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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Magic, 13:Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is theMagic, 13:of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestationMagic, 14:Vol I, p. 79,8O.) Through the use of matter the soul unfolds and finds its climax in the soul ofMagic, 14:the soul unfolds and finds its climax in the soul of man, and this treatise will concern itselfMagic, 14:will concern itself with the unfoldment of that soul and its discovery by man. Magic, 15:and some aspect of truth, known by the soul, emanating from the world of ideas, and being of theMagic, 16:of that omniscience which characterizes the soul. The truth about all things exists, and we call itMagic, 16:enter upon its heritage - the heritage of the soul. Magic, 17:with the undefinable and the unrecognized. The soul is as yet an unknown quantity. It has no realMagic, 17:accepts the postulates of religion - such as the soul, God and immortality - without questioning.Magic, 17:of Knowers of God, and of reality, who know the soul to be a fact in their own experience but areMagic, 18:out through that lens upon the world of the soul. Magic, 18:The comprehension of that triplicity of spirit, soul, and body lies as yet beyond man'sMagic, 19:and sensitive nerves is the symbol in man of the soul, and an outer and visible form of an innerMagic, 20:energy, or spirit, the coordinating force or soul, and that which these two use and unify are inMagic, 20:of that response, the divine duality of the soul; it is finally the sum total of that which isMagic, 21:will result in correct rapport with the soul aspect, hidden in every form, and will produce rightMagic, 21:sensory system which is sometimes called the soul of all things, the anima mundi, the underlyingMagic, 21:used when speaking of deity, such as spirit, soul, and body, - life, consciousness, and form, - itMagic, 22:sum total of which the terms spirit, soul, and body are regarded as the main componentMagic, 22:the average thinker of today the terms spirit, soul, and body stand for the aggregate of divineMagic, 23:scriptures of the world. "Man became a living soul," is to be found in another place in the sameMagic, 23:scripture." I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved blameless," said aMagic, 23:the attractive force, as the consciousness, or soul, and is the sum total of atomic substance. ItMagic, 23:is, who shall say? We trace it back to the soul or consciousness aspect, and from the soul to theMagic, 23:the soul or consciousness aspect, and from the soul to the spirit (as we call the three aspects ofMagic, 24:in the more metaphysical approach and in the soul-life more than in the form aspect express theirMagic, 24:form aspect express their concept in terms of soul manifestation and - passing beyond the personalMagic, 25:so there are those to whom the subject of the soul and its nature as dealt with in such anMagic, 25:and comprehended through the medium of the soul and its powers just as it is possible to arrive atMagic, 25:is possible to arrive at an understanding of the soul through the medium of the mind, correctlyMagic, 25:is no more a mystery than is the nature of the soul to the esoteric psychologist. The source of theMagic, 26:and purpose of that which is neither body nor soul, neither force nor matter, but which is theMagic, 26:of lower degree works from the plane of the soul and uses the organs of perception (if such anMagic, 27:of the mind; then study the relation of the soul to the mind and what eventuates when man isMagic, 27:and what eventuates when man is directed by his soul and utilizes the mind to control the physicalMagic, 27:the medium of the brain. In these three - soul, mind and brain - we have the analogy and the clueMagic, 27:and the clue to the understanding of spirit, soul and body, and their mutual functions. This wasMagic, 27:the subject matter of the book, The Light of the Soul. Upon the perfecting of the conditions dealtMagic, 27:emanating source of energy, begins to use the soul (via the intuition) and to impress upon theMagic, 27:soul (via the intuition) and to impress upon the soul-consciousness those laws, knowledges, forcesMagic, 27:forces and inspirations which will make the soul the instrument of the spirit or monad, just as theMagic, 27:stage (via the mind), the instrument of the soul. In that earlier stage the development wasMagic, 27:stage the development was two-fold. As the soul assumed control, via the mind, so the brain becameMagic, 27:the mind, so the brain became responsive to the soul. Man was awakened to a knowledge of himself asMagic, 27:and was no longer a separated individual. As the soul is brought under the dominance of the spirit,Magic, 31:his glands, and his outer aspects. This is the soul and - in its lowest aspect - is to be seenMagic, 31:cannot however be avoided until such time as the soul-consciousness is touched and known and theMagic, 31:or the other; that, until we can function in our soul-consciousness, it is not for us to say whatMagic, 33:abstruse subjects as the nature of spirit and soul could have a general definition and submitMagic, 33:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks b. The Soul, the Mediator