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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Discipleship1, 714:(towards the end of the Path of Evolution) the soul recapitulates the evolutionary processes ofDiscipleship1, 714:processes of involution and evolution. Soul energy descends and personality force ascends and thisDiscipleship1, 714:here to the process which is undertaken by the soul under hierarchical impulse, and not to that inDiscipleship1, 714:not to that in which the personality invokes the soul under the desperate need brought about in theDiscipleship1, 715:contact is still too feeble and the grip of the soul upon the personality is still too weak toDiscipleship1, 717:of the disciple; isolated identity (with the soul) is that of the disciple up to and including theDiscipleship1, 718:a blending process between the disciple and the soul (and eventually between humanity and theDiscipleship1, 718:man and the Monad. When this takes place, the soul, creator of reflection and shadow, is discardedDiscipleship1, 724:in the past, such relationships were between soul and soul, and consequently required a long periodDiscipleship1, 724:past, such relationships were between soul and soul, and consequently required a long period ofDiscipleship1, 724:plane, thus involving personality as well as soul relation. This constitutes a far more difficultDiscipleship1, 727:Ponder on this. The searchlight of the soul reveals faults in character, limitations in expressionDiscipleship1, 734:problem existent between the personality and the soul, between the Master and the disciple andDiscipleship1, 735:which you can consciously and effectively direct soul energy. This is the true esoteric work. TheDiscipleship1, 735:of Shamballa energy through the medium of the soul whose intrinsic nature is spontaneous love.Discipleship1, 736:personality or forced through attention to soul behest - emerge. The disciple knows that he lacksDiscipleship1, 736:of love, its origin, its expression through the soul, its qualities, goals and objectives. Most ofDiscipleship1, 739:has been satisfactory from the standpoint of my soul and, incidentally, of my Master? Have I workedDiscipleship1, 743:might be depicted thus: [743] The Master * The Soul * * The Ashram * The Disciple An extension ofDiscipleship1, 743:to the capacity of the human being, under soul control, to be magnetic and to "emit the vibratoryDiscipleship1, 748:a group correspondence to the invocation of the soul by the personality and its subsequentDiscipleship1, 750:But in spite of all, he stands firm, poised in soul consciousness and the depths of his life remainDiscipleship1, 751:him a sphere of influence as a result of his soul radiation, via the personality. It might beDiscipleship1, 753:the Triad and this with the aid of the threefold soul nature. The mode of this progressive shiftingDiscipleship1, 759:use the ashramic force which his Master and his soul can make available to him to use upon theDiscipleship1, 759:phase of conscious discipleship. Through his own soul and the Master's sphere of influence the PlanDiscipleship1, 760:can, at will, distribute the ashramic and group-soul energy in their pure state. He has, therefore,Discipleship1, 760:must wrestle, i.e., to be oriented to the soul, and, consequently, to the Ashram and to be orientedDiscipleship1, 761:they are entirely controlled by the soul, via the head center, but it should be borne in mind thatDiscipleship1, 762:process. The constitution of the ego, or Soul, is the factor of paramount importance to the MasterDiscipleship1, 762:which the disciple is very apt to forget. The soul is preoccupied with its own life; the details ofDiscipleship1, 762:simply make no impact whatsoever upon the soul consciousness. As the violence of the personalityDiscipleship1, 762:the violence of the personality life grows, the soul which has been increasingly the recipient ofDiscipleship1, 762:becomes also aware of an opposing factor to true soul expression upon the outer periphery of life.Discipleship1, 762:pairs of opposites begins - the battle between soul and personality, consciously waged on bothDiscipleship1, 762:thus: The Hierarchy. The Master. The Ashram. The soul of the disciple. Humanity. The disciple.Discipleship1, 763:follows: The Master's aura. The egoic lotus or soul body. The inflow of ashramic energy, via TheDiscipleship1, 763:of his centers to the activity engendered by the soul, under impression by the Master would be asDiscipleship1, 768:old to achieve this? That is for you to say. The soul knows no age and can use its instrument if itDiscipleship1, 772:the determination of that decision for which the soul (the Self) upon its own plane is waiting.Discipleship1, 773:force to [773] energy, from personality focus to soul integration and, then, from soul to spirit,Discipleship1, 773:focus to soul integration and, then, from soul to spirit, from form to life. He has explored allDiscipleship1, 778:to the Masters but on a recognition of the soul in each person. This was succeeded by A Treatise onDiscipleship1, 779:production: The Consciousness of the Atom. The Soul and Its Mechanism. From Intellect to Intuition.Discipleship1, 779:collaboration with me, entitled The Light of the Soul; in it I give the translation of the SanskritDiscipleship1, 779:as that mind is, in its turn, illumined by the soul. Discipleship1, 780:launch the new astrology which is founded on the soul and not on the personality. OrthodoxDiscipleship1, 780:to give the key to the horoscope of the soul, as it is conditioned by the soul ray and not by theDiscipleship1, 780:of the soul, as it is conditioned by the soul ray and not by the personality ray; enough has beenDiscipleship1, 780:before