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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Glamour, 149:the forces of a man's nature are seated in the solar plexus. In the case of maya, they are seatedGlamour, 152:itself in the region of the stomach and of the solar plexus. Irritation is a disease, if I mightGlamour, 152:is a disease, if I might use that word, of the solar plexus center and it is definitely contagiousGlamour, 152:and aid in the transference of the forces of the solar plexus into the heart center. Glamour, 246:an intrinsic part of the etheric body of the solar system. Incidentally, in this far-reachingGlamour, 247:of the physical appetites, or through the solar plexus leading to emotional satisfaction of someGlamour, 260:notable contribution to the great chords of the solar system - and this is a part, intrinsic andHealing, 2:it into the energy body of the Earth and of the solar system. It is a web of energy streams, ofHealing, 3:This constant, individual - human, planetary and solar - circulation of life-forces through theHealing, 10:Gods Themselves and for God (as the Life of the solar system), certain limitations and certainHealing, 10:various planets as expressions of Lives, and the solar system as the expression of a Life. GivenHealing, 10:by the Deities, incarnated in planetary and solar form. Given the postulate that every form is aHealing, 14:His body of manifestation - a planet, or a solar system. I have in the above statement given to youHealing, 38:a stream of astral energy into and through the solar plexus center, and will galvanize that centerHealing, 39:work through from the throat center to the solar plexus. This interrelation existing between theHealing, 45:body Average humanity - Ordinary people 5. Solar plexus Pancreas Stomach Liver Gall bladder NervousHealing, 47:center, the center between the eyebrows. The solar plexus. The sacral center. Eventually, when manHealing, 50:4. Throat Center 5th Creativity Mental 5. Solar Plexus 6th Emotion - Desire Astral 6. Sacral CenterHealing, 51:Sensitivity. Inspiration. Sixth ray. Devotion. Solar plexus Emotionalism. Nervous diseases.Healing, 60:Sacral center Cancer Atlantean Astral Vegetable Solar plexus Tuberculosis Aryan Mental AnimalHealing, 73:the stomach; it is related, therefore, to the solar plexus, but is not identical with it. There areHealing, 73:thymus gland. There is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to the center at theHealing, 73:thus making a triangle of the sacral center, the solar plexus, and the center at the base of theHealing, 78:or of those people whom we esoterically call "solar-sacral" people. This is partly due to theHealing, 83:instance, no true clairvoyance until either the solar plexus or the ajna center is awakened. TheseHealing, 84:might be found in the correct control of the solar plexus center as the one in which astralHealing, 93:wrong thinking of the planetary Logos or of the solar Logos. This is only a begging of the questionHealing, 107:I seek here to emphasize one point. Just as our solar system is developing the love aspect, whichHealing, 108:diseases that are located beneath and below the solar plexus in the abdomen. You see, therefore,Healing, 109:by figures of this hypothesis: In the first solar system there was one dominant evolution, and itHealing, 110:this being a feminine system. [110] In the third solar system, the total number in evolution willHealing, 112:perfected to a certain point in the last solar system and of a necessarily higher order than theHealing, 116:influence (i.e. the stomach, close to the solar plexus, and the heart, close to the heart center,Healing, 120:Most of these at this time are transferring solar plexus energies into the heart, and the worldHealing, 127:gathered from the lower centers, into the solar plexus and from that center into the heart center,Healing, 127:because - from the personality angle - the solar plexus center is the most potent, being theHealing, 127:centered in his desires and consequently in the solar plexus center) is giving place to theHealing, 130:(i.e., the astral force and its relation to the solar plexus), and then the appearance of theHealing, 130:The sixth ray has a close relation to the solar plexus center as the clearing house and the placeHealing, 138:from the centers below the diaphragm, via the solar plexus center, to the centers above theHealing, 138:lifted to the throat, whilst the energy of the solar plexus must be transferred to the heart. ThisHealing, 139:focused primarily at the middle point, the solar plexus, and then steadily and intelligently toHealing, 142:center Thyroid gland Heart center Thymus gland Solar plexus center Pancreas Sacral center TheHealing, 145:corresponds to the "electric fire" of the solar system, and is dynamic in quality. Its denseHealing, 157:during the task of elevating the forces of the solar plexus into the heart center. Heart thinkingHealing, 159:the divine man. The heart center corresponds to "solar fire" within the solar system, and isHealing, 159:center corresponds to "solar fire" within the solar system, and is magnetic in quality andHealing, 161:its twelve petals reaches downwards towards the solar plexus center. This last center, sinceHealing, 161:owing to the slowly mounting energies from the solar plexus center which are seeking to escape fromHealing, 162:energies from below the diaphragm, via the solar plexus, in response to spiritual "pull". TheHealing, 162:Until the year, 1400 A.D., the relation of the solar plexus center to the heart center might beHealing, 165:soul which penetrates to all parts of the solar system, as the blood goes to all parts of the body.Healing, 166:The stomach as the physical manifestation of the solar plexus is the analogy to the soul nature.Healing, 168:of them to be found below the diaphragm - the solar plexus center, the sacral center, [169] and theHealing, 169:important for all aspirants at this time is the solar plexus center; the most active - generallyHealing, 169:the spiritual man) is the basic center. 