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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

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Psychology2, 346:concrete, analytical mind) and the will of the soul, which is the will of the Hierarchy of Souls,Psychology2, 346:of the seven rays. It is the ray of the ego or soul, slumbering in the early stages within thePsychology2, 346:occultly applies these modes of integration. The soul is essentially the integrative factor, andPsychology2, 347:"manifest through the magical power of the soul". [348] Enters into a phase of light, wherein thePsychology2, 348:of the intelligent, conscious Thinker, the soul, as far as man is concerned. At the same time, thisPsychology2, 351:that these ray techniques are imposed by the soul upon the personality after it has been somewhatPsychology2, 351:therefore, becoming slightly responsive to the soul, the directing Intelligence. Psychology2, 351:which wield no power. The word goes forth from soul to form; 'Stand up. Press [352] outward intoPsychology2, 354:desperation, calling in the power of his soul, he proceeds one-pointedly to rebuild that which hePsychology2, 354:Through this type of personality, his first ray soul can demonstrate, because the disciple hasPsychology2, 354:the first ray vibrations of the personality and soul. It is in the third life of reorientation thatPsychology2, 355:a deeper search. The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Release thyself from all that standsPsychology2, 356:reflective man upon the periphery of the soul's influence and the soul itself, the One Who is atPsychology2, 356:the periphery of the soul's influence and the soul itself, the One Who is at the center. The crisisPsychology2, 356:symbolic form, leaving these mysteries of the soul to be grasped by those whose soul's influencePsychology2, 356:of the soul to be grasped by those whose soul's influence reaches to that periphery, and is therePsychology2, 357:may be temporarily relieved, the work of the soul is for that particular life cycle arrested, andPsychology2, 357:reveals the man to himself, as he is, or as the soul sees the personality. A vision of the nextPsychology2, 360:my own wild activity.' The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Be still. Learn to stand silent,Psychology2, 363:which is pleasantness. The word goes forth from soul to form. 'Both sides are one. There is no war,Psychology2, 363:perfectly at-oned. This is brought about by the soul or consciousness aspect, qualified by the rayPsychology2, 364:blending into one functioning, related unity the soul in all forms. This is achieved individuallyPsychology2, 365:of the higher forces of the personality and soul energy. They cannot therefore be produced at a lowPsychology2, 365:personality force, brought into relation with soul energy, which ever produces the type of crisisPsychology2, 367:blend the rays of the personality and of the soul. If you will carry this concept of integrationPsychology2, 368:and must be employed in the light of the soul or may have a striking harmful effect. Psychology2, 369:form, the One Who Is. The Word goes forth from soul to form: 'Behind that form, I am. Know Me.Psychology2, 369:for instance, that if all the emphasis of the soul energy available is poured into the lowerPsychology2, 370:must be retained within the periphery of the soul nature to balance thus the other two. This is aPsychology2, 370:in that center of energy which we call a soul. Still more energy pours forth also, via the soul,Psychology2, 370:Still more energy pours forth also, via the soul, for the production of a human being - anPsychology2, 370:of a human being - an expression of the soul upon the physical plane, just as the soul is anPsychology2, 370:of the soul upon the physical plane, just as the soul is an expression of the monad upon the mentalPsychology2, 370:eventually a definite relation between the soul and the various aspects of the form, brings about aPsychology2, 371:the revelation of the relationships of form to soul. These two are then seen as one in a sensePsychology2, 371:uses the form at will as the instrument of the soul for the working out of the plans of God. ThesePsychology2, 372:veils and hides reality. The word goes out from soul to form: 'Run not so straight. The path thatPsychology2, 374:still at the center, fixing his eyes on the soul and ceasing activity for a brief period of timePsychology2, 375:that devotion, expressing itself through the soul, is love and inclusiveness plus understanding,Psychology2, 376:in that great work.' The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Stand in the center of the pentagram,Psychology2, 377:seeks to bring into expression the plan of his soul in his own setting and worldly situation. UntilPsychology2, 378:within his own life, and when the ritual of the soul is not imposed and its rhythm not obeyed. ThePsychology2, 378:rays: Those of the personality, of the ego or soul, and of the rays of the three personalityPsychology2, 380:then brought into relationship with the ego or soul. This brings then into play another and higherPsychology2, 380:energy are transmuted into those of the ego or soul and the fusion of the two energies - soul andPsychology2, 380:ego or soul and the fusion of the two energies - soul and body - is then complete. [381] Psychology2, 381:aspects of the personality ray into those of the soul. When this has been to a great extent carriedPsychology2, 381:and matter and not with the secondary duality of soul and body. This point is of deep importancePsychology2, 382:the same time, the man is definitely oriented to soul contact and