explained, the one book, The Light of the Soul. Discipleship1, 782:is laid upon the one Master in the heart, the soul, the true spiritual man within each human being;Discipleship1, 782:of the Hierarchy, of reincarnation, or of the soul and still remain a member of the school in goodDiscipleship1, 785:cruelty and the imprisoning of the human soul. They stand for liberty, for opportunity for all toDiscipleship1, 790:pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form, And life, and allDiscipleship2It is hard to keep a right balance between the soul and the personality when the spiritualDiscipleship2high. The rushing into the personal life of soul force is like sunshine in a garden. Weeds as wellDiscipleship2, XIII:He knew the astrological characteristics of the soul, a factor as yet unknown to present dayDiscipleship2, XIII:also knew the basic and planned purpose of the soul for the present incarnation, the hiddenDiscipleship2, 5:cyclic bringing about of the presentation to the soul of the Ageless Wisdom and the training of theDiscipleship2, 7:fused and blended in consciousness with the soul. This will lead the group as a whole to functionDiscipleship2, 9:also serve, above all else, to fuse it with his soul. I shall enlarge later upon this when givingDiscipleship2, 15:my love with the love which pours forth from the soul towards each of you, and thus I deepen theDiscipleship2, 18:(consciously undertaken) of the individual soul with the group soul and consequently a consciousDiscipleship2, 18:of the individual soul with the group soul and consequently a conscious rapport with the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 19:an initiate has to master. There will be the soul meaning which will indicate relation to theDiscipleship2, 19:idea and thus evoke together the over-shadowing soul. This will result, eventually, in an inflow ofDiscipleship2, 20:etheric body is the organ whereby personality or soul expression becomes evidenced upon theDiscipleship2, 22:bringing the personality into relation with the soul, with character building, integration andDiscipleship2, 24:is a scientific process, calling forth all the soul powers into full expression on the physicalDiscipleship2, 24:and all the wisdom and directing power of his soul, because the task to be done is always too bigDiscipleship2, 26:towards that point of contact where personality soul and the teacher in the world of souls can meetDiscipleship2, 29:been given the name of the "dark night of the soul." This dark night takes different forms andDiscipleship2, 29:dark night. The real "dark night" is that of the soul as it participates in the pain of humanity asDiscipleship2, 30:I, your Master, love and guard you, for your soul and my soul are one soul. Be not undulyDiscipleship2, 30:Master, love and guard you, for your soul and my soul are one soul. Be not unduly disturbed. ThereDiscipleship2, 30:and guard you, for your soul and my soul are one soul. Be not unduly disturbed. There is no lightDiscipleship2, 30:disturbed. There is no light or dark to the soul but only existence and love. Rest back on that.Discipleship2, 30:on the physical plane - his goal: His own soul - through direct contact, as the result ofDiscipleship2, 31:to aspiration, or what the personality is to the soul. It is the revelation of quality. I haveDiscipleship2, 32:of the ceaseless conflict between his aspiring soul nature and his inert and essentially selfishDiscipleship2, 38:that is too long for you to tread it. You are a soul with all the powers of the soul and - as youDiscipleship2, 38:it. You are a soul with all the powers of the soul and - as you are linked with the Hierarchy - youDiscipleship2, 40:which comes to you directly from your own soul, via your mind. Instruction given by me to you in myDiscipleship2, 43:of all the forces of the personality and the soul (in unison); it is, symbolically speaking, aDiscipleship2, 43:various aspects and vehicles through which the soul has perforce to work. All this produces anDiscipleship2, 43:extent of the service needed and demanded by the soul appears so great that the disciple at timesDiscipleship2, 47:and physical - which limit my expression as a soul. What can I therefore do?" My answer would be:Discipleship2, 52:reality, the exit in the head through which the soul passes out of the world of phenomenalDiscipleship2, 53:to the God within, to his own higher self, the soul, the first Master. In the future, the emphasisDiscipleship2, 53:intelligent response to the urge of the group soul and to the "pull" of the Hierarchy, is the nextDiscipleship2, 54:of registration (by the mind) of that which the soul has sought to impress upon it at the moment ofDiscipleship2, 56:- if possible - levels higher than that of the soul. Hence the need for group integration and work.Discipleship2, 57:atma-buddhi-manas, or the three aspects of the soul). Secondly, the focusing of the consciousnessDiscipleship2, 57:the focusing of the consciousness in that of the soul, followed by a group dedication; and,Discipleship2, 59:of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement,Discipleship2, 65:will synchronize with the spiritual will of the soul - a very different matter. The reorganizationDiscipleship2, 67:4. The evocation of a strong sense of the soul within the personality. An emphasis upon theDiscipleship2, 67:An emphasis upon the attitude of the soul to the personality life may also be induced and may proveDiscipleship2, 67:from the (apparently) voiced expression of soul comment, criticism, encouragement and planning thatDiscipleship2, 67:and planning that the main interest of the soul is with the dedicated personality. Such is not the
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