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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Discipleship1, 597:the thought that they aid in the unification of soul and body and in the purification of theDiscipleship1, 598:your consciousness on the light of your own soul, and keep your meditation very simple. That youDiscipleship1, 598:walk in the light that pours forth from your own soul is the earnest wish of your fellow worker,Discipleship1, 599:be the steady growth of the light of your own soul, fostered by meditation, expressed in selflessDiscipleship1, 599:in radiance through the intensification of your soul's life. Live, therefore, as a soul and forgetDiscipleship1, 599:of your soul's life. Live, therefore, as a soul and forget the personality. Give not so much timeDiscipleship1, 599:growth. It is often the first result of a soul contact and means the revelation of personalityDiscipleship1, 599:value, provided you again turn your eyes to the soul. Forgetting the things that lie behind let theDiscipleship1, 599:the things that lie behind let the light of your soul lead you where it will. Be, as I have toldDiscipleship1, 602:Self. Settle this problem in the light of the soul, and not through impulsive personalityDiscipleship1, 603:by the blaze of light emanating from your own soul and from the group soul. But blinded and,Discipleship1, 603:emanating from your own soul and from the group soul. But blinded and, seemingly, helpless. No oneDiscipleship1, 603:can arrest at this stage the work of your own soul. Only the urgency of the times incites any of usDiscipleship1, 603:Sacred Word three times, breathing it out as a soul through the three bodies. Say then, as youDiscipleship1, 603:Say then, as you stand in the light of the soul. "I stand before the judgment seat of my own soul.Discipleship1, 603:"I stand before the judgment seat of my own soul. I stand in the light that comes from that divineDiscipleship1, 605:as possible. Assume then the attitude of the soul. Sound the Sacred Word, breathing it outDiscipleship1, 605:to contemplate or to realize yourself as the soul, as divine, as the Christ within. This will takeDiscipleship1, 605:"I stand before the judgment seat of my own soul. I am that soul. All love and light am I. I serveDiscipleship1, 605:the judgment seat of my own soul. I am that soul. All love and light am I. I serve the world andDiscipleship1, 606:around you by the dynamic light of your own soul, and in order to do this, seek greater and moreDiscipleship1, 607:the silence of your heart and the light of your soul - to answer them. I told you: To sacrificeDiscipleship1, 607:around you by the dynamic light of your own soul. Have you done this? To send out your thoughts toDiscipleship1, 608:which you have given to the effort of your soul to release your personality from glamor. May IDiscipleship1, 610:not thrust away, through fierceness, the seeking soul. It is the fire of love, and not the fire ofDiscipleship1, 613:too, apparently have failed, and when your own soul seems powerless to pierce the glamor into whichDiscipleship1, 613:as souls, serving from the mental plane and from soul levels. Again and again, my brother, duringDiscipleship1, 614:they were not the thing which you had, as a soul, undertaken to do and, therefore, they lacked theDiscipleship1, 615:is but a moment of time in the long cycle of the soul), doing the little things behind the scenesDiscipleship1, 615:the group to which you pledged yourself as a soul and on soul levels. But to do this, you mustDiscipleship1, 615:to which you pledged yourself as a soul and on soul levels. But to do this, you must reach theDiscipleship1, 617:for all the powers of your personality and your soul. Find time for that service and be notDiscipleship1, 621:line of least resistance, then the Rose of the soul should be nurtured and shine forth.Discipleship1, 622:they will be people who have already made their soul contact. Your ray is pre-eminently the ray ofDiscipleship1, 622:respond to the need. Your head responds and your soul. To that head understanding and that soulDiscipleship1, 622:your soul. To that head understanding and that soul wisdom (which you have) add the heart approachDiscipleship1, 623:Onlooker in the head. Thus the detachment of the soul will grow whilst the attachment of the soulDiscipleship1, 623:the soul will grow whilst the attachment of the soul to souls will grow and increase. The onlyDiscipleship1, 623:life of the form to the interior life of the soul, then true esoteric living becomes possible. InDiscipleship1, 623:- a glamor which can only be dispelled as the soul pours its life and light with steady radianceDiscipleship1, 623:that simplicity which is ever the indication of soul domination. That one word "simplicity" shouldDiscipleship1, 624:the keynote of your meditation. You are a strong soul and must hew your own way through the jungleDiscipleship1, 624:existence. What do I mean by the words "a strong soul"? I mean not only that your first ray qualityDiscipleship1, 627:groups can stand pressure and yet preserve the soul link which underlies all the differingDiscipleship1, 629:is rocking to its very foundations. Your soul has seriously undermined it. It still stands, but youDiscipleship1, 631:by the mind and without the illumination of the soul. The advanced man and the aspirant [632] workDiscipleship1, 632:and, therefore, power. The disciple works from soul levels which are the levels of divine love. HeDiscipleship1, 633:a composite aggregate of forces, as follows: The soul ray - first Ray of Will or Power. TheDiscipleship1, 633:link between your personalities and your soul, between each of you as co-disciples, and between theDiscipleship1, 633:the Brotherhood to which I belong and which your soul, on its own