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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Problems, 139:The problem of the freedom of the human soul and its individual relation to God Immanent and GodProblems, 141:God appeared as the tribal Jehovah, as the soul (the rather unpleasant soul) of a nation. Next GodProblems, 141:Jehovah, as the soul (the rather unpleasant soul) of a nation. Next God was seen as a perfectedProblems, 144:Something is [144] always happening to the human soul which projects him nearer to the Source ofProblems, 150:affected primeval man, and he "became a living soul". As the yearning urge towards an undefined andProblems, 150:great Approaches made it possible for the human soul to express or manifest two aspects ofProblems, 156:and upon the techniques of meditation whereby soul-awareness (or the Christ-consciousness) can bePsychology1"Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is thePsychology1of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestationPsychology1Souls, One Man Three souls which make up one soul: first, to wit, A soul of each and all the bodilyPsychology1souls which make up one soul: first, to wit, A soul of each and all the bodily parts, SeatedPsychology1Grows into, and again is grown into By the next soul, which, seated in the brain, Useth the firstPsychology1Grows into, and again is grown into By the last soul, that uses both the first, Subsisting whetherPsychology1, xviii:opportunity is one of the factors which indicate soul growth. For this, the training school of thePsychology1, xxii:This book was given the name The Light of the Soul. Here I am fulfiling my intention to write aPsychology1, xxii:shall, from the outset, accept the fact of the soul. We shall not consider the arguments for orPsychology1, xxii:for or against the hypothesis of there being a soul - universal, cosmic, and divine, or individualPsychology1, xxii:and human. For our purposes of discussion, the soul exists, and its intrinsic reality is assumed,Psychology1, xxii:are seeking to demonstrate the existence of the soul because they believe in its existence, thisPsychology1, xxiv:and the attempt to grasp and comprehend the Soul - cosmic, universal, planetary and individual -Psychology1, xxiv:may vibrate in unison with another. The ego or soul may find itself upon still a third type of ray,Psychology1, xxiv:I shall seek to make this treatise upon the soul relatively brief. I shall seek to express thesePsychology1, xxiv:public, with its profound interest in the soul, may be intrigued and won to a deeper considerationPsychology1, xxiv:The Aquarian Age will see the fact of the soul demonstrated. This is an attempt, carried forward inPsychology1, 6:(for lack of [6] a better word) be called the soul or self. This principle, which informs the bodyPsychology1, 7:It is with the seven groups of souls (or soul energies) that we shall deal, and with the threefoldPsychology1, 7:one of the three essential groups to which their soul ray is related. We shall therefore, ifPsychology1, 7:that esoteric psychology which deals with the soul or self, the ensouling entity within the form.Psychology1, 8:ascertain for instance that the tendency of our soul ray is that of will or power, but that the rayPsychology1, 8:physical body is reacting pre-eminently to the soul ray, whilst the emotional body is under thePsychology1, 8:true meaning of "psychology" is the "word of the soul." It is the sound, producing an effect inPsychology1, 9:and remember that the more truly you live as a soul the more surely you will comprehend that whichPsychology1, 11:by a disciple is settled and known by his soul before he even takes a body; it is determined byPsychology1, 13:expression which they know exists - the field of soul awareness - but which is not yet for themPsychology1, 13:and are aware of the kingdom of the soul and of an occasional reaction to impression from thatPsychology1, 13:consciousness itself, nor so identified with the soul that consciousness of all else drops away. ToPsychology1, 13:the unity of the form nature. In this unity, the soul is so closely identified with the matterPsychology1, 13:but is the form, and knows not itself as soul. This often reaches its height in some life of fullPsychology1, 13:life of full personality expression, wherein the soul is completely centered in personalityPsychology1, 13:he is spirit-matter, is form-life, and is the soul in manifestation. During this stage, whichPsychology1, 13:and centers itself more and more in that of the soul. There is a growing consciousness that therePsychology1, 14:and in this final stage the sense of being soul and body is lost. The consciousness identifiesPsychology1, 18:with the more usual triplicity of Spirit-Soul-Body, or Life-Consciousness-Form. Psychology1, 21:replica of the entire plan. He is also spirit-soul-body, life-quality-appearance. He colors hisPsychology1, 28:(those old anthropomorphic terms!); with Spirit, Soul and Body, the current phraseology; and withPsychology1, 28:"When the hour arrives wherein the light of the soul reveals the antahkarana (the bridge betweenPsychology1, 28:between the personality consciousness and the soul consciousness, A.A.B.) then shall men be knownPsychology1, 34:Knower and to a belief that this Knower is the Soul, one with Deity, illimitable and eternal and -Psychology1, 35:- Responsiveness. Awareness of identity. Soul. Life - Immutability. Emanation. Cause. Source.Psychology1, 36:answered for the reader. Question 1 What is the Soul? Can we define it? What is its Nature? Here IPsychology1, 