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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOULS

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Astrology, 6:that few have been as yet ready to function as souls; small allowance has been made for theAstrology, 7:consciously aware when you can function as souls, but of which you are today unconscious, or atAstrology, 21:for those who are active and living souls at some one or other of the final stages upon the Path.Astrology, 22:monads express themselves through the kingdom of souls and through the human kingdom; itAstrology, 22:aspect of the Heavenly Man and of all monads, souls and personalities who constitute the planetaryAstrology, 59:the above case; the horoscope of the kingdom of souls, of the divine sons of God upon the mentalAstrology, 83:from sign to sign as I may portray it. All souls come into incarnation in the sign Cancer. By thisAstrology, 92:Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. All souls, as individual entities, come into humanAstrology, 102:of divine Ideas," whether these ideas are souls brought into incarnation and controlled by MarsAstrology, 291:of the soul are complete and developed. But souls - oriented towards incarnation and theAstrology, 312:the two gates of the zodiac because through it souls pass into outer manifestation and to theAstrology, 325:clarity in the public consciousness. Groups of souls come into incarnation cyclically and togetherAstrology, 326:and during time, the two are one - the Saving Souls and the Units to be served. "Slowly the visionAstrology, 327:be possible to trace the progress of advanced souls in incarnation and not trace, at this time, theAstrology, 339:of the world appears and nurtures the hidden souls in Virgo. Astrology, 355:the animal kingdom and the kingdom of God or of souls, the fifth kingdom in nature, thus producingAstrology, 355:such pairs of opposites as the fifth kingdom of souls and the third kingdom (the synthesis of theAstrology, 394:first ray and instead work as a "fashioner of souls," including his own. He must aim at clearAstrology, 433:Then to the lower three he turns and to these souls in prison he in time becomes a Messenger. ThusAstrology, 437:man"; it is associated with the kingdom of souls, with the fifth kingdom in nature as it is relatedAstrology, 438:kingdom into the fifth kingdom, the Hierarchy of souls. Pisces and Capricorn in unison bring aboutAstrology, 475:out of the human kingdom into the kingdom of souls. We have therefore: Seven constellations CancerAstrology, 571:coming, save. Come forth, O Mighty One. Let the souls of men awaken to the Light, And may theyAstrology, 572:brought about by the determined attitude of the souls of men, massed and blended, organized andAstrology, 605:is that which flowers in the Monad when souls have reached perfected expression through humanity.Astrology, 611:above. This word is Translated, for when the "souls of just men are made perfect," a process ofAstrology, 615:as initiating his entrance into the world of souls, as conditioning his personality life and asAstrology, 650:kingdom - Mercury and Saturn The kingdom of souls - Neptune and Uranus Synthesizing these five -Astrology, 663:of the Sun of Wisdom. The leader and evocator of souls. One with the Sun." (Vol. II, 31) "MercuryAutobiography, 7:profound interest in themselves and in their souls and all the intricacies of related experiencesAutobiography, 33:myself up to express this concern for the souls of strangers. Apart from the fact that my aunt andAutobiography, 34:who were Christians and worked hard to save souls and those who were heathen and bowed down toAutobiography, 41:La Trobe-Bateman and where I wrestled with the souls of my contemporaries in order to get themAutobiography, 41:to get them saved. I was very good at saving souls, but I wonder now - from the angle of moreAutobiography, 43:them after doing what I could to save their souls. I had a really deep knowledge of the Bible, goodAutobiography, 45:firm determination that I was going to save lost souls, I set about doing something which IAutobiography, 54:the Scriptures and plead with the men for their souls' salvation. I had to learn all aspects of theAutobiography, 58:my superiors that I had quite a flair for saving souls and I made such a good record that MissAutobiography, 59:saying nothing. We all worked so hard to save souls and she looked on and wished us success andAutobiography, 60:our Father and that, under God's great Plan, all souls eventually find their way back to [61] Him.Autobiography, 75:meetings, talking to the soldiers about their souls or their families, visiting in the militaryAutobiography, 141:This posits an inscrutable God Who sends human souls into incarnation for one life and, accordingAutobiography, 179:of divinity and awareness of the kingdom of souls, or the kingdom of God. It is the mode of theAutobiography, 197:a school in which a student is taught that the souls of men are one. I would like to add, also,Autobiography, 197:about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of souls. These are but terms for the phrase used above,Autobiography, 209:Duke, because I want to talk to you about your souls." I sat up startled and pleased and at theAutobiography, 216:wrongly I always pointed out to them that their souls were their own and that they should acceptAutobiography, 269:and obstacles by the power of their own souls. They thus release some Master, now active in theAutobiography, 276:of the disciple: right relation to the world of souls and to the Hierarchy, and right relations toAutobiography, 281:School teaches the practical