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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Fire, 819:to its highest stage of development in the next solar system. In solar fire, these solar Pitris inFire, 819:of development in the next solar system. In solar fire, these solar Pitris in their ninefoldFire, 819:in the next solar system. In solar fire, these solar Pitris in their ninefold formation representFire, 819:of all else. Second. The stage in which the solar Pitris gradually become predominant, in which theFire, 819:discarded. The middle vibrations control and solar fire irradiates; it lights up in due course ofFire, 819:The lunar Pitris have fulfiled their work, the solar Pitris [820] have developed the self-consciousFire, 820:sits at the heart and watches. The Lords of solar fire pursue their task and sacrifice themselvesFire, 820:begins to wane with each successive cycle. The solar Lords shine forth in triumph and consign theFire, 820:wax and wane, until the day triumphant when the solar Lord acclaims himself and knows himself theFire, 820:and arises in His might. He consumes the solar Lords, and they perish as did the lunar Lords. HeFire, 820:Gone is the lower fire through the flame of solar burning, gone is the middle fire through theFire, 821:kingdom, in the three groups of Agnishvattas or solar Pitris above referred to. These groups formFire, 828:Trace these out in connection with: A solar Logos informing a solar system. A planetary Logos,Fire, 828:in connection with: A solar Logos informing a solar system. A planetary Logos, informing aFire, 829:the three [829] worlds. Thus is the work of the Solar Pitris consummated. The fact of theFire, 830:of our planetary Ray. The third major Ray of the solar system blends the minor four. The fifthFire, 830:brings in the power of the synthetic ray of the solar system itself; the inner jewel is thusFire, 831:coherence and quality are gathered back by the solar Pitris of the highest order into the Heart ofFire, 831:they will be directed outward again in another solar system. The atomic substance will be used forFire, 831:will be used for another manvantara, but the solar Pitris will not again be called upon toFire, 831:upon to sacrifice themselves until the next solar system when they will come in as planetary Rays,Fire, 833:Fire by friction - negative energy - Mother. Solar fire - radiant energy - Sun or Son. Each ofFire, 833:the two types of energy. For instance, the solar Pitris are the substance of the egoic bodies andFire, 833:the lower sheaths, are energized and used by the solar Lords. These solar Angels again are in manyFire, 833:are energized and used by the solar Lords. These solar Angels again are in many groups and expressFire, 833:is swept by the positive force of the greater solar Lords into living whorls or wheels which weFire, 833:in connection with the planetary Logos, and the solar Logos between prana, the life force whichFire, 834:being the etheric and dense manifestation of the solar Logos is realized, then the place played byFire, 834:Logos is realized, then the place played by the solar Angels may become somewhat elucidated, andFire, 834:their relation to the planetary Logos and to the solar Logos may become also clearer. Fire, 834:with our effort to identify ourselves with the solar Lords of the lunar Pitris, but must recognizeFire, 834:the lunar Pitris, but must recognize also: The solar Angels of a planetary scheme. The solar AngelsFire, 834:The solar Angels of a planetary scheme. The solar Angels of the solar system. The lunar lords ofFire, 834:of a planetary scheme. The solar Angels of the solar system. The lunar lords of the scheme andFire, 834:considered causes, but in connection with our solar system they are not. Yet also, in connectionFire, 834:and those Entities who are analogous to the solar Lords on cosmic levels. Until our students extendFire, 834:the physical plane (through His physical body, a solar system) they will not progress far towardsFire, 834:will not progress far towards the heart of the solar mystery. Until the force of the cosmic lunarFire, 834:of there being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in timeFire, 835:nor the effects of this traced. Eventually our solar system will pass into a similar state. TheFire, 835:again in every case the dying out of the "solar radiance," or of the light produced by theFire, 836:for all bodies. We might word it otherwise: The solar Devas (or radiant energy) return to theFire, 836:Path. The goal for the devas (below the rank of solar Pitris) is individualization, and theirFire, 836:to do for the humanity of that age what the solar Pitris have done for him, and make theirFire, 836:expression a possibility. The goal for a solar Pitri is, as said earlier, to become a logoic Ray.Fire, 837:in the animals. - S. D., II, 266, 279. The solar Pitris embody the fifth principle - S. D., I, 241.Fire, 837:destructive. Such bodies exist within the solar ring-pass-not, 67 unrecognized as yet, andFire, 837:a profound effect upon the physical body of the solar Logos. The above paragraph is specificallyFire, 837:force and energy has been transferred to our solar system, [838] just as the lunar life force wasFire, 838:the planetary Logoi in Their schemes, and by the solar Logos in the system. 