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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Magic, 310:life. For the advanced pupil in the world, the solar plexus is largely the organ of psychicMagic, 312:are enclosed within the ring-pass-not of our solar system. They represent, in the planetary sense,Magic, 312:place. Second, the astral forms of those lesser solar lives on the evolutionary arc who are takingMagic, 314:therefore inevitably grow, for the "heart of the solar Logos" beats now in closer rhythm with thisMagic, 323:The same law governs a human being, a planet, a solar system - all centers or focal points ofMagic, 360:of the life-aspect - corresponding to the solar plexus, the great clearing house between that whichMagic, 360:as a kingdom in nature, humanity expressed the solar plexus aspect, whilst the animal kingdom stoodMagic, 362:rapport not only with the higher planes of the solar system but also with those cosmic planesMagic, 364:Our consciousness is only beginning to be solar, and we are laboring in our small measure toMagic, 364:planetary limitations which hold us back from solar knowledge and life. For aspirants who have notMagic, 377:books and summarized in Initiation, Human and Solar. 3. In the very early stages, this HierarchyMagic, 384:souls on the mental plane take the forms of the solar Angels, of the divine Sons of mind. Hence weMagic, 386:done the egoic body has served its purpose, the solar Angel has done its work, and the form side ofMagic, 388:for the aspirant and not a treatise on energy. Solar Energies: emanating from: The physical sun.Magic, 391:in planetary intricacies and the interplay of solar energies, but will concern ourselves with theMagic, 392:the self, and which governs the integrity of the solar system, and of the solar interplay withMagic, 392:the integrity of the solar system, and of the solar interplay with other systems, but theMagic, 392:of divinity and the awareness of the solar Deity is not primarily occupied with selfhood. That - asMagic, 432:clarity) has an origin which lies outside the solar system altogether; his life is focused in theMagic, 433:are summed tip and man's reaction to them noted. Solar energies have also a dual effect. First,Magic, 433:effect, which is the result of the impact of solar force, emanating from the physical sun. ThisMagic, 434:from the twelve constellations which form our solar zodiac. Their effect is infinite and theMagic, 437:horoscope. In the casting of the horoscope of a solar system it would be of vital importance, butMagic, 437:under the influence of one or other of the seven solar systems, as they focus their energy throughMagic, 438:constellations, but the time is not yet. Our solar system, as you know, is one of seven. When a manMagic, 438:of less and less importance. This circle of solar systems affects paramountly the soul and itMagic, 438:at the base of the spine, the sacral center, the solar plexus and the spleen. The inner group ofMagic, 449:esotericist, are as true of a created universe, solar system or planet as they are true of the tinyMagic, 452:coherent, living, vital ensemble which we call a solar system. This life principle in man manifestsMagic, 454:are contained within the greater whole. Embryo solar systems, coming into being under the impulseMagic, 454:stage was not possible. Eventually we find a solar system such as ours and myriads of others - aMagic, 454:system such as ours and myriads of others - a solar system functioning as a sun with its revolvingMagic, 460:(esoterically speaking) generated in a previous solar system and must be used and developed in thisMagic, 463:we are dealing with God as the creator of the solar system, with the soul as the creator of theMagic, 464:so with pure cause. These factors antedate our solar system and therefore speculation about themMagic, 464:it tends to develop the mental apparatus. This solar system is a system of effects, which in theirMagic, 464:the position of the occult sciences. Our solar system is a thought-form but one having realMagic, 465:process matter - highly organized in a previous solar system - is the dominant factor. Later, weMagic, 465:rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in still earlier solar systems, than the one immediately precedingMagic, 471:in connection with such a thought-form as a solar system, a planet, a kingdom in nature or a humanMagic, 500:exit for the life force. One opening is in the solar plexus and the other is in the brain at theMagic, 501:and astral bodies, the door of exit is the solar plexus and it is that web which is punctured, thusMagic, 501:seers (clairvoyant and clairaudient people) the solar plexus web is permanently ruptured early inMagic, 501:these are, therefore, the two main exits: the solar plexus for the astrally polarized, [502]Magic, 502:worker. The exit in the region of the solar plexus, used by the emotional, unintelligent,Magic, 504:and so negate the attractive power of the solar plexus. Hence, that center will become increasinglyMagic, 506:in the head, just as red [506] stimulates the solar plexus and green has a definite effect upon theMagic, 513:With the manner in which this One Life of the solar system works in these vast interludes ofMagic, 522:Mind as it works out the purposes of the solar Logos or of the planetary Logos these constituentsMagic, 526:Wisdom, these three are called electric fire, solar fire, and fire by friction, and