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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUNDING

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Bethlehem, 45:the footsteps of the Savior, serving the race, sounding the needed note, and helping others toDiscipleship1, 107:and that [107] perhaps is much. Its note is sounding and its influence is being organized. It willDiscipleship1, 165:impact upon the public consciousness, by the sounding and the emphasizing of some one clear note.Discipleship1, 304:particulars: The breathing exercise. The sounding of the A. U. M. See before your mind's eye theDiscipleship1, 405:and (from that point on) let the soul respond by sounding the O.M. three times as it "takesDiscipleship1, 495:(as you do so) to call upon the soul. This sounding of the O. M. is directed upward from you, theDiscipleship1, 551:of the individual was aided. Now a new note is sounding forth - the note of growth through theDiscipleship1, 674:higher and lower. Radiation, resulting in a sounding forth. Respiration, resulting in creativeDiscipleship2, 63:massed use of the Great Invocation. The clear sounding of the invocative, though inchoate, [64] cryDiscipleship2, 143:of alignment (still most necessary), upon the sounding of the 0M, with its power to clarify theDiscipleship2, 418:both in its individual, tonic and orchestral sounding forth, carries information and illuminationDiscipleship2, 547:stabilization of the light appropriated by the sounding of the OM. Seek not to use the lightDiscipleship2, 547:pass around the clock of time look for the sounding of the hour. What hour is that? As the minutesDiscipleship2, 557:happen if you really acted as if the soul were sounding the 0M? If you are truly thinking as if theDiscipleship2, 557:this life and the next. Say the new Invocation, sounding the OM after each stanza. [558] Sound theDiscipleship2, 639:into the Ashram. Say the New Invocation, sounding the OM after each stanza. Close your meditationDiscipleship2, 744:visualization exercise. Rapid alignment and the sounding of the OM three times. Focusing theExternalisation, 4:the uncontrolled and ignorant, and warrant the sounding of a note of warning and of caution. AExternalisation, 312:plane. This involves individual activity, the sounding out of a clear note, based on clear mentalExternalisation, 406:of some form of a new religion and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilization andFire, 18:the seven groups purushic, each vibrant to the sounding of the Word, seeking the adding of theFire, 190:effect of the Sacred Word as it is in process of sounding forth. As it reverberates throughout theFire, 218:form-building aspect. By its correct or partial sounding, by its complete or incompleteFire, 318:triple vibration of spirit-matter-intelligence, sounding as the threefold Sacred Word, orFire, 422:The vibration which occultly accompanies the sounding of the words "I am That" by the units on theFire, 422:to make itself felt. Units here and there are sounding it forth by their lives, and are thusFire, 422:cruder, coarser one of "I am." The time for the sounding of the final mantric phrase by orderedFire, 495:note of substance itself, and it is largely the sounding of the note combinations, based on thisFire, 495:through volcanic action. Every volcano is sounding forth this note, and, for those who can see, theFire, 496:with other of nature's notes, and by its due sounding forth in different keys and combinations willFire, 523:the chord of at-one-ment which is that which is sounding forth now. The three aspects of Spirit asFire, 748:His way, sweeping the circle of the spheres, and sounding forth the WORD. * * * From the nadir toFire, 771:the Silent Watcher. As the solar Angels continue sounding out the mantram, which is the basis ofFire, 779:energy to the three permanent atoms. In the dual sounding of the egoic mantram by the lowest of theFire, 781:by the fifth, or the dominant. The simultaneous sounding of the third and the fifth, basing it uponFire, 923:center. These transmitters likewise can be heard sounding forth the Word with particular force andFire, 936:It is awakened into a specific activity by the sounding of the physical plane word, and it is builtFire, 941:first three stages of the egoic work are: The sounding of the appropriate note, which note isFire, 1001:on the mental plane. He (synchronously with this sounding) visualizes the proposed thought formFire, 1012:student food for thought. In meditation, by the sounding of the word, the student awakens responseGlamour, 187:simple form. They have no ability for [187] high sounding theological discussions, but they doGlamour, 231:of the sphere of light thus created. The sounding of OM indicates both the fusion and the sphere ofGlamour, 239:The searchlight of the soul is shut off. The sounding of the OM individually and aloud by eachHealing, 10:ills of the flesh, are they not frequently high sounding phrases, embodying an ideal, and basedHealing, 131:the sound of the AUM knows himself. He who lives sounding the OM knows his brother. He who knowsHealing, 131:the shell is not. "He who is the Sound and sounding forth knows not disease, knows not the hand ofHealing, 131:and the establishing of right relation by right sounding forth of the attractive note of the soul,Healing, 361:them or else they are but an empty symbol and a sounding cymbal. Forget this not. Healing, 531:is lost amidst a mist of words and high-sounding affirmations. The sincerity of the majority ofHercules, 205:events. The very need of the hour calls for the sounding