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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Discipleship2, 449:is established. Is it emotional, mental, or on soul levels? Is it focused consciously in theDiscipleship2, 450:they marked a certain high water mark of your soul's development. Your problem is now concernedDiscipleship2, 451:and thus fail to register the "insight" of the soul, regulating timelessness and knowing no past orDiscipleship2, 452:are meanwhile in process of learning them as a soul and as a disciple, and for the remainder ofDiscipleship2, 453:the recognition of the essential demand of your soul for rhythmic interludes; your personalityDiscipleship2, 454:announcement, or as a command from your own soul. But your success in both these departments ofDiscipleship2, 456:personality obligations and the chosen field of soul service) is being successfully attempted byDiscipleship2, 456:by the sense of unity which is inherent in the soul, you are working on the physical plane (theDiscipleship2, 459:only to superhuman influences and inclusive of soul conditions, but must necessarily include alsoDiscipleship2, 459:is wide open to all impressions. But you, as a soul, are quite indifferent and - as a soul - youDiscipleship2, 459:you, as a soul, are quite indifferent and - as a soul - you suffer not at all. Of this I believeDiscipleship2, 460:that divine indifference which leaves the soul free to serve - untrammeled by personalityDiscipleship2, 460:produces physical plane expression of directed soul activity as the intelligence (focused in theDiscipleship2, 461:life and also those inpouring from the soul is the astral body, then there must certainly be aDiscipleship2, 461:I refer to an attitude assumed and held by the soul and mind in regard to the astral body whichDiscipleship2, 461:based upon your ability to focus yourself in the soul consciousness and to hold that positionDiscipleship2, 462:Focus yourself in the head. Sound the OM as the soul and believe that contact has been made betweenDiscipleship2, 462:and believe that contact has been made between soul-mind-brain. Then see yourself as focusedDiscipleship2, 462:upon the mental plane and (from the angle of the soul) exoterically in the brain. Then inhaleDiscipleship2, 462:dedicate the energy thus withdrawn by the soul, believing in its consequent and subsequentDiscipleship2, 463:(through the intuition) with underlying soul purpose and a consequent ability to interpret andDiscipleship2, 470:until the point of attainment planned by your soul for this life is yours. You can achieve, and forDiscipleship2, 471:and strains due to the deep interior life of soul relation; these bring with them their own uniqueDiscipleship2, 477:because imposed upon your personality by your soul: You are treading the Path of Discipleship. YouDiscipleship2, 477:an end, the type of vehicle which you will, as a soul, construct, and the nature of the race,Discipleship2, 477:and type of service to which the over-shadowing soul will commit the personality. Energy followsDiscipleship2, 477:is a focal point of energy, established by the soul. The "eye of direction," therefore, referred toDiscipleship2, 477:relates primarily to the long-distance view the soul [478] is taking of you and your preparationDiscipleship2, 478:waiting, dedicated, devoted personality and the soul. Thus a greater triangle is established: soul,Discipleship2, 478:soul. Thus a greater triangle is established: soul, head and heart. Visualize these triangles asDiscipleship2, 478:as far as may be in the head, midway between the soul and the heart center up the spine - andDiscipleship2, 478:reflect quietly upon the directive power of the soul: Working within the symbolic "diadem ofDiscipleship2, 478:of attainment." Using the impelling "eye of the soul" as a directing agent, i.e., the ajna center,Discipleship2, 479:the following words with full intent: "May that soul of mine whose nature is love and wisdom directDiscipleship2, 479:influence, stimulating a new activity of their soul in connection with their personalities. An actDiscipleship2, 479:find yourself capable: "Let the love of the soul attract and the light of the soul direct all whomDiscipleship2, 479:love of the soul attract and the light of the soul direct all whom I seek to help. Thus willDiscipleship2, 481:affirmation simply indicates the effort of his soul to build in a quality which, when adequatelyDiscipleship2, 482:and administrative nature of your life. Your soul has forced you for decades into the position ofDiscipleship2, 483:As an executive, you were ever available; as a soul, within a personality, you have lived your ownDiscipleship2, 483:yourself to release the magnetic power of your soul-infused personality. Your inner development isDiscipleship2, 484:word which I would suggest is Contact. Much soul contact and contact also with your group brothersDiscipleship2, 486:and type, it is to infuse your personality with soul energy. This is in the nature of a platitudeDiscipleship2, 486:This is assuredly so, but your particular soul-objective in this life was to bring this soul energyDiscipleship2, 486:soul-objective in this life was to bring this soul energy down from the subtler bodies into theDiscipleship2, 486:will result in a hastened development of soul quality as it can be demonstrated upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 490:or of mental perception, or upward towards the soul. These three directions form a triangle ofDiscipleship2, 490:the kama-manasic plane, and the kingdom of the soul. Study these planes of possible and unavoidableDiscipleship2, 490:and attention - you orient yourself to the soul; you stand consciously ready for impression. WhatDiscipleship2, 491:me) through service planned and rendered; to the soul through