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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SONS

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Fire, 17:seventh had passed it through their fires. The Sons of God emerged from out their source, gazed onFire, 26:last and time be lost for aeons." The obedient Sons of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, andFire, 26:The obedient Sons of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, and evolution spiraled on its way. TheFire, 26:of Heart, and evolution spiraled on its way. The Sons of Power stayed in their appointed place,Fire, 26:though cosmic karma forced a handful to join the Sons of Heart. At the fourteenth seventh aeon, theFire, 26:of Heart. At the fourteenth seventh aeon, the Sons of Mind and Heart, absorbed by endless flame,Fire, 26:Heart, absorbed by endless flame, will join the Sons of Will, in manvantaric manifestation. ThreeFire, 28:on the work. The Asuras and the Chaitans, the Sons of Cosmic Evil, and the Rishis of the darkestFire, 40:His high level (just as do His reflections, the sons of men) to achieve a more rounded outFire, 41:Builders are the Manasaputras, the Mind-born sons of Brahma, the third aspect. (S. D., III, 540)Fire, 63:plans and consciousness. They are all three the Sons of one Father, all three the aspects of theFire, 63:of the Manus as his manasaputras, or mind-born sons, which they would be if he was the so-calledFire, 81:or human desire-mind, and all their bodies are "Sons of Necessity," as H.P.B. so aptly expressedFire, 85:When the "will to live" vanishes, then the "Sons of Necessity" cease from objective manifestation.Fire, 113:and who pass under Their influence all the sons of men. Fifth. The Deva Lords of the four planes ofFire, 177:one, and this fact needs wider recognition. The sons of men upon this planet so often view theFire, 198:his initiation. 85 Manasaputras: These are the Sons of Mind, the individual principle in man, theFire, 205:fire, and giving truth to the statement that the Sons of Mind are FLAMES. These centers reach thisFire, 207:Some human unit. 88 In the Secret Doctrine, the Sons of Mind are spoken of as flames. In StanzaFire, 212:vast and abstruse subject, and concerns not the sons of men. It is but touched upon, as anFire, 216:to the sevenfold psychic differentiation of the Sons of Mind, and the Law of Synthesis results inFire, 225:importance? Who are the Manasaputras, or the Sons of Mind? Why is the progress of evolution cyclic?Fire, 225:the mysterious symbol of the Manasaputras or Sons of Wisdom, which together with their syzygiesFire, 228:is in Himself the totality of all the miniature sons, of all the individualized Selves, and of eachFire, 255:intelligence - S. D., I, 488, The mind-born Sons of Brahma - S. D., I, 493, S. D., II, 610, 618.Fire, 270:Doctrine by diverse names, are the Mind-born Sons of Brahma, the third aspect logoic. They are theFire, 273:- S. D., I, 493. III, 196, 327. They are the Sons of Light - S. D., I, 521, 522. They are theFire, 273:the fallen Angels. - S. D., II, 284, 541. 14 The Sons of Mind: are known by various terms, such as:Fire, 288:stage into the zone of influence of the lesser sons of mind - human beings who are the elderFire, 336:these five have been called the five Mind-born Sons of Brahma. (S. D., I, 119, 493; II, 111, 112.)Fire, 361:Heavenly Men, called the Mind-born Sons of Brahma. Through the individualization of the four inFire, 378:differentiate between the five Mind born Sons of Brahma, the five true Kumaras and theirFire, 396:comprehended, then - and then only - will the sons of men be able to study with profit the place ofFire, 407:Lords of Karma, or the Maharajahs, work with the sons of men in the three worlds, and throughFire, 457:anent the influence of the seventh Ray upon the sons of men. More later may be available but enoughFire, 473:will be more healthy physical bodies among the sons of men. This need not be looked for at thisFire, 520:which eventually causes the blazing forth of the Sons of Light on the next plane. In thisFire, 534:from His two brothers. They are the seven Sons of Fohat, with the eighth Son included, and They areFire, 604:"Agni," says the Vishnu Purana, "has three sons, Suchi, Pavamana, and Pavaka" (I, x). Suchi meansFire, 628:As fire by friction He manifests as the seven Sons of Fohat, the seven great fires, or the activeFire, 629:His physical vehicle. They are esoterically the "Sons of Light." Sevenfold fire by friction. TheFire, 630:(the seven Rishis of the Great Bear). The seven Sons of Fohat find their vital force emanatingFire, 652:of comparatively large numbers of the sons of man. We must not forget that this stimulation of theFire, 673:in the remote "space of time," when the sons of God were seeking form. It has to do with a specialFire, 684:matter of the physical body. This is why the Sons of Wisdom, embodying the buddhic principle, theFire, 687:certain eventualities become possible. The "Sons of desire," logoic or human, can learn certainFire, 702:the five Kumaras or the five Mind-born Sons of Brahma are the embodiers of this manasic force onFire, 704:system a dual force again will be found. The Sons of God are bisexual. The deva substance is alsoFire, 704:sixth or Christ principle, which concerns these Sons of God, and the secret of the fifth HierarchyFire, 705:will be succeeded by the Judgment Day when the Sons