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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOULS

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Patanjali, 45:particular cycle. Again there are those gentle souls whose will may be regarded as characterized byPatanjali, 49:the soul of the atom of matter as well as the souls of men are a part of His infinite realization.Patanjali, 51:Hindu Trimurti. The soul of all things Atoms and souls are synonymous terms. The All-Self The sumPatanjali, 52:the climax by the occult Hierarchy whereby souls receive a stimulation and vitalization whichPatanjali, 91:that forms are diverse and many, but that all souls are identical with the Oversoul. The completePatanjali, 91:a pearl, a man or an angel) would reveal all souls upon the ladder of evolution. And the process isPatanjali, 94:the medium of his own soul, he finds that all souls are one and can put himself with ease in thePatanjali, 148:transcendental those forms may be. Only those souls who have attained the highest initiation andPatanjali, 250:substance. Realization of oneness with all souls, subhuman, human, and superhuman. GroupPatanjali, 300:the home of the Masters, and all liberated souls whose "food is contemplation" and whose lives arePatanjali, 358:all, and the oneness of his soul with all other souls. He has to find God in his own heart and inPatanjali, 427:omnipresence or that his soul is one with all souls and part therefore of the one essential unity,Problems, 63:and culture an ability to function as souls, not only in the two worlds of instinctual andProblems, 93:they look toward the future, tired to their very souls of fighting and quarreling, weary of theProblems, 122:open to pilgrims and all such pilgrims, all souls, find their way eventually into the Father'sProblems, 139:techniques, can relinquish authority over the souls of men (which she has never truly had) and canPsychology1Vol. I., page 80. (Third Edition) Three Souls, One Man Three souls which make up one soul: first,Psychology180. (Third Edition) Three Souls, One Man Three souls which make up one soul: first, to wit, A soulPsychology1to Him. What Does, what Knows, what Is; three souls, one man. - Death in the Desert by RobertPsychology1, xxii:in the proem of The Secret Doctrine, that "All Souls are one with the Oversoul." We shall, from thePsychology1, xxv:to warrant its investigation. The words "All souls are one with the Oversoul" may and do, IPsychology1, xxv:us a dramatic picture of the progress of those souls who are carried in or out of manifestation byPsychology1, 7:the light," as it is called, the seven types of souls. It is with these seven that we shall deal.Psychology1, 7:realm of reality. It is with the seven groups of souls (or soul energies) that we shall deal, andPsychology1, 10:One - I. Introductory Remarks Those strong souls who consciously and knowingly enter into thePsychology1, 10:Path. It is applied because the aspirants own souls so ordained it, prior to incarnation, and itPsychology1, 11:incarnation, and it [11] was the will of their souls that a certain measure of growth, hithertoPsychology1, 19:and to the guiding Hierarchy and the world of souls. The seven ray types must be dealt withPsychology1, 56:quality. When there is the union of the three souls, so called, we have a human being. Thus in manPsychology1, 59:until such time as their rapport with their own souls is complete, or more complete than is now thePsychology1, 60:They are therefore the sum total of all the souls within the solar system, and Their activityPsychology1, 64:Will that breaks into the Garden The Ravisher of Souls The Finger of God The Breath that blasts ThePsychology1, 67:the circle of the solar system, all forms, all souls, all lives revolve. Let each son of God enterPsychology1, 77:and found their place in prison." On that day souls [78] were born. A new kingdom of expressionPsychology1, 109:which emanate from the transmitters own souls and from the realm of the subconscious, you havePsychology1, 110:and as willing (more or less) to try to live as souls, and to use as much of the imparted teachingPsychology1, 112:group endeavor. We are training men to live as souls and not as children to be nursed and cared forPsychology1, 112:a protected nursery run by rules and orders. As souls, men derive their life from the ocean of thePsychology1, 115:must do in the light and strength of their own souls. We who teach would break a law and hinderPsychology1, 116:in time and space, and to know that we work with souls and do not nurse the personality. Seems thisPsychology1, 118:for an outpouring of wisdom from the world of souls through the hundreds who are in touch withPsychology1, 118:the hundreds who are in touch with their own souls; there will also be much emanating from thePsychology1, 129:qualities are developed and expressed. Certain souls, by their ray destiny, are found in certainPsychology1, 136:grounded in the universal mind, all possessing souls, and all presenting aspects of the divinePsychology1, 191:to every other solar angel in the kingdom of souls. Each is animated by the energies coming fromPsychology1, 213:- V The Kingdom of Men. - IV The Kingdom of Souls. - III The Kingdom of Planetary Lives. - II ThePsychology1, 217:Concrete Knowledge Intellect. [217] 5. Egoic or Souls V. Concrete Knowledge Personality. II.Psychology1, 220:school of human existence the kingdom of souls draws sustenance and vitality, and in thePsychology1, 236:kingdom. The basic purpose - the kingdom of souls. Note also the correlation of ideas which can bePsychology1, 239:or of the double breath. [239] The kingdom of souls - The secret of the golden rose of