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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Magic, 214:down the barriers and limitations to true soul activity. These three activities of the soul,Magic, 214:soul activity. These three activities of the soul, through the medium of the third eye, are theMagic, 215:in magical work, is the correspondence to the soul. In a most mysterious sense, the soul is the eyeMagic, 215:to the soul. In a most mysterious sense, the soul is the eye of the monad, enabling the monad,Magic, 215:development, right alignment and the inflow of soul life. Then its magnetic controlling force makesMagic, 215:been the master, no longer can control, and the soul comes into full domination in the threeMagic, 215:magnetic power of the spiritual eye, the soul [216] rebuilds the astral body and holds it steadyMagic, 216:as the Old Commentary puts it: "One glance the soul doth cast upon the forms of mind. A ray ofMagic, 216:are controlled by the focused attention of the soul in contemplation acting through the headMagic, 216:through one or other of the centers, that the soul carries on the work in magic. It is through theMagic, 219:indicates a vibratory activity in the world soul, as it expresses itself through humanity, andMagic, 220:either consciously manipulated by the governing soul or is swept into activity by the forceMagic, 220:matter of the three worlds, independently of the soul. When this is the case, the man is a victimMagic, 220:impulses, and the focused attention of his own soul. In the six rules already considered one or twoMagic, 222:is at first almost impossible for the onlooking soul to dissociate its own astral mechanism fromMagic, 223:even if only once, the clarion call of his own soul. Magic, 224:when individualization became possible, and the soul was born in the body of humanity. This wasMagic, 225:felt. Primarily, the interaction is between the soul and its vehicle, matter, but there are manyMagic, 226:in the final release of the imprisoned soul. It is useful to have in mind the outstandingMagic, 226:higher consciousness. This has its roots in the soul, presupposes the dominance of the mentalMagic, 227:those of others. The stage wherein the soul, through concentration and meditation succeeds inMagic, 228:above and cannot be worked up to from below. The soul must govern and its instrument in the warfareMagic, 228:is aware also of synthesis but it is that in his soul, whose consciousness is that of unity. But inMagic, 228:the activity of the attractive life of his soul, he realizes the attraction of matter and of form,Magic, 229:which he can function in the kingdom of the soul. One path, later on (when he is a true and pledgedMagic, 229:Brotherhood, working always in the light of the soul with the soul in all forms, and laying noMagic, 229:working always in the light of the soul with the soul in all forms, and laying no emphasis upon theMagic, 230:and mental bodies under the guidance of the soul. Then he can understand the significance of "theMagic, 231:are in conscious contact at times with their soul forces and for them there is no defeat norMagic, 231:that triumphant victory lies ahead, for the soul is omnipotent. Accepted disciples, who battle allMagic, 231:phrase "the one who meditates" relates to the soul. Arjuna, the aspiring disciple, resigns theMagic, 231:and the reins of government to Krishna, the soul, and is rewarded at last by understanding [232]Magic, 235:acting under the instruction of his own soul and therefore occupied with group work, is theMagic, 235:It cannot be understood where there is no soul contact, nor can the magical force of the soul workMagic, 235:soul contact, nor can the magical force of the soul work out in manifestation upon the physicalMagic, 236:studied convey the truth anent the magician. The soul has communicated with his instrument in theMagic, 236:and sometimes unrecognized by the aspirant. The soul sounds forth its note. A thought-form isMagic, 236:in consonance with the united meditation of the soul and the man, his instrument. ThisMagic, 236:thought-form, embodying the will of the ego or soul, cooperating with the personality, takes toMagic, 237:[237] ajna centers of the white magician - the soul in conjunction with its instrument. TheMagic, 237:the forces of matter and the force of the soul is violently renewed. This battle must be fought outMagic, 237:plane and will decide three things: Whether the soul will, in any one life (for some life holds theMagic, 237:from henceforth be the servant of the soul. Whether the astral plane is no longer the plane ofMagic, 237:second initiation which marks the release of the soul from the prison of the astral body.Magic, 237:the prison of the astral body. Henceforth the soul will use the astral body, and mould desire intoMagic, 238:the form of God. By distinguishing between the soul and the form, and by a vision of the perfectionMagic, 241:of these names and these activities refer to the soul on its own plane but only to human souls inMagic, 241:it is demonstrated as the activity of the soul, as it seeks to draw the lower self into fullMagic, 242:which can only be safely worked out when the soul assumes control of its triple instrument.Magic, 242:vehicle and the triple potencies of his divine soul. Let us close the instruction on that note -Magic, 242:as