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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Psychology2, 314:together the substance required by the soul with which to create a form of expression. The soulPsychology2, 314:with which to create a form of expression. The soul itself is a major center of experience in thePsychology2, 314:are centers of expression in the life of the soul. As the consciousness of the man shiftsPsychology2, 314:which expression can become possible, the soul gradually becomes the paramount center of experiencePsychology2, 314:bodies) assume less and less importance. The soul experiences less through them, but uses themPsychology2, 314:thought must be carried into our concept of the soul as a center of consciousness. The soul usesPsychology2, 314:of the soul as a center of consciousness. The soul uses the bodies in the earlier stages ofPsychology2, 314:But as time progresses, the man becomes more soul-conscious and the consciousness which hePsychology2, 314:and the consciousness which he experiences (as a soul in the three bodies) is of decreasingPsychology2, 314:simply instruments of contact through which the soul comes into understanding relationship with thePsychology2, 315:talking always in terms of consciousness and of soul energy, and are only dealing with sentientPsychology2, 315:In thinking of the focal points of soul energy upon the mental, astral and physical planes, we willPsychology2, 315:or magnetic in quality as the case may be - of soul energy, playing upon energies which have inPsychology2, 315:their environment for the creative, indwelling soul. When this is the case, the centers in thePsychology2, 315:without adequate conscious control by the soul. This development is, at this time, primarilyPsychology2, 316:the vehicles, the rush of force through from the soul, via the centers, presents real difficulty,Psychology2, 316:let us bear clearly in mind that it is the soul as a center of consciousness and the vehicles asPsychology2, 316:in the field of experience and more aware of the soul as the conscious, thinking Individual. ThePsychology2, 317:Then neither the center [317] of experience, the soul, nor the vehicles of expression, the lowerPsychology2, 317:(or should one say "rampant"?) and even the soul fails to assume vital control? It was for thisPsychology2, 317:to direct the attention of the student to the soul or psyche as the building agency, but at thePsychology2, 317:this that we shall concern ourselves. In this soul activity is to be found the source or the germPsychology2, 317:in the center of experience which we call the soul. Take, for instance, the emphasis which is laidPsychology2, 318:that the centers of expression through which the soul gains needed experience and becomes consciousPsychology2, 318:as the result of the "wish" or the desire of the soul. It is the "wish-life" of the soul and notPsychology2, 318:desire of the soul. It is the "wish-life" of the soul and not the frustrations of the personalityPsychology2, 318:founded upon the fact that humanity is becoming soul-conscious and, therefore, slowly becomingPsychology2, 318:slowly becoming aware of the wishes of the soul. But as man's basic identifications remain as yetPsychology2, 318:and not in the center of experience - the soul, there is an unavoidable, though temporary,Psychology2, 319:- in time and space - of that great center of soul expression which we call the human family. ItPsychology2, 319:of the fundamental pairs of opposites (the soul and the form). This will bring in the new era ofPsychology2, 319:in the new era of spiritual attainment or of soul contact. The thought which should be dominant inPsychology2, 319:that the right appropriation of form by the soul is the result of an initial wish or desire. It isPsychology2, 320:through the form of the manifest". This is "the soul and the form", and many other similar phrasesPsychology2, 320:which the sentient or feeling factor, the soul, experiences on the path of evolution as it expandsPsychology2, 321:consider them from the point of view of the soul and the process of experiencing. This is an anglePsychology2, 321:to the man who is beginning to function as a soul. Psychology2, 321:It is here that the ray nature of any specific soul is first of all brought into activity, for itsPsychology2, 321:The nature of quality, of the underlying soul, is not apparent. Then the form or vehicle isPsychology2, 322:of mind and instinct, The prompting of the soul. This produces an integration of the three energiesPsychology2, 322:astral and the mental) becomes dominant. The Soul, as the fundamental center of experience. ThePsychology2, 322:or of the expiration which brought the soul into being upon the physical plane: upon the Path ofPsychology2, 322:formed that aspect of man which we call the soul. In its turn, the soul continued in this processPsychology2, 322:of man which we call the soul. In its turn, the soul continued in this process of exhalation orPsychology2, 323:and definitely self-initiated. Thus the field of soul influence is steadily enlarged. Whilst thisPsychology2, 323:soul influence is steadily enlarged. Whilst this soul activity is proceeding, a parallelingPsychology2, 323:substance up to the positive requirements of the soul. The vehicles of expression, the mechanism ofPsychology2, 324:and the means through which the experiencing soul arrives at a full awareness of the field ofPsychology2, 324:a full awareness of the field of knowledge. This soul is the identity which is time-conscious inPsychology2, 324:in three directions of contact. The experiencing soul can now begin to use the instrumentPsychology2, 