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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Discipleship1, 545:of the ability to stand as a conscious soul in the light. You are not yet used to my method ofDiscipleship1, 546:these would have a releasing effect upon your soul influence, and thus incidentally upon yourDiscipleship1, 546:clearly as the latter lies between you and your soul and is no concern of your co-disciples. TheDiscipleship1, 547:From the integrated personality to the soul. As you do this work, endeavor to see the thread ofDiscipleship1, 547:and connects you, as a personality, with the soul. When you have thus carried it upwards, and seenDiscipleship1, 547:- that: You are now face to face with your own soul, and standing before the Angel of the Presence,Discipleship1, 548:this regard yourself as working consciously as a soul and as a tiny representative and channel forDiscipleship1, 548:of the divine Self inspire and the light of the Soul direct; may I be led from darkness to light,Discipleship1, 548:of equal importance to the observing, contacting soul. This, I would ask you to remember and striveDiscipleship1, 548:and hold a closer recollecting contact with your soul. That contact is already made and upon thatDiscipleship1, 549:contact with and impression from your second ray soul. This will become increasingly apparent toDiscipleship1, 549:You will, therefore, bring in a fuller tide of soul force as time elapses. Your astral body is onDiscipleship1, 550:[550] and hold a steady contact between soul-mind-brain. You have much with which to work and forDiscipleship1, 550:and I would reply: Direct knowledge of your own soul, so that it is a fact and a reality in yourDiscipleship1, 551:into the higher life, and your pledge to your soul that you will recognize no impediment orDiscipleship1, 551:In past ages, it was the service of one's own soul (with the emphasis upon one's own individualDiscipleship1, 551:the service of the Master and also of one's own soul was considered of dominant interest: theDiscipleship1, 553:in the head and remembering that you are the soul, do your meditation work with an increasedDiscipleship1, 555:step which lies immediately ahead of you. As a soul, functioning through a personality, what is theDiscipleship1, 555:the next recognition or realization which your soul seeks to have your brain consciousnessDiscipleship1, 555:are essentially the occultist, being a first ray soul and working through a fifth ray personality.Discipleship1, 556:be on high levels, and that is where you, as a soul, must consciously walk. That vision must,Discipleship1, 557:is the approaching goal. For long cycles, the soul has been negative in its effect upon theDiscipleship1, 557:still further progress is made, the joy of the soul begins to pour through the worn and wearyDiscipleship1, 557:and gradually the positive nature of the soul takes hold. When this is strong enough and the man isDiscipleship1, 557:the man is sufficiently decentralized, it is the soul quality which will persist in spite ofDiscipleship1, 557:the reward of the initiate's effort to live as a soul and not to feel as a personality. It is thisDiscipleship1, 557:personality. It is this divine pouring in of the soul's quality of life which is the true key toDiscipleship1, 557:desired sentient reaction. Joy is the quality of soul life and that quality can be imposed upon theDiscipleship1, 558:and in due time, imposed upon the rhythm of the soul. It is the gift of synthesis. You see clearlyDiscipleship1, 559:they might be, stated to be as follows: The soul ray - the Ray of Will or Power. The personalityDiscipleship1, 560:A firmer grasp upon the lower self by the soul, so that your soul will mean more to you. A deeperDiscipleship1, 560:upon the lower self by the soul, so that your soul will mean more to you. A deeper integration intoDiscipleship1, 563:adequately begun. You must learn to serve as a soul, and not as a high grade personality. Herein IDiscipleship1, 564:thoughts and evoke the inner strength of the soul that the vehicles can be used. You have beforeDiscipleship1, 565:service. First month... Let the song of the soul be sounded forth by me, and the clear high notesDiscipleship1, 565:is Joy. Second month... Let the quality of the soul be seen in me, the quality of love. It is aDiscipleship1, 565:Forgetfulness. Third month... Let the word of my soul go forth in strength to others. That word forDiscipleship1, 565:Sixth month... Let the actions of the soul be the motives of my daily life. I am that soul and untoDiscipleship1, 565:soul be the motives of my daily life. I am that soul and unto that I dedicate myself. That soul isDiscipleship1, 565:that soul and unto that I dedicate myself. That soul is one in all my fellowmen and I am one withDiscipleship1, 565:one with them. The keynote of the action of the soul is Sacrifice. [566] A real understanding ofDiscipleship1, 566:to know, as I have earlier told you, that your soul ray is the second and your personality ray isDiscipleship1, 566:more definitely. