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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Healing, 657:of the two auras, both of them responsive to soul contact; the soul aspect of both persons (underHealing, 657:both of them responsive to soul contact; the soul aspect of both persons (under control of theHealing, 657:aspect of both persons (under control of the soul) is then directed towards some area of theHealing, 657:waits and has nothing more to do but to hold his soul alignment steady and permit nothing toHealing, 657:His task was accomplished when he made his own soul contact and then reached out and contacted theHealing, 657:and then reached out and contacted the patient's soul. This he could do because he knows all soulsHealing, 657:concludes with the words: "The patient's soul responds through the response of his aura to theHealing, 657:the radiation of the healer's aura, flooded with soul energy." It is consequently a question of theHealing, 657:energy." It is consequently a question of the soul energy of both parties meeting on all threeHealing, 657:levels of human awareness. The expression "the soul" is here in the singular because unity (if onlyHealing, 657:(if only for a moment) has been reached. The soul of the patient recognizes this unity by theHealing, 657:from the healer's aura. This flooding with soul energy through the medium of related auras is, allHealing, 657:or that "quickening of atoms which leads by soul direction unto release," as the Old CommentaryHealing, 658:through brain recognition or unconsciously under soul direction, begins the process of withdrawingHealing, 658:the work of the healer ends. He "shuts off" his soul contact and reassumes control of his aura as aHealing, 659:fitted to be an exponent or an expression of soul energy, and later of monadic energy. This law,Healing, 661:works only with the spiritual nature or with the soul of humanity, and that - to the Master - theHealing, 661:they constituted a complete imprisonment of the soul and negated all true growth for the masses ofHealing, 673:of evolution and refers to the function of the soul as an Observer in the three worlds and theHealing, 674:A completed point of view - as experienced on soul levels - indicates the removal of all barriersHealing, 674:also be studied from two points of view. As a soul quality, it indicates a mind which can be heldHealing, 674:the reflections of the Son of Mind, the soul on its own plane. On the higher Way of the Master, itHealing, 676:high order. It also relates to the will of the soul, emanating from the petals of sacrifice in theHealing, 678:the personality as it responds to the impact of soul energy, and later to monadic. There is not,Healing, 678:The waiting form responds and drops away. The soul stands free. Respond, O Rising One, to the callHealing, 678:Lord of Life Himself. The Sound goes forth. Both soul and form together must renounce the principleHealing, 678:and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection.Healing, 678:fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and form combined. [679] This Law X is theHealing, 679:of many new laws concerning the relation of soul to form or of spirit to matter; this one is givenHealing, 679:planet and all that is in or on it through His soul quality, which He imparts in varying measure toHealing, 680:be interpreted to mean the entire relation of soul and personality, and to involve the promptHealing, 680:of the Mother (the personality) to the Son (the soul). Without his prompt obedience, involving asHealing, 680:personality will remain deaf to the call of the soul to relinquish the body. No habitual responseHealing, 680:the Mother aspect is the material aspect and the soul - on its own plane - is the Son. ThisHealing, 680:therefore, concerns the relation of matter and soul, and thus lays the foundation for all theHealing, 681:word, or this "spiritual proclamation" of the soul, may have a twofold purpose: it may produceHealing, 681:or it may simply result in a withdrawal of the soul from its instrument, the threefold personality.Healing, 681:quality, very few people will realize that the soul is absent. This frequently happens in old ageHealing, 682:- The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied The soul stands free. This moment of true freedom canHealing, 684:even so high or transcendental a form as the soul in its own vehicle, the causal body or the egoicHealing, 685:- when unfolded - indicates a steadily growing soul control. The [686] fulfilment of duty, theHealing, 687:Triad gradually supersedes the life of the soul-controlled personality. In the Council Chamber atHealing, 689:fourth initiation even the egoic vehicle, the soul body, is regarded and treated as a part of theHealing, 689:by students, who almost invariably place the soul body and the mental permanent atom outside theHealing, 690:types of knowledge which the form nature - soul and body - can make possible; when the registrationHealing, 690:- The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Both soul and form together must renounce the principleHealing, 690:and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection.Healing, 691:form has revealed and developed, and which the soul has absorbed. At this particular crisis, theHealing, 691:all the essential good which was stored in the soul prior to its destruction at the fourthHealing, 691:is to be gained by adhering either to the soul or