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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLELY

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Astrology, 43:and has no reference to the form aspect but solely to the nature of the Lives expressing themselvesAutobiography, 257:nothing for personal loyalties but are dedicated solely to [258] the relief of distress and theAutobiography, 272:a Master. The disciple - and not the Master - is solely responsible for the success or failure ofAutobiography, 282:or group. Because the Arcane School is designed solely to train people to be conscious, workingBethlehem, 122:so regard one. But the solving of man's problem solely in terms of his physical needs may onlyBethlehem, 203:behind. Evil is, for the bulk of us, simply and solely an effort to identify ourselves with theDestiny, 37:of difference is very slight and is to be found solely in intention, in the underlying purpose andDiscipleship1, 45:upon the inner planes and that he is working solely from mental or spiritual levels ofDiscipleship1, 290:and from that of your group brothers, and not solely from the angle of what seems best to youDiscipleship1, 745:the chela can be trusted to use the privilege solely for purposes of group service and never forDiscipleship1, 790:nothing for personal loyalties but are dedicated solely to the relief of distress and the promotionDiscipleship2, 180:of the new Invocation to the world; I refer not solely to its use by you but to its use by manyDiscipleship2, 362:are always held in the Hierarchy to work solely with the pattern; this is a most important phase ofDiscipleship2, 383:A would-be-initiate does not, at first, work solely under the care of the Master of a particularDiscipleship2, 384:meditation in which the inner attitude is given solely to the concept of Hierarchy. The disciple isDiscipleship2, 407:or esoteric organization. It is simply and solely what it claims to be: a vast and integrated groupDiscipleship2, 587:closely related to the Christ. I refer not here solely to the preparation work in which you mustEducation, 102:led them forward to better things. I am dealing solely with the institutional aspect of theEducation, 135:of unwanted children whose appearance is solely the result of accidental and uncontrolled sexualExternalisation, 40:of workers whose major task it is to work solely in the world of illusion and with astral matter.Externalisation, 61:of the form side and the bringing about solely of material well-being of humanity and deflectedExternalisation, 145:soul (whose nature is love and whose purpose is solely group good), backed by or "occultlyExternalisation, 196:property of no one group, nation or race. It is solely due to man's selfishness that (in these daysExternalisation, 196:whilst food is rotting or destroyed; it is solely due to the grasping schemes and the financialExternalisation, 526:As the Hierarchy so works, Its emphasis is solely on the consciousness aspect of all forms; ItsExternalisation, 584:They will not give up their days and efforts solely to the relief of human necessity. All phases ofFire, xv:source of inspiration. It should stand or fall solely on the basis of its own intrinsic worth, onFire, 79:the basis of all physical plane life considered solely in connection with the life of the physicalFire, 104:and thereby affecting the web, when viewed solely from the angle of providing a physicalFire, 127:of spiritualized knowledge, and must be directed solely by the Light of the Spirit, who worksFire, 138:have no spiritual effect, and concern themselves solely with the matter in which the centers ofFire, 786:now accomplished. The word "solid" refers not solely to the lowest objective manifestation, for aFire, 837:is incapable of evil. Evil is then purely and solely the result of the materialization of God. ThisFire, 892:elves, and like nature spirits are to be found solely in etheric matter, but this is not so. TheyFire, 954:creation of that desired by the group, and not solely towards that desired by the unit. This is theFire, 1201:and has no reference to the form aspect but solely to the nature of the lives expressing themselvesFire, 1252:of Them are Lords of Sacrifice, and are animated solely by love, and all have therefore passedGlamour, 149:particularly the unintelligent masses, are solely inspired by desire - material, physical andGlamour, 210:the dangers inherent in focusing on and using solely the light of matter; to the lesser light ofHealing, 102:is not mentioned or involved, and the brain acts solely as the focusing point of the love and theHealing, 378:as minds, and can therefore [378] be reached solely by minds and in no other way. It will never beHealing, 432:the sense that we understand it, but simply and solely a process of liberation. It is the limitedHealing, 435:and this at first, and for a very long time, solely through the process of death. The difficulty atHealing, 515:must be borne in mind: That we are considering solely an idea in the mind of the soul and dealingHealing, 635:two factors for which the spirit of the earth is solely responsible: The factor of the Karma of theHealing, 711:so ordains. The metaphysical healer who works solely on the subtler levels is like the spiritualInitiation, 34:or darkness, right or wrong, was enunciated solely for the benefit of humanity, and to enable menMagic, 268:of remaining detached from it, and acting solely as the directing agents. Learn to work on theMagic, 427:not seek to demonstrate learning. They will meet solely to discuss modes of world helpfulness, theMagic, 453:ourselves. We will consider this Rule therefore solely from the angle of vision of the averageMagic, 576:on of hands" is no idle phrase nor confined solely to the operations of the episcopate of anyMeditation, 44:daily, therefore, that supreme desire that seeks solely the commendation of the inner Guide andMeditation, 90:bodies and the karma, of environing associates solely for their wise assistance and not for selfishMeditation, 122:though with the majority these days it refers solely to the emotional. At this particular period ofMeditation, 133:encircling the aspirant, and I hint at them solely for the purpose of warning and guidance, and notMeditation, 222:and Sound I have sought in the above remarks solely to indicate lines of thought which, if followedPatanjali, 310:must go to the heart. Splenic energy concerns solely the physical body. It goes to all the centers.Problems, 10:of [10] divine revelation has been approached solely from the angle of man, the unit. Owing to theProblems, 11:where they may be. This recognition is not based solely upon appearance, intonation or habits butProblems, 17:of unselfish international relations and not solely in terms of the material civilization which sheProblems, 86:to aid these minorities are too often based solely upon a good heart, Christian principles and aProblems, 170:their particular ideology on the world - and not solely in Russia. They will not be reached byPsychology2, 134:Himself, and the work of evolution proceeds solely through the medium of His chosen builders andPsychology2, 216:ourselves to the consideration of these rules solely as they govern human unfoldment. What we areRays, 159:rank of Master, and they are therefore working solely with the seven centers within the Form of theRays, 185:any effect coming from the human kingdom was due solely to mass impulse or impression. This wasRays, 207:It is not a process whereby a man becomes solely a Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. InitiationRays, 319:as understood by the [319] initiate, concerns solely the application of the will nature and theRays, 335:of the Hierarchy. Again, it was not used by Them solely on behalf of humanity or for the liberationRays, 500:effort to explain and interpret this phrase solely in terms of religion, whereas the religiousRays, 729:in which to work off karma, but on the basis solely of qualification for service. This creates aSoul, 11:point which regards that life as centering solely in the brain. I am holding no brief for theSoul, 24:on the other we have structure as the basis, solely and indispensably, of function, howeverTelepathy, 46:as a whole; this great united Ashram works solely through the New Group of World Servers whoseTelepathy, 113:the soul and the abstract mind are concerned solely with the divine Plan - as the Hierarchy worksTelepathy, 147:stream; the energy worked through that medium solely for a very long time. This still remains true,Telepathy, 150:as an entire integral entity and as constituted solely of etheric substance, forgetting that the
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