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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOURCE

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Fire, 229:of the Son, and His return to the far distant source from whence the primal impulse originated.Fire, 230:radiant glory - a blaze of fire and light, and a source of magnetic radiation or heat, occultlyFire, 234:through seven principles, which are the source of His essential unity with all other Heavenly Men.Fire, 235:by the Heavenly Man, Who is his originating source. Thus we have: THE LOGOS Father-Spirit -Fire, 237:application to search for the discovery of the source of life, and in his strenuous endeavor toFire, 238:that men are forced seemingly to predicate a source of energy, of life, of intelligence, and toFire, 255:back to the contemplation of fire, the basis and source of all life. 3 These Heavenly Men are: TheFire, 258:at in the Secret Doctrine. These find their source on cosmic buddhic levels. It is their unitedFire, 260:controlled and utilized - he will discover the source of the initial impulse from extra-systemicFire, 271:Just as a human being has an originating source, the Monad, and a semi-permanent vehicle, theFire, 271:is not one) so a Heavenly Man has an originating source, His Monad, a semi-permanent body on theFire, 271:astral and the physical. A Heavenly Man has His source outside the solar system (as man outside theFire, 294:each case which represents the highest spiritual Source, and which is recognized as the same inFire, 297:Man Who embodies this principle and is the source of generative heat to His Brothers, must beFire, 297:the logoic solar plexus finds His manifesting source on the fourth etheric. This Heavenly Man, withFire, 305:in mind, and thus becoming like unto his monadic source, a Heavenly Man. A Heavenly Man hasFire, 315:as heat and magnetic interaction and is the source of all vital growth; at the achievement of theFire, 322:to the quality of the etheric display, and its source. Repulsion to all bodies of similar vibratoryFire, 329:form, sound the basis of differentiation and the source of the evolutionary process, and color theFire, 345:be trodden by the Pilgrim on his way back to his source. This irradiation brings about, inFire, 347:merits attention. This fire of mind has its source in a constellation until recently unrecognizedFire, 347:distance away. The sun "Sirius" is the source of logoic manas in the same sense as the Pleiades areFire, 347:of force, apparently from an extraneous source, The Logos - Solar System - Sirius. Seven HeavenlyFire, 349:permitting of manasic influence from that source. 30, 31 Third, the third method ofFire, 355:of that set purpose. Man is the originating source of mind as regards the matter of his vehicles,Fire, 386:the remainder have returned to Their originating source. This in many ways sums up the totality ofFire, 393:up it might be expressed thus: The originating source of manasic activity in a solar system is thatFire, 393:totality, His seven centers. The originating source of manasic activity in the planetary schemes isFire, 393:through His seven centers. The originating source of the manasic principle in a planetary scheme isFire, 393:impelled to work out some purpose of His greater Source (THE ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID) HeFire, 394:His is the directing intelligence, and his the source of all action and endeavor within hisFire, 426:of the perfected monads into their emanating source in the seventh round. This will be marked byFire, 437:passes in ordered cycles from its originating source, the One Ray, or systemic Logos, to theFire, 445:responsible for man's very existence, and the source of his future hope. This seventh Ray (fifth)Fire, 460:under religious guise in different lands. The source of these enormities must be sought forFire, 503:more of the Monads are resolved back into their source it produces a gradual obscuration of theFire, 526:matter in terms of the Old Commentary from which source H.P.B. quoted so often: "The Blessed OnesFire, 543:the fire of mind blends with its emanating source, and the central life escapes. This is the greatFire, 543:would bear expansion, and would prove a fruitful source of study to the occult investigator.Fire, 553:as the logoic Higher Self, or His emanating source. This brings the solar system within theFire, 561:intelligent Existence as it shows itself in: Its source Its mission Its method Its objective. AllFire, 576:of the Monads in their seven groups. Love the source, and the Monad of love, the result. On theFire, 580:it is resolved into its primal monadic source, and the five lesser sheaths are destroyed. Later onFire, 591:to the Monad, from the Monad back again to its source. Fire, 592:imprisoned spirits may mount again towards their source. In an occult sense this law is for us theFire, 604:we call the Logos. 