67 Unseen Planets: "NotFire, 839:They await the hour, the hour of sacrifice. The solar Lords, taking the Word as sounded by the SonsFire, 839:Sons of God, arise in the fierceness of their solar life and approach the altar. The four linesFire, 839:lines glow and burn. The sun applies a ray; the solar Lords pass it through Their substance andFire, 839:pass away, the cycles come and go. Steadily the solar Lords sacrifice Themselves; They are the fireFire, 842:kingdom. By this it must be inferred that the solar Lords who embody this type are linked with aFire, 843:in others. It also had an effect upon the solar Angels, and consequently upon the Heart of theFire, 843:Angels, and consequently upon the Heart of the solar system from whence they are drawn. Floods ofFire, 843:must not be forgotten here that the work of the solar Pitris from their point of view, is notFire, 843:of their own development within the plan of the solar Logos. The evolution of the human race is,Fire, 843:the planetary Logos of their particular ray; the solar Pitris are in the council of the solarFire, 843:ray; the solar Pitris are in the council of the solar Logos. 69 It might be of value here if weFire, 843:man's apprehension of all that is. To the solar Logos the planes of the unmanifest are objective.Fire, 845:subplanes are to him as yet unmanifest. The solar Logos has cosmic etheric vision fully developed,Fire, 845:is known and fully revealed to Him within the solar System. 69 All these will become solar Logoi ofFire, 845:the solar System. 69 All these will become solar Logoi of varying grades. Fire, 845:in one of three directions: To the line of the solar Pitris. To Sirius, as a karmic adjuster. ToFire, 845:Pitris. To Sirius, as a karmic adjuster. To the solar system of the next order to work inFire, 845:in the system, and not just in a scheme. 5. The solar Pitris. The highest three groups will becomeFire, 845:Logoi. 6. The Human evolution. To become the solar Pitris of another cycle. To follow any of theFire, 845:the paths earlier enumerated. Those who become solar Pitris, being the bulk of humanity, return toFire, 845:revealed till the final one of the triplicity of solar systems of our solar Logos. 12. The treeFire, 845:one of the triplicity of solar systems of our solar Logos. 12. The tree lower grades of the lesserFire, 845:astral, and mental, form the dense body of the solar Logos, and are therefore not considered asFire, 846:energizing life, and the basic vibration of the solar system preceding this one. We must rememberFire, 846:of the lower life of the physical plane of the solar system is neither a full exponent of theFire, 847:ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, to Whom our solar system is but a center (which center being oneFire, 848:we are concerned. It is the key plane of the solar system. It is the pivotal plane upon which theFire, 849:cosmic gaseous. But all the great Lives of the solar system do possess bodies of our systemicFire, 850:every one of the planetary schemes, within the solar ring-pass-not. Here, and here alone (asFire, 851:71 Who are the Lords working out the will of the solar Logos, mainly use two planes forFire, 854:to have upon: Other Egos in his group. The solar Pitris who are the substance of the group. TheFire, 854:group. The lunar Pitris, who are linked with the solar Pitris through the permanent atoms. We haveFire, 856:bodies is stored up in the permanent atoms. The solar record. This deals with the more permanentFire, 856:The history of any particular group of solar Angels concerned with the formation of the lotus. TheFire, 859:energy out of the two lower - the spinal and the solar plexus - into the three higher. It isFire, 859:generative organs into the center of desire, the solar plexus, with the aim in view of guiding itFire, 860:Ego, The fact that although this is the second solar system from the standpoint of the egoic cyclesFire, 862:itself, and is the result of an earlier solar system. This it is which produces the violent actionFire, 865:lower six centers: The throat, The heart, The solar plexus, The spleen, The organs of generation,Fire, 869:duration, and is produced by the pouring in of solar heat or fire, and thus bringing about a freshFire, 869:and energy of the Mahachohan. The third group of solar Pitris affected. Love Petals - Second circleFire, 869:force of the Bodhisattva. The second group of solar Lords affected. Will or Sacrifice Petals -Fire, 869:force and energy of the Manu. The first group of solar Angels affected. At the stage which we areFire, 872:energies of the will aspect. The dynamo of the solar system is shown to him, if it might so beFire, 872:following are the three basic mysteries of the solar system: The mystery of Electricity. TheFire, 873:performed by the three aspects of Brahma in the solar system. The mystery of this threefold type ofFire, 874:to do with the work of the lunar Pitris and the solar Lords. It signifies essentially theFire, 877:that knowledge was inherent in the previous solar system, and is the faculty of which he has toFire, 877:existences. As it involves what is termed "a solar and lunar act of abnegation" it involves,Fire, 877:it involves, therefore, a due comprehension of solar and of lunar energy, and a bringing of both
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