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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Externalisation, 104:in living as souls, and are therefore expressing soul energy, and are thus counteracting theExternalisation, 106:does not shut out response to the voice of the soul which has been speaking with increasing clarityExternalisation, 112:perfect form to the expanding service of the soul. For the first time since its inception, theExternalisation, 115:death. Nevertheless, for the progress of the soul of the individual and the soul of humanity, deathExternalisation, 115:progress of the soul of the individual and the soul of humanity, death is inevitable, good andExternalisation, 115:the forms are ephemeral and temporary; the soul is persistent and deathless; the form is changingExternalisation, 116:personality of humanity and the coming in of the soul. Such a dying is ever a painful process. PainExternalisation, 117:situation, the good karma emanating from the soul of humanity balances the evil which comes fromExternalisation, 117:matter in contradistinction to the rhythm of the soul, and these constitute the initiating causesExternalisation, 124:and least important from the standpoint of the soul is the disappearance off the earth ofExternalisation, 134:diverse gifts of the many people to the world soul. The drift of people to the colonies from GreatExternalisation, 136:there is a fresh and more potent control by the soul as it assumes increasingly the direction ofExternalisation, 136:dominating factor in life experience) and the soul of humanity (expressing the spiritual values asExternalisation, 137:on between the form side of life and the soul. The Dweller on the Threshold (the threshold ofExternalisation, 137:to face with the Angel of the Presence - the Soul Whose nature is love and light and inclusiveExternalisation, 138:selfishness and the selflessness of the soul, are aware of the implications and theExternalisation, 142:pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form and life and allExternalisation, 144:become potent. When said with the power of the soul as well as with the directed attention of theExternalisation, 145:consciousness. They are, therefore, intended for soul use because the soul is the expression of theExternalisation, 145:therefore, intended for soul use because the soul is the expression of the second aspect ofExternalisation, 145:of the second aspect of divinity, and only the soul can really employ these Words and sounds andExternalisation, 145:forgotten that they must be used by the soul in a dynamic manner, involving the serious recognitionExternalisation, 145:all such Words of Power must go forth from the soul (whose nature is love and whose purpose isExternalisation, 146:must be carried on simultaneously by the soul on its own plane through the medium of the mind andExternalisation, 146:and a developed and trained integration between soul, mind, desire, brain and the spoken Word orExternalisation, 149:the lower values and unable to lay hold upon the soul aspect and to function on that level ofExternalisation, 149:on that level of consciousness whereon the soul is found. Only those can use the formulasExternalisation, 149:every land who are rapidly becoming aware of the soul as a controlling factor in consciousness, whoExternalisation, 150:to bring about the manifestation on earth of the soul of humanity and the qualities of theExternalisation, 150:of invocation is threefold: 1. To invoke the soul of humanity and so bring about its freerExternalisation, 151:and their failure as yet to blend perfectly both soul and personality. This leads to theExternalisation, 153:centers to the spiritual triad of Monad, Soul and Personality (the atma-buddhi-manas of theExternalisation, 155:Ponder on this and seek enlightenment from the soul. 3. When the Great Invocation is thus rightlyExternalisation, 156:at present means imaginatively) to align or link soul, mind and brain so that there is a direct andExternalisation, 157:hidden potency and this must be done by you as a soul, using the mind and the brain as agents.Externalisation, 157:It involves also the recognition that the soul is one and that there is no such thing as my soul -Externalisation, 157:is one and that there is no such thing as my soul - only our soul. In considering the fiveExternalisation, 157:there is no such thing as my soul - only our soul. In considering the five sentences which formExternalisation, 160:of the sick. The Angel of the Presence, the soul of humanity, as embodied in the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 163:to Mankind Intermediary - The Hierarchy. Soul consciousness Agent - The Buddha Expression - Light.Externalisation, 166:esoteric teaching emphasizes the fact that the soul of man is a Lord of Sacrifice and of lovingExternalisation, 166:through the crucifixion or sacrifice of the soul upon the Cross of Matter. It is this thought againExternalisation, 168:(Ephesians 2:15) so today out of the duality of soul and body, humanity is achieving the same endsExternalisation, 168:Age will be the fusion in consciousness of soul and body. The Aquarian Age will demonstrate anExternalisation, 168:and that of the past is that, in the past, the soul has sought this development and at-one-ment andExternalisation, 169:the pituitary body) and the light of the soul (as it is, in its turn, [170] expressed by the lightExternalisation, 170:which will lead to a fuller expression of the soul of divinity through the medium of humanity.Externalisation, 170:and merged with the power and the light of the soul. The major approach of the two basic energiesExternalisation, 170:approach of the two basic energies of form and soul (as an expression of spirit) are therebyExternalisation, 170:life of the Hierarchy (which is the life of the soul), under impulse from the Spirit or will aspectExternalisation, 216:stands and on which side, and where you, as a soul, stand. You will then be able - if you areExternalisation, 217:world illusion into the clear light of your own soul, whose essential nature is love andExternalisation, 219:material desire, aggressively obtained - into soul consciousness, with its correlations, groupExternalisation, 221:compatible with the constant preservation of soul love - a thing which it is hard for the discipleExternalisation, 221:the result of his material nature and lack of soul control. But - the soul is eternal; its natureExternalisation, 221:nature and lack of soul control. But - the soul is eternal; its nature is inclusive love; and theExternalisation, 221:aspect of living, into the consciousness of the soul, and to do this at any cost to the hinderingExternalisation, 228:to present world affairs. It concerns also your soul tension, your willingness to undergo soulExternalisation, 228:your soul tension, your willingness to undergo soul tension, and your capacity to stand as part ofExternalisation, 228:as an integrated personality in relation to your soul and to humanity; it involves the recognitionExternalisation, 228:kind, and deciding for yourself where you, as a soul, must stand in this world crisis and on whichExternalisation, 231:It is not possible for us as yet to reach the soul of the German people within that unhappy land,Externalisation, 236:land of liberty. Liberty is a thing of the human soul and is found throughout the entire humanExternalisation, 245:but to fear only those who seek to kill the soul. The forces of aggression are slowly andExternalisation, 245:killing out love and hope (qualities of the soul) in the conquered lands and in Germany. This,Externalisation, 245:in the appropriated lands come under the soul-killing system of Germany? Refuse, then, in theirExternalisation, 247:thought will then be anchored in right action, soul directed. On the emotional side of life, youExternalisation, 249:(held silently dedicated in the light of the soul), much power may be generated. Along the lines ofExternalisation, 250:personal will into the sacrificial will of the soul. Finally, I would ask you to get in touch asExternalisation, 265:of the lower self and the will of the Self or Soul will be brought into conflict with each other,Externalisation, 271:do as the lower nature chooses) and liberty of soul and conscience. Yet this liberty is the easiestExternalisation, 272:centuries on the recognition of the age of a soul's experience and gained development, and not atExternalisation, 273:science and human knowledge, the light of the soul, producing in due time the light in the head.Externalisation, 273:reflection will lead to the correct relation of soul and personality, and that when this has takenExternalisation, 273:that when this has taken place, the light of the soul ignites or fosters the light in the head andExternalisation, 276:right understanding. Four potencies within the soul of man are available for his individual use inExternalisation, 276:degree, according to the expressive power of the soul. They are potencies which are not innate inExternalisation, 278:The power here to be evoked out of the human soul, in this hour of need, is the ability to know theExternalisation, 279:of humanity. Love, true spiritual love as the soul knows it, can ever be trusted with power andExternalisation, 279:trust. It will bring all things into line with soul vision. Again we have the energy of the threeExternalisation, 288:plus the unfolding of the inner light of the soul. These truths, inherent in the divine nature,Externalisation, 288:inherent in the divine nature, reveal the soul of God. They are: The Law of Compassion. This is theExternalisation, 293:the Presence, whether that Presence is the [293] soul in man, the planetary Logos, someExternalisation, 293:The Dweller challenges the freedom of the human soul. So it is also in the life of a nation, aExternalisation, 294:So it is with humanity. The call of humanity's soul, or of humanity's material nature, must evokeExternalisation, 298:was Abraham Lincoln, coming forth from the very soul of a people, and introducing and transmittingExternalisation, 299:in humanity and in all forms. He served the soul of man. The Christ, because of His stupendousExternalisation, 307:Agent; the spiritual man, functioning as a soul, becomes the channel for forces, ideas andExternalisation, 307:of the Christ or of a "kindred, equal soul" with a cosmic Being or Presence, taking place on stillExternalisation, 311:They would battle for the freedom of the human soul with every weapon in the armory of mankind.Externalisation, 311:and under the direction of an enlightened soul, become agents of righteousness. There are worseExternalisation, 311:body; there is the enslaving of the human soul. The focusing of the inner life towards theExternalisation, 311:of the mental life in the pure light of the soul. Disciples live too much in the world of feeling;Externalisation, 314:your love of humanity, carrying the love of the soul through on to the physical plane and into allExternalisation, 315:achieve an inner quiet, see the Self as the soul, place yourself at the disposition of the soul, ofExternalisation, 315:soul, place yourself at the disposition of the soul, of humanity and of your group. Then sayExternalisation, 315:of all love I stand; from that center, I the soul will outward move; from that center, I the oneExternalisation, 316:service for the coming day. Do this as the [316] soul, keeping the personal lower self in a waitingExternalisation, 318:and endeavor to strengthen your link with your soul and with each other. Let love - not emotion andExternalisation, 325:to which you have been assigned by your soul, and to do your part in developing those human
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