their purposeMagic, 531:creation. The sons of mind, human souls, solar Angels, the divine sons of God who in fullMagic, 546:astral and mental sheath, and the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion." TheMagic, 550:philosophers of both hemispheres. Both in the solar system, the macrocosm of the microcosm, andMagic, 553:practically a second formula. The Creator of the solar system confines his attention to the workMagic, 556:on a lesser scale, govern the activities of the solar Angel as he proceeds with the work ofMagic, 556:work must proceed, for unlike the Deity in the solar system, he cannot work sole and alone. And whoMagic, 557:cycle upon the wheel of rebirth "the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion".Magic, 565:him again, after the cycle of peace, call on the Solar Angel. The Centers and Prana The nearer weMagic, 565:experienced by the magician, whether he be the solar Angel occupied with the magical work ofMagic, 565:can be interpreted. We can study the work of the solar Angel as he approaches the dense physicalMagic, 565:effect which that body must have upon the hidden solar Angel. The latter looks out through the fireMagic, 566:When this clothing has been assumed by the solar Angel, a final stage is reached, and solar fireMagic, 566:the solar Angel, a final stage is reached, and solar fire and fire by friction must be brought intoMagic, 567:are stillborn for this very reason that the solar Angel wavers in his intent and is notMagic, 568:of the thinking principle. Prana in the solar system works out as the five great states of energyMagic, 568:and lungs. Samana extends from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and the nourishingMagic, 568:relation to the stomach. Apana controls from the solar plexus to the soles of the feet; it concernsMagic, 571:An harmonious cooperation with his own solar Angel, so that solar force may impose its rhythm uponMagic, 571:cooperation with his own solar Angel, so that solar force may impose its rhythm upon the lunarMagic, 576:must be received from three etheric centers, the solar plexus, the heart, and the center betweenMagic, 578:workers, being powerful transmitters of prana or solar vitality. Their name is legion and they doMagic, 581:instrument or mechanism of contact, so that the solar Angel has a vehicle, adequate for [582] theMagic, 585:from the lunar lords, and the unfoldment of the solar Lord. It is no easy or flattering task toMagic, 591:you well know. This fire is technically called "solar fire", and when it blends with the fire ofMagic, 593:in the case of women in connection with the solar plexus center, and with men in connection withMagic, 596:concentrated in that central clearing house, the solar plexus. The quality and the brilliance ofMagic, 596:astral nature and its corresponding center, the solar plexus. The emphasis laid upon the dominanceMagic, 609:impulsion of the Mind and Will of the Logos, the solar Deity. Magic, 610:and are equally true of the magical work of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of an incarnatingMagic, 611:static exoteric form. In the formation of a solar system, this is recognized as a preliminaryMagic, 611:terms from the ancient Scripture. Electric Fire, Solar Fire and Fire by Friction, when brought intoMeditation, 4:sections, then, complete the sonata of this solar system, - a part of the threefold masterpiece ofMeditation, 6:correspondence? Where is the analogy in the Solar System? An indication I give here. In the directMeditation, 7:be progressed: - in the alignment of our entire solar system with the system of Sirius lies a stillMeditation, 16:wisdom, - the goal of endeavor in this present solar system. You have the will driving a man on toMeditation, 17:to the realization of the notes and tones of the solar system, the note and tone of individuals,Meditation, 26:to the mental unit. Speaking in terms of the solar system and viewing humanity as a unit, all ofMeditation, 29:the point of perfected maturity in the solar system. A still later period comes, corresponding toMeditation, 52:seven sounds, - one Breath for each of the three solar systems) the note was different, and theMeditation, 52:note for each plane. We have been told that the Solar Logos, on the cosmic planes, works at theMeditation, 52:cosmic mind; that He functions in His physical solar system, is polarized in His cosmic astral, orMeditation, 53:developing cosmic mind. So, on the planes of the solar system, is it as with the microcosm. In theMeditation, 54:cosmic law of gravitation in its relation to our solar system, whilst on the lower planes itMeditation, 54:Word in its sevenfold completeness for this solar system, the Logos gathered through inspirationMeditation, 55:note and started the movement of the spheres - solar or atomic. It embodies Will. Subtone two ofMeditation, 56:note (in technical musical terminology) of the solar system, just as the third Breath correspondsMeditation, 56:of Fire, the great informing Entities of our solar system, respond when this fifth subtone isMeditation, 56:forth. Again, the Lords of the Flame within the solar system itself responded when the microcosmMeditation, 59:In the studying of the basic note of the solar system (which was stabilized in System 1), much canMeditation, 59:In the endeavor to find the note for this solar system, the note of love and wisdom, the student
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