fusion, rendered expressive on theDiscipleship2, 492:be prepared for the future. I write to you as a soul and not as a personality and would ask you toDiscipleship2, 492:application to the establishing of the gained soul contact and the training of the inner attentiveDiscipleship2, 492:attentive man to catch the communications of the soul, plus the dedicated will to forget allDiscipleship2, 493:this I commend you, reminding you always that soul contact is universal and inclusive in itsDiscipleship2, 493:its effects but that the separate mind (even at soul levels) can still differentiate and placeDiscipleship2, 493:Hierarchy and am teaching you through your own soul on mental levels, in the world of glamor atDiscipleship2, 493:based on the recognition and unfoldment of your soul) you are en rapport with a world of spiritualDiscipleship2, 493:first and the second rays - governing either the soul or the personality - is the dominatingDiscipleship2, 494:line of least resistance in connection with the soul ray, through the medium of the brainDiscipleship2, 494:ray power of your directing, awakening brain, soul contact is fairly easy of achievement for you atDiscipleship2, 494:the victory is gained) in the harmonizing, of soul and its form on earth. I would like, therefore,Discipleship2, 495:prior to Meditation: Stand erect, facing your soul. Then say audibly, if possible: "I accept theDiscipleship2, 495:the responsibility of discipleship which my soul has placed upon me." Then pause a minute,Discipleship2, 495:undertaking. Then dismiss it. Again face your soul and say: "I accept with joy and with confidenceDiscipleship2, 495:Withdraw from the personality into the soul. As you do this work, try to see the thread of goldenDiscipleship2, 496:and connects you, the personality, with the soul. Having achieved this alignment and withdrawing,Discipleship2, 496:That you are now face to face with your own soul, standing before the Angel of the Presence. ThatDiscipleship2, 497:a nation, focus through a group. Lean on your Soul. Your field of service has been real, but olderDiscipleship2, 497:their fellowmen. This you can do. It is your Soul's behest, your personality's denial. Discipleship2, 497:has so constantly met the advances of your soul. This personality reaction you are learningDiscipleship2, 497:you are learning rapidly, as a conscious soul, to repudiate. Loneliness, isolation, a sense ofDiscipleship2, 499:of such a close contact with your own soul that love, enthusiasm, wisdom and certain fundamentalDiscipleship2, 500:your whole being? Day by day link up with your soul; day by day pledge yourself to the work to beDiscipleship2, 500:as rendered up to date in the searchlight of the soul, and then, my brother, with my aid andDiscipleship2, 500:words of the second statement: Lean on your soul. I assign to you no particular meditation. IDiscipleship2, 500:focus, the closeness of your link with your own soul, and the recognition of your "attachment"Discipleship2, 502:more or less are of no import in the eternity of soul reaction. Therefore, a decision to relax, toDiscipleship2, 504:ray disciple to master, particularly when the soul ray [505] and the ray of the astral or emotionalDiscipleship2, 505:for the first ray disciple to withdraw into his soul consciousness, far easier than for any otherDiscipleship2, 505:each of them in the three worlds, and also upon soul levels, demands careful and concentratedDiscipleship2, 506:of the three worlds and in the life of the soul upon its own plane, I have given you the theme forDiscipleship2, 506:other; carry the same directed thinking on to soul levels and shift the theme then into the threeDiscipleship2, 506:that right attachment releases the love of the soul, and only love, consciously, intelligently andDiscipleship2, 506:Church is governed by the first ray as its soul ray, and by the third ray as its personality ray.Discipleship2, 508:correctly and with as much of your first ray soul integrated into it as you can invoke - it willDiscipleship2, 508:with an alert consciousness, to contact: Your soul. My Ashram. Me, your Master. You thus, throughDiscipleship2, 510:he has given the name of "the dark night of the soul." All this is nevertheless only a part of theDiscipleship2, 510:are sorely needed. May the strength of your own soul and the knowledge that your place in theDiscipleship2, 512:wisdom which - through identification with the soul of those you seek to help - inevitably aidsDiscipleship2, 514:Then may come a life when the attention of the soul, of the Master and of the group upon theDiscipleship2, 514:the Way but am assured, through study of your soul contact, that you will not be hindered. I askDiscipleship2, 514:with: The attitude of the personality to the soul. - This is self-control. The attitude ofDiscipleship2, 515:to us. This reaction will be felt in your soul as a complete surrender in time and space; in theDiscipleship2, 515:- not far ahead. Prepare. The simplicity of the soul opens the Way to Shamballa. [516] Be simple,Discipleship2, 516:body, and because - owing, to your own definite soul choice - you are shifting on to the second rayDiscipleship2, 516:was not possible, owing to your sixth ray soul, whose natural and predetermined destiny was to fuseDiscipleship2, 517:into line with the purposes of your second ray soul, and thus facilitate the transfer of your egoicDiscipleship2, 518:that earlier writing that the simplicity of the soul opens the way into Shamballa. That was and isDiscipleship2, 520:individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul, of that will to [521] the divine Will, of yourDiscipleship2, 521:have to come under review, and their relation to soul motive. The result of this entire process of
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