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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Fire, 991:here the fact that the three lower planes of our solar system are not considered as embodying aFire, 992:entailing a wait for many aeons until another solar system has its being. In the case of theFire, 992:the same concept to an earlier and more matured solar system, they will get [993] some light uponFire, 993:upon the problem of the origin of evil in this solar system. 97 S. D., I, 451, 452; II, 221, 234,Fire, 993:if slowly, through: Two constellations of the solar system, The planetary schemes, Three globes inFire, 995:magician has to learn the fact that, in this solar system, during the cycle of humanity, the astralFire, 996:life with magical studies and work. Only the solar Angel can do the work of the white magician, andFire, 996:in white magic utilizes ever the energy of the Solar Angel to effect his ends. The dark brotherFire, 996:"The Brothers of the Sun, through the force of solar fire, fanned to a flame in the blazing vaultFire, 996:The Brother of the Moon ignores the sun and solar heat; borrows his fire from all that triply is,Fire, 997:magic," and is given from the standpoint of the solar Angel, and of solar Fire. Bearing these twoFire, 997:from the standpoint of the solar Angel, and of solar Fire. Bearing these two points in mind theFire, 997:on the mental plane, with his manipulation of solar energy, and his ability to sweep the BuildersFire, 997:to those whose perception suffices. RULE I The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not hisFire, 998:works from above downwards, and is the result of solar vibration, and not of the heating impulsesFire, 998:the downflow of the impressing energy from the solar Pitri is the result of his internalFire, 998:the whole cycle of physical incarnation. This solar meditation is cyclic in nature, the PitriFire, 998:is seldom responsive to the Ego or the solar Angel until many cycles of incarnation haveFire, 998:many cycles of incarnation have transpired. The solar Pitri communicates with his "shadow" orFire, 998:and vibratory response that the Ego, or solar Angel, can use it, and produce specific results. ThisFire, 999:initiated vibration. Hence, the first thing the solar Angel does is to form a triangle, consistingFire, 999:correspondence between it and the work of the solar Logos as He created "the Heavens and theFire, 1000:interplay was the birth of the Son, or the great solar thought form. In the three worlds, man, theFire, 1004:brain when not under the influence of the solar Angel. The six rules for the mental plane areFire, 1004:Fire Elementals RULE V Three things engage the solar Angel before the sheath created passesFire, 1005:no perversion of the initial purpose of the solar Angel has been permitted to bring in an unworthyFire, 1006:certain words which are imparted to him by the solar Angel) to protect himself from the devas ofFire, 1006:mental plane, the nature and vibration of the solar Angel proved sufficient protection, but he isFire, 1006:forth by the thinker, in conjunction with the solar Angel, at the moment the thought form is readyFire, 1006:adjusted and the identity guarded - both the solar Angel and the worker in magic maintain anFire, 1007:when the human substance is transmuted into solar substance. The Ego contemplates his lunar bodies,Fire, 1011:when perfected, is blue in color, and as our solar Logos is the "Blue Logos" so do His childrenFire, 1012:certain rules which deal with the work of the solar Angel, who (in all true magical work of anyFire, 1013:must be sought, are seen; the two paths face the Solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confrontsFire, 1013:the nature of the thought form. If the deva, or solar Angel, is as yet in love with manifestation,Fire, 1013:of reincarnated physical life. If the deva, or solar Angel, is no longer attracted by matter, thenFire, 1014:On the mental plane, the positive force of the solar Angel drives the substance needed into theFire, 1014:the astral plane, the equilibrizing force of the solar Angel gathers the needed material and energyFire, 1014:On the physical plane the negative force of the solar Angel is all that is needed to gather theFire, 1015:the case in all white magic, the activity of the solar Angel is the primary factor and the work ofFire, 1016:phenomenon would then be seen of the Ego or solar Angel being incarnated in the mental sheath, yetFire, 1018:building holds good for gods, men and atoms. The solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes),Fire, 1018:in the number and arrangement of the petals. The solar system is literally a twelve-petalled lotus,Fire, 1019:have relation to that particular petal in the solar lotus from which the desired force emanates.Fire, 1019:who are energized by any particular aspect of solar force. Where the two forces are brought intoFire, 1021:form down from the mental plane where the solar Angel initiated the work, through the astral, whereFire, 1022:for selfish ends. The white magician utilizes solar forces. As the planet passes around the sunFire, 1022:planet passes around the sun different types of solar energy are contacted, and expert knowledge isFire, 1024:astral and mental sheath, and the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion. RULEFire, 1025:him again, after the cycle of peace, call on the solar Angel. The work of