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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUNDS

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Astrology, 335:along the lines here designated. Simple as it sounds when stated, the most fundamental point forAutobiography, 21:loneliness, exceedingly introspective (which sounds better than self-centered) and convinced thatBethlehem, 52:the Sound which will obliterate all other sounds, they will, as a group, record the new Word whichBethlehem, 117:deep-hidden by the veiling form, only distorted sounds will issue forth, and the Word will not beBethlehem, 118:lower nature; it is upon the mind that the Word sounds forth, carrying illumination and insight,Bethlehem, 239:Always some have done so, and their note sounds forth, strengthening our belief, endorsing ourBethlehem, 269:so emptied of all intelligent thought that the sounds, the ideas and the suggestions of the worldDiscipleship1, 15:upon our consciousness, that the vibrations and sounds coming from the subjective and spiritualDiscipleship1, 265:forth that call and clearer day by day it sounds. The glamor holds me not. The Path of LightDiscipleship1, 313:after. He thus, in action, waits." "A voice sounds forth: My brother, close the door, for each mustDiscipleship1, 486:very real success of your spiritual effort. That sounds a paradoxical thing to say, does it not?Discipleship1, 604:much thought and work of a personal intent. This sounds simple and almost elementary but if youDiscipleship1, 626:tower, whilst all the time the call of the heart sounds throughout your being and in your ears. YetDiscipleship1, 675:has twice sounded from out the world of form sounds now within the heart. The challenge comes:Discipleship1, 675:dark and lonely; cold is it and a place of many sounds and voices. The voices of the many sons ofDiscipleship1, 676:is overturned; the way stands clear. The word sounds clear within the head and not within theDiscipleship1, 679:and halt me in my tracks. The thunder of the sounds of earth shuts out the voice of God. I turn meDiscipleship2, 40:There will also come the cessation of the "great sounds of the material aspects" - the sounds ofDiscipleship2, 40:the "great sounds of the material aspects" - the sounds of war, the noise of explosion, and the cryDiscipleship2, 283:this is that this formula has been preserved as sounds or (if I may use so ambiguous a phrase) asDiscipleship2, 283:can understand and you can grasp) of these great sounds or chords, massed together and interspersedDiscipleship2, 284:who uses this formula, creating the necessary sounds and enunciating the ancient words in due placeDiscipleship2, 359:the Will aspect." So this second hint runs. This sounds relatively simple and to be a rather triteDiscipleship2, 475:to Disciples - R.A.J. August 1942 The note sounds clear for you today, my chela and my friend. ItDiscipleship2, 505:ago, a "detached attachment" (paradoxical as it sounds) is the goal of the first ray workingDiscipleship2, 521:which is not at all easily understood. It sounds entirely contradictory but is not so at all. ItDiscipleship2, 630:truer insight. This will not be as easy as it sounds, because this next truth must relate the pastDiscipleship2, 763:which necessarily involves more intelligence and sounds out no call to pride. Few too dare trustEducation, 134:means will no longer be required. This sounds as yet [135] extremely vague and almost impossible,Education, 140:influence of the illumined educator. This all sounds to you necessarily peculiar and too abstractExternalisation, 145:only the soul can really employ these Words and sounds and thus produce the desired results whichExternalisation, 146:[146] hidden yet conveyed by the Words or sounds. These two activities must be carried onExternalisation, 246:situation, involving as it does sacrifice. This sounds harsh, but is a needed statement of fact.Externalisation, 533:AUM is composed of one major Sound, three minor sounds, and seven subsidiary vibratory tones. So itExternalisation, 648:it reached to spheres usually impervious to the sounds of earth; the Avatar of Synthesis was calledFire, 24:Within the Ring-pass-not the Word of Love sounds forth. The sevenfold Lords proceed with justFire, 25:and the Curse of the Asuras, shatter when sounds the Sacred Word within a point in time. The lifeFire, 25:The Now evolves the life. The Day that is to be sounds forth the Word of Power. The form perfectedFire, 189:Higher clairaudience. Comprehension (of four sounds) Beatitude. The Second Sense - Touch orFire, 191:clairaudience, and means the ability to hear the sounds of the astral plane. It is a faculty thatFire, 191:plane hears at the same time a certain range of sounds, and only a small and particular gamut ofFire, 191:upon his ears. There are many of the lesser sounds of nature which entirely escape him, while theFire, 191:which entirely escape him, while the major group sounds are not differentiated at all. As evolutionFire, 191:becomes acute, these other physical plane sounds will likewise swing into his ken, and he will beFire, 191:his ken, and he will be acutely conscious of all sounds on the astral, and the physical plane - aFire, 216:before, this is the Law swept into action by the sounds as uttered by the Logos. The Sacred Word,Fire, 217:of a subsidiary phrase, consisting of various sounds. One letter, with a sequence of four sounds,Fire, 217:sounds. One letter, with a sequence of four sounds, makes up the vibration or note of Brahma, whichFire, 218:of nine letters, making