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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Patanjali, 368:results. That which veils the light of the soul has been rendered pure, and thus the light of GodPatanjali, 368:an adequate expression and means of service. The soul can now function freely and intelligently inPatanjali, 368:between the lower and the higher man. The soul and its vehicles form a unit and are at one;Patanjali, 368:a following of the eight means of yoga the soul can manifest through the [369] lower threefold man,Patanjali, 369:its vibration can synchronize with that of the soul, and the result is that - for the first time -Patanjali, 369:"matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of experience and the soul isPatanjali, 369:of soul on this plane of experience and the soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit onPatanjali, 369:lower physical life) is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (the spirit.) (Col., III, 3) Patanjali, 369:latent karma. 7. The activities of the liberated soul are free from the pairs of opposites. ThosePatanjali, 378:the result of the consciousness of the animal soul in man being en rapport with the anima mundi orPatanjali, 378:man being en rapport with the anima mundi or the soul of the world, the subjective side of allPatanjali, 380:that the first cause producing the unfoldment of soul powers, whether higher or lower, is the greatPatanjali, 380:is possible for him to unfold the powers of the soul. The soul aspect is still dormant for manyPatanjali, 380:for him to unfold the powers of the soul. The soul aspect is still dormant for many because fullPatanjali, 381:on the left-hand Path. The gaining of the soul powers by intense desire (or fervent aspiration) andPatanjali, 384:of the transfer of his consciousness to the soul aspect and away from the body aspect. That greatPatanjali, 385:of the man, the fact that the Christ or the soul consciousness is found latent within those forms,Patanjali, 387:the "shadow" of the Trinity, just as his spirit, soul and body are the reflections of the threePatanjali, 389:the helplessness of desire, and is a "free soul," a master and a liberated man. Patanjali, 389:Illumination 7. The activities of the liberated soul are free from the pairs of opposites. Those ofPatanjali, 390:Christian idea of the condition of being a lost soul. These cases are, however, exceedingly rare,Patanjali, 390:of pure spirit from its two expressions, the soul and the body, or from the six lower principles),Patanjali, 391:remains, and after the [391] destruction of the soul in avitchi, a fresh cycle of becoming willPatanjali, 391:acts rightly because the law of love or of the soul, directs from above, and not because eitherPatanjali, 392:creation of that mechanism which renders to the soul the control of the lower vehicles, and makesPatanjali, 392:and makes possible the revelation of the soul realm. Non-injury. No word, thought or deed bringsPatanjali, 394:have elapsed, the memory remains with the ego or soul. In due time, under proper adjustment, everyPatanjali, 394:are brought about, and by these the soul is taught and trained. Just as the dynamic mind-images ofPatanjali, 395:dynamic powers of aspiration, [395] wherein the soul reaches toward the Eternal, have theirPatanjali, 399:and for the achieving of knowledge of the soul-realm instead of the matter realm proceeds. ThusPatanjali, 402:matter and form, and that which concerns the soul, the consciousness aspect, the thinker inPatanjali, 402:has been noted, for a long period of time, the soul identifies itself with the form aspect andPatanjali, 402:effort, this identification ceases; the soul becomes aware of itself, and of its own path, orPatanjali, 403:of the form during the cycle wherein form and soul are identified and considered the same. ThePatanjali, 406:Do I identify myself with the form or with the soul? Which path am I following, the high way of thePatanjali, 406:Which path am I following, the high way of the soul, or the low way of matter? Am I in a transitionPatanjali, 408:and its limitations are developed in us and the soul is so hidden that we only become aware of thePatanjali, 408:of the form of our brother, and fail to see his soul. The moment we contact our own soul and livePatanjali, 408:to see his soul. The moment we contact our own soul and live by its light we see the soul of ourPatanjali, 408:our own soul and live by its light we see the soul of our brother, [409] become aware of his lightPatanjali, 409:to us a new world. The hidden powers of the soul when brought to full expression will make us awarePatanjali, 409:the necessity therefore for this process of soul unfoldment to be carried forward and potentialPatanjali, 409:meditation work. The one who meditates is the soul, the ego, and his work is a positive activity,Patanjali, 409:True meditation, however, concerns the soul and the mind; the receptivity of the brain is anPatanjali, 410:with that thought which reaches him via his own soul-consciousness, and in the consummation ofPatanjali, 411:man and to the higher impulse, issuing from the soul, as the intermediary between spirit andPatanjali, 411:the intermediary between spirit and matter. The soul is ever aware of this condition; man on thePatanjali, 412:tide of material forces which seeks to hold the soul prisoner, and constitute the great illusion.Patanjali, 412:known, recognized and seen by the thinker, the soul on its own plane, and secondly, it can be seenPatanjali, 413:receiving plate upon the