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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUL

(page 89 of 95)


Rays, 523:the masses, and their goal - some way ahead - is soul consciousness and soul control. It is theRays, 523:- some way ahead - is soul consciousness and soul control. It is the mystical way and the way ofRays, 528:as it applied to the disciple invoking his soul; later I carried the concept farther, and weRays, 529:man into realms which are neither those of the soul nor of the personality; they are those whichRays, 529:or vehicle of expression for the one universal soul in its many aspects upon the physical plane hasRays, 529:plane has been duly emphasized; that the soul per se has been lost to consciousness in the sea ofRays, 529:the mind, trained in meditation, and therefore soul-conscious, can - through the construction ofRays, 530:Kumara. Just as the disciple can, [530] when soul conscious, tune in on the mind of his Master, soRays, 531:succeeded in relating the Spiritual Triad to the soul-infused personality and have occultlyRays, 532:There is first, its form aspect; then its soul or consciousness aspect; and finally, its lifeRays, 535:in the form of an increasing fusion of soul and personality as well as growing power to invoke theRays, 536:both through the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality as they unitedly prove theRays, 537:upon the mental level where it is subject to soul control; it then in turn becomes the directingRays, 537:life and are a consequence of a growing soul fusion with the personality, thus developing andRays, 540:and for the disciple, this is either the soul or the Spiritual Triad. The meeting of the twoRays, 540:activity of the lower mind that fusion with the soul is brought about, with successive,Rays, 541:himself upon the mental plane. The fusion of the soul and of the personality is then present and isRays, 541:bring about the desired fusion between the soul-infused personality and the Spiritual Triad. TheRays, 542:in such a manner that the lower mind is not only soul-illumined but is subject also to impressionRays, 543:of all, he is aware of the vibration of his own soul; then he registers that of the Ashram, in theRays, 544:responsive to vibrations coming from the world soul or the human soul, from the Ashram and from theRays, 544:coming from the world soul or the human soul, from the Ashram and from the Master, as well asRays, 544:Cosmic Fire. With the theme of the fusion of the soul and the personality I have dealt adequatelyRays, 544:when he can, at will, flood his personality with soul energy. Those who make occasional and rareRays, 544:soul energy. Those who make occasional and rare soul contacts (and there are many who do) in theirRays, 544:who has established a usable contact with his soul, of which he can avail himself at any time he soRays, 548:and carried forward when the man is in truth a soul-infused personality. It is the source or originRays, 555:and created a situation in which the soul of humanity was liberated from the prison in which itRays, 558:that gradually [558] (no matter what may be his soul ray or his personality ray) he can work withRays, 558:retaining a greater facility to work on his own soul ray, and later with the ray of the Monad - oneRays, 561:consciousness, or the consciousness of the soul, is the perfecting and control of the mind, plusRays, 562:conditioning him at the time. They affect his soul-infused personality, and also the ashram withRays, 562:not only his own potency and ray qualities as a soul, but also the energy of the rays whichRays, 563:major energy must be added: the energy of the soul. Each of these personality expressions isRays, 563:a composite of five energies: The energy of the soul, in itself a threefold energy. The energies ofRays, 563:to this system of integrated energies is "soul-infused personality." The fusion is necessarily notRays, 563:fusion is necessarily not complete, but enough soul energy is present to guarantee that minimum ofRays, 563:energy is present to guarantee that minimum of soul control which will make the initiatory processRays, 564:as follows: [564] Fusion of the energies of the soul-infused personality with the triple energiesRays, 565:of the mind (the lower mental vehicle, the soul or the Son of Mind, and the higher or abstractRays, 565:created by the ray energy which conditions his soul, fusion in consciousness with the sum total ofRays, 565:the other case, the cause is to be found in the soul-infused personality and constitutes an upwardRays, 565:of the measure of love energy which his soul can express, and of the energy of will which is inRays, 567:be revealed in the next solar system wherein the soul-infused Personality of the planetary LogosRays, 568:- mental, astral and physical. Through the soul-infused personality, the initiate "in goodRays, 571:aspects of spirit and matter. It relates soul and form and, where humanity is concerned, it relatesRays, 571:and, where humanity is concerned, it relates soul and personality. In the first initiation, itRays, 571:of the initiate and the hovering over-shadowing soul are consciously brought together; the initiateRays, 571:then knows that he is - for the first time - a soul-infused personality. His task is now to growRays, 572:through the stimulation brought about when soul and form are consciously related. The