souls in command of our environment. The soul is omniscient and omnipotent. Magic, 243:to elaborate somewhat the cyclic experience of a soul in incarnation, indicating the apparent ebbMagic, 243:its unfoldment. The outstanding cycle for every soul is that of its forthgoing into incarnation andMagic, 243:undertaking to forge their way inward into the soul consciousness, and so become "dwellers in theMagic, 243:are the tiny life correspondences to the great soul cycles. This passing into, and passing out of,Magic, 243:existence are the major cycles of any individual soul, and a study of the types of pralaya dealtMagic, 243:by the student. There is also an ebb and flow in soul experience on any one plane and this, in theMagic, 244:ebb carried the life aspect right back to the soul itself, and there was no secondary ebb and flowMagic, 244:all three aspects are swept by the life of the soul; all are included in the outgoing energy of theMagic, 244:in the outgoing energy of the incarnating soul, and for many lives and series of lives this cyclicMagic, 245:and are no indication of the state of the soul. The aspirant must center himself in the soulMagic, 245:soul. The aspirant must center himself in the soul consciousness, refuse to be influenced by theMagic, 245:ebb and flow will continue just as long as the soul's [246] attention fluctuates between one orMagic, 246:control that at will a man may be focused in his soul consciousness or focused in his form aspect,Magic, 247:disciple it is the mental plane where form and soul make contact and the great transition becomesMagic, 247:the karana sarira, the spiritual body of the soul, standing as the intermediary between Spirit andMagic, 247:the relation between the personality and the soul is established there is a midway spot in theMagic, 248:meet, it is indicative of a focusing in the soul consciousness and a centralization of the man inMagic, 248:to project the consciousness from the plane of soul realization into that of creative magical workMagic, 248:consciousness, not only to the brain, but to the soul on its own plane and thence redirect hisMagic, 248:in the performance of the magical work of the soul. The fundamental secret of the cycles lies inMagic, 250:diaphragm there is no magic possible. The animal soul controls and the spiritual soul is perforceMagic, 250:The animal soul controls and the spiritual soul is perforce quiescent. Air is the symbol of theMagic, 250:in which freedom is experienced and the soul comes to full expression. It is the symbol of theMagic, 250:is carried up into Heaven, and the life of the soul comes down on to earth, there is the place ofMagic, 250:process, carried out in the strength of the soul, and by the use of the mind. To make itself feltMagic, 250:impulses and which can be impressed by the soul utilizing the "chitta" or mental substance in orderMagic, 250:the ideas and purposes of the intelligent loving soul. These are recognized by the brain and areMagic, 251:of the mind as it relays the behests of the soul. The vital airs are swept into form-makingMagic, 251:stages in the form-making process. First, the soul or spiritual man, centered in the soulMagic, 251:the soul or spiritual man, centered in the soul consciousness and functioning in "the secret placeMagic, 251:at all. Secondly, the mind responds to the soul (calling attention to the work to be performed),Magic, 251:If the mind is a true reflector and receiver of soul impress, the corresponding thought-form willMagic, 252:with the mind, and the mind with the soul, and the plan is sensed. The vital airs in the head canMagic, 252:activity and becomes a focusing center for the soul, and a point through which energy can flow forMagic, 252:work, carried out under the direction of the soul (inspiring the mind which in its turn impressesMagic, 253:through which the Word, the second aspect or the soul expresses itself. The hands, through whichMagic, 258:freedom from control has been brought about. The soul is group conscious and group controlled, andMagic, 258:the tendency towards the "left-hand path" until soul consciousness is permanently established, andMagic, 261:of all true servers. "May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aidMagic, 262:working out of the involutionary group soul. It relates to our contacts, not just exterior, but onMagic, 265:true of God and His cosmic creative work; of the soul, as it builds its instrument for expression,Magic, 267:potency of the love aspects - as wielded by the soul - is lacking. The form created is constitutedMagic, 267:matter and of physical substance. It lacks the soul contribution. Its purpose is in line with theMagic, 267:the development of form, but not in line with soul expression. The left hand path, therefore, isMagic, 267:matter. It is not the path of progress for the soul aspect. It is the "way of the Holy Ghost" butMagic, 276:The need at this time is terrific, and the soul is at the birthing in humanity as a whole.Magic, 280:coordination between the personal self and the soul which will result in ability to build organizedMagic, 281:it from the standpoint of the work which the soul does in relation to its instrument, the humanMagic, 281:its maintenance and its use, lies, we know, the soul. Back of all activity for the furthering of
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