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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Discipleship1, 294:the soul and that there is a clear channel from soul to brain, via the mind. Then forget theDiscipleship1, 294:in their right place, and do your work as a soul. Work at establishing a close rapport with yourDiscipleship1, 298:man which ceaselessly turns its attention to the soul, seeking identification with that soul. TheDiscipleship1, 298:to the soul, seeking identification with that soul. The alignment usually carried forward is thatDiscipleship1, 298:forward is that of the personality with the soul. This you have largely achieved and the result isDiscipleship1, 301:- in another life. Who can set a pace to a soul's destiny? NOTE: The above statement by the TibetanDiscipleship1, 302:But there is no hurry in the realm of the soul. The meditation work to be done by you should be forDiscipleship1, 302:definitely responsive to the radiation of the soul. For your meditation work I suggest theDiscipleship1, 304:You will probably find (as you are a first ray soul) that you can make an impression upon theirDiscipleship1, 304:and through you. Next say: "May the light of the soul direct," and visualize that light pouringDiscipleship1, 305:saying the words with all the power of your soul behind them. Add the mantram I earlier gave you:Discipleship1, 305:inner silence that guards the secrets of the soul, and the way your soul has indicated - the wayDiscipleship1, 305:guards the secrets of the soul, and the way your soul has indicated - the way that you should go.Discipleship1, 306:the divine self inspire me and the light of the soul direct. May I be led from darkness to light,Discipleship1, 307:or, in other words, the inner program which your soul undertook to follow when you first set yourDiscipleship1, 307:need for a more dynamic following of your soul purpose and a definite negating of all theDiscipleship1, 307:does not necessarily entail the recognition of a soul link. We make new and fresh links and startDiscipleship1, 307:to learn is right judgment as to the relative soul age of his associates. He soon discovers thatDiscipleship1, 308:body dedicating itself to the service of the soul. Retreat still further inward as you sound the O.Discipleship1, 308:dynamic focusing of your consciousness in the soul. Then sound the word audibly, but sound it thisDiscipleship1, 308:the word audibly, but sound it this time as the soul, breathing forth light, understanding, andDiscipleship1, 308:quick and conscious activity. Attempt then, as a soul, to link up with your co-disciples. HavingDiscipleship1, 309:(if you cannot in reality) the attitude of a soul as it lives the life of contemplation in its ownDiscipleship1, 309:with the following monthly themes what the soul sees and knows. 1st month - The nature ofDiscipleship1, 309:without any forcing of the process. Your soul is active and just now its attention is turned inDiscipleship1, 312:only those relationships are left which are upon soul levels. Your task is to learn toDiscipleship1, 312:of the golden thread which links us with another soul. Likewise, over-estimation of another personDiscipleship1, 312:break, leaving only a golden thread between each soul - a golden thread which cannot break. TwoDiscipleship1, 312:magnetic power of your mind, enhanced by your soul and contained and embodied in the form ofDiscipleship1, 314:his lot is cast. To this difficult task your soul is now calling you. It constitutes your majorDiscipleship1, 318:to rest in spiritual being, so as to focus the soul within the chosen field of service. The powerDiscipleship1, 319:line. In conclusion I would point out that our soul energy normally finds expression through yourDiscipleship1, 320:a straight line of contact between the first ray soul, the fifth ray personality, a fifth ray mindDiscipleship1, 320:by the fact that at this time, your first ray soul focuses itself in the astral body and,Discipleship1, 320:reason for this is that - through your definite soul contact - you tend to express the outstandingDiscipleship1, 320:will also produce a closer fusion between your soul and the personality. The only meditationDiscipleship1, 320:at the same time, with the mind to the soul. Sound the O. M. as the soul, breathing it out in theDiscipleship1, 320:the mind to the soul. Sound the O. M. as the soul, breathing it out in the will-to-love all beingsDiscipleship1, 321:the astral body and imagined the fusion of soul, personality, and astral force, then direct thisDiscipleship1, 322:pure motive - and that you have. Your brain and soul have close alliance. A high grade astral bodyDiscipleship1, 323:divine) can shut out the full radiance of your soul. Study all you can find out about the nature ofDiscipleship1, 323:light is dimmed, the first ray quality of your soul will be turned increasingly to the work ofDiscipleship1, 324:the light, of silent communication with your soul, of study and of thought. They are of as realDiscipleship1, 324:You oft confuse the two. It is the will of the soul which must be brought into play for group endsDiscipleship1, 324:with dynamic energy. Through the power of your soul you must awaken their souls into selflessDiscipleship1, 325:are or why. They then, through their dynamic soul potency, call into living activity the soulDiscipleship1, 325:soul potency, call into living activity the soul imprisoned in these waiting personalities. Such isDiscipleship1, 325:(occultly understood) outer expression of the soul and for a first ray person they are everDiscipleship1, 325:period in which the qualities of your soul must be welded into those of the personality. In 1936Discipleship1, 327:on the Way and that all you do is in line