5. The Solar Plexus Center. This is located well below theHealing, 169:facilitated by the advanced development of the solar plexus in the aspirant, which has its ownHealing, 170:which the intuition of disciples may play. The solar plexus is a reflection in the personality ofHealing, 170:He must transmute desire into aspiration. The solar plexus came into full functioning in AtlanteanHealing, 171:initiations of a certain degree are taken. The solar plexus center is the great clearing-house forHealing, 171:the individual and also through the collective solar plexus, is being subjected to almostHealing, 171:energies, the mode of centralizing them in the solar plexus, and there transmuting them andHealing, 171:effort - goes forward almost automatically. The solar plexus is thus the most separate of all theHealing, 171:This is a consideration of major importance. The solar plexus is the center in the etheric vehicleHealing, 172:a great directing and distributing agent, so the solar plexus center (the synthesis of the averageHealing, 172:receptive higher centers: The energies of the solar plexus center itself have to be directed to theHealing, 173:light) and "the light generated in Atlantis" (solar plexus light) will die out, and those twoHealing, 173:in the stomach. There is, in relation to the solar plexus center, a curious relation which isHealing, 173:and nurtured by the forces and energies of the solar plexus center. I have here given a veryHealing, 174:[174] of the healing art. Control of the solar plexus center, and the right reception and releaseHealing, 174:which his thought life brings to bear upon the solar plexus center, so will be his decision to moveHealing, 174:soul light. As we have seen, the petals of the solar plexus center are reaching upwards towards theHealing, 174:It should be noted here that the transference of solar plexus energy per se is the task of allHealing, 175:point of entry into the physical organism, the solar plexus center, and again at the time thatHealing, 175:of all the accumulated energies in the solar plexus center into the heart center will causeHealing, 177:a central truth, the form of a planet or of a solar system. It is perhaps above everything else theHealing, 178:the "lunar Lords," the Barhishad Pitris, to the solar Lord or Angel. The field of work of theHealing, 178:the sacral center, par excellence; that of the solar Angel is the throat center. Healing, 178:of the third aspect of divinity, just as the solar plexus center registers that of the secondHealing, 179:in all its aspects, as well as the frame of a solar system. This is to be expected. The denseHealing, 184:the kingdoms in nature, in the planet and in the solar system - eventually. Be not betrayed intoHealing, 185:of life are the channels for electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction, and are related inHealing, 187:totality to the three major centers: To the solar plexus center, providing thus the impulse ofHealing, 188:in the sequence of their work of fusion: The solar plexus center, fusing the centers below theHealing, 191:whether you are concerned with the Life of a solar system or only with the consciousness of thatHealing, 214:is transmuted into artistic creativity. From the solar center to the heart center. Individual,Healing, 216:center and the heart center, These two and the solar plexus center, All three, simultaneously andHealing, 217:energy (or should I say misdirected?). The solar plexus center then becomes unduly active and thisHealing, 218:life. [218] The stage wherein the solar plexus center becomes the clearing house for all theHealing, 218:below the diaphragm. The stage wherein the solar plexus energies are raised to the heart. All theseHealing, 223:the emotional demands enormously vitalize the solar plexus center, and the center at the base ofHealing, 228:dominant center. In Atlantean days it was the solar plexus center which was the prime objective ofHealing, 235:the realm of cosmic evil as it prevails in our solar system and affects the planetary Logos, Who isHealing, 236:through the medium of the throat center; the solar plexus center will have its energy lifted to theHealing, 238:planned lifting of the energy of the solar plexus to the heart, thus putting an unexpected strainHealing, 239:and suppression. That suppression makes of the solar plexus center a great reservoir of drasticallyHealing, 268:expression of the divine wisdom in the first solar system; that system embodied the creative workHealing, 268:expressing itself through matter. In this solar system, the created world is intended to be theHealing, 283:as gastric ulcer, the stimulation of the solar plexus center may produce a cure, provided that theHealing, 292:is already tainted with the karma of a previous solar system. It will be apparent to you that these
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