belief that the "souls of men are one." The Arcane School emphasizesAutobiography, 289:School IV. The Arcane School Teaches that the "Souls of Men are One" This truth grows normally outAutobiography, 289:a civilization based upon the belief that the "souls of men are One." Isolationism, insularity andAutobiography, 290:Its students are taught to realize that the souls of men are one and to try and live in the powerAutobiography, 290:upon which he is asked to pattern his life: "The souls of men are one and I am one with them. IAutobiography, 292:we undeviatingly believe it to be so) that the "souls of men are One," then we hold that theAutobiography, 293:The man whose fixed mental belief is that "the souls of men are One" will find himself forced toBethlehem, 12:become in some peculiar way the drama of those souls who are ready, then we shall see theBethlehem, 28:This world is the kingdom of God, the world of souls, and - when manifested - is that expressionBethlehem, 38:is a part of our individual consciousness as souls, it remains a myth. It can become a fact - theBethlehem, 57:it, He comes forth for the saving of the souls of men. [58] Krishna in ancient India proclaimedBethlehem, 69:at its very heart, Christ meets, transfigured, souls He calls apart." In this cave of initiation,Bethlehem, 79:our lives in such a way that we can live as souls, giving due time to the culture of our souls, yetBethlehem, 79:as souls, giving due time to the culture of our souls, yet at the same time preserving a sense ofBethlehem, 83:includes the union of the Logos with pious souls, in whom He is well-pleased. In each of them aBethlehem, 111:emerges ever more clearly. The great souls are always lonely souls. They tread uncompanioned theBethlehem, 111:more clearly. The great souls are always lonely souls. They tread uncompanioned the most difficultBethlehem, 112:a soul. The world is full of spirits, of souls. The myths speak of them. Who invented these myths?Bethlehem, 114:In this He clarified the issue and did what all souls can do. Herein, as I have earlier pointedBethlehem, 117:those who are beginning to live consciously as souls, and who can therefore be trusted to see theBethlehem, 120:The temptations which come to the advanced souls in the world are most subtle. The use of divineBethlehem, 120:to an attribute of itself. When we live as souls, when our inner life is oriented to God, notBethlehem, 123:the Bible are interpreted from the angle of the souls involved. Christ meets the devil on theBethlehem, 165:out before Him; the destiny of all pioneering souls climaxed in His experience, and He saw HimselfBethlehem, 183:to humanity and to the evolution of human souls. Clement of Alexandria tells us that "the path ofBethlehem, 183:Clement of Alexandria tells us that "the path of souls to ascension lies through the twelve signsBethlehem, 187:of the world, (St. John, XVII, 16.) living as souls, released from the trammels and limitations ofBethlehem, 211:Crucifixion upon Calvary to save our individual souls. Yet in His conversation with the repentantBethlehem, 222:back to the Father's home. This thirst for the souls of men forced Christ to open the door into theBethlehem, 259:the kingdom of God; this is the kingdom of souls, the kingdom of spiritual lives, and herein,Bethlehem, 269:coming from the soul and from the world of souls. The speech of the kingdom then becomes familiarBethlehem, 269:to us. We are in touch with those liberated souls who are functioning in that kingdom, and theBethlehem, 284:the qualities of the citizens of the kingdom of Souls: love, wisdom, silence, non-separativenessDestiny, 30:first ray. A large number of seventh ray egos or souls and also of men and women with seventh rayDestiny, 31:At this time there are a vast number of souls in incarnation whose personality rays are either theDestiny, 47:brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul. This will be recognized in theDestiny, 63:or races. Basically and fundamentally the souls, informing these nations or races, remain detachedDestiny, 63:identification with them until such time as such souls can function on earth. Until, therefore,Destiny, 72:in unison and which attract to themselves souls of a certain quality and keynote; there is aDestiny, 117:aspect as well. Changes in the type of egos or souls which will take incarnation during anyDestiny, 117:coming to an end, the bulk of the incarnating souls were predominantly sixth ray in quality, so weDestiny, 124:the fourth kingdom, through its incarnating souls, has undertaken. The radiation from the fourthDestiny, 139:of the Gods (that is, of the Hierarchy of souls), carries always the message of love and sets up anDiscipleship1, XI:under the influence and the control of their own souls and are, therefore, mentally focused andDiscipleship1, XIII:Upon one or other of these seven Rays, the souls of all forms of life are to be found as well asDiscipleship1, XV:is the Kingdom of God on earth or the kingdom of souls. It is precipitating on earth and will beDiscipleship1, 7:This you must do in the freedom of your own souls and through the power of [8] your own intellects.Discipleship1, 9:not to us, the teachers on the inner side. As souls you are of vital moment. Each disciple in theDiscipleship1, 9:as hindrances to others in the group. But, as souls, such [10] disciples are somewhat awakened andDiscipleship1, 10:So it is with all of you in my group. As souls, I cherish you and seek to aid and lift, to expandDiscipleship1, 12:the soul knows itself to be one with all souls) must work out in some form of group activity. This
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