creation assumes nowFire, 1025:and can only be controlled properly by the solar Angel Himself. Thirdly, on this planet theFire, 1025:the planetary fires are not as yet dominated by solar fire, and are very easily driven into theFire, 1025:easily driven into the work of destruction. The solar Angel must, therefore, now again be invoked.Fire, 1025:therefore, fights fire with fire, and draws down solar fire for his protection. This was notFire, 1026:three worlds, the impulsive, dynamic thinker or solar Angel. He accomplishes this by means of aFire, 1028:to comprehend some of the major secrets of solar manifestation; for the planes of our solar systemFire, 1028:of solar manifestation; for the planes of our solar system constitute, as we know, and as thisFire, 1029:between all atoms, from the great cosmic atom, a solar system, to the tiny atom of the chemist orFire, 1030:globe, kingdom, or atom. Everything in the solar system is in a state of flux, as is everything inFire, 1030:through the human kingdom.5 Under this type of solar activity, the ultimate good is attained by theFire, 1030:Expansion. The Law of Monadic Return. The Law of Solar Evolution. The Law of Radiation. [1031] ItFire, 1031:Him to gain experience through the medium of the solar system. Magnetism, or Divine Alchemy. 3. TheFire, 1031:Divine Alchemy. 3. The turning of the wheel, The solar wheel, The planetary wheel, The human wheel.Fire, 1032:likewise does the same; a cosmic atom, a solar system, a planetary atom, and a human atom, man, canFire, 1033:due to certain impulses which (as far as our solar system is concerned) can be traced to the sunFire, 1033:of Lipika Lords who are the karmic cause of solar manifestation, and who control its periodicFire, 1034:or the Holy Spirit, perfected in the first solar system. It is unified individual consciousness -Fire, 1034:in process of being perfected in this the second solar system. Spiral activity - The influenceFire, 1034:activity which will be perfected in the third solar system, and is the Shiva form of motion, andFire, 1035:is equally true of a planetary Logos, and of a solar Logos. The spiral-cyclic force demonstrates,Fire, 1039:charges. This is true of all atoms, cosmic, solar, individual, chemical, and so forth. When,Fire, 1040:the spheroidal form of every life in the entire solar system. It is a fact in nature that all thatFire, 1041:a sphere, as does the planetary Logos and the solar Logos, this sphere being the form matter takesFire, 1041:phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solar system. The motion of the constellations externalFire, 1041:The motion of the constellations external to the solar sphere is responsible for its form inFire, 1042:in the heavens (which are antagonistic to the solar system), have upon it, and whose wave lengthsFire, 1042:in so unscientific a manner) through the solar periphery. We are told in the Secret Doctrine thatFire, 1042:are told in the Secret Doctrine that "the seven solar Rays dilate to seven suns and set fire to theFire, 1042:is atomic - God, Monads, atoms. The sphere of solar manifestation - God. The mundane egg. TheFire, 1042:of the ultimate physical atom - Atoms. The solar system is a cosmic atom. Each plane is an atom orFire, 1042:is an atom? A sheath formed of the matter of the solar system in one or other of its seven gradesFire, 1042:synonymous terms. - S. D., I, 620-622. In this solar system atoms and souls are synonymous terms.Fire, 1042:plus the Divine Ray of Wisdom. In the previous solar system atoms and mind were probably synonymousFire, 1042:is that of the absolute will and purpose of the solar Logos, as it is the expression of the desireFire, 1043:might be grouped as follows: [1043] The solar Logos expands His consciousness to include the desireFire, 1043:to measure up to the will and purpose of the Solar Logos. The Lords of the Chains are working atFire, 1043:upon the planet) of the purpose or will of the solar Logos in any particular scheme. This He doesFire, 1044:by friction" which produces rotary motion, and "solar fire," which is the basis of theFire, 1044:true, of the atom of substance, or the solar atom: 1. "The life pulsates, and the pole performs itsFire, 1044:synthesizing planet which forms the apex of the solar triangle. In summing up the effect of theFire, 1045:greater sphere in which it finds its place. The solar Atom, also an individualized Life, the Son inFire, 1046:Every atom is part of a greater whole, even the solar atom is not a separated Life but a fragmentFire, 1046:effects upon each other. In relation to a solar system, these three fires on the cosmic planes areFire, 1047:Egoic - magnetic energy - radiatory impulse - solar fire. Personal - individual energy - rotaryFire, 1048:may be regarded as three in number for a solar system, or for a Monad: There is the impulse whichFire, 1048:of the nature of the all-enclosing group, the solar atom. 9 1. The Names of the Sun mentioned inFire, 1050:- an esoteric three and exoteric seven. The solar plexus - an esoteric three and exoteric four. TheFire, 1051:is the influence of some one or other of the solar centers, as the forces emanating from them playFire, 1052:later initiations. The inherent energy of the solar atom itself has likewise a rhythmic effect uponFire, 1052:the energy of the greater life (in which our solar system but forms a part) has to be reckoned
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