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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Fire, 1052:energy which sweep cyclically through the entire solar system from: The seven stars of the GreatFire, 1053:seeds from one scheme to another, or from one solar system to another. In this great tide ofFire, 1054:will offset the more lethargic vibration of solar fire, and solar fire itself in due time willFire, 1054:the more lethargic vibration of solar fire, and solar fire itself in due time will negate theFire, 1054:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind 3. The Law of Solar Evolution It is, of course, a truism to stateFire, 1054:is, of course, a truism to state that the Law of Solar Evolution is the sumtotal of all the lesserFire, 1055:in connection with the planetary atom, and the solar atom. The planetary atom has, as all else inFire, 1055:having perfected this capacity in an earlier solar system. Students should here bear in mind thatFire, 1056:atom also revolves orbitally around its solar center. This is its expression ofFire, 1057:some realization of the force currents of the solar system, that all can be regarded as theFire, 1057:carries it through space along with the entire solar system, and which embodies its "drift" orFire, 1057:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The solar atom must be considered as pursuing analogousFire, 1057:the evolution of the planetary atom. The entire solar sphere, the logoic ring-pass-not, rotatesFire, 1058:called "his stars." Like the planetary atom, the solar atom not only rotates on its axis butFire, 1058:Pleiades. The Sun Sirius. These three groups of solar bodies are of paramount influence where theFire, 1059:from the egoic body, so in connection with the solar system these three groups are related to theFire, 1059:their influence is dominant in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution, and withFire, 1059:in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution, and with solar progress. Further, itFire, 1059:incarnation, with solar evolution, and with solar progress. Further, it must be added that theFire, 1059:united activity of the seven constellations (our solar system forming one of the seven) which formFire, 1059:bodies of all these sentient intelligent cosmic, solar and planetary Logoi are constituted ofFire, 1060:It is the consciousness and knowledge of a solar Logos. To the occult student, who has developedFire, 1062:planet," or planets, as is the case with a solar system also. Its essence, or true Life, isFire, 1065:this process (which is found throughout the solar system in all its departments) every atom in turnFire, 1066:by the work upon the atom, or the substance of solar fire, which causes: Orbital progression,Fire, 1067:in nature, The atom of a planet, The atom of a solar system. In every case the three fires or typesFire, 1069:the chains themselves, a planetary scheme or a solar system. The moon is an interesting instance ofFire, 1070:will come through the study of the place of the solar system in the universal whole, and the effectFire, 1070:will be revolutionized, and the nature of solar energy as an expression of an Entity of the fourthFire, 1071:center. Animal - Throat center. Vegetable - Solar plexus. Mineral - Spleen. The planetary egoicFire, 1071:the exception of the spleen which hands on the solar fires, pranic force, pure and simple. StudentsFire, 1074:five stages, one of them is considered in this solar system to be the most important, and that isFire, 1077:seven correspondences in this connection in the solar system, seven types which radiate, or sevenFire, 1078:of all the lives within a planetary scheme. The solar Monad or the sum total of all lives in theFire, 1078:solar Monad or the sum total of all lives in the solar system. Each of these is first rotary in itsFire, 1083:withal of equal importance, is that the entire solar system equally revolves upon its axis but in aFire, 1084:of great intricacy. The orbital path of the solar system in the heavens around its cosmic center isFire, 1084:into their calculations the fact that our solar system is revolving around a cosmic center alongFire, 1084:being approximately of the same magnitude as our solar system. This cosmic center in turn formsFire, 1085:the mystery of that which lies beyond his own solar Ring-Pass-Not is hid. Certain influencesFire, 1085:the Dragon are in some way associated with the solar system but as yet He knows not their functionFire, 1086:are as far removed from the consciousness of our solar Logos as the consciousness of man is removedFire, 1086:information to the Adept. The ideograph for our solar system may in part be disclosed - not theFire, 1086:of that for which the characters stand. Our solar system is disclosed as being: A system of theFire, 1087:as He studies the influences contacting our solar system. Planetary wheels. For these there are tenFire, 1088:passes. This covers the period of three major solar systems - that preceding this one, the present,Fire, 1088:the three aspects of the divine Life of the solar Logos, are carried to the point of perfection inFire, 1088:Monad. It must be remembered that in this solar system, for instance, certain developments are onlyFire, 1088:evolutionary processes undergone in an earlier solar system; the clue to this lies in theFire, 1088:of the manasic or mind