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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUNDS

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Patanjali, 337:Yoga, however, there are three main voices or sounds with which he is temporarily concerned: ThePatanjali, 338:all nature. When speech is rightly used and the sounds of earth can likewise be stilled, then thePatanjali, 360:goal. At every stage of the path, the injunction sounds forth: "Forgetting the things which arePatanjali, 423:The equally clear command of Krishna to Arjuna sounds out also: "Having regard to thy duty, deignProblems, 5:facilities of the airplane. The uncouth sounds and the limited vocabulary of the savage races havePsychology1, 24:emanating from it produces that combination of sounds, colors and word music that expresses -Psychology1, 63:along the line of fiery essence, and when it sounds within the circle of the human lives it takesPsychology1, 72:into the shades, which in their turn produce the sounds. Thus all are seen as one. Quality - thePsychology1, 84:temple door stayed shut. As time went on, the sounds of life were heard. The door was opened, andPsychology1, 98:which are not of this physical world; they hear sounds and voices which emanate from those who arePsychology1, 125:certain things in this way. By definite musical sounds, which will cause vibrations in the ethers,Psychology1, 126:and clairaudiently find that all matter sounds, all matter pulsates, and all matter has its ownPsychology1, 127:some one color predominates, and some one tone sounds forth; infinite are the gradations and manyPsychology1, 268:clearly in the present welter of discordant sounds, of conflicting views, and of varying ideas. ItPsychology2, 46:and be as one. With twelve clear notes, the hour sounds forth, and then the two are one. The AngelPsychology2, 133:dire creator of misery) and is the silence that sounds. It would be well to ponder on these lastPsychology2, 168:and draw me, and with the sources of these sounds I seek to work. I seek to paint and blend thePsychology2, 168:a chord of sound which drove the Mixer of sweet sounds to quiet. His sounds died out within thePsychology2, 168:drove the Mixer of sweet sounds to quiet. His sounds died out within the Sound and only the greatPsychology2, 171:a dream of' beauty, and to harmonize the many sounds. Achievement lacks. Naught but my failure canPsychology2, 482:or to differentiate between the various sounds, voices and so-called inspired indications whichPsychology2, 500:dreams which are a recovery of the sights and sounds encountered in the hours of sleep upon thePsychology2, 501:of a window in any environment. These sights and sounds will often be dependent upon the wish-lifePsychology2, 189:Higher clairaudience. Comprehension (of four sounds) Beatitude. The Second Sense - Touch orRays, 10:work, my brothers, the understanding of the sounds of all beings, and the ability to speak theRays, 21:turn his attention to the enunciating of those sounds which echo in the hall where walks theRays, 53:Place of the Most High when all other Words and sounds have failed. It is not a triple sound as isRays, 55:and breathes it forth in His turn in three great Sounds which make one Sound on His Own plane ofRays, 63:possible the activity of the initiate as he sounds out his three demands. The "dominant fifth ofRays, 64:why, we are told, that the first great demand "sounds forth within the world of God's ideas andRays, 65:demand has in it a different implication, and sounds forth, we are told, "through the fires." InRays, 80:understood today. I would have you note that the sounds which compose the word "Shamballa" areRays, 136:turn his attention to the enunciating of those sounds which echo in the hall where walks theRays, 137:an individual and is told to give forth "those sounds" which will be heard by the Master in HisRays, 137:Word must be enunciated; this is not a medley of sounds, but is one clear Word of invocation. YouRays, 137:the disciple is occupied in resolving the many sounds into the Word; when he has done this, hisRays, 201:very center of the Council Chamber of Shamballa sounds forth all words, the Word, and He alsoRays, 243:in nature creates forms, produces color and sounds in harmonious relation, except the human; all ofRays, 398:our united evolution at stated times and cycles sounds out and reaches Those Who are waiting forRays, 504:point of definite use, it is not so simple as it sounds. Success in the building process isRays, 513:now upon the outer plane. The physical sound or sounds are therefore of relatively no importance.Rays, 514:form) something like this - Ukrtapklsti? Certain sounds in this word-form are omitted because thereRays, 763:of lower mind, and with ear intent hark to the sounds that rise to the throne of the Logos. OnlyRays, 763:hear, only the gentle can respond. The stormy sounds of all earth struggle, the shrill vibration ofRays, 766:after and thus - in action - waits. A Voice sounds forth: My brother, close that door, for [767]Telepathy, 53:perception is developed as it surely can be. The sounds and sights of the heavenly world (as theTelepathy, 54:[54] the higher initiate as are the sights and sounds of the physical plane as you contact it inTelepathy, 184:responsibility and relationships. This probably sounds entirely meaningless in relation to those
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