36:serve as a basis for all that follows. A. The soul can be spoken of as the Son of the Father and ofPsychology1, 36:he does in a triple way: He discovers his own soul, the product of the union of his [37] Father inPsychology1, 37:personality, discovers the quality of his own soul life, and the purpose for which he hasPsychology1, 37:This discovery he makes by finding that his own soul is tinctured by one of the seven rayPsychology1, 37:a man arrives at a knowledge of his individual soul, and glimpses the quality and purpose of thatPsychology1, 37:and glimpses the quality and purpose of that soul. On the path of discipleship and of initiation,Psychology1, 38:- II. Certain Questions and their Answers B. The soul can be regarded as the principle ofPsychology1, 38:the world of thought or the kingdom of the soul. He is torn by a sense of duality. Later, hePsychology1, 39:control them. [39] Thus the Personality of the soul makes its appearance. He stands then on thePsychology1, 39:value, and begins to discover the nature of the soul and to shift the emphasis from the appearancePsychology1, 39:appearance no longer veils the reality, and the soul is now the dominant factor; consciousness isPsychology1, 39:not with its phenomenal appearance. Later, the soul itself is superseded by the Monad, and thatPsychology1, 40:the symbol of words the significance of the soul. The soul is therefore the son of God, the productPsychology1, 40:of words the significance of the soul. The soul is therefore the son of God, the product of thePsychology1, 40:of the marriage of spirit and matter. The soul is an expression of the mind of God, for mind andPsychology1, 41:of the separate forms or appearances. The soul also, through the quality of love, produces thePsychology1, 41:- II. Certain Questions and their Answers C. The soul is (and here words limit and distort) a unitPsychology1, 41:the One Life. From its very nature, the soul is conscious or aware in three directions. It isPsychology1, 41:and in that unfoldment lies, for the soul, its own growth upward and outward after itsPsychology1, 41:and its group-awareness is recognized. The soul therefore has the following points, or appearances:Psychology1, 42:is the wheel of life. Let me again repeat: The soul is the son of God, the product of the union ofPsychology1, 42:product of the union of spirit and matter. The soul is an embodiment of conscious mind, thePsychology1, 42:phrase it, of divine intelligent awareness. The soul is a unit of energy, vibrating in unison withPsychology1, 42:a particular ray light. The personality of the soul is intended to be an embodiment of love,Psychology1, 42:serve to express that loving intelligence. The soul in its turn is intended to be the embodiment ofPsychology1, 48:family, to the three aspects of Personality, Soul and Monad. The Monad is dynamic will or purpose,Psychology1, 48:pursuit of a seen and determined objective. The soul is a Lord of love and wisdom, whilst thePsychology1, 50:Ray V - Higher Expression: The science of the soul. Esoteric psychology. Lower Expression: ModernPsychology1, 51:and its true purpose cannot emerge until the soul is awakened and consciousness is adequatelyPsychology1, 51:to humanity, being, for man, the plane of the soul, and of the higher and the lower mind. ItPsychology1, 51:on mental levels, works very close to the soul. The developed personality produces the [52] clearPsychology1, 52:way of expression) the close proximity of the soul negates a separate attitude. The religious manPsychology1, 53:which is active on etheric levels every time a soul comes into incarnation and a child is born onPsychology1, 53:- II. Certain Questions and their Answers D. The soul is the principle of sentiency, underlying allPsychology1, 53:the consciousness of God Himself. When the soul, immersed in substance, is simply sentiency, itPsychology1, 53:to vibration and to environment. This is the soul as it expresses itself in all the subhumanPsychology1, 53:in all the subhuman kingdoms in nature. When the soul, an expression of sentiency and quality, addsPsychology1, 53:entity which we call a human being. When the soul adds to sentiency, quality and self-awareness,Psychology1, 53:disciple, the initiate and the master. When the soul adds to sentiency, quality, self-awareness andPsychology1, 53:make these distinctions it is nevertheless one Soul that is functioning, acting through vehicles ofPsychology1, 54:or is pervaded by, as much of the world soul as its capacity will permit. The atom of substance,Psychology1, 54:of substance, the molecule or the cell all have soul, but not in the same degree as has an animal;Psychology1, 54:same degree as has an animal; and an animal has soul, but not in the same degree as has a Master,Psychology1, 54:Through the interaction between the indwelling soul and the form, two things occur: Sentiency andPsychology1, 54:body and its point of evolution. The pervading soul drives the body nature into activity, andPsychology1, 54:path of development, and thus provides for the soul a field of experience and for the body thePsychology1, 54:the body the opportunity to react to the higher soul impulse. Thus the field of expression isPsychology1, 54:the field of expression is benefited, and the soul masters the technique of contact which is itsPsychology1, 54:is its objective in any particular form. The soul therefore, viewed from one angle, is an aspect ofPsychology1, 54:angle, is an aspect of the body, for there is a soul in every atom comprising all bodies in all
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