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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Discipleship1, 197:ray also enables you to make a fairly facile soul contact, should you so desire. Your rays,Discipleship1, 197:you so desire. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. TheDiscipleship1, 198:as criticizing others. If you will let your soul influence your personality more definitely,Discipleship1, 198:set yourself in this life - the integration of soul and personality. Be not discouraged, myDiscipleship1, 198:myself mentally as standing in the light of my soul and do I know the meaning of steady reflection?Discipleship1, 199:played? How do I define the phrase "light of the Soul"? Light is a quality of the soul. In thatDiscipleship1, 199:"light of the Soul"? Light is a quality of the soul. In that light, Can I forget the fragmentaryDiscipleship1, 199:light has poured through me? The nature of the soul is light. Experience of this light is achievedDiscipleship1, 201:inhibitions to the free play of the light of the soul through you in your environment are not beDiscipleship1, 201:meditation which will bring in the light of the soul, which, in your case, is love-wisdom, andDiscipleship1, 202:your outer activities) into line with soul wisdom and soul desire. There is no particular need forDiscipleship1, 202:outer activities) into line with soul wisdom and soul desire. There is no particular need for youDiscipleship1, 202:attention in two aspects of your nature: the soul and the brain, through the use of the illuminedDiscipleship1, 202:do more to integrate your personality and your soul into one functioning unit than any other oneDiscipleship1, 202:which - in this group work - must come from the soul. The group is not really working (as does theDiscipleship1, 204:which you have to work in this incarnation: Your soul ray is the first Ray of Will or Power, as isDiscipleship1, 204:comes the facility and ease with which your soul can impress your brain. This tends also to makeDiscipleship1, 205:when you act as a personality or as a soul. Your mental body is on the fourth Ray of HarmonyDiscipleship1, 205:your first ray aspects. Therefore we have: Your soul ray - first Ray of Will or Power. YourDiscipleship1, 206:towards this goal lately and your first ray soul can anchor itself firmly in this personalityDiscipleship1, 206:which must, in its turn, be based on a true soul orientation and dedication. Decisions must not beDiscipleship1, 206:will enable him to know through which door his soul desires him to pass. The only exercise I amDiscipleship1, 207:A sense of time and of its relation to the soul is one of the most absorbing and useful studies ofDiscipleship1, 207:service and a more effective expression of the soul. Study, if you care to do so, the significanceDiscipleship1, 208:time to effect changes and, ruthlessly and as a soul, bring about those conditions and situationsDiscipleship1, 208:which the personality - under the urgency of the soul - must adjust itself. One situation, theDiscipleship1, 208:The other is based upon the foreknowledge of the soul, sensed by the intuitive personality andDiscipleship1, 208:by emerging tendencies which are the effect of soul contact and soul impulse. These concern theDiscipleship1, 208:which are the effect of soul contact and soul impulse. These concern the future. You will then comeDiscipleship1, 209:the personality note or the direction of the soul, producing impression in varying degrees. DuringDiscipleship1, 209:is very real. The one calls into activity your soul; the other deepens and sweetens yourDiscipleship1, 210:MEDITATION Relax and focus yourself in the soul. Then sound the O. M., breathing it out upon theDiscipleship1, 211:for their identities to be merged in a group soul and their personal isolation is thereby infringedDiscipleship1, 212:know. As you learn to shift the force of your soul from below the diaphragm to the higher centersDiscipleship1, 212:and open it to the entrance of forces from soul levels, via the head center. You must learn toDiscipleship1, 213:the divine Self inspire me and the light of the soul direct. May I be led from darkness to Light,Discipleship1, 213:say them: "I stand in spiritual Being and, as a soul, I serve. "I stand within the Light, and asDiscipleship1, 215:achievement. As you realize the status of your soul, you must come to the understanding that youDiscipleship1, 215:have endeavored to use it wisely. Your sixth ray soul-polarization has served to enhance [216] theDiscipleship1, 216:energy can aid. From the angle of the mind, this soul activity and change of focus will force yourDiscipleship1, 216:time at least) provide the "playground" for your soul. To love your co-disciples, impersonally toDiscipleship1, 216:you. From the angle of the etheric body, this soul transition or refocusing of energies from theDiscipleship1, 216:transition or refocusing of energies from the soul plane will produce the transfer of energies,Discipleship1, 216:as you seek to live more consciously in the soul realm and to be more definitely oriented - as aDiscipleship1, 216:realm and to be more definitely oriented - as a soul - to the world. This will in no way changeDiscipleship1, 218:and know that time is of no moment and that the soul grows and expands its flower of life as itDiscipleship1, 218:lighter moments of relaxation which give to your soul opportunity to attend to its own affairs uponDiscipleship1, 218:to forget in the intensity of his longing for soul contact, for illumination and realization andDiscipleship1, 219:personality rays. The personality ray with the soul ray. There are two major factors of paramountDiscipleship1, 219:add to these two tasks the work of shifting your soul ray from the sixth