light. ThePsychology1, 244:their practical usefulness. In the kingdom of souls, ray four will complete the work of the nextPsychology1, 245:kingdom - Mercury and Saturn. The kingdom of souls - Neptune and Uranus. Synthesizing these five -Psychology1, 247:between the vegetable kingdom and the kingdom of souls is found along the second ray. Ray two isPsychology1, 272:births wherein to assimilate experience. Those souls who are unevolved come into incarnation withPsychology1, 272:come into incarnation with rapidity; but older souls need longer periods wherein to garner thePsychology1, 272:are alive on the physical plane, and it is these souls who can be brought prematurely intoPsychology1, 272:through the deliberate choice of their conscious souls. I shall divide what I have to say into fourPsychology1, 276:and wonderfully a fact. That there are advanced souls whose life is divorced from the animal naturePsychology1, 278:I do not refer to any doctrine of twin souls, or to any perversion of reality, as ordinarilyPsychology1, 278:succumb to the impulse, or strong experimenting souls fall victim to their own lower natures, andPsychology1, 287:are found, the right conditions exist in which souls can be provided with the needed forms in whichPsychology1, 297:prior to any fulfilment of the sex urge, and souls will be attracted to their parents by thePsychology1, 297:upon the offering of opportunity for incoming souls, then we shall indeed see a restoration of thePsychology1, 300:There is no sex, as we understand it, where souls are concerned; it is only in the form life thatPsychology1, 300:the general public must be educated, is that all souls incarnate and reincarnate under the Law ofPsychology1, 304:race than the proffering of bodies to incoming souls, and the giving of attention and educationalPsychology1, 304:of attention and educational facilities to those souls within the home limits. But the wholePsychology1, 306:of marriage and of the manifestation of souls in form supersede the present wrong grouping ofPsychology1, 316:Monad, with seven egoic groups, within which all souls (in incarnation and out of incarnation) findPsychology1, 316:racial forms through which the seven groups of souls cyclically express themselves. All souls workPsychology1, 316:of souls cyclically express themselves. All souls work out their destiny in all races, but certainPsychology1, 316:Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will. 1st ray souls. In the 7th root-race. Perfection of Plan.Psychology1, 316:and 7th subraces. Ray II. Love-Wisdom. 2nd ray souls. In the 6th root-race. Perfected Intuition.Psychology1, 316:and 6th subraces. Ray III. Intelligence. 3rd ray souls. In the 5th root-race. Aryan race. PerfectedPsychology1, 317:and 5th subraces. [317] Ray IV. Harmony. 4th ray souls. In the 4th root-race. Atlantean race.Psychology1, 317:4th and 6th subraces. Ray V. Knowledge. 5th ray souls. In the 3rd root-race. Lemurian. PerfectedPsychology1, 317:5th and 3rd subraces. Ray VI. Devotion. 6th ray souls. In the 2nd root-race. 6th and 2nd subraces.Psychology1, 317:2nd subraces. Ray VII. Ceremonial Magic. 7th ray souls. In the 1st root-race. 7th and 1st subraces.Psychology1, 320:round, the dominant evolution will be that of souls on the astral level, and the deva kingdom.Psychology1, 322:before and the one after his own. The kingdom of souls - Intuition. The human kingdom - Intellect.Psychology1, 325:attention is in the soul and in the world of souls. Their attention is not directed towards thePsychology1, 327:a symbol of translation. In the last analysis, souls pass from caste to caste as they "translate"Psychology1, 330:belong to the world of forces, but are awakened souls whose consciousness is being integrated intoPsychology1, 342:yet to be found, except among the few illumined souls in every nation, - in every nation, I say,Psychology1, 353:again as do all the races. By this process the souls which have profited by the experience duringPsychology1, 354:Who, during any race, reach the goal which Their souls have set. The reader must remember that thePsychology1, 362:a narrowness that is needed to safeguard infant souls. The seventh ray will release the developedPsychology1, 362:The seventh ray will release the developed souls from the nursery stage and inaugurate thatPsychology1, 367:of their task committed to them by their own souls, working under the inspiration of those greatPsychology1, 367:the inspiration of those great and liberated souls we call the Masters of the Wisdom, but there isPsychology1, 378:It controls the cyclic or "tidal" life of all souls who are carried by the great river of life - onPsychology1, 380:brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul, in the racial consciousness, asPsychology1, 402:confine our attention to the seven groups of souls found upon one or other of the seven rays orPsychology1, 403:path of initiation. Each of the seven groups of souls is responsive to one of the seven types ofPsychology1, 405:the dominant ray influences of the kingdom of souls, the fifth kingdom. These are: Ray five -Psychology1, 406:and causes a detachment from the group of souls of [407] which the personality is anPsychology1, 407:THE SEVEN LAWS OF EGOIC LIFE THE FIVE GROUPS OF SOULS RULES FOR INDUCING SOUL CONTROL [411] Psychology1, 413:Ray 5 - Intellect. [413] The Kingdom of Souls Ray 5 - Personality. Ray 2 - Intuition. The PlanetaryPsychology1, 425:kingdom. The basic purpose - the kingdom of souls. All of this is from the standpoint ofPsychology1, 429:Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will. 1st ray souls. In the 7th root-race. Perfection of Plan.
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