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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SONS

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Magic, 421:Gentiles, occidentals and orientals are all the sons of God. Magic, 426:of life grows until its branches shelter all the sons of men. The building of the Temple and theMagic, 440:In the words of the Old Commentary: "The sons of God shot forth like arrows from the bow. The formsMagic, 460:expression for the Universal Mind, and when the sons of God in human form are perfected, theMagic, 460:solved in a large measure. The fully conscious sons of God, aware of themselves whilst in the humanMagic, 462:of the response of the more advanced of the sons of men to the formulas as translated andMagic, 468:It loses its allure. The playground of the sons of God no longer holds appeal. The voice which hasMagic, 469:of many sounds and voices. The voice of the many sons of God, left playing on the playground of theMagic, 525:infer a humanity which is composed of all the sons of men. It includes on the one hand theMagic, 529:goal for humanity as a whole, and when all the sons of men have attained the objective, theseMagic, 531:law of sacrifice runs throughout creation. The sons of mind, human souls, solar Angels, the divineMagic, 531:of mind, human souls, solar Angels, the divine sons of God who in full self-consciousness work outMagic, 532:these two groups in the following terms: "The Sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing,Magic, 532:lives which build the forms indwelt by all the Sons of God, they know not pain or loss or poverty.Magic, 533:ordered harmony of the cosmos are for all the sons of men. With the problem of limitation isMagic, 536:is steadily expanding until one by one the Sons of God are breaking through their limitations intoMagic, 538:radiance of reality. When large numbers of the sons of men can so act, then the human family willMagic, 603:characteristic of all truly functioning sons of God. I mean, therefore, an interiorly held attitudeMagic, 605:kept pace with the needs of the slowly emerging sons of God. The second thread leads us to anMagic, 605:by the highest adept and the most exalted of the sons of God. Until the illumined mind and theMeditation, 48:willingness to serve and to work among the sons of men. Unselfish service is the bedrock of theMeditation, 101:understood and likewise their reactions on the sons of men. During the summer months - as thatMeditation, 116:of mind and the product of his genius to aid the sons of men. He builds slowly great powers ofMeditation, 128:and thus affect in various ways the unwary sons of men. [129] As you know, a definite effort isMeditation, 134:- brothers, erring and misguided yet still sons of the one Father though straying far, very far,Meditation, 136:being the levels that They beg the evolving sons of men to seek; it is Their region, to which allMeditation, 173:three lines how apparent it is that all the sons of men are rising. Even the ones - so apt to beMeditation, 208:lies here. Orange also holds the secret for the Sons of Mind, and in the study of flame (which evenMeditation, 263:path of return and formed of the lives of many sons of men) and He knows His place in the bodyMeditation, 266:Masters (when manifesting for the helping of the sons of men) have Their habitat, [Since 1920,Meditation, 285:method is the line of least resistance for the sons of men. It is the subray of the synthetic rayMeditation, 312:the first will be situated amongst the working sons of men, so that by his reactions andMeditation, 354:They are called by the Hindu "the mind-born sons of Brahma" amongst other names. They are the sumPatanjaliaspect of divinity. This blazing forth of the sons of righteousness before the world is achieved byPatanjalithe rules herein contained. When all the sons of men have demonstrated that they are also Sons ofPatanjalisons of men have demonstrated that they are also Sons of God, the cosmic Son of God will likewisePatanjaliin pain... waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God." (Rom. VIII.) Raja Yoga, or thePatanjali, 30:which is the goal of the majority of the sons of men. Devachanic experience must, however, bePatanjali, 31:to sacrifice themselves and abide with the sons of men in order to serve and help them are notPatanjali, 43:the fifth principle or mind and thus become true sons of mind. It is their part to become thePatanjali, 55:of the soul. It is the Word of the incarnated sons of God. In such a short commentary as this, itPatanjali, 122:them in this life. Evolution has brought all the sons of men (who are ready to be chelas orPatanjali, 122:developed, and the flower of that race were true sons of bhakti yoga and true devotees. Now thePatanjali, 123:the full flowering of the soul) will manifest as Sons of God with all the powers of the GodPatanjali, 126:and high aspiration to which most of the sons of men are susceptible and provides the incentivePatanjali, 127:of time and throughout many lives, prevent the sons of men from realizing that they are sons ofPatanjali, 127:the sons of men from realizing that they are sons of God. It is these concepts which lead men toPatanjali, 134:of the greatest of the fetters which hold the sons of men captive. It is here that the axe must bePatanjali, 150:suffering and need which dominate so many of the sons of men. It is the unknown and itsPatanjali, 187:conduct and when they are followed by all the sons of men, the full significance of the term "peacePatanjali, 204:to stay with his brothers till the last