325:[325] An expression of the creative power of the soul which is ready to transmute knowledge intoPsychology2, 325:to transmute knowledge into wisdom. An incarnate soul, which is now ready to work consciously withPsychology2, 325:how to work with the factor of environment, the soul can now begin to control circumstances andPsychology2, 325:will serve to elucidate the early problem of the soul's impulse to creation. We will, therefore,Psychology2, 326:that our major consideration must be that of the soul as a center of consciousness and of thePsychology2, 326:they are subjected some gain to the life of the soul. They have learnt to regard the environment inPsychology2, 327:in the early stages and to the impress of the soul at the later stages. In this Treatise with whichPsychology2, 327:primary aim is to point out the effect upon the soul of the experiences undergone in the bodies,Psychology2, 328:In the first stage of appropriation, we have the soul or the conscious thinker (the divine son ofPsychology2, 329:concerns the aspiration or the desire of the soul to appear, and brings the consciousness down onPsychology2, 329:we call the astral plane. The inclination of the soul is towards that which is material. We mustPsychology2, 329:to that transmuted desire which makes the soul the fixed objective in the life of the man inPsychology2, 329:aspiration shows itself as the desire of the soul to experience in consciousness those processesPsychology2, 329:conscious realization is established and the soul has appropriated a form upon the mental planePsychology2, 330:will act either as a complete prison for the soul or as a "form for revelation", as it has beenPsychology2, 331:constituting a man. Man, as an expression of a soul process, is not dealt with in any way. Thus wePsychology2, 331:after life takes place. Again and again, the soul incarnates and, in consciousness, passes throughPsychology2, 332:of man, becomes merged in that of the soul upon its own level, and finally appropriates in fullPsychology2, 332:a phrase) the One. When the consciousness of the soul, incarnate in a human form, arrives at aPsychology2, 332:make his approach upon the mental plane to the soul. This he does by Realizing himself as a soulPsychology2, 332:the soul. This he does by Realizing himself as a soul and not as the form. This involves a processPsychology2, 332:reflection", which works out in two ways. The soul now begins definitely to reject the form, andPsychology2, 332:reject the form, and the man, through whom the soul is experiencing and expressing itself, isPsychology2, 332:remains. Then and only then can the conscious soul appropriate the "body of light and of splendor,Psychology2, 333:mind, reflecting the divine consciousness of the soul. We see the ambition of the conscious manPsychology2, 334:disposal of his fellow workers. The fact of the soul will be admitted as a reasonable hypothesis,Psychology2, 335:to be coming under the influence of a second ray soul; or a man, whose whole personality wasPsychology2, 335:might be, therefore, responding to a fifth ray soul impression. We shall, therefore, study thePsychology2, 335:The integration of the personality and the soul so that the soul can Function through any one bodyPsychology2, 335:of the personality and the soul so that the soul can Function through any one body at will, orPsychology2, 337:and significance of a dimly sensed reality. The soul is beginning to make its presence felt, and toPsychology2, 340:spine. This leads to the final integration of soul and body, and the appearance of a perfectedPsychology2, 340:subdued or "brought into line" by the dominant soul. That is what we really mean by the use of thePsychology2, 340:from: The control of the personality by the soul. The downpouring of soul energy, via the mentalPsychology2, 340:the personality by the soul. The downpouring of soul energy, via the mental and the emotionalPsychology2, 340:the awakening of the brain consciousness to soul awareness, and a new alignment of the bodies.Psychology2, 341:alignment of the centers upon the spine, so that soul energy can pass up and down through thePsychology2, 341:center in the head. Whilst this process of soul control is being perfected (and the time consumedPsychology2, 341:begins to control the life, and finally the soul ray begins to dominate the personality ray andPsychology2, 341:itself the rays of the personality and of the soul (at the third and fifth initiations) and thusPsychology2, 341:reception by the centers, and the inflow of soul potency. This will bring us to a point in ourPsychology2, 342:of their divine Indweller. This Indweller is the soul. As the evolutionary cycle runs its course,Psychology2, 343:Unified, in intent and purpose, with the soul. A period wherein the personality ray and the soulPsychology2, 343:A period wherein the personality ray and the soul ray are blended into one united energy, and thePsychology2, 343:a quality of, and complementary to, that of the soul, making soul purpose in the three worldsPsychology2, 343:and complementary to, that of the soul, making soul purpose in the three worlds possible. [344] ItPsychology2, 344:contact or fusion with the Self, the ego or soul. It will be wise to keep these three stagesPsychology2, 345:conflict. The fusion of the personality and the soul in consciousness, with its physiological andPsychology2, 345:of the Plan. He in his turn - as a functioning soul and body, united, aligned and used - becomesPsychology2, 345:prior to its fusion into a unity with the soul. We must remember that we are here [346] dealing
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