principle. The solar Angels, the intelligent individualizing factor, wereFire, 1089:rendered later evolution possible) preceded this solar system, and might be regarded as the monadicFire, 1089:the monadic Wheel covering the period of three solar systems, lies hid the mystery of monadicFire, 1090:planetary scheme, or which center of the solar Logos, is in process of vivification or cyclicFire, 1090:activity, and that certain of the centers of a solar Logos and this particular solar system are inFire, 1090:the centers of a solar Logos and this particular solar system are in a condition of partial pralayaFire, 1090:the process of the absorption of the lower solar life forces by the centers of higher vitality.Fire, 1090:to reach its full unfoldment at any time in this solar system but must wait for the vitalizingFire, 1090:This is due to the fact that there exist in this solar system effects of causes originating inFire, 1090:karmic seeds of earlier logoic activities. Our solar Logos has not yet attained true rhythm, butFire, 1090:known and it is known also which center in the solar body is vitalized by His life, it will be theFire, 1091:the consciousness of the human being in another solar system, or after the taking of the sixthFire, 1092:blending of the primary colors of the three solar systems. The monadic systemic wheel, whichFire, 1092:The monadic systemic wheel, which concerns this solar system alone, is distinguished by being theFire, 1093:body, or on the four higher planes of our solar system. We can picture to ourselves the glory ofFire, 1094:lives are impelled by the force of the central solar life to pass throughout the extent of theFire, 1095:a principle and is not (in this second solar system) expressing those qualities which areFire, 1095:those qualities which are characteristic of the solar Logos and His present incarnation. We areFire, 1095:of the present body of manifestation of the solar system. We must remember when considering this,Fire, 1096:which were classed as the failures of a previous solar system, and which were doomed to immerseFire, 1096:the vibration of the three lower planes of our solar system, from that part of the logoicFire, 1096:between the mineral monad, a human being, and a solar Logos. Viewing these three as an esotericFire, 1096:energy generated by him in an early life, so the solar Logos Himself is working out and so heldFire, 1098:who (through the impress of their influence upon solar matter) are responsible for the fact thatFire, 1098:matter) are responsible for the fact that our solar system is a system of the fourth order. ThisFire, 1098:what is called in esoteric parlance "the fourth solar cavity." If students will meditate upon theFire, 1098:this inflow is the very life itself of the solar units who are the sumtotal of the four lowerFire, 1100:and microcosmically, of the fourth aspect of the solar and human egoic lotus; this is theFire, 1101:of monadic manifestation. The energies of the solar Angel, or Father, which is the coordinatingFire, 1103:a transmitter of the thoughts and wishes of the solar Angel, and should act as the agent for theFire, 1104:are: The direct increasing influence of the solar Angel. This influence is felt in four stages: AsFire, 1110:with the vehicle of manifestation of a solar Angel who is its informing life and who is in processFire, 1111:one that gives us the key to the nature of the solar Angel, just as the outer tier is - to theFire, 1111:of petals. This tier gives the "family" of the solar Angel through the arrangement of atomic livesFire, 1111:jewel. In all these petals, groups of lives, solar and otherwise, are concerned, and streams ofFire, 1112:self - Lunar Pitri - Knowledge petals. Ego - Solar Angel - Love petals. Monad - Father in Heaven -Fire, 1112:is called "the cosmic moon" or to that dying solar system which has the same relation to our systemFire, 1113:in the group affiliated with any particular solar Angel. These groups have been earlier dealt with.Fire, 1113:outer petals of that great center which is our solar system, and which we are told is seen from theFire, 1114:but from other planetary bodies within the solar Ring-Pass-Not. Streams of force from the SacredFire, 1114:a clue to the nature of the lower aspect of the solar Angel. Fire, 1114:in differing groups of lives (lunar and solar). a. The lowest form of energy, reaching this circle,Fire, 1114:The activity of the second Logos, planetary or solar. This is, of course, only true of this solarFire, 1114:or solar. This is, of course, only true of this solar system, being the system of regenerativeFire, 1116:forces which are the natural energies of the solar Angel, and of sacrifice forces pouring in fromFire, 1119:is paralleled at the final consummation of solar evolution when the seven Suns blaze forth beforeFire, 1121:at present purely physical, and thus enable the solar Angel to grip and hold to His purpose theFire, 1121:every center may be considered as an evidence of solar energy or fire, manifesting as a medium ofFire, 1121:fire by friction. Where these centers exist the solar Angel is enabled gradually to impose hisFire, 1125:will take them far beyond the confines of our solar system, and give them attributes and capacitiesFire, 1125:concerned with the cosmic incarnations of our solar Logos; the other will sweep him on to that
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