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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

(page 62 of 95)


Magic, 384:statement, we note the differentiations of the soul aspect as grasped by the mind. These are theMagic, 385:The disciple seeks to blend and merge the soul with its vehicle and to do this consciously. HeMagic, 385:becomes equally sensitive to the kingdom of the soul. It is the great mediating principle, in thisMagic, 385:in this interim of dual recognition. Later, the soul and its instrument become so unified andMagic, 385:and at-one that duality disappears, and the soul knows [386] itself to be all that is, all that hasMagic, 386:the form in which all forms are merged. I am the soul in which all souls are fused. I am the Life,Magic, 393:in the one Self and the fusion of the individual soul (consciously and willingly) in the Oversoul.Magic, 393:"I am that I am" - the cry of the individual soul as it is lost in the whole and realizes itsMagic, 393:in the whole and realizes its oneness with the soul or self of all. Magic, 395:development is paralleled by an inner growth of soul awareness, though the mode of expression ofMagic, 396:who are becoming increasingly sensitive to the soul aspect, the qualities of that soul beingMagic, 396:to the soul aspect, the qualities of that soul being knowledge, love and sacrifice. This is why theMagic, 396:and have to be guided in such a manner that the soul nature enfolds, overpowers and uses theMagic, 396:of those personalities who are not as yet soul-centered or controlled, are dominance, ambition,Magic, 397:together and obliterated in the light of the soul when that blazes forth in all its glory. WhenMagic, 403:which we call by the somewhat unmeaning term of soul unfoldment. These two aspects of the schemeMagic, 414:A certain amount of at-one-ment between the soul and its mechanism is essential, and that innerMagic, 415:[415] usually dormant in the majority, of soul-mind-brain must be in alignment and active. TheMagic, 415:and without any real comprehension of that body-soul relationship which leads to really intelligentMagic, 415:which indicates a certain contact with the soul. The group that is now in process of formation isMagic, 415:of those who are aware of the fact of the soul, and have established a soul intercourse that isMagic, 415:of the fact of the soul, and have established a soul intercourse that is real and lasting; theyMagic, 415:equipment, acting under the direction of the soul. They are therefore living souls, working throughMagic, 415:and not personalities actuated by occasional soul impulses. The members of the many groups were allMagic, 418:silently and persistently influencing through soul contact one or more members of the new slowlyMagic, 420:art of being and the wonder of living as a soul. Forget not that when a man is living as a soul andMagic, 420:soul. Forget not that when a man is living as a soul and his entire personality is thereforeMagic, 420:personality is therefore subordinated to that soul, unselfish purpose, purity of life, conformityMagic, 420:the actor. When the attention is fixed upon the soul, the physical plane life will be rightlyMagic, 422:only becomes possible when the triplicity of soul-mind-brain are all aligned in the individual andMagic, 422:unison; a number have succeeded in bringing the soul and the mind also into a close and establishedMagic, 422:can rightly register and correctly transmit the soul impressions and the group purposes andMagic, 422:three things: Direct conscious alignment between soul-mind-brain. The appearance of a magneticMagic, 423:through which the will or purpose aspect of the soul can make itself felt. The development of aMagic, 424:its laws. Again what are the activities of the soul when the personality is occupied exclusivelyMagic, 428:the bringing about of at-one-ment with the soul, the recognition of those who belong to the groupMagic, 432:of the planetary Spirit makes its impact via the soul; and the life of the planetary Entity isMagic, 433:planets in seven great streams and pour into the soul of man and produce that sensitivity which weMagic, 433:rays, and in this thought you find the secret of soul unity. During manifestation, owing to theMagic, 434:the secret of the true coordination between soul and form is also correct. But that astrology isMagic, 435:it produces harmony with the will of the soul during any particular incarnation. Magic, 436:stands open. The particular month in which a soul comes into incarnation is indicated to that soulMagic, 436:soul comes into incarnation is indicated to that soul by the month in which it passed out ofMagic, 436:be manipulated during life are indicated to the soul in this way. The rising sign, embodyingMagic, 436:incarnation, for it indicates the nature of the soul force that the incarnated son of God isMagic, 436:moon is primarily physical. The prison of the soul is thus indicated. The handicaps to be met areMagic, 437:a man comes consciously and definitely under his soul ray, then he comes as definitely under theMagic, 438:circle of solar systems affects paramountly the soul and it becomes the focal point of spiritualMagic, 438:spiritual energies. This is the problem of the soul on its own plane, - responsiveness to theseMagic, 440:for the form aspect and the key word for the soul aspect. In the first case, the word is expressed;Magic, 