first majorRays, 573:the World to bring about the needed "reforming." Soul-infused personalities, acting under this rayRays, 574:a widespread and recognized relation between the soul and the mind. Produce a measure of order inRays, 574:of the mind (the lower concrete mind and the soul, the Son of Mind) become more closely related andRays, 576:his lower nature, and the requirements of his soul (as he somewhat ignorantly interprets them) areRays, 577:- as the transmitting agent of the light of the soul - can dispel these glamors and thus "clarifyRays, 577:initiation; these impacts upon the rays of the soul and the personality rays of the initiate, andRays, 579:toward mental unfoldment. The steadily growing soul influence, working like a leaven on the astralRays, 582:Later, under the influence of an increasing soul contact (itself the second aspect of his essentialRays, 582:of the mind; his alignment becomes astral-mental-soul. When this state of consciousness has beenRays, 583:emotional effort towards orientation to the soul makes him "an aspiring point of tension, obliviousRays, 583:in the love which streams forth from the soul." Let me sum up what I have said anent the effect ofRays, 583:the initiate's alignment becomes astral-mental-soul. There takes place, in connection with hisRays, 585:in the first three initiations come via the soul, and the initiate is - during this period - aRays, 588:this stage of unfoldment - is [588] that of the soul, working through the personality. After theRays, 588:and thus function in the three worlds as a soul-infused personality, utilizing the illumined mindRays, 590:in the individual sense, is that of the ego or soul. The quality which is basically related to theRays, 591:of planetary consciousness. Impressions from the soul, the Son of Mind, upon the level of mentalityRays, 592:plane. Three streams of energy, coming from the soul, also make an impression upon the concreteRays, 593:Just as the [593] disciple or the initiate is a soul-infused personality, so will humanity - uponRays, 593:humanity - upon the physical plane - be also soul-infused, thus precipitating the Kingdom of GodRays, 594:the minds of men - illumined by the light of the soul - will formulate the one universal religion,Rays, 598:a triangular one, through the destruction of the soul vehicle which is no longer needed. SoulRays, 598:of the soul vehicle which is no longer needed. Soul fusion with the personality is now completed.Rays, 598:or concrete mind; the transforming agent is the soul, whilst the transfiguring agent is theRays, 598:reason that the initiate is now functioning as a soul-infused personality, and therefore the threeRays, 598:are nothing more or less than agents of the soul, and thus are progressively responsive to theRays, 605:nature, physical, emotional and mental. Upon the soul-infused personality. Summation of the wholeRays, 606:worlds of forms, and so begin to function as a soul-infused personality, so mankind also has to doRays, 607:of any kind, and is therefore overcome (from the soul angle) by life in the three worlds. It is theRays, 607:crisis or of tension which the conflict between soul and personality produces. Conflict is alwaysRays, 608:of form as the field of experience for the soul in the four kingdoms in nature: the human and theRays, 609:which is an expression of the personality, the soul and the Monad. Where humanity as a whole isRays, 609:involved, the effect is upon the reincarnating soul of the human kingdom, then on the liberatedRays, 611:do so, hence the emphasis laid upon the need for soul-infused personalities in the world today, asRays, 623:activities or that which conditions their soul expression. Forget not that nations are likeRays, 623:that nations are like individuals, expressive of soul and body. The nations responsive to this rayRays, 624:cleavages condition her many peoples. The soul energy of India is that of the Will to Power orRays, 624:of emergence into light. The ray governing the soul expression of the German race is that ofRays, 624:nature and not yet under control of the soul, is conditioned by the first Ray of Power. Germany asRays, 625:relations, the German people will discover their soul, and then the soul-infused personality of theRays, 625:people will discover their soul, and then the soul-infused personality of the German people willRays, 625:is the energy expressing itself through the soul, the indications are that the country concerned isRays, 627:the energy or Ray of Will or Power, whilst the soul of the country is conditioned by the Ray ofRays, 628:will eventually reveal the true nature of the soul or of the psyche and inaugurate the era of trueRays, 628:To do this she must inevitably find her own soul, and in finding it - through the medium of theRays, 628:awaken to the higher spiritual values. Once her soul ray of pure knowledge is active, it willRays, 629:thoughts and faults, with a steadily increasing soul pressure. The United States, though one of theRays, 629:the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom, which governs the soul of the country. I would here point out to youRays, 629:I would here point out to you that it is the soul ray of the United States which relates it toRays, 630:in the United States: [630] The energy of the soul Ray of Love-Wisdom Ray II The energy of the
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