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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Healing, 554:to preserve all energies coming from the soul either in the head, or at least above the diaphragm;Healing, 554:the healer will have to work primarily as soul with soul, and trust that the rapport between theHealing, 554:healer will have to work primarily as soul with soul, and trust that the rapport between theHealing, 554:and trust that the rapport between the patient's soul and the etheric body will be adequate toHealing, 554:not so easy; he has then to work, focused as a soul in his head center, but directing the neededHealing, 554:is not directed towards healing, but is the soul energy of the healer directed towards [555]Healing, 555:healing energies emanating from the patient's soul - a very different matter and one which must beHealing, 555:ancient book in the Masters' Archives puts it: "Soul to soul, the two are one; point to point,Healing, 555:book in the Masters' Archives puts it: "Soul to soul, the two are one; point to point, togetherHealing, 556:- are brought into such submission to the soul that they offer no obstruction to the healing art.Healing, 556:connection with himself: Rapid alignment between soul, mind, head center and physical brain. TheHealing, 556:brain. The use of the mind, illumined by the soul, in the psychological diagnosis of the causes ofHealing, 556:The art of cooperation with the patient's soul so that his etheric body focuses all its inflowingHealing, 557:it presupposes the mastering of the science of soul contact, first of all; the constant practice ofHealing, 559:the consciousness is stabilized in that of the soul, there will be little disease present and theHealing, 559:will then be associated with the impact of the soul energy upon an unready physical vehicle; atHealing, 564:reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divineHealing, 564:lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer within the form. The spiritualHealing, 564:sides of the one Reality. Because man is a soul, and is spiritually determined to function as aHealing, 564:and is spiritually determined to function as a soul, a state of friction is established betweenHealing, 564:soul, a state of friction is established between soul and personality; this friction is a majorHealing, 565:they are at the stage where the energy of the soul, pouring through the physical body, meetsHealing, 566:goodwill among men? Is it not possible that the soul, seeking constantly (on its own plane) toHealing, 566:demonstrate to you how probable it is that the soul's inclination to "the good" can bring aboutHealing, 567:volume of this treatise of the words spirit-soul-body; we defined them as life-quality-appearance.Healing, 567:quality is the energy in expression of the soul, and this energy works at this time predominantlyHealing, 567:much that he is unable to manifest; of this his soul remains persistently aware. This inability toHealing, 568:is in reality the result of the inability of the soul to produce an expression of "the true" withinHealing, 568:"the true" within the man, the instrument of the soul in the three worlds. The man, in his turn, noHealing, 568:who have not yet taken the first initiation. The soul tires of the frictional response of itsHealing, 569:be made flesh" and a true expression of the soul upon the physical plane will be seen. Healing, 569:and Rules Enumerated and Applied The thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divineHealing, 569:emphasis is laid upon the fact that it is the soul which is responsible for producing the friction.Healing, 570:bodies which are essentially the two eyes of the soul in incarnation. The use of these two windowsHealing, 570:The use of these two windows or eyes of the soul leads to a concentration of energy (in this caseHealing, 570:conditions lead to disease. The activity of the soul and the impact of soul energy have toHealing, 570:The activity of the soul and the impact of soul energy have to penetrate into the physical body,Healing, 571:activity is what we call "the eye of the soul"; this is a point within the highest head center.Healing, 571:within the highest head center. This eye of the soul can and does transmit energy to the ajnaHealing, 571:esoteric relationship is only set up when the soul is dominating its instrument, the personality,Healing, 571:lower activities upon the physical plane under soul direction. In the perfected man, there is to beHealing, 571:or distributing agents of energy: The eye of the soul - agent of the Spiritual Triad - Will. TheHealing, 571:Triad - Will. The third eye - agent of the soul - Love. The right eye - distributor of buddhicHealing, 572:and the man who is beginning to function as a soul, you will have: The third eye - distributor ofHealing, 572:you will have: The third eye - distributor of soul energy. The right eye - agent for astral energy.Healing, 572:lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true healer within the form. In its mostHealing, 573:is striving? These downpouring energies of the soul enter the physical body, via the ethericHealing, 573:which controls that area and by means of which soul energy entered the dense physical body. TheHealing, 574:of responding to suggestions) towards the soul, and help him, with simplicity, to hold hisHealing, 574:to hold his consciousness as close to the soul as he can. This will aid in clearing the channelsHealing, 