88 "...Agni, who is the source of all that gives light and heat. So that thereFire, 617:all that is included in that term. They are the source of his self-consciousness, and it is theirFire, 621:an entity, separated [621] from its originating source, yet energized by the vitality emanatingFire, 644:emanating from some conscious or unconscious source. Fourth, these "devas of the shadows," performFire, 649:Herein is found the mystery of present evil, the source of present distress, and the basis ofFire, 656:The subplanes of which they are the originating source bear the same relationship to them as theFire, 656:side of physical manifestation, and the source of the seven Breaths of the creative Logos on theFire, 693:to force emanations from another extra-systemic source. Some idea of the illusory character ofFire, 703:limitation. It then returns to its eternal Source plus the gain of its experiences and with theFire, 722:avatar is a Ray, emanated from a pure spiritual source, and that a self-conscious entity only earnsFire, 744:The energy which animates them and its source. Their appearance in time and space, or theirFire, 803:duality. An emanation must have its originating source, and heat is but the result of friction, andFire, 831:Logoi. The central Life electric returns to its source, escaping out of prison and functioning as aFire, 836:energy) return to the central Heart or to the source which breathed them out. This leaves theFire, 858:true, that the etheric centers are the source of man's psychic energy, and are therefore affectedFire, 868:following. That meditation is the pathway to the source of light, and that the hint dropped is theFire, 879:the "path of return" to their central emanating source; by the disruption of the tie between themFire, 947:together) form, from certain angles of vision, a source of very real danger to man. We might embodyFire, 973:of human beings are energized from no such high source, but find their active impulse emanatingFire, 984:doubt our word magic is mostly indebted to that source for its present existence and meaning. ThatFire, 989:- Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals b. The Source of Black Magic In touching upon this point,Fire, 1101:the body egoic. These lives find their emanating source on other levels than the systemic. TheseFire, 1125:center in the universe which is the emanating source of the mahatic principle; it is the focalFire, 1186:mutual interplay. Energies (Tabulation VII) Source Focal Point Medium Type of Energy Nature of FireFire, 1197:the prototypes of the Monads. They are the source of monadic Life, but They are not the Monads;Fire, 1199:are in realized contact with Their emanating source. We now take up for brief consideration twoFire, 1226:and the downpouring of a love which has its source in the Heart of the Solar Logos; this is itselfFire, 1232:to him the meaning of that revelation, the source of that illumination, and the essence of thatFire, 1243:manasic stimulation, for Sirius is the emanating source of manas. There the mystic must go andFire, 1247:I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes - Wise-compassion. Source - Constellation of the Dragon, via Libra.Fire, 1249:major centers of that great Existence Who is the source of the life of the solar Logos. This centerFire, 1252:Responsiveness to heat and knowledge of rhythm. Source - An unknown constellation via Gemini.Fire, 1253:ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID which is the source of conscious sensation. Therefore, they areFire, 1254:themselves energized from an analogous cosmic source. The adept on this third Path has a specificFire, 1255:Students may be surprised to know that the source of the peculiar cosmic energy which is foundFire, 1257:vision, deva hearing and psychic correlation. Source - Betelgeuse, via the sign Sagittarius.Fire, 1260:Attributes - cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss. Source - Sirius via the Sun which veils a zodiacalFire, 1262:save the one which reaches them from the cosmic source of the synthetic ray can touch them.Fire, 1262:be described as a sense of cosmic direction. The source of energy to which they respond may beFire, 1264:PATH Attributes - A sense of cosmic direction. Source - The Pole Star via Aquarius. Hierarchies -Fire, 1280:the highest Chohan, holdeth within Himself the source of cosmic action, and the gain of cosmicGlamour, 135:seek to make here is that the intuition is the source or the bestower of revelation. Through theGlamour, 138:therefore, personally in touch with the true source of divine wisdom. This, it is their function toGlamour, 152:members remain unconscious of the emanating source. Irritation definitely generates a poison whichGlamour, 182:that which is revealed wings its way back to the source from whence it came; some of it serves toGlamour, 183:routine of all secondary revelation from the Source to the outer plane. There the minds of men,Glamour, 188:the message direct from the central divine Source. He has joined the ranks of the Great IntuitivesGlamour, 217:worker endeavors to see and hear the soul - the source of light and power in the three worlds -Glamour, 258:lasting psychic trouble, for the emanating source of the activity is astral and the projectedGlamour, 261:problems which disciples have to solve is the source of the incentive, impulses, impressions orGlamour, 263:The point of tension becomes the emanating source of some type of energy, and this pours down intoHealing, 17:and obstructions which are such a fruitful source of disease. This gives you much to ponder upon.Healing, 26:and where, therefore, he must look first for the source of the difficulty. Differentiate betweenHealing, 57:one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from which the trouble comes. Let him relateHealing, 57:taints? Is it possible to arrive at their source? The problem of the past, and the present effects
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