of Manas will be cast out and the Dragons ofFire, 723:in time and space of the five mind-born Sons of Brahma. The effect of such a visit as that of theFire, 781:of the Commentary on S. D., II, 96. They are the Sons of Fire and fashion inner man. - S. D., II,Fire, 781:inner man. - S. D., II, 114 56 The solar Angels (Sons of Wisdom) are entities seeking fullerFire, 795:greater freedom from evil impulse of the sons of men. Better conditions among the animals will beFire, 838:with the burning, but the rest were cold. The Sons of God looked down from the innermost center.Fire, 838:fire yet the five remained untouched. The Sons of God again looked down. For one brief second TheyFire, 839:which has no flame, reaches a higher sphere; the Sons of God for a brief period warm Themselves,Fire, 839:solar Lords, taking the Word as sounded by the Sons of God, arise in the fierceness of their solarFire, 839:altar. The fourth provides the fuel. * * * The Sons of God still watch. The work nears its finalFire, 948:and must take the form of illuminating the sons of men in gradually increasing degree, so that theyFire, 1081:centralization, Units of primary radiation, The sons of heavy rhythm, The points of fieryFire, 1081:and initiates of certain degrees), Positive sons of electricity, Rotating units of the seventhFire, 1082:of the fire-mist stage, Points of lunar origin, Sons of the sun, Devas of the fourth degree, FlamesFire, 1082:The followers of the ARHAT, The cyclic sons of peace, The recurring sons of war, The specks withinFire, 1082:ARHAT, The cyclic sons of peace, The recurring sons of war, The specks within the planetary eye,Fire, 1093:which "the seven mother colors have each seven sons," that is to say, forty-nine shades or "sons"Fire, 1093:sons," that is to say, forty-nine shades or "sons" between the seven, which graduated tints are soFire, 1113:this truth about an interesting group of sons of manas as follows: "These Sons of mind clung to theFire, 1113:group of sons of manas as follows: "These Sons of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refusedFire, 1113:escaped and came to the help of the incarnating Sons of Mind who had left the Mother for theFire, 1113:persisted, and must be bridged by the living Sons of Mind themselves." (This latter clause, refersFire, 1125:of the earlier manifestation. As we know, the Sons of Mind or the incarnating jivas are theFire, 1147:powerfully affect the incarnating jivas. The Sons of Mind are distinguished by the three qualitiesFire, 1147:out, and they have been generically called: The Sons of sattvic rhythm, The Sons of mobility, TheFire, 1147:called: The Sons of sattvic rhythm, The Sons of mobility, The Sons of inertia. These qualities areFire, 1147:of sattvic rhythm, The Sons of mobility, The Sons of inertia. These qualities are theFire, 1170:the two and the five, the Son, and the Sons of Mind, are closely allied. It is not possible toFire, 1171:Law of Attraction which brought in the divine Sons of Mind, and thus linked the two poles of SpiritFire, 1178:pupils in this planetary school are called "The Sons of Aspiration" or "The Points of Yellow Life."Fire, 1179:desire element and its graduates are called "the Sons of Vishnu." Their symbol is a robe with aFire, 1197:sixth plane. There lives are called "the burning Sons of Desire" and were the Sons of Necessity. ItFire, 1197:called "the burning Sons of Desire" and were the Sons of Necessity. It is said of them in the oldFire, 1204:Logos. These great redeeming Angels, who are the Sons of Men on their own true plane, the mental,Fire, 1212:themselves into regions where stand the unveiled sons of God. Man, therefore, acts as the mediator,Fire, 1224:the 6th Cosmic Force or shakti. 2. The Burning Sons of Desire. 2 or 7 Seven colored Spheres, eachFire, 1225:of the Life. All these hierarchies are Sons of Desire, and are paramountly an expression of theFire, 1243:endeavor and of aspiration whereby the perfected sons of Earth's humanity pass on to specificFire, 1243:fourth Path includes the larger number of the sons of men. In the hierarchy of our planet theFire, 1244:the synthetic ray of Love-Wisdom by the time the sons of men have taken the final systemicFire, 1251:energy and vibration are here dealt with. Those sons of men who at this time search for the "heatFire, 1253:to itself only a few comparatively of the sons of men. It involves a peculiar form of developmentFire, 1259:The reason also why the majority of the sons of men follow this Path lies in the fact of itsFire, 1265:only dim and blur the truth. Certain of the sons of men, a nucleus who reached a very highFire, 1267:balances, and in the balances He weigheth the sons of men who - upon the field of battle - areFire, 1267:other hides itself behind a screen of red. Those sons of men whose note responds not to the note ofFire, 1267:by a fourfold door. The sacred phrases of the Sons of Light define it thus: "The portal of theFire, 1268:hath yet been found." Its tone is hidden. The sons of men (and few their number is) enter that doorFire, 1269:jewels. Their names are hidden from those sons of men who have not yet attained the dragon's crest.Fire, 1270:form of that Attractive Life, to Whom the sons of being and of men in all their many grades offerFire, 1271:through the new magnetic field. Only the sons of... (GEMINI) know the way in; only the sons with
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