physical plane. To the soul, the mind acts also as an eye or a windowPatanjali, 413:a higher coordination takes places, and the soul and the mind become at-oned. Then, that organ ofPatanjali, 413:eyes, another triplicity supersedes and we have soul, mind and the third eye. The brain, therefore,Patanjali, 413:but becomes aware of the light of the soul and of what it reveals in the realm of the soul. ThePatanjali, 413:soul and of what it reveals in the realm of the soul. The third eye simultaneously develops andPatanjali, 413:and knowledge from two directions; from the soul via the mind, and from the subtler planes in thePatanjali, 413:to itself. None of the sheaths through which the soul functions has self-knowledge; they are onlyPatanjali, 414:that knowledge to the brain from the soul or to the soul from the lower man. This must be meditatedPatanjali, 414:knowledge to the brain from the soul or to the soul from the lower man. This must be meditated uponPatanjali, 415:observer is the immortal imperishable ego, the soul in contemplation. Patanjali, 416:The inner Ruler. The Word made Flesh. The Soul. The second aspect. The AUM. The self-consciousPatanjali, 416:world. In no book, however, is the nature of the soul, whether macrocosmic (the cosmic Christ), orPatanjali, 416:Sutras is contained a complete picture of the soul and its unfoldment. Patanjali, 417:which he can use to ascertain that which the soul knows concerning the Kingdom of God, the realm ofPatanjali, 417:also enter into communication and convey to the soul that which is known to the man in physicalPatanjali, 418:in three ways. As a vehicle for the life of the soul. In the service of the Hierarchy. InPatanjali, 422:II, 6, 7, 8.) [422] He is at-one with the soul of all, but isolated off, separated from all thatPatanjali, 425:It is immaterial from the standpoint of the soul whether its reflection, man in incarnation, isPatanjali, 425:Only one thing matters, the attainment of soul contact, the arriving at union (conscious andPatanjali, 426:made a [426] great at-one-ment and has unified soul and body. He stands (as regards the threePatanjali, 426:But another union becomes possible, that of the soul, with the spirit. The Master must become thePatanjali, 426:full extent and unfolded the full flower of the soul. The law of cause and effect as it functionsPatanjali, 426:three worlds no longer controls the liberated soul; his individual karma comes to an end, andPatanjali, 427:aware of his essential omnipresence or that his soul is one with all souls and part therefore ofPatanjali, 428:of Raja Yoga, or the "Kingly Science of the Soul," as laid down by its main exponent, Patanjali,Patanjali, 428:right use of the mind and its utilization by the soul for the achievement of group objectives andPatanjali, 428:the mind will be known as the instrument of the soul and the means whereby the brain of thePatanjali, 428:of those matters which concern the realm of the soul. Under the law of evolution likewise, thePatanjali, ix:by the man who centers his consciousness in the soul, the other forms of Yoga are unnecessary, forPatanjali, x:three is contained a complete picture of the soul and its unfoldment. In the Gita we have given usPatanjali, x:(in its eighteen chapters) a description of the soul, of Krishna, the second aspect, in his truePatanjali, xi:himself to Arjuna, the aspirant, [xi] as the soul of all things, and the point of glory behind thePatanjali, xi:wherein, freed from every veil, the soul in its true nature walks the earth. It becomes apparent toPatanjali, xi:what it means to develop the powers of the soul, to attain liberation, and become, in full glory, aPatanjali, xi:see him as he is" and the revelation of the soul to man in physical plane incarnation works everPatanjali, xii:incarnated man becomes aware of the self, the soul, and this conscious awareness only becomesPatanjali, xii:self can "reflect itself in the mind-stuff." The soul is inherently freed from objects and standsPatanjali, xiii:[xiii] from the three worlds. The nature of the soul, the qualities and activities inherent in theProblems, 8:which is centuries old, which is inherent in the soul of each individual nation and which isProblems, 11:the nations is largely a psychological one. The soul of a nation is potent in its effect. TheProblems, 17:verities. When France finds her spiritual soul and not just her intellectual soul, she will proveProblems, 17:her spiritual soul and not just her intellectual soul, she will prove to be the medium throughProblems, 17:will come revelation as to the nature of the soul of man. France has in the past revealed theProblems, 17:has in the past revealed the nature of the human soul in its stage of intensest individualism andProblems, 35:and which emphasizes the authority of the human soul. The future which lies ahead is full ofProblems, 35:constant possibility to vision and contact the soul and to grasp (with increasing aptitude) theProblems, 59:should surely present the hypothesis of the soul in man as the interior factor which produces theProblems, 121:in which Christ will "see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied", is being ushered in by theProblems, 122:to direct the spiritual approach of the human soul to God and to lay down the rules for theProblems, 124:heaven can arrest the progress of the human soul on its long pilgrimage from darkness to light,Problems, 136:registering with equal dismay the famine of the soul. The great tragedy is, however, that they know
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