knowledge, and frequently thePsychology2, 382:and dynamically under the control of the soul. This accounts for the intense difficulty of the lifePsychology2, 382:his environment) is equally increasing. The soul ray is, at times, projecting itself and thisPsychology2, 382:should be The motive of a realized objective of soul control in response to a living reaction toPsychology2, 383:we have swung back to our three major themes: Soul control, Service, and the Plan. It might,Psychology2, 383:language proves inadequate to the demands of soul knowledge) into three major groups, or ratherPsychology2, 383:evokes these three qualities in relation to the soul, to service and to the Plan. At the same time,Psychology2, 383:illumination to the mind (thus revealing the soul and the kingdom of God); it brings increasedPsychology2, 384:aspect or of sentient response to the world soul in all forms. Bring Inspiration, through thePsychology2, 384:physical body; we shall see that it brings the soul into conscious control of the astral,Psychology2, 385:of the lotus (though the One Life controls both soul and body) only takes place when the two laterPsychology2, 387:Fire. These petals are the reflection in the soul of this particular aspect of energy. From thisPsychology2, 387:Increased sentient response to the world soul and to the environment in which the disciple findsPsychology2, 388:the love nature and, as earlier noted, brings in soul power in full tide. In the world ofPsychology2, 388:tide. In the world of phenomenal appearance, the soul is the creating agent, the major buildingPsychology2, 388:astral body into complete subordination to the soul. This fact is hinted at in The Bhagavad GitaPsychology2, 388:the One Form. The battle is then over. The soul is in complete control; no sense of separativenessPsychology2, 390:then form one single avenue through which the soul, and later the energy of spirit can contact thePsychology2, 391:and not as the well known triplicity of spirit, soul and body. Psychology2, 392:of the Plan. This will bring in the full tide of soul life, producing temporarily a violentPsychology2, 392:conflict between the personality ray and the soul ray, but also producing a steady subordination ofPsychology2, 393:of the use of the Technique of Fusion by the soul - by the soul, and not by the aspiring strugglingPsychology2, 393:of the Technique of Fusion by the soul - by the soul, and not by the aspiring struggling disciple.Psychology2, 393:the man is consciously merged with the soul and that soul, in meditation, decides, plans and works.Psychology2, 393:man is consciously merged with the soul and that soul, in meditation, decides, plans and works. HePsychology2, 393:decides, plans and works. He functions as the soul and has achieved a definite measure of successPsychology2, 393:a definite measure of success in living as a soul, consciously upon the physical plane. ThisPsychology2, 393:the ability to focus the consciousness in the soul form, the spiritual body, and, at the same time,Psychology2, 393:body, and, at the same time, to preserve soul consciousness, mind consciousness and brainPsychology2, 395:stand revealed to the man who is permitted, as a soul, to meditate upon such a phrase as inclusivePsychology2, 395:be meditating as an aspiring mind, and not as a soul. No matter, therefore, how great his effort,Psychology2, 395:the point where he can meditate both as a soul and as a mind, involving also the brain reaction,Psychology2, 396:is in him atomic, etheric and that acquired as a soul) for the furtherance of the Plan. ThisPsychology2, 398:be stated that those which characterize the soul and which cannot express themselves until the soulPsychology2, 398:and which cannot express themselves until the soul is consciously known and steadily achievingPsychology2, 400:of you who are occupied with the effort to make soul quality expressed factors in your lives arePsychology2, 401:Psychology, studying them from the angle of the soul. Psychology2, 405:or subjective nature, by past experience and by soul contact (distant, approaching or alreadyPsychology2, 405:space, man is essentially dual, consisting of soul and body, of intelligent life and form, of aPsychology2, 406:Integration. Between the personality and the Soul. There are other and higher integrations but withPsychology2, 407:synthesis. and achieving it: - the synthesis of soul - and body. This produces a sense of destiny,Psychology2, 409:with the integration of the personality and the soul, thus evoking the consciousness of the Whole.Psychology2, 411:personality integration and from thence to soul contact. Psychology2, 412:into the realm of the higher energies, and the soul factor becomes increasingly active andPsychology2, 413:into activity, and the eventual control of the soul, after the final at-one-ment of the entirePsychology2, 414:to deal. From the angle of the omniscient soul, the consciousness is limited, disturbed, exclusive,Psychology2, 415:pointed out) that the reality which we call the soul is basically an expression of three types ofPsychology2, 415:aspect or expression of the physical body), the soul anchors itself in two streams of energy at twoPsychology2, 416:The cleavage between personality and the soul is resolved by the right use of: [417] ThePsychology2, 417:mind so that it becomes consciously aware of the soul and of the laws which govern soul unfoldment.Psychology2, 417:aware of the soul and of the laws which govern soul unfoldment. The intuitive recognition ofPsychology2, 417:and throat centers. Intuition distinguishes the soul nature and it works through the mind, the
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