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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Hercules, 85:sun. Through Cancer, or the 'gate of man', the soul descends upon earth (to unite with the body),Hercules, 86:are, the bird out of time and space, you are the soul taking form; you are God in incarnation!" TheHercules, 86:in the water. It the sign, therefore, of the soul dwelling in the physical body but predominantlyHercules, 89:represents the mass form, the collective animal soul; Capricorn represents the group, the universalHercules, 89:Capricorn represents the group, the universal soul. Cancer was originally called the birth month ofHercules, 90:the world savior in Pisces. Cancer admits the soul into the world center which we call humanity.Hercules, 90:which we call humanity. Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in the life of thatHercules, 91:greater cycle which includes the progress of the soul from Cancer to Capricorn, but which begins inHercules, 100:have seen brought into relation to the involving soul, in the four preceding signs. In Aries, theHercules, 100:soul, in the four preceding signs. In Aries, the soul took to itself that type of matter whichHercules, 100:best express itself. And man became a thinking soul. In Taurus the desire world was contacted and aHercules, 100:emotion were developed and man became a sentient soul. In Gemini, a new and vital energy body wasHercules, 101:by the bringing together of the energies of soul and matter, and man became a living soul, for theHercules, 101:of soul and matter, and man became a living soul, for the two poles were en rapport, and the vitalHercules, 102:produces that conscious entity which we call the soul or the Self. Just, however, as this is theHercules, 104:Leo with Virgo, the symbol of the lion or kingly soul, and its relation to the matter or MotherHercules, 105:law and so hinders the flowering forth of the soul. The constellation Leo has in it ninety-fiveHercules, 106:that he has to do. As Leo, [106] the king, the soul, starts upon his work, he realizes that he hasHercules, 106:serpent of matter or of illusion, with which the soul has identified itself for so long, is finallyHercules, 106:the matter aspect, as it veils and hides the soul. The Crater, or the cup, has in it thirteen starsHercules, 106:of the back", as Judas Iscariot did, upon the soul or Christ aspect. This cup forms really part ofHercules, 108:seals thereof." Hercules, the aspirant, the soul, symbolized the lion, the prince, the king, theHercules, 109:that will draw out the full powers of the soul. In Capricorn we shall climb the mountain-top, andHercules, The So:expressed themselves along similar lines. [The Soul and Its Mechanism by Alice A. Bailey. LucisHercules, 115:(the eastern point of the chart, indicating the soul purpose of the disciple) these qualities orHercules, 116:consciousness. They mark critical points in the soul's experience, points of integration, whereinHercules, 116:experience, points of integration, wherein the soul is consciously at-one-ing itself with the formHercules, 119:of the steps towards spirituality is taken, the soul is called the son of mind, and Virgo is ruledHercules, 120:truth is that the body should be attuned to the soul and bring its beauty into manifestation,Hercules, 120:"Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this turn of the spiral; and soul is theHercules, 120:of soul on this turn of the spiral; and soul is the vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for theHercules, 122:"the versatile energy of the son of mind, the soul", the intermediary between the Father andHercules, 122:would not work out so exactly". The chart of the soul will be used in the astrology of the future;Hercules, 124:you yourself have said the first word as the soul, descending into the womb of time and space in aHercules, 127:"The Mythus is the undisclosed thought of the soul." (Isis Unveiled) Libra presents us with manyHercules, 130:drank heady wine. At this time he was [130] the soul of conviviality, seeking and finding pleasure.Hercules, 130:may be, is a necessity for the growth of the soul. Without such tragedies, the potentialities ofHercules, 131:hind legs is a symbolic representation of the soul directing the ungainly body. This relationshipHercules, 138:which leads the man into the kingdom of the soul. The second constellation is that of Lupus, theHercules, 138:wolf, and the wolf-nature that has devoured the soul nature until now is symbolized as dying out,Hercules, 139:result of the evolutionary process and from the soul. "I choose the way which leads between the twoHercules, 145:in the light of that wisdom which we name the soul, he confronts it from a new angle of vision. ByHercules, 150:up my personality that the whole force of my soul could pour in. I would be swept off my feet byHercules, 150:and light, the omniscience and omnipotence of my soul. I would not know [151] what to do with whatHercules, 152:the death of the personality in order that the soul may take over the personality and express lifeHercules, 152:things: true magic is the expression of the soul through the medium of the form. Black magic is theHercules, 152:selfishness. White magic is use of the soul for purposes of human uplift, utilizing theHercules, 157:the symbol of the spirit manifesting through the soul, which the aspirant on the physical plane isHercules, 158:work with his problem from the standpoint of the soul. In Sagittarius he slaughtered the man-eatingHercules, 158:was dual; he was engrossed with the problem of soul and body and how to