to the form. He has taken all they had to giveHealing, 691:of Sacrifice. It is interesting to note how the soul becomes at this point simply the intermediaryHealing, 691:transmit, and - as the Sound reverberates - the soul disappears, as testimony of response. It isHealing, 691:of the first body of manifestation of some soul seeking incarnation for the first time. This isHealing, 692:severs all relation with the hitherto informing soul. He is no longer just a shadow, but has nowHealing, 692:fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and form combined. [693] Healing, 693:plan for the new future. For another thing, the soul ray of the average aspirant is seldom inHealing, 696:connected with or related to the governing soul and personality rays. The second ray has theHealing, 696:of all the healing sons of God. The ray of the soul conditions and determines the technique to beHealing, 696:energy must flow. The second subray of the soul ray determines the approach to the healing problemHealing, 697:formed; it is composed of: The energy of the soul. The appropriate vehicle. The etheric body,Healing, 697:the line of least resistance - the energy of the soul ray, whichever of the seven rays that may be.Healing, 698:definitely and consciously link up with his own soul. He will then determine which of hisHealing, 698:By an act of the will he will then relate the soul energy, via the desired vehicle, with theHealing, 698:within his etheric body which is related to his soul ray. Process three. He then, withHealing, 699:will also be present a contrast between the soul rays and the personality rays of both partiesHealing, 699:may have, therefore, conditions in which: The soul rays are identical and the personality rays areHealing, 699:The personality rays are the same but the soul rays are not. The rays are similar in both cases.Healing, 699:are similar in both cases. The rays of neither soul nor personality are the same. The soul ray isHealing, 699:neither soul nor personality are the same. The soul ray is not known but the personality ray isHealing, 699:but there is often no indication as to the soul ray. This can apply to both healer and patient.Healing, 700:the healer and the patient from the angle of soul and personality. It is not possible for me toHealing, 701:but will handle his own problem, through the soul and through the Ashram, if affiliated with one.Healing, 701:ray will be more easily ascertained than the soul ray, and will therefore provide the point ofHealing, 703:will be from personality to personality, from soul to soul, or from personality to soul and viceHealing, 703:be from personality to personality, from soul to soul, or from personality to soul and vice versa.Healing, 703:from soul to soul, or from personality to soul and vice versa. When the relation is that ofHealing, 703:of being. Where the relation is that of the soul of the healer to the personality of the patient,Healing, 703:is controlling the diseased area. When both the soul of the healer and that of the patient areHealing, 703:yet come. The interposition of the patient's own soul, who is, in the last analysis, the agent ofHealing, 705:and is therefore coming under the control of his soul; neither can they work through a healer whoHealing, 707:approaches. In cases where the first ray is the soul ray of either healer or patient, thisHealing, 707:offset the purely physical reaction. Where the soul ray of the patient is not on the first ray, butHealing, 708:within the head and the twelve upon the plane of soul endeavor, cooperate as one and thus the workHealing, 710:when wise discrimination is employed and soul power is [711] added to the knowledge gained in theHealing, 713:and in the act of dying, when the imprisoned soul finds release. In the light of future scientificHealing, 714:of energy, when in contact with force, or of the soul in relation to substance, is completelyHealing, 715:Ajna Center is entirely under the control of the soul. There is no attempt in this diagram toHerculesstood, close at his hand, and said: "Who is that soul upon the Way of life, whose light can now beHerculesseen?" Quickly the answer came: "That is the soul who, on the Way of life, experiences and seeksHercules, 2:wheel turned and, turning, brought the seeking soul upon the Way. Later, there came a day when theHercules, 2:to the circle of his radiant life the seeking soul. "Whose is this soul upon the Way of highHercules, 2:radiant life the seeking soul. "Whose is this soul upon the Way of high endeavor whose radianceHercules, 2:dimly shineth forth?" Came the reply: "A soul who seeks the light of understanding, a strugglingHercules, 2:seeks the light of understanding, a struggling soul." "Tell him from me to return the other way andHercules, 4:such a synthetic picture of the progress of the soul from ignorance to wisdom, from material desireHercules, 4:the beginning and intelligent cooperation with soul purpose take the place of blind endeavor? WhenHercules, 5:pledges himself to impose the will of the soul (which is essentially the will of God) upon theHercules, 5:to a forcing process, so that the flower of the soul can unfold more quickly. The inevitability ofHercules, 6:rapid unfoldment of the power and life of the soul. In one analysis of discipleship, it has beenHercules, 7:the secret of the true coordination between soul and form is also correct. But that astrology has
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