Ray of Devotion to theDiscipleship1, 219:immediate aim, my brother? As you know, your soul ray is the second ray, for your basic nature isDiscipleship1, 219:a long time subordinated to the past ray of your soul, that of devotion to the soul, to theDiscipleship1, 219:past ray of your soul, that of devotion to the soul, to the Hierarchy, to humanity as well as toDiscipleship1, 219:always an interesting and an easy matter for the soul to control and [220] illumine the mind whenDiscipleship1, 220:body is, however, on the sixth ray (as was your soul when you came into incarnation) it is thereDiscipleship1, 220:it is there that the emphasis of the soul has been and there has been for you the line of leastDiscipleship1, 220:mind. Therefore, your rays are as follows: The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. TheDiscipleship1, 220:have ever been conscious. But the shift of your soul energy on to the second ray will now mostDiscipleship1, 220:Endeavor to focus yourself in the light of the soul through the practice of alignment. You mustDiscipleship1, 220:the practice of alignment. You must realize: The soul is light. Light is reflected in the mind.Discipleship1, 221:alignment then of the vehicles with the soul, holding these thoughts in mind. Then, consciously,Discipleship1, 221:into your mind on the beam of light from your soul. Discipleship1, 221:of detachment. This is, for you, offset by your soul ray. Owing to the fact that first ray energyDiscipleship1, 221:for you, and also owing to the quality of your soul ray and to an achieved measure of control, yourDiscipleship1, 222:life - to force certain issues and bring certain soul objectives to fruition. Be, therefore,Discipleship1, 222:mental issues and making yourself do what your soul or the Hierarchy asks of you... Thirdly, yourDiscipleship1, 223:for [223] you but you are equal to the task your soul assigned. It will remain so and there is forDiscipleship1, 223:them. Pass on triumphantly in the love of your soul and the power of your personality. Guard yourDiscipleship1, 223:of service, and develop an increased inflow of soul wisdom. Concentrate upon wisdom which, inDiscipleship1, 223:The pure expression of the love of the soul is not so difficult for you to express but it is hardDiscipleship1, 224:which prevent the full expression of your soul and hinder the ripening to perfection of your trulyDiscipleship1, 224:personality may regard the adjustments of your soul. I will but give a name to your two glamors andDiscipleship1, 225:divine indifference, once mastered, release the soul to union with the One. Surely it might be saidDiscipleship1, 225:I believe you are beginning to realize. Your soul ray, my brother, is the first, and yourDiscipleship1, 226:influence (incoming and outgoing) of your own soul. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing)Discipleship1, 227:another thing to be a channel of the love of the soul and of the group. Your sphere of work isDiscipleship1, 227:Meditation Work: 1. Alignment with the soul and a definite conscious polarizing of realization asDiscipleship1, 229:work has been good. The inner orientation to the soul as love, is also good. Let there be no doubtDiscipleship1, 229:emotional. But they should be mental and of the soul. If these crises occur within the astral bodyDiscipleship1, 229:this not so, my brother? But the crises of the soul are expansions, registered by the inflow ofDiscipleship1, 230:it, and imagining it as being sounded by the soul. The soul breathes out the sound and passes itDiscipleship1, 230:imagining it as being sounded by the soul. The soul breathes out the sound and passes it throughDiscipleship1, 232:(to use the language of surgery, and the soul is a most efficient surgeon) and the disappearance ofDiscipleship1, 232:it becomes apparent to me that the power of your soul is making itself felt. That is good. But IDiscipleship1, 232:and that is that the successful application of soul force to the personality life will alwaysDiscipleship1, 232:most definitely personality achievement, and not soul performance. Forget not, however, thatDiscipleship1, 232:group activity. This proved to you a place of soul satisfaction at times, and of conflict manyDiscipleship1, 233:particular incarnation, every step forward in soul control must be taken through the facing ofDiscipleship1, 233:and it also enables you to contact your soul with relative ease, if you so choose. Nevertheless, itDiscipleship1, 235:submission of the personality to the will of the soul and not to that of the lower desire nature,Discipleship1, 236:to be revealed as men develop the powers of the soul, it is time we learned to know one another asDiscipleship1, 236:instead of being focused upon the inspiring soul. The result of this tendency is an excessiveDiscipleship1, 236:still with us. When the first ray energy of the soul pours in and blends itself with the sixth rayDiscipleship1, 237:a gift of love and understanding. Use it as a soul and not so much as a personality. Learn to putDiscipleship1, 237:established a constructive relation between your soul and your personality and when you can live inDiscipleship1, 240:By our falling into criticism, we can gauge our soul quality. Neither criticism of those who leadDiscipleship1, 240:that personality reactions block the way of the soul. In the last analysis, your problem is notDiscipleship1, 240:is whether your intuition can discern between a soul vibration and the vibration of a high gradeDiscipleship1, 240:of anyone lead you. May the light of your own soul lead you from strength to strength and reveal toDiscipleship1, 241:the group work and its rightful processes. Your soul will prove your guardian. Continue to give
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