of a clear note and to the newly emergingHercules, 205:mystic and knower is given the task of this sounding. "What we find in the mystic is an intensifiedInitiation, 151:When the Logos, for instance, finishes the sounding of the sacred AUM, and the vibration ceases,Initiation, 154:and is practically the only note heard. By the sounding of this note, - that of Shiva theInitiation, 158:instance, an initiate of the third degree, in sounding the Word of his degree, affects the matterInitiation, 159:producing the solar system; of a Planetary Logos sounding his planetary Word, and producing aInitiation, 199:and conditions for its use wisely arranged. The sounding [200] of the Word, and its effect upon aIntellect, 97:us to higher and more unselfish living, and sounding a quick note of warning when there isIntellect, 245:by patting them on the back and pronouncing high sounding but inane platitudes. He would improveMagic, 75:"When fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding the threefold word, there comes response.Magic, 127:accustom themselves to work in this manner, sounding the word audibly and with much frequency atMagic, 147:Each of us is really a reiterated word, sounding in time and space.) Later, when the vibration ofMagic, 220:and lower. Rule 3 - Radiation, resulting in a sounding forth. Rule 4 - Respiration, resulting inMagic, 298:It lies in what is called cosmic Evil - a high sounding phrase, conveying little. It is inherent inMagic, 400:His imprint upon all forms and His note sounding forth through every channel of communicationMagic, 622:work. Hence the present call to service which is sounding like a trumpet in the ear of allMeditation, 20:whole life, therefore, may be given over to the sounding of a particular note and to theMeditation, 52:of the Word in meditation. In the great original sounding forth of the Sacred Word (the threeMeditation, 52:of the First Breath, the culmination, was the sounding forth, in note majestic, of the note FA, -Meditation, 54:Word in Meditation The seven Great Breaths In sounding forth the Sacred Word in its sevenfoldMeditation, 56:the watery aspect of the logoic life. At the sounding of the seventh subtone crystallizationMeditation, 57:is seen the liberation of spirit. So, in the sounding of the Sacred Word in its sevenfold sense,Meditation, 58:plane or the plane of harmony. Therefore, in the sounding of the Sacred Word in meditation manMeditation, 58:Sacred Word in meditation man should (if rightly sounding it forth) be able to do both the creativeMeditation, 67:created by the individual, and by the group, in sounding forth the Word will be recorded and noted.Meditation, 68:whose work it will be to study reaction to the sounding of the Word, to record and tabulate theMeditation, 70:upon the centers and the result upon them of the sounding of the Word. The Seven Centers and theMeditation, 163:is manipulated, and its current tapped, by the sounding of certain words in a specific manner, andMeditation, 163:ends. Great events are inaugurated by the sounding of their key note with appropriate wordsMeditation, 165:the units gathered on those rays. The effect of sounding it by the student of meditation isMeditation, 180:Plane or the Lord of a Solar System Himself. The sounding of these Words, the ascent through gradedMeditation, 189:faculty of occult meditation, for it is not the sounding of the words alone that bring about theMeditation, 194:can be grouped under three heads: The united sounding of the Sacred Word. This is one of the mostMeditation, 195:must learn to imagine more. The united sounding of certain mantrams which will be employed forMeditation, 210:and is the effect produced by the esoteric sounding of the occult words "Our God is a consumingMeditation, 293:from his heart. It will not be evoked by the sounding of the Sacred Word, which Word when soundedMeditation, 293:Master has been contacted, and has responded by sounding the tone of the man's own Ego. This isMeditation, 294:utilizing it. This is not easy at first, as the sounding is both unlooked for and too brief toPatanjali(or OM). This is the Pranava. 28. Through the sounding of the Word and through reflection upon itsPatanjali, 58:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 28. Through the sounding of the Word and through reflection uponPatanjali, 58:the inference is clear. The expression "the sounding of the Word" must not be too literallyPatanjali, 58:not be too literally interpreted; the esoteric "sounding forth" is based upon a study of the Law ofPatanjali, 59:can become an accepted disciple. The process of sounding the Word is dual, as is emphasized here.Patanjali, 59:in incarnation, the shadow or reflection. This "sounding forth" has to be constantly repeated. ThePatanjali, 59:of the processes outlined. In the case of the sounding forth of the Word we have the followingPatanjali, 80:and of sound, through a consideration of the sounding board of the mouth and the method wherebyPatanjali, 226:of a new rate of vibration on the lower, the sounding forth of a new note, emanating from the innerPatanjali, 268:the soul of that object is as yet capable of sounding. The particular range of qualities out ofPatanjali, 305:that already in all men they sound, and through sounding attract and consequently produce a form.Problems, 149:of some aspect of a new world faith and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilizationPsychology1, 75:the secret place. The form is there. Its note is sounding forth. A beam of light illuminates the
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