of the sons of God has reached the portal of liberation. Patanjali, 254:the brain those hidden things which only the sons of God on their own plane know. Hence the needPatanjali, 296:circle of light seen around the heads of all the sons of God who have come or are coming into theirPatanjali, 299:which is apparently inferred). These are the sons of mind, the Agnishvattas (referred to at lengthPatanjali, 300:a world period, [300] Goodly to behold, for the sons of God are luminous, radiant and full ofPatanjali, 300:love is the characteristic of the soul, and all sons of God, or sons of Mind reveal the love of thePatanjali, 300:of the soul, and all sons of God, or sons of Mind reveal the love of the Father, Possessing bodiesPatanjali, 306:the throat. In the final race of the illuminated sons of God, the seventh, we shall have as thePatanjali, 318:meditation upon the heart center. The sons of men are distinguished from the animal kingdom by thePatanjali, 318:the world, human beings are frequently called "sons of mind." It is this which gives them theirPatanjali, 362:forms the great illusion, and with these the sons of God have no concern. It is evil where they arePatanjali, 416:revealing to him the fact that the Sons of God, revealed or unrevealed, are everywhere to be found.Patanjali, viii:In Atlantean days, the progress of the sons of men was procured through the imposition of twoProblems, 36:faculty which has produced all the great Sons of God, all truly spiritual people, all artists,Problems, 90:out to us in the New Testament and by all the Sons of God down the ages and in every land and byProblems, 133:to a searching, suffering world. They are true sons of God; their feet are set in most unpleasantProblems, 148:The churches have forgotten that all men are sons of the Father and, therefore, brothers; that allPsychology1, xxi:God as It works out Its plans through the lesser Sons of Mind. In symbolism and archaic phrases itPsychology1, 19:seven ray qualities, but also - as do few of the sons of God - a basic principle of the ray of thePsychology1, 25:and distinctive in quality as are any of the sons of men. This ray force, with the second ray, is aPsychology1, 27:of the average man and the undeveloped sons of God. These seven living qualified emanations fromPsychology1, 63:Naught is revealed. His power is felt. The sons of men, reacting to his power, send to the utmostPsychology1, 66:of wisdom. Send forth that word, and lead the sons of men from off the path of knowledge on to thePsychology1, 69:in the other six qualities. His six Brothers, Sons of the one Father, chanted these injunctions toPsychology1, 78:the rod of power. Extend it outward toward the sons of men; touch them with fire, then bring themPsychology1, 83:north, the south, the west and east, seven great sons of God moved with measured pace and tookPsychology1, 84:the light waxed stronger, for one by one the sons of men entered the temple, passed from north toPsychology1, 84:the Word went forth: Open the door to all the sons of men who come from all the darkened valleys ofPsychology1, 84:are prepared. God has created in the light. His sons can now create. What can else be done?"Psychology1, 84:greater Seven. "Let the work proceed. Let the sons of God create." These words will be noted byPsychology1, 96:which He made to the effect that we were all sons of God and own one universal Father will, in thePsychology1, 192:of the divine attributes of any of the great sons of God. Again, the second proposition states thatPsychology1, 227:and - by analogy - the long road that all sons of God traverse, governed by the same laws andPsychology1, 263:The Lemurian Race - fifth ray The coming of the Sons of Fire. The Atlantean Race - sixth ray ThePsychology1, 276:to them, and even the fact that they are sons of God may be emphasized to them. All this is goodPsychology1, 276:tempted as are the more animally inclined of the sons of men. There are, again, of course, thosePsychology1, 287:with the needed forms in which to incarnate. Sons of God can find forms in which to manifest onPsychology1, 292:in many a human being, and increasingly will the sons of God appear in their true nature to takePsychology1, 312:of portraying before the eyes of the assembled sons of God (at the final conclave before thePsychology1, 313:through the instrumentality of the few inspired sons of God who have, in past ages, incarnated asPsychology1, 328:before humanity by the greatest of all the sons of God in His Own Body, Whom I and all truePsychology1, 330:of the soul. These are called "the radiant sons of light." The division of humanity into threePsychology1, 336:is suited to the development of the incarnating sons of God. Man comes forth, as do all livesPsychology1, 344:wisdom and are veritably at this time the divine sons of God. The fourth kingdom in nature which isPsychology1, 344:influence, producing the manifestation of the sons of God, is summed up for us in the terse wordsPsychology1, 351:influence of this first ray. When enough of the sons of men can thus function, their unitedPsychology1, 351:four resemble the Mother. The three elder sons go forth into the universe of stars, and there theyPsychology1, 373:and holy places will then be accessible to the sons of men, who will work then without limitation,Psychology1, 377:the early manifestation of the incarnating sons of God. It is not a physical incarnation in thePsychology1, 377:because the momentum set up by the desire of the sons of God to incarnate proved too strong for the
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