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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOURCE

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Magic, 144:form created by the Sound is intended to be a source of revelation. It must reveal truth, and bringMagic, 146:tracing back that vibration to its originating source becomes aware of the Self, and later of theMagic, 149:life, that it may be rendered again back to the source from whence it came. In the occult life ofMagic, 175:unconscious mediums and are unable to check the source from whence the teachings come; if theyMagic, 175:the teachings come; if they claim to know that source, they are frequently in error. Some receiveMagic, 185:thread) which can be followed back until the source of the lower manifestation is reached and theMagic, 192:creation and generation and therefore the source of physical sex life and interest, are sublimated,Magic, 291:rate. He has also to learn to recognize their source and be able to differentiate between forces,Magic, 332:aspect of manifestation which is the source of all magical work; and it is this energy in theMagic, 366:of pure intuition. He can then tap truth at its source. He enters into the mind of God Himself. HeMagic, 372:any, purely physical diseases. Disease has its source in astral and etheric conditions. The secretMagic, 379:and the basic worship of the Sun as the source of life in the hearts of all men. A second branchMagic, 424:and the investigation of their probable source are the first weak attempts towards establishing theMagic, 525:plane, from the archetypal sphere, the highest source of which a man can become conscious. To thisMagic, 538:and down, and which reaches both inwards to the source of light and outwards into the "fields ofMagic, 572:be done consciously and in full awareness of the source from which they come, of the mode of theirMagic, 573:an aspirant will indicate to him its emanating source, and a study of it will begin to signify toMagic, 576:which flows through the hands comes from a dual source and via two etheric centers, the spleen andMagic, 629:knowing soul, they produce awareness and are the source of growth and that which conveys to theMeditation, 10:The man begins to turn within and to seek the source from whence he came. Then he begins toMeditation, 18:the wresting of the desired information from the source of all knowledge. As the process isMeditation, 31:of divine life - is set free and mounts to its source. The specific gravity of the causal bodyMeditation, 57:The work of inbreathing or reabsorption into the source progresses. When the Personality finds forMeditation, 112:what the heart is to the human body; it is the source of light, of life, of heat, and of vitality.Meditation, 131:need be feared by the average student from this source. It is only as discipleship is approachedMeditation, 131:karma and is thus comparatively free from that source of hindrance in active work. Glamor isMeditation, 168:wisdom, blending all the others. Love was the source, love is the goal, and love the method ofMeditation, 172:the consciousness still higher till he taps the source of illumination, and gains the light andMeditation, 211:through the planes back to their originating source... These seven bands of color emanate from theMeditation, 211:the heart of densest matter back again to the source. The bands of color form a circulating ringMeditation, 238:Color in Meditation All colors emanate from one source or one primary color - in this solar systemMeditation, 248:of brief hints lies the path that leads to the source of all knowledge. Meditation, Since:just as the Heavenly Men have Their originating source and the cause of Their life on the atomicMeditation, 269:bind, and blends him back into his animating source, the Lord of the Ray in Whose Body his MonadPatanjali, 52:Life, the units of consciousness, back to their source. It involves the response of the individualPatanjali, 65:answer for themselves through a search for that source of all knowledge, latent at the heart of allPatanjali, 161:onward or back to their originating source, he comes into touch with the great lives which are thePatanjali, 295:heart center leads a man to consciousness of the source of the heart center within the head. ThisPatanjali, 319:at the base of the spine, which is the main source of the personality or bodily activity. ThroughPatanjali, 351:to follow a vibratory impulse back to its source along one or other of the five possible lines ofPatanjali, 364:as: 1. Life. The life of God emanates from its source in seven streams, emanations or "breaths,"Patanjali, 369:cognized it is apparent that the mind is not the source of illumination. 20. Neither can it knowPatanjali, 411:it is apparent that the mind is not the source of illumination. This sutra and the two followingPatanjali, 411:of Hindu philosophy this whole problem of the source of creation and of the nature of the mind isPatanjali, 412:the mistake of regarding the eye itself as a source of light and as that which produces revelation.Patanjali, 413:which information comes, but is not itself the source of light or illumination. It is interestingPatanjali, 413:the third eye. The brain, therefore, is not the source of illumination but becomes aware of theProblems, 122:He said. The approach of the human Spirit to its Source, to that spiritual Center where divinityProblems, 136:and divine appeasement and center them upon the Source of all life and upon the living Christ WhoProblems, 140:regarded as emanating from one great spiritual source; all will be seen as unitedly providing theProblems, 144:the human soul which projects him nearer to the Source of all good and nothing on earth can arrestPsychology1, 12:study that any speculation as to the emanating source of the rays must remain profitless untilPsychology1, 18:is, and is the sustaining, originating Cause and Source of all manifestation. I shall use the wordPsychology1, 34:into that of his own ray-life, of the emanating source of his own temporarily specialized life.Psychology1, 35:Soul. Life - Immutability. Emanation. Cause. Source. Spirit. [36] The synthesis of all these inPsychology1, 94:of and to react to our surroundings find its source in the body-nature, or is there an entity whoPsychology1, 107:the teaching that is of moment, not the supposed source; by their intrinsic value alone thesePsychology1, 109:frequently misapprehension as to the emanating source of the instructions is also true, for thePsychology1, 112:soul's nourishment; they will discover that the source of their strength is to be found in groupPsychology1, 122:emergence of a new ray is the slow return to its source of the prevailing ray, present at thePsychology1, 134:be found that, in the elusive following to its source of that mysterious revelation which we callPsychology1, 174:children of the same Father, fed from the same source of Life, and saved by the same divine ChristPsychology1, 175:because there is no general knowledge as to the source of the great concepts, and no understandingPsychology1, 208:efforts to trace the smallest fact to its source, and to verify every theory. He will generally bePsychology1, 234:form and color. Purpose: Magnetism. That inner source of beauty, loveliness and attractive powerPsychology1, 424:form and color. Purpose: Magnetism. That inner source of beauty, loveliness and attractive powerPsychology2, 83:of Soul Influence Ray Energy Technique Quality Source 1. Power or Will Grasping Dynamic PurposePsychology2, 112:form a group of souls, en rapport with the source of spiritual supply. They have, as a group, andPsychology2, 185:of force, emanating from some originating source or other. The etheric body is in reality naughtPsychology2, 202:activity. They return to their emanating Source when that particular cycle is brought to a close.Psychology2, 208:manifesting souls have come forth from some Source at some time in their cyclic expressions. This,Psychology2, 209:mastery and expression, returns again to its source. This the soul does through the medium of fivePsychology2, 214:in his endeavor to tread the path to the source - that path to what the Buddhists call Nirