815:lunar lords through the radiant control of the solar Lord. This is the occult method. It is theFire, 818:- Spirit - Will aspect - Jewel in the lotus. Solar fire - Consciousness - Love aspect - The nine
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