575:and with the three energies coming from the soul which are responsible for producing the point orHealing, 575:healer uses in conjunction with the eye of the soul. In the case of the healing of a very advancedHealing, 579:prior to achieving a stabilized contact with the soul. In Atlantean times, the shift of theHealing, 580:head." This provides a field of activity for the soul, working through the head centers andHealing, 580:and the mind is active as a transmitter of soul energy to the three head centers, you then have anHealing, 581:the head (corresponding to atma-buddhi, or the soul) are the head center and the alta major center,Healing, 584:of the average man than is the energy of the soul, which for aeons has tried to grasp effectivelyHealing, 584:Yet, in the last analysis, heart energy and soul energy are infinitely more potent than those ofHealing, 584:energy of the heart center and the energy of the soul have lacked responsive vehicles in the threeHealing, 584:the first thing he has to decide is whether soul energy or personality energy is in control; thatHealing, 585:no response from the personality forces to the soul impact of the healer, the personality willHealing, 586:between energies and forces, and then as the soul comes into greater functioning activity, the factHealing, 586:manner. It should be remembered that the soul is a secondary energy, which proves the existence ofHealing, 586:be known as capable of being invoked by the soul in the interests of the form. Here lies a clue toHealing, 586:will steadily increase as both personality and soul establish contact and fusion and more peopleHealing, 588:with the third aspect of divinity, produce the soul and then the tangible manifested world; thenHealing, 588:or intelligence; or atma-buddhi-manas. As the soul anchors itself as consciousness and life withinHealing, 589:as energies, anchor themselves in the soul vehicle, in the egoic lotus, and their fused activityHealing, 589:the egoic lotus, the vehicle of that "identified soul" which has been swept into expression by theHealing, 589:is as follows: The monad - Abstract mind. The soul - Egoic lotus. The personality - Lower orHealing, 589:aeons of time seems unrelated in any way to the soul and the personality; these two have been andHealing, 590:(or emotion and lower mind) and then finally soul and concrete mind (or the illuminator and theHealing, 590:name of the Angel of the Presence. These are the soul (the solar angel) and the monad. One embodiesHealing, 590:One embodies the monadic ray and the other the soul ray, and both of these energies actively orHealing, 590:You have therefore: 1. The monadic ray. 2. The soul ray. 3. Ray of the mind. 4. Ray of theHealing, 591:practical usefulness to the man. These are: The soul ray. The personality ray. The mental ray. TheHealing, 591:takes place in the personality life when the soul definitely turns its attention to its vehiclesHealing, 592:the person is to submit his personality to soul control, the more intense will be the conflict,Healing, 592:are confined to the transfer of energies (under soul impact) from the solar plexus center to theHealing, 593:beings for long aeons or until such time as the soul "pays attention" to the appropriation in fullHealing, 594:the diaphragm - which normally come from the soul on its own plane - and the forces below theHealing, 595:Christ-Child assumed the place of interest. The soul is taking control and leading the aspirantHealing, 595:brought into a major conflict with the forces; soul energy sweeps into the etheric body and all theHealing, 597:which are present in every personality: the soul and the personality rays. He must then bear inHealing, 600:is imperative. That he himself must work as a soul through his personality. That his relation toHealing, 602:that the healer, having aligned himself with the soul and "tapped" soul energy (thereby makingHealing, 602:aligned himself with the soul and "tapped" soul energy (thereby making himself a channel forHealing, 602:related to the liver, the healer will direct his soul energy into the solar plexus center, situatedHealing, 603:conditions only increases the difficulty, for soul energy will pour in with [604] great force. AnHealing, 604:radiation and magnetization. Having concentrated soul energy in the appropriate center, through theHealing, 604:power of direction from the head (the seat of soul energy) and by the potency of thought, theHealing, 604:passed through two stages: The stage wherein the soul radiated energy into the head center. TheHealing, 607:is that the combined energy within the healer - soul energy focused in the head center and theHealing, 607:Applied Law VI When the building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health,Healing, 608:a sound way to arrive at understanding: When the soul controls the form involved, there is health.Healing, 608:controls the form involved, there is health. The soul is the builder of the form, the constructiveHealing, 608:right relation and correct activity. When the soul is not in control, and the forces of the formHealing, 608:major energy controlling the body. Though the soul is the source of all life and consciousness, forHealing, 608:of all life and consciousness, for aeons all the soul does is to preserve the form in life and inHealing, 608:(and will become increasingly so) for the soul to employ as a medium of expression and service.
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