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. TheDiscipleship1, 567:to independent spiritual life, his own life as a soul; his devotion to service was based on hisDiscipleship1, 567:Path. He forgot three things: First, that his soul and my soul were one soul and that (on the soulDiscipleship1, 567:forgot three things: First, that his soul and my soul were one soul and that (on the soul plane) weDiscipleship1, 567:First, that his soul and my soul were one soul and that (on the soul plane) we were equals. TheDiscipleship1, 567:soul and my soul were one soul and that (on the soul plane) we were equals. The difference betweenDiscipleship1, 567:difference between us was one of capacity for soul expression in the three worlds. Ponder on thisDiscipleship1, 568:a deepened and a more direct contact with your soul through a focused alignment and theDiscipleship1, 569:way, seeking to get the point of view of the soul as to your daily life. First month...TheDiscipleship1, 569:Yes, for the first time in this incarnation your soul has made what I have called "the effort toDiscipleship1, 570:sacrifices but you have never yet served as a soul - possessing nothing and asking nothing for theDiscipleship1, 570:I could not count upon your acceptance of your soul's demand, did I not realize that the way of theDiscipleship1, 570:demand, did I not realize that the way of the soul and the fulfilment of your soul's obligation andDiscipleship1, 570:the way of the soul and the fulfilment of your soul's obligation and the shouldering of theDiscipleship1, 572:your ideas as to yourself. You are a sixth ray soul, functioning through a first ray personality.Discipleship1, 572:mental. For you, one pointedness both in soul matters and personality relationships is the line ofDiscipleship1, 572:termed it) and focus your attention upon your soul problem which is to transfer your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 573:monadic ray is the second ray and hence your soul, being on a minor ray, must transfer to thatDiscipleship1, 574:your personality must follow; it is your own soul which must so do. Some of it you already know,Discipleship1, 574:the keynotes of your life; this will aid your soul growth, and lead to perseverance unto the end. Discipleship1, 574:in your life, under the direction of your soul. This has brought about three events in your life: ADiscipleship1, 575:[575] A reorientation of your entire life to the soul and to work in my group of disciples. ADiscipleship1, 579:in the world, for this I know you will do. Your soul demands it of your personality and will findDiscipleship1, 580:with myself has been due to the urge of your soul for contact with a powerful second ray vibration,Discipleship1, 580:endeavor to realize the need and call of your soul for such a stabilization and the urgent demandDiscipleship1, 580:activity which comes from loving truly as a soul, from a complete refraining from all tortuousDiscipleship1, 580:First, there must be recognized a crisis in the soul life when the energy is shifting out of aDiscipleship1, 581:and their tasks. The new vibration to which your soul is leading you (that of expansion andDiscipleship1, 581:your group and within the center to which your soul has directed you. These constructive resultsDiscipleship1, 581:will aid the shift of energies with which your soul is at present engaged. This second rayDiscipleship1, 581:now or simply subjective and unrealized. If your soul is to make the needed shift in this life, itDiscipleship1, 581:chosen center for a long time. Otherwise your soul will be forced to postpone the needed shiftDiscipleship1, 583:Your rays can, therefore, be stated to be: The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. TheDiscipleship1, 583:is essential; it will serve to aid your soul in its life task and to integrate you into the secondDiscipleship1, 584:if you can begin to utilize the second ray soul force which you have at last succeeded inDiscipleship1, 585:its emergence in cases such as yours. Where the soul ray is on a particular line, it is peculiarlyDiscipleship1, 585:will be the same as the hidden or emerging soul ray. That is an aspect of group activity which isDiscipleship1, 585:you can now face because you have established a soul rapport and the light and love of the soul areDiscipleship1, 585:a soul rapport and the light and love of the soul are pouring in on you. [586] The difficulty liesDiscipleship1, 586:body and the steady beat of your loving soul - now emerging into control. A tendency to criticize.Discipleship1, 588:emotions, [588] to respond to your second ray soul and for a period at least eliminate the mindDiscipleship1, 588:for the dominating factors will then be: The soul, working through the astral body and controllingDiscipleship1, 588:making them intelligent and presenting to the soul and heart the service of a mind and brain,Discipleship1, 591:and of your physical plane activities. Of your soul purpose there has never been any doubt nor ofDiscipleship1, 592:takes place - an illumination of the life of the soul and a revelation of the need and theDiscipleship1, 592:my direction and, secondly, to express your own soul in carrying revelation to small groups. ThisDiscipleship1, 592:person - that the action taken is in line with soul intent. This is ever in line with hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 593:you have adjusted yourself to the life of the soul and you have dedicated yourself anew to worldDiscipleship1, 593:not been unmindful. Your inner contact with your soul and with me has been strengthened and theDiscipleship1, 593:contact with the Master. Sometimes even his own soul seems silent. But this is all illusion.Discipleship1, 593:if they are not so staged by the disciple's own soul, then the Master acts to bring theDiscipleship1, 594:the strengthening of the inner rhythm of the soul as it conditions the outer life into a calm andDiscipleship1, 595:and an urgent faith. This, I know is your soul's desire and it is also mine for you. I understandDiscipleship1, 595:in sensitivity and in an inner response to the soul. This must be cultivated with care, and noDiscipleship1, 596:and vital enough to produce the needed fusion of soul and personality. We who teach, watch andDiscipleship1, 597:of the personality in the will and life of the soul is rare after that time. When reached prior toDiscipleship1, 597:entering into the pure white light of your own soul. How shall this be done? Let us be practical
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