440:in the second it is consciously spoken by the soul. Translated into modern terms much is lost, butMagic, 442:used by the aspirant in the power of his own soul, are positive. It seems needless to deal furtherMagic, 449:One therefore concerns the form, another the soul embodied in the form (whose lowest characteristicMagic, 449:again with the eternal triplicities of spirit, soul and body. It should be remembered that theMagic, 452:his glands, and his outer aspect. This is the soul and - in its lowest aspect - it works throughMagic, 456:the "raincloud of knowable things" of which the soul is consciously aware. The aspirant, weary ofMagic, 456:meaning of meditation. Align with facility the soul, the mind and the brain. Contemplate, orMagic, 456:and the brain. Contemplate, or function as the soul on its own plane. It then becomes possible forMagic, 456:its own plane. It then becomes possible for the soul to act [457] as the intermediary between theMagic, 457:work? Register the idea, received by the soul intuitively, and recognize the form which it shouldMagic, 457:is to be. This, as recorded consciously by the soul upon the mind, is as consciously registered byMagic, 458:idea, as grasped and visualized by the soul. In its turn the soul is the recipient of the formulaMagic, 458:and visualized by the soul. In its turn the soul is the recipient of the formula as presented to itMagic, 460:as we regard it. In the words "the light of the soul", we have an expression which sums up theMagic, 462:illumined by the light of the intuition, of the soul and of the universal mind, when they can trainMagic, 463:with the inner reality within himself, with the soul. It is essential that through him, in fullMagic, 463:through him, in full waking consciousness, the soul should be functioning. It is the soul whoMagic, 463:the soul should be functioning. It is the soul who pronounces the words. It is the soul who uttersMagic, 463:is the soul who pronounces the words. It is the soul who utters forth the mystic phrase, but it isMagic, 463:utters forth the mystic phrase, but it is the soul as controller or ruler of the mechanism, of theMagic, 463:there is alignment of the brain and mind and soul. Again, it is necessary to remember that thisMagic, 463:God as the creator of the solar system, with the soul as the creator of the human mechanism, orMagic, 465:energies have earlier been utilized by the soul - finally being discarded and disintegrated. It isMagic, 465:of form which in the first case draws the soul into incarnation, for in the first half of theMagic, 465:potent that one of the major experiences that a soul undergoes is the achieving of the stageMagic, 465:the pull of matter begins to wane and the soul learns to detach itself. This is the experienceMagic, 468:their game." Awakened to the game of life, the soul passes the gate. The field is green and on itsMagic, 468:of life, the many patterned forms God takes. The soul enters "the playground of the Lord" and playsMagic, 468:Responsive to the sounded word, the living soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms andMagic, 468:broken forms hold not the power to satisfy. The soul's own form is now the great desire, and thusMagic, 469:shines, within a star five-pointed. The living soul drives forward towards the cross which bars hisMagic, 469:left behind. But onward goes the living soul, eyes fixed upon the cross, ears open to the wailingMagic, 470:[470] tier of stairs stands barred, this by the soul's own act. No longer red desire governs allMagic, 474:these words kill the flickering impulses of the soul, cut at the roots of life, and so bring death.Magic, 475:prevent the inner [475] voice of thine own soul from striking upon thine ear. Speak of the soul;Magic, 475:soul from striking upon thine ear. Speak of the soul; enlarge upon the plan; forget thyself inMagic, 476:which will bring into being the creation of the soul in all fields of creative enterprise? TheMagic, 478:sacred word, AUM. This, when rightly used by the soul on the mental plane vitalizes and expeditesMagic, 479:factor. To this latter sound, the word of the Soul must eventually succeed, until AUM in its turnMagic, 479:plane will take its place. The word of the soul cannot be given except in the secret place ofMagic, 480:new age and make it possible for the word of the soul to sound forth and be heard exoterically. IMagic, 480:built daily during his mental life, and a soul in incarnation has also to be saved from the formMagic, 481:from the power of the threefold body which the soul has built, through the magical release calledMagic, 482:who are the pioneers into the kingdom of the soul, who are the exponents of the new age ideas, andMagic, 489:governed by an idea. His relation to his own soul and the strength of the contact with the world ofMagic, 490:and that the truth has come to him via his own soul and is consequently colored by his ray, beingMagic, 490:and so preserve his mental contact with his soul and with the souls of his fellow men? First andMagic, 491:currents. The world of ideas is the world of the soul, and of the higher mind. The stream of humanMagic, 492:idea is embodied, knowing that as he lives as a soul, and as spiritual energy pours through him soMagic, 492:its work. It is held together by the life of the soul, and not by personality desire. The tangible
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