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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLE

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Atom, 12:Is there more than this one life, and is the sole interest to be found in that which [13] isAtom, 17:of the truth is the whole expression, and the sole purpose of thought is to enable us to buildAutobiography, 111:one had seen anything or read anything and their sole topic of conversation seemed to rotate aroundBethlehem, 280:sense signifies that experience itself is the sole ultimate authority." (Quoted in Reality andDiscipleship1, 278:earnest students into my group, not with the sole intent of giving them esoteric training, but alsoDiscipleship1, 384:with each hour beautifully rounded out, is your sole responsibility. Look not so much into theDiscipleship2, 85:and these you will be prompt to note; your sole duty is to stand by. Mistakes do not matter ifDiscipleship2, 317:sharing; and, my brothers, in this lies the sole hope of the world. Every initiation to whichDiscipleship2, 398:fourth initiation, the light of purpose is the sole controlling factor in the career of theDiscipleship2, 627:that out. Upon the pinnacle of loneliness is the sole peace where truth is known. Stand on thatDiscipleship2, 629:to "seek the pinnacle of loneliness which is the sole place whereon truth can be known." This is anEducation, 103:of which he is an infinitesimal part, is the sole factor that matters. This is a definite stepExternalisation, 22:Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks My sole responsibility is to put the opportunityExternalisation, 117:which cannot be checked and which find their sole arguments (as far as the average thinker isExternalisation, 373:of some one nation and as existing for the sole good of that nation. In the future, theExternalisation, 374:of the State; they believe that the State is the sole unit of importance, and that only theirExternalisation, 653:and sensitivity to hierarchical impression. The sole task which confronts you and all aspirants andFire, 395:the Lords of Karma, Who are, in themselves, the sole recipients of the Mind purposes [396] of thatFire, 453:of groups and aggregations of groups whose sole purpose will be to synthesize all the lines ofFire, 1151:and apparently so unbalanced that their sole attention is given to one line of development only, soGlamour, 107:are faced and which to them are of paramount or sole importance - the facts of hunger, of birth andGlamour, 267:the comprehension of the average disciple; their sole value is to depict the unending opportunityHealing, 97:be employed in the processes, but it is not the sole or the most important agent. It is on thisHealing, 603:to heal at all) that he is not confined to the sole use of the centers below the diaphragm butHealing, 605:the patient and the healer is complete. Then the sole task of the healer is to hold the situationInitiation, 52:of theosophical endeavor have claimed to be the sole repository of their teaching, and the soleInitiation, 52:the sole repository of their teaching, and the sole outlet for their efforts, thereby limiting thatInitiation, 52:have come into incarnation at this time with the sole intent of participating in the activities andInitiation, 77:what is in the plan, and where the motive and sole aspiration of the heart are towards the carryingInitiation, 193:whether happiness comes his way or not, if the sole purpose of his life is to serve and save theInitiation, 195:the light of the lunar angels, remaining the sole luminary in the microcosmic sky. To fulfil thisIntellect, 54:of the actor, towards the physical body - the sole means of contact with that particular field ofIntellect, 94:the Sun," and thus emphasizes the fact that the sole function of the physical body is to be theIntellect, 106:in the phenomenon of attention, is also the sole subjective condition which, we have seen,Magic, 84:nuts and grains, cooked and uncooked, form the sole diet of the evolving sons of men, then will beMagic, 460:of intense activity on the mental plane is the sole work of the organized planetary hierarchy. TheMagic, 556:the Deity in the solar system, he cannot work sole and alone. And who shall say whether in thoseMeditation, 93:and of aim, and not that which develops one sole line of method to the exclusion of all others. TheMeditation, 237:to expand the sentences into paragraphs? For the sole reason that if the preliminary work has beenMeditation, 318:he will be - within the confines of the school - sole judge and autocrat. The risks of occultMeditation, 322:curtained. This third division is kept for the sole purpose of meditation and will contain littlePatanjali, 130:[130] First the sphere of its own form is the sole thing it is aware of and it remains in ignorancePatanjali, 398:process the object or form-existence is the sole interest of the indweller, and the outward goingPatanjali, 398:and the outward going life becomes the sole center of attraction. But as the wheel turns andPsychology1, 112:truth should be the subject of your effort. The sole authority is the teaching, and not thePsychology1, 122:and revealed to all, and thus not be the sole property of the wise and of the occultists. The threePsychology2, 89:the elect of God, the chosen of the Lord, or the sole people to benefit by the sacrifice and deathPsychology2, 247:of the race, that the world of meaning is the sole world of reality for humanity. This realizationPsychology2, 431:upon the premise that this one life is not man's sole opportunity in which to achieve integrationPsychology2, 500:or jumbled vagaries of a restless brain, yet the sole trouble is that the man is not sleepingPsychology2, 637:they can so change the world (through the sole agency of the men of good will) that - without war,Rays, 20:the light of the lunar angels, remaining the sole luminary in the microcosmic sky. For DisciplesRays, 53:demonstrate its possession. The Sound is the sole expression of the Ineffable Name, the secretRays, 54:there is in my enlarging further upon this. Its sole usefulness is to give an expanding impulse toRays, 113:the light of the lunar angels, remaining the sole luminary in the microcosmic sky. [114] The soulRays, 269:I gave you in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Its sole value for you lies in the revelation of theRays, 367:of the Hierarchy. This Lord of the World is the sole repository of the will and purpose of the OneRays, 710:cycle of many aeons of incarnation) are now the sole possession of the individual [711] spiritualRays, 714:The Lord of the World is, we are told, the sole repository of the will and the purpose of His
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