level, consciously seeks toDiscipleship1, 634:and into which you must be absorbed by soul dedication and later, as the years slip away, byDiscipleship1, 635:reality in what you are now doing. You are a soul and not a seeker of astral phenomena. Three orDiscipleship1, 635:this activity and begin again to function as a soul. The soul in its true nature does not identifyDiscipleship1, 635:and begin again to function as a soul. The soul in its true nature does not identify itself withDiscipleship1, 636:you do is done on astral levels and not from soul levels so that the Word of Power which the soulDiscipleship1, 636:soul levels so that the Word of Power which the soul would use is stepped down to the many, manyDiscipleship1, 636:work of every kind until you are established in soul consciousness. But at present you love thisDiscipleship1, 636:is a reality. As long as this is the case, your soul life is blocked at astral levels. AnotherDiscipleship1, 636:fact that because of this astral impasse, your soul is focused in the astral body. It can get noDiscipleship1, 636:Until, my brother, you are polarized in the soul, you are playing with fire and the magical work ofDiscipleship1, 636:together through the "magical work of the soul." [637] I am speaking with frankness because I wantDiscipleship1, 637:to achieving the attitude and altitude of the soul and from that point (or as high a point as youDiscipleship1, 637:interests. Endeavor to see, as you so do, that soul and brain are brought en rapport - a thingDiscipleship1, 640:Now let us briefly consider your rays. Your soul ray and your personality ray you already know.Discipleship1, 640:and this fact much facilitates the task of your soul, and will account for the ability which youDiscipleship1, 640:to others. It is this alignment between your soul and your astral body which gives you theDiscipleship1, 640:is to bring together and relate harmoniously the soul and the form, which is the major task of theDiscipleship1, 640:interest you. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. TheDiscipleship1, 641:in the flow of life and love in your second ray soul. Can you discover what it is, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 641:all of you to achieve a fuller expression of soul force through the medium of your personalities.Discipleship1, 641:little difficulty in this connection, for your soul has an easy line of descent (if I may soDiscipleship1, 642:yourself to this, seeing that your group-soul ray is in control and dominating your personality.Discipleship1, 642:of your being, to achieve easy contact with the soul, and to build with care the antahkarana, fromDiscipleship1, 642:antahkarana, from the heart, via the head to the soul. I would ask you to render all possibleDiscipleship1, 642:but to certain spiritual occurrences and soul intuitions which can be sometimes noted when theDiscipleship1, 644:are manifesting through every human being - the soul ray, the personality ray, and the rays of theDiscipleship1, 646:to indicate to you not only your personality and soul rays (for this I always do with any newDiscipleship1, 646:the rays of your personality vehicles. Your soul ray is the seventh, which would enable you to workDiscipleship1, 646:that situation. The close juxtaposition of your soul and personality rays are an asset, not aDiscipleship1, 647:for you to shift the center of your egoic or soul attention on to the second ray. The shift ofDiscipleship1, 647:one-pointedness is an aid to you in your soul's enterprise. I know that this will give you muchDiscipleship1, 647:to renewed purpose in your life endeavor. The soul ray - seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. The rayDiscipleship1, 647:form part of your mind's knowledge and of your soul's expression. [648] I would say to you that theDiscipleship1, 650:carried you through and the inspiration of your soul (which you can with such facility touch) hasDiscipleship1, 653:therefore, is of the personality and not of the soul; your power to stir others and to move themDiscipleship1, 654:to do is based on a knowledge of you as a Soul, and an appreciation of what you - as a soul - couldDiscipleship1, 654:a Soul, and an appreciation of what you - as a soul - could do. You are gifted, wise and powerful,Discipleship1, 655:to you. You know. Sound the O. M. as the soul, breathing it out in benediction upon theDiscipleship1, 655:the O. M. as the personality, responding to the soul. Sound the O. M. as the synthesis ofDiscipleship1, 655:the O. M. as the synthesis of personality and soul. Then, relaxing, deal each day of the week withDiscipleship1, 655:seven questions: Sunday... Did I work as a soul in my service yesterday, or as a personality? WasDiscipleship1, 655:What was the center of my life yesterday - the soul whose nature is impersonal love, or theDiscipleship1, 655:towards the goal of fuller service; I am the soul, whose nature is light and love and selflessness.Discipleship1, 655:towards the light, and in that light, I see the soul. I am the Plan, and am at-one with all thatDiscipleship1, 657:attitude. When, therefore, your second ray soul really dominates, that sense which now controlsDiscipleship1, 657:You are still a personality working, and not a soul working, for your theory outstrips yourDiscipleship1, 658:so large that your wise, loving, intelligent soul has a hard task to make its presence felt. ThereDiscipleship1, 659:and circulation of energy. Thus will your soul assume control. I have stated in the above few wordsDiscipleship1, 659:I would remind you, nevertheless, that it is a soul problem and not a personality problem. If youDiscipleship1, 660:to measure up to a standard which you think your soul sets you, or I for instance set you, or which
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