therefore the twenty-one sounds (5 + 7 + 9) of this solar system. The finalFire, 218:(5 + 7 + 9) of this solar system. The final nine sounds produce spiritual synthesis, and theFire, 448:borne in mind. Finally. Certain Words or Mantric Sounds, 51 which - [449] uttered by a greater LifeFire, 449:Well may Isis Unveiled (p. 514) tell us that 'sounds and colors' are all spiritual numerals; nor isFire, 452:assistance can be given by the one who sees and sounds. Think this out, for it holds the key to theFire, 452:of purpose must all three exist before the sounds can be imparted. Selflessness and sincerity areFire, 482:conscious control, knowledge of the protective sounds and formulas, and pure altruistic endeavor.Fire, 494:having lost the Words, the formulas, and the sounds. This is the consequence of undue success inFire, 494:province. This knowledge of formulas and sounds can be comparatively [495] easily acquired when manFire, 495:of nature has its note or tone, and the mantric sounds, which concern any transmutative processFire, 496:in stimulation and vitalization, Through mantric sounds he will find the secret of atomic energy,Fire, 574:path of involution, the seven great Breaths or Sounds drove to the atomic subplane of each plane,Fire, 625:the lower centers so that the note of the higher sounds out, and the lower produces only harmony.Fire, 640:but that of incantation, and a knowledge of the sounds that will swing into action forces whichFire, 666:reverses the process and sees colors and hears sounds. A hint lies here as to the necessity forFire, 668:inner hearing, it will be apparent why mantric sounds and balanced modulations are the method ofFire, 668:etheric bodies of their enemies, and by means of sounds affect deva substance, thus producing theFire, 772:work, the lunar Pitris respond [772] to certain sounds in that mantram (not to all by any means atFire, 772:by any means at first) and gather out of those sounds the formula under which their work mustFire, 772:therefore grow more complicated, and the sounds on which they are based become more numerous. InFire, 772:and the lunar Pitris respond no more to the sounds or mantrams chanted on the mental plane. This isFire, 772:true Mayavirupa be constructed; the Master then sounds the mantram for Himself, and builds withoutFire, 776:causal body of the Ego concerned. The mantric sounds are therefore based on these figures, andFire, 776:(which grows in volume, depth and number of sounds involved as time elapses) the force is directed,Fire, 795:achievement and knowledge of the necessary sounds and mantrams, and thus much evil will be offset.Fire, 838:Eye can take cognizance of.' Science will Hear sounds from certain planets before she Sees them.Fire, 887:is later supplemented by the life of the One Who sounds the Word. Thus is the cosmic incarnationFire, 909:of men, and their unbalanced development, the sounds of earth, such as those of the great cities,Fire, 919:into activity as the Word of the physical plane sounds forth. The "Transmitters of the Word" uponFire, 928:two parts of the physical vehicle. 85 Mantric Sounds. A mantram is a combination of sounds, ofFire, 928:85 Mantric Sounds. A mantram is a combination of sounds, of words and of phrases that, throughFire, 937:a "shadow" is expressed in the words "The Ego sounds his note." He utters his voice, and (as in theFire, 943:which streams are set in motion when the Ego sounds his note. It must be remembered that in more orFire, 952:and place as builders, and of the words and sounds whereby they are directed and controlled. WhenFire, 1001:and broods over the imparted plans. He then sounds the Sacred Word, taking up the note of the EgoFire, 1003:results through the pronouncement of certain sounds. They did not achieve their ends through mentalFire, 1015:a knowledge of certain formulas, and until these sounds and mantrams are imparted and known, it isFire, 1016:and his creation. This formula is based on the sounds connected with air as well, for it is throughFire, 1086:of high [1086] degree know the forty-nine sounds which give the quality of the consciousness aspectFire, 1188:A phrase. Phrases. Sentences. Speech. The myriad sounds of nature. Each of these terms can beFire, 1251:superimposed. But this is not the easy thing it sounds, for it involves an identification atFire, 1268:seeks to utter forth the second Word. But, as He sounds it forth, He arrests its wide vibration,Fire, 1269:great path, yet knows it not. The note that sounds forth from that first great WAY is yet unheardFire, 1277:breaks then the silence. He utters the four deep sounds which cause the scale again to drop withinFire, 1281:Word go forth as the aeons pass away; That which sounds forth the triple cyclic AUM, reserving yetGlamour, 234:group work is ended, each member of the group sounds the OM alone, saying: "So let it be, and helpGlamour, 260:symphony; as the centuries slip away, all these sounds slowly unite and are resolved into eachGlamour, 262:OM. When, for instance, a disciple in meditation sounds the OM seven times, it is the equivalent ofGlamour, 264:of glamor. The overcoming of maya. It sounds fairly simple and easy of accomplishment as theHealing, 377:of those who can see phenomena and hear sounds which lie outside the range of the tangible. You sayHealing, 469:and fit into the greater Plan. And then a Word sounds forth. The descended, radiating point ofHealing, 471:the time of death, speech fades out as the Word sounds forth and restitution is enforced; later,
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