with soul purpose. The world of glamor which is theDiscipleship1, 328:Work on contemplative levels, functioning as a soul on its own abstract levels. Bringing throughDiscipleship1, 331:- in past lives - achieved a fair measure of soul control. Note my words with care. A desire toDiscipleship1, 331:what you know yourself to be on the higher soul levels. This is complicated by the desire thatDiscipleship1, 331:is emotional, even though you function, as a soul, on the power ray. You have, therefore, aDiscipleship1, 332:abstract mind, invading the lower mind, via the soul. Yours is buddhic or intuitional reason,Discipleship1, 332:stimulating the astral-emotional nature, via the soul. In these two statements, you and R. S. U.Discipleship1, 332:your stage and can move with greater freedom on soul levels... Your work must continue to lie aDiscipleship1, 332:thing which you have mastered, the ability as a soul to call the attention of the personality. ThisDiscipleship1, 333:upon your way, my brother and the power of your soul pour through you with increasing helpfulnessDiscipleship1, 333:of training which lies ahead: That of your own soul at moments of contact. These are the moments ofDiscipleship1, 334:of your entire personality and also facilitating soul alignment; it can also be a closer contact, aDiscipleship1, 335:call forth as you stand in the light of your own soul. Ask yourself also: Are these comments ofDiscipleship1, 336:eventual coordination with the energy of the soul. Your mental body is on the second ray. This, asDiscipleship1, 336:resistance. It facilitates contact with the soul and provides your dominant problem. That problemDiscipleship1, 336:the desires, the will and the purpose of the soul - once they are made clear to you - may be trulyDiscipleship1, 337:therefore, with which you have top deal are: The soul ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. TheDiscipleship1, 338:of meditation and your pledged obedience to your soul may move forward "from strength to strength."Discipleship1, 338:September - Self-forgetfulness. October - Soul Purpose. [339] Discipleship1, 339:the emotional life and this in the light of the soul. Confidence is the expression of theDiscipleship1, 339:of the personality faith in the fact of the soul and of the Plan. "Faith is the substance of thingsDiscipleship1, 339:aspiration and develop faith. The focus of your soul is in the brain and that is why (when you cameDiscipleship1, 339:feeling. Your task is to gather personality and soul energy into the mind and - losing nothing ofDiscipleship1, 340:simply a powerful reflector of the light of the soul, transmitting soul wisdom into the world ofDiscipleship1, 340:reflector of the light of the soul, transmitting soul wisdom into the world of men. When you haveDiscipleship1, 340:are doing with my group, after duly linking up soul and brain. Your objective in alignment willDiscipleship1, 340:alignment will then be the mind, linked with the soul and the brain. This is a little different toDiscipleship1, 340:a little different to the usual presentation of soul-mind-brain. It is mind-soul-brain. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 340:presentation of soul-mind-brain. It is mind-soul-brain. Ponder on this. Discipleship1, 340:is equally so. It is for this reason that your soul has led you into places where (in theDiscipleship1, 341:the true incentives. The real [341] aim of your soul is bridging work and the achievement ofDiscipleship1, 341:deliberately subordinated to the aims of the soul - then you will have made a very great stepDiscipleship1, 342:your alignment and your inner adjustment to the soul yet perfected. There is a chance, is thereDiscipleship1, 344:June 1936 MY BROTHER: You are a second ray soul and have a seventh - ray personality. This seventhDiscipleship1, 344:has many resemblances from the angle of the soul. May I add here, that the point of evolution ofDiscipleship1, 345:your alignment between the personality and the soul. Discipleship1, 345:and it must all be approached from the angle of soul contact, followed by efficiency on theDiscipleship1, 345:Seek to make such a dynamic contact with your soul each [346] morning (prior to starting the day'sDiscipleship1, 346:in the head as possible offer yourself to the soul for recharging. Follow this by three minutesDiscipleship1, 346:take place. How is this done? It is done by the soul, your true self, gathering you, itsDiscipleship1, 346:wherein you seek to realize that that which the soul has done is a fact. This involves the renewedDiscipleship1, 349:reactions to dim its lustre. I refer here to soul love and patience and not to any emotionalDiscipleship1, 349:body, duly disciplined becomes a channel for the soul, and is a group asset and of majorDiscipleship1, 349:is so oft regarded as the means for establishing soul contact. People oft forget, however, thatDiscipleship1, 349:so that it may become a true channel for the soul. When these three methods of development areDiscipleship1, 350:already have some knowledge - your second ray soul and your seventh ray personality. In many waysDiscipleship1, 350:In many ways you know more about the soul ray which conditions you than you do about your seventhDiscipleship1, 350:come to you through the art of healing, and your soul has rightly led your personality into itsDiscipleship1, 350:problem and real deterrent to the inflow of soul light when over-emphasized. Eight years ago it wasDiscipleship1, 350:emotional nature, is rightly directed by your soul. Being on the same line of energy as the soul -Discipleship1, 350:soul. Being on the same line of energy as the soul - 2, 4, 6 - a line of least resistance for soul
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