or Middle Principle There are twoMagic, 33:or points of view from which the nature of the soul must be grasped: one is the aspect of the soulMagic, 33:soul must be grasped: one is the aspect of the soul in relation to the fourth kingdom in nature,Magic, 33:higher. It should be borne in mind that the soul of matter, the anima mundi, is the sentient factorMagic, 33:perhaps the most illuminating term is that the soul is the quality which every form manifests. ItMagic, 34:will remain unsolved. The definition of the soul may be regarded as somewhat more feasible thanMagic, 34:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks The soul, macrocosmic and microcosmic, universal and human,Magic, 35:aspect are related to each other. [35] The soul therefore, is neither spirit nor matter but is theMagic, 35:nor matter but is the relation between them. The soul is the mediator between this duality; it isMagic, 35:the link between God and His form. Therefore the soul is another name for the Christ principle,Magic, 35:principle, whether in nature or in man. The soul is the attractive force of the created universeMagic, 35:or express itself through them. Therefore the soul is the form-building aspect, and is thatMagic, 35:eventual goal and a glorious consummation. The soul is the force of evolution itself and this wasMagic, 35:of the "Christ in you, the hope of glory." This soul manifests differently in the various kingdomsMagic, 36:something higher and better. [36] Therefore the soul is that which gives distinctiveMagic, 36:and differing form manifestations. The soul plays upon matter, forcing it to assume certain shapes,Magic, 36:in all the kingdoms of nature are soul qualities, as are the latent powers in any form seekingMagic, 36:the nature of the divine life and of the world soul, - that oversoul which is revealing theMagic, 36:is revealing the character of God. Therefore the soul, through these qualities and characteristics,Magic, 36:other. This is the basis of consciousness. The soul is the conscious factor in all forms, theMagic, 36:kingdom of nature demonstrate. Therefore the soul might be defined as that significant aspect inMagic, 36:a constant condition of vibratory activity. The soul is the perceiving entity produced through theMagic, 37:enables him eventually to discover that this soul in him is dual and that part of him responds toMagic, 37:dual and that part of him responds to the animal soul and part of him recognizes his divine soul.Magic, 37:soul and part of him recognizes his divine soul. The majority however, at this time will be foundMagic, 37:divine, but can be regarded as human souls. The soul of the universe is - for the sake of clarityMagic, 37:the limitations of the form through which that soul has to function) capable of recognition atMagic, 37:of vibration and stages of development. The soul nature in the universe therefore manifests inMagic, 37:natures. Animal consciousness, the awareness of soul [38] response of all forms in the animalMagic, 39:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks The soul therefore may be regarded as the unified sentiencyMagic, 39:as the materialist differentiates them. The soul, though constituting one great total, is, however,Magic, 39:are highly responsive to and expressive of the soul, and others which - owing to their density andMagic, 39:of recognizing the higher aspects of the soul or of expressing more than its lower vibration, toneMagic, 39:contacted and men understand the nature of the soul. It must be also remembered that just as theMagic, 39:his nervous system and the body mass, so the soul can also be known as a triplicity, the higherMagic, 39:- that quota of the universal will which any one soul can express, and which is adequate for theMagic, 39:which he has his being. There is also the second soul quality which is spiritual love, the qualityMagic, 39:and of unification. This is the paramount soul characteristic, for only the soul has [40] it as theMagic, 39:the paramount soul characteristic, for only the soul has [40] it as the dynamic factor. The spirit,Magic, 40:distinguished by intelligence, but the soul has outstandingly the quality of love whichMagic, 40:of the body nature is fused with the love of the soul. The following tabulation may make theMagic, 40:Love, the energy which is poured forth into the soul, making it what it is. 3rd Aspect -Magic, 40:3rd Aspect - Intelligence, transmitted via the soul and brought into manifestation through theMagic, 40:manifestation through the medium of the body. Soul - Love - the Method 1st Aspect - Will, held inMagic, 40:2nd Aspect - Love, the dominating force of the soul life; through this possession and this type ofMagic, 40:this possession and this type of energy, the soul can be en rapport with all souls. Through theMagic, 40:with all souls. Through the emotional body, the soul can be in touch with all animal or subhumanMagic, 40:of the above it becomes apparent in what way the soul acts as the mediator between the monad andMagic, 41:as a casket hides [41] the jewel, that point of soul light which we call the light in the head.Magic, 41:and functioning. Then the union with the soul is made and the soul functions through the lower
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