coordinate them. That isHercules, 159:In Virgo, Hercules became conscious, not of soul and body placed in juxtaposition to each other,Hercules, 159:sign in many ways because the man is neither the soul nor the body. Libra is the balancing on theHercules, 159:the unified personality, conscious of the soul, determined to enter the sign Capricorn where theHercules, 160:to the elder brothers of the race, to the soul; and as we are occupied with these thoughts we buildHercules, 160:to learn what not to say about the life of the soul, very [161] copious talking about things forHercules, 162:or form is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul, and soul on a higher turn of the spiral isHercules, 162:the vehicle for the manifestation of soul, and soul on a higher turn of the spiral is the vehicleHercules, 162:The other constellation is Cygnus, symbol of soul. Sagittarius, the aspirant, looking to the leftHercules, 162:in the form of a cross and saying, "I am the soul crucified in matter from which I shall releaseHercules, 162:the day is coming when we shall talk about the soul as we now talk about the personality, asHercules, 162:the third initiation, to release himself from soul. Will you take those three constellations asHercules, 165:fighting, but by right thought, and it will be a soul process. Someone has said that in Scorpio weHercules, 166:of thought has not been mastered, and the soul is not potent enough. When we love enough we mayHercules, 167:constellations: Aquila, spirit; and Cygnus, the soul. Do you see why I am so thrilled overHercules, 172:the Capricornian offers heart and life to the soul and only then, when self-initiated, can he beHercules, 172:is focused. He is focused in what we call the soul, which is that aspect of ourselves which is freeHercules, 172:of ourselves which is free from form. It is in soul consciousness that we eventually function inHercules, 173:idea of their importance; they have a touch of soul consciousness, but only a tiny touch, whichHercules, 175:of the highest aspect of man) manifesting as the soul (the second aspect) which has achieved. InHercules, 176:hell. There are three great ascensions of every soul. Masonry down the ages has been a custodian ofHercules, 184:upon [184] the human being, i.e. that he is soul and body. Christ came in Pisces to demonstrate toHercules, 184:and purification, we shall learn how to be the soul and not the human being. That is what is goingHercules, 184:and the mentality will be secondary, and the soul, the consciousness aspect, that universal urge inHercules, 192:decanate, when Mercury the messenger from the soul to the brain via the mind is ruling, we willHercules, 193:and to express life and love, aided by your own soul whose nature is love-wisdom, do not look forHercules, 198:underlying the work rather than individual soul saving. The symbolism of the red cattle is plainlyHercules, 198:If Jesus as a human being, en rapport with his soul, becomes a transmitter of light to the sons ofHercules, 200:her hair to be of service, representing the soul only beginning to assert itself. Andromeda, theHercules, 201:wherever they are found, and because his soul and their souls are one, communicate to them theHercules, 204:work for it means orienting the mind to the soul, and you cannot do it. It means that when you haveHercules, 204:when you have learned to focus your mind on the soul you must hold it steady, which you cannot do;Hercules, 204:must learn to listen in your mind to what the soul is telling you, and that you cannot do. Then youHercules, 204:cannot do. Then you must learn to take what the soul has told you and form it into words andHercules, 205:the nature of that identity which we call the soul. The world setting is ripe for a renewal of aHercules, 205:outbreak of mysticism is always a sign that the soul of man is uttering a vigoros protest againstHercules, 205:creative activity. It is a proclamation that the soul has certain inherent rights and capacities, aHercules, 205:by your experience to be true and feel in your soul to be true". Such renewals of the spiritualHercules, 207:and complete picture of the progress of the soul from ignorance to wisdom, [208] from materialHercules, 208:in the story where intelligent cooperation with soul purpose takes the place of blind endeavor andHercules, 211:"Let form again be sought"; from the angle of soul, "I come forth and from the plane of mind, IHercules, 211:"Let struggle be undismayed"; from the angle of soul, "I see and when the Eye is opened, all isHercules, 211:"Let instability do its work"; from the angle of soul, "I recognize my other [212] self and in theHercules, 212:and yet the crowd exists"; from the angle of soul, "I build a lighted house and therein dwell".Hercules, 212:exist, I am because I am"; from the angle of soul, "I am That and That am I". Virgo, the VirginHercules, 212:of form, "Let matter reign"; from the angle of soul, "I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I,Hercules, 213:interlude where duality is known and the life of soul and form is balanced (Law, Sex, Money). PolarHercules, 213:of form, "Let choice be made"; from the angle of soul. "I choose the way which leads between theHercules, 213:Taurus. An earth sign (desire, and growth of soul light). Rulers: Exoteric and Esoteric, the same,Hercules, 213:and let deception rule"; from the angle of soul, "Warrior I am and from the battle I emergeHercules, 213:of form, "Let food be sought"; from the angle of soul, "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then
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