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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Fire, 1125:was." He responds to the vibration of the solar system of an earlier greater cycle in which theFire, 1125:He does not respond to the impulse of this solar system, but this lack of response is hid in theFire, 1125:cycle of events inexplainable to man in this solar system, repudiated opportunity and linkedFire, 1126:ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, and in this solar system there is no hope for them. Fortunately,Fire, 1127:of the many planets and planetoids in the solar system. Some are purely mahatic or of the thirdFire, 1132:Seventh, the relation of the informing Life of a solar system to the group of constellations ofFire, 1133:of a human being, of a planetary Logos, and of a solar Logos. The appearance, and the finalFire, 1133:Jivas, or human beings, The planetary Logoi, The solar Logos. We must remember here that all theFire, 1135:be noted that the dense physical body of the solar or planetary Logos is fully developed, andFire, 1136:the energy, vitality, or essential life of the solar, or planetary Logos. Its correspondence in manFire, 1136:about if man realizes that all the planes of our solar system are but the seven subplanes of theFire, 1136:defined. So with the planetary Logos and solar Logos. They dwell within, yet are found without, theFire, 1136:yet are found without, the planetary scheme or solar system. It is useful to remember that in theFire, 1137:of each of the physical planes. 4. A group of solar lives who are the manasaputras or man. 5. 6. 7.Fire, 1138:dense body, were vitalized in the previous solar system, and are no longer in any way controllingFire, 1138:Elemental group - animal kingdom - Sattvic - Solar Logos - Uranus. Father aspect. Elemental group -Fire, 1142:passing out, of every Life, divine, superhuman, solar and human, and it is through a considerationFire, 1142:of that formula which is the basic formula for a solar system that the physical plane appearance ofFire, 1142:system that the physical plane appearance of a solar Logos is controlled, and the length of aFire, 1142:We must not forget that the Lipika Lords of the solar system have Their cosmic prototypes, and thatFire, 1142:magnetic pull, heat and light of any sun, solar system, or constellation. Many of them in futureFire, 1142:representatives. These form a group around the solar Logos, and hold to Him a position analogous toFire, 1144:and this is true whether a man is speaking of a solar system, of a Ray, of the appearance of aFire, 1144:with the higher mathematical formulas of the solar system. Compute the relationship between a unitFire, 1151:the appearing of the planetary Logoi and the solar Logoi in physical incarnation is governed byFire, 1152:for all that is seen and known in our solar system. This, of course, has been oft emphasized inFire, 1152:Planetary Logoi 7 Wisdom Mobility. 3. Shiva The Solar Logos 1 Will Rhythm. It should be noted hereFire, 1153:and most general terms) of the nature of the solar Logos, and of the effect evolution will have onFire, 1153:through to the physical plane atom (our solar system) great eventualities and unconceived ofFire, 1154:Neptune is looked upon as the repository of the "solar flames," and Uranus as the home of "fireFire, 1155:- The obscuration of the three suns, or of three solar systems. Solar pralaya - The obscuration ofFire, 1155:of the three suns, or of three solar systems. Solar pralaya - The obscuration of a system at theFire, 1155:of one hundred years of Brahma. Period between solar systems. Incidental pralaya - The obscurationFire, 1155:The Pleiades are the center around which our solar system revolves. - S. D., II, 251, 581, 582. TheFire, 1155:The Sun is the kernel and matrix of all in the solar system. - S. D., I, 309, 310, 590, 591. KernelFire, 1156:lower subplanes of the physical plane. The third solar system, from the logoic standpoint. It mustFire, 1156:It must be borne in mind that though the three solar systems (the past, the present and that whichFire, 1156:matter. It will be apparent that the past solar system has consequently a close relation to theFire, 1157:lying esoterically behind the outer physical solar form. From the seven Rishis of the Great Bear;Fire, 1157:as the psychical force demonstrating through the solar Angel. All these various streams of energyFire, 1157:via the Monad. Force from the Pleiades, via the solar Angel or Ego. Force from the planes, from theFire, 1159:the fourth subplane of the mental plane and the solar Angel on the third subplane. Though we areFire, 1160:head) is paralleled by another triplicity, the solar plexus, the heart and the third eye; theFire, 1161:on the relation of the planetary Logoi to the solar Logos. A solar Logos uses for His energyFire, 1161:of the planetary Logoi to the solar Logos. A solar Logos uses for His energy centers the planetaryFire, 1161:therefore, vibrates to the key of the logoic solar Angel, of which the human solar Angel is a dimFire, 1161:of the logoic solar Angel, of which the human solar Angel is a dim reflection. It is interestingFire, 1161:It is interesting here to note that as the human solar Angel is a unity, manifesting through threeFire, 1161:on the Plane of Mind The energy centers of the solar Logos are themselves [1162] in the form ofFire, 1163:- the Monads. Buddhic force - fourth plane - the solar Angels. Manasic force - two lower planes -Fire, 1163:Physical energy, the left-over of a previous solar system, demonstrates through the dense physicalFire, 1164:concerned. It is in the enumeration of these solar lotuses that occult students go astray. It is,Fire, 1165:nature of its evolution). [1165] Each of these solar lotuses, or planetary schemes, unfolds inFire, 1166:air. Macrocosm The mud - The objective physical solar system. Water - The emotional or astralFire, 1166:manifestation, and the paramount law for this solar system. It might strictly be called the Law ofFire, 1168:of sensation, which is the key to this solar system of love, our system being a "Son of Necessity"Fire, 1169:The cosmic marriage, or the merging of our solar system with its opposite cosmic pole, anotherFire, 1171:itself demonstrates as a triple law: The Law of Solar Heat - Knowledge petals. The Law of SolarFire, 1171:Law of Solar Heat - Knowledge petals. The Law of Solar Light - Love petals. The Law of Solar Fire -Fire, 1171:The Law of Solar Light - Love petals. The Law of Solar Fire - Sacrifice petals. 7. The Law ofFire, 1173:of the chains in a scheme. 10. The Law of Solar Union. When the interplay of the Suns is beingFire, 1176:planets) pursue their orbital paths around the solar center and have their own evolutionaryFire, 1176:problems and are functioning as part of the solar Body. They are informed - as are the planets - byFire, 1176:under the influence of the Life impulses of the solar Logos as are the greater bodies. TheFire, 1180:occult books, including Initiation, Human and Solar, and need not be enlarged upon here. Some ofFire, 1180:Secondly, that all energy, demonstrating in the solar system, is after all the energy of the logoicFire, 1180:of cosmic love. This force is transmitted to the solar system in two ways: Through the medium ofFire, 1182:situated in the interior recesses of the solar body, and have reference to the nature of the solarFire, 1182:body, and have reference to the nature of the solar sphere. This solar sphere is closely similar toFire, 1182:to the nature of the solar sphere. This solar sphere is closely similar to the atom pictured in theFire, 1182:is formed by the impact of logoic energy upon solar substance. This energy which impinges upon theFire, 1182:substance. This energy which impinges upon the solar sphere, and is thence distributed to all partsFire, 1182:streams of energy available for use in our solar system are seven in number, of which three areFire, 1183:of energy enters at the top depression in the solar sphere and passes through the entireFire, 1183:they initiate which bring into contact with the solar sphere a group of existences whose mode ofFire, 1184:of the ring-pass-not to the lowest part of the solar sphere and then mount upwards, coming intoFire, 1184:be realized that the point of attainment of our solar Logos is very high, for the beauty of theFire, 1186:Focal Point Medium Type of Energy Nature of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. CentralFire, 1186:Heart of the Sun. Cosmic Love (The Son). Solar Fire. Harmony. Equilibrium. 3. Physical PlaneFire, 1186:Causal Body. Lotus. Egoic Groups. Systemic Love. Solar Fire. Harmony. Balance. 3. Physical PlaneFire, 1186:Positive Force. 2. Human Causal Body. Lotus. Solar Angel. Manasic Ego. Solar Fire. EquilibrisingFire, 1186:Causal Body. Lotus. Solar Angel. Manasic Ego. Solar Fire. Equilibrising Force. 3. Plane Nucleus.Fire, 1186:Initiatory. 2. Plane Devas. Centers. Prana. Solar Energy. Form building Fire. 3. Elementals.Fire, 1186:Unit of Form. Sphere. Plane Devas. Balancing. Solar Fire. 3. Electrons. Nuclei. Elementals.Fire, 1189:all its own. This has its correspondence in the solar system. Many are the lesser planets andFire, 1190:or vice versa. It means that somewhere in the solar system is a planetary scheme of some kind (notFire, 1191:schemes, for the law persists throughout the solar system.) It will be apparent, therefore, thatFire, 1191:influence any human being: The quality of the solar system. The quality of the Logos of the planetFire, 1191:a small part of his enfolding life. In this solar system he is essentially the Ego. Fire, 1192:true of all men, of the Heavenly Men and of the solar Logos likewise, and there is a mysteriousFire, 1192:and the three higher principles of the solar Logos as they demonstrate through the major threeFire, 1194:seven hierarchies of Lives. The seven groups of solar Angels. There must not be confusion as to theFire, 1195:to place these groups on certain planes in the solar system. These hierarchies of Beings Who comeFire, 1196:of force from sources extraneous to the solar system to forms within the solar system. Each ofFire, 1196:to the solar system to forms within the solar system. Each of these groups of beings is likewiseFire, 1198:into our system of those Lives who in the first solar system remained on their own plane, being tooFire, 1198:the student carefully bears in mind that in our solar system and our seven planes, we have only theFire, 1198:to express the mental vibration of the solar Logos and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral,Fire, 1198:idea of the relative point in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by study of the varyingFire, 1199:express: Septenary cosmic energy. Cosmic prana. Solar energy or electric fire, solar fire and fire
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