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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Healing, 138:etheric body responsive to the ray energy of the soul and with all the other seven ray energiesHealing, 138:control of the centers in the body, via the soul, through stimulation, elimination and eventualHealing, 138:done in response to the magnetic "pull" of the soul ray as it begins to dominate the personalityHealing, 139:personality is presented eventually to the soul for control and use. The objective before theHealing, 139:By this means the response apparatus of the soul in the three worlds is built. I would also callHealing, 140:- ceaselessly in motion until such time as the soul "breathes upon the waters" (or forces) and theHealing, 142:personality and its ray, and finally to the soul ray as it begins to assume control. They are, inHealing, 143:and each duality corresponds to the ray of the soul or of the personality. Each is therefore bothHealing, 144:It is not initiation into the second or soul aspect, as is the case with the hierarchicalHealing, 144:is preparing. It is the initiation of the soul into the experience of physical incarnation, intoHealing, 148:center - Love. Buddhi. The eye of the Son - the Soul - HIERARCHY. The second aspect of love-wisdom.Healing, 150:(as H.P.B. calls the personality, the threefold soul and the Spiritual Triad), to Shamballa and toHealing, 151:mechanism through which the Spiritual Triad, the soul and the personality work. [152] The key to aHealing, 153:the personality by the creative thread, to the soul by the thread of consciousness, and to theHealing, 153:directly (and finally independently of the soul) simply anchors the monadic expression of life inHealing, 153:and that which lies below - the symbol of the soul and the personality united, fused and blendedHealing, 154:the intention or creative purpose of the soul, transmitted to it by the inflow of energy from theHealing, 155:this relation: Life or Breath, the Word or the Soul, and the throat center of Substance inHealing, 155:or parts of them. During the life cycle of the soul, it slowly reverses itself, and its petals thenHealing, 156:outstanding quality of desire) is brought under soul control, and the desire of the personal lowerHealing, 157:of hierarchical energy, poured out [157] via the soul into the heart center of all aspirants,Healing, 158:when the process of alignment with the soul is being mastered. This process is today being taughtHealing, 158:meditation) which relates the personality to the soul, and thus to the Hierarchy. Relationship toHealing, 158:place as this alignment goes forward and direct soul contact is thereby established. PersonalityHealing, 158:which brings about the final destruction of the soul body or causal body as the relationshipHealing, 158:the Hierarchy works; it is also the agent of the soul. When I here use the word "soul" I refer notHealing, 158:the agent of the soul. When I here use the word "soul" I refer not only to the individual soul ofHealing, 158:word "soul" I refer not only to the individual soul of man but to the soul also of the planetaryHealing, 158:only to the individual soul of man but to the soul also of the planetary Logos, both of which areHealing, 159:physical plane. The initiate is now a fusion of soul and personality through which the full life ofHealing, 160:we shall have [160] the first indications of soul alignment, of personality decentralization and ofHealing, 160:into an increasingly closer relation to his soul, and then two expansions of consciousness takeHealing, 161:Ashram of one of the Masters, according to his soul ray, and becomes an accepted disciple in theHealing, 161:and He can now reach His disciple, via the soul, because that disciple, through alignment andHealing, 161:has put his heart into close rapport with the soul. He then becomes responsive to the heart of allHealing, 162:hierarchical approach. A rapidly establishing soul contact. The response of the unfolding heartHealing, 165:analogy to the dense and etheric body of man. Soul nature: The blood vessels and circulatory systemHealing, 165:system are the analogy to that all pervading soul which penetrates to all parts of the solarHealing, 165:glands in the head are closely related to the soul or psychic nature (higher and lower). The twoHealing, 165:the upper body we have an analogy to the triple soul nature. The throat, corresponding to the thirdHealing, 165:the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul. The heart, the love-wisdom of the soul, theHealing, 165:of the soul. The heart, the love-wisdom of the soul, the buddhi or Christ principle. [166] TheHealing, 166:of the solar plexus is the analogy to the soul nature. The spleen, the receiver of energy andHealing, 167:when his destiny and fate so willed it and his soul had therefore drawn its vehicle (the physicalHealing, 168:personality and becomes the direct agent of the soul. We now have three more centers to consider,Healing, 169:from the ajna center to the heart from the soul, just in so far as the aspirant is in touch withHealing, 169:in so far as the aspirant is in touch with his soul. This leads to three things: A stimulation ofHealing, 171:have [171] to be under the full control of the soul when initiations of a certain degree are taken.Healing, 174:lower way which leads to the blotting out of the soul light. As we have seen, the petals of theHealing, 175:die of heart disease. In the long cycle of the soul life and experience, this is of relativelyHealing, 176:(all is temporary in the long life of the soul!) and become such a human monster as Hitler andHealing, 178:principle of immortality which is seated in the soul and functions when self-preservation andHealing, 185:of the Monad) and by the united authority of the soul and personality, integrated and alive. TheHealing, 189:and of Being. The key to the full life of the soul lies hidden in my words, but it takes theHealing, 190:of the personality ray or the energy of the soul ray, according to the point in evolution reachedHealing, 190:personality life or the triumphant expression of soul energy. It is for this reason that theHealing, 191:Law VI When the building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, cleanHealing, 192:will vanish, but this will only happen when the soul of the individual controls and the lowerHealing, 192:self becomes as much an automaton of the soul as the physical body is at this time the automaton ofHealing, 192:occasionally for the majority of people) of the soul. Only when the soul, consciously and with theHealing, 192:majority of people) of the soul. Only when the soul, consciously and with the cooperation of theHealing, 192:of discipleship (which is the time wherein the soul begins to grasp its instrument, theHealing, 193:in another life, will prove more suitable for soul control and more adequate instruments with whichHealing, 193:carry forward the perfecting process which the soul demands. Let me point out that the discipleHealing, 193:He begins with the psychology which the soul teaches and commences with the causes which areHealing, 193:altogether and the life emphasis is laid on soul contact [194] and the life expression isHealing, 194:the material angle as well as from that of the soul and of the life principle - the area of theHealing, 194:of the great cycle of evolution. The quality or soul aspect is gradually disclosed in the processHealing, 194:upon the ray (either of the personality or the soul) which is the source of the incoming energy, orHealing, 197:aspect; the nerves are the correspondence to the soul or quality aspect. That which demonstrates asHealing, 197:or by the integrated personality, or by the soul which begins to use the personality as aHealing, 198:and centers, and consciously integrated with the soul, and later - via the antahkarana - with theHealing, 200:is that of a still higher fusion - that of the soul and personality. Speaking in terms of energy,Healing, 200:of the following triangles of force: The soul, the spiritual man on his own plane. The personality,Healing, 200:constitute the mechanism through which: The soul controls its instrument, the personality. TheHealing, 201:acting under the conscious direction of the soul. I refer not here to the bony structure of theHealing, 203:the entire direction of the vehicle of the soul. Finally, you will have the spiritual aspect of theHealing, 204:the centers and their affiliated glands that the soul builds the apparatus upon the physical planeHealing, 205:Life or spirit - the energy center. Soul or quality - the gland. Form or matter - the organs in anyHealing, 210:of the man and also the ray type of his soul. This inflow comes from the second divine aspect, fromHealing, 210:comes from the second divine aspect, from the soul or the indwelling Christ. It might therefore beHealing, 210:pineal gland and is related to the life of the soul and - after the third initiation - to the lifeHealing, 210:ajna center, combining personality energy and soul energy. Then, by an act of the will, it isHealing, 211:process - the fire of matter, the fire of the soul, and the electric fire of spirit - are blended,Healing, 212:fire of spirit has combined with the fire of the soul. They then fall victims to prematureHealing, 227:to that which they contribute to the life of the soul on its own plane. This something contributedHealing, 227:released again into the soil of the planet. Each soul, withdrawn from the body, has come to theHealing, 229:expressed (very inadequately) by the words, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." This law couldHealing, 233:law (imposed in Lemurian times) which said: "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." Death hadHealing, 235:as man himself arrives at increasing mental and soul control of the animal and desire natures,Healing, 241:will be brought under the direct control of the soul - a very different thing to the control of theHealing, 242:rhythm imposed by the mind through which the soul can work, and which will not require anythingHealing, 244:the planned intent and planned withdrawal of the soul, under the pressure of its own formulatedHealing, 244:are of so low a grade of intelligence that the soul is practically little more than anHealing, 244:effective after the conscious withdrawal of the soul (conscious on the part of the soul andHealing, 244:of the soul (conscious on the part of the soul and becoming increasingly conscious on the part ofHealing, 244:its functioning which I can give you is that the soul of all non-human forms of life is an inherentHealing, 244:of which the planet is itself constructed; this soul can be withdrawn according to cycles,Healing, 245:takes on two aspects of activity; the human soul differs from the soul in the non-human forms inHealing, 245:of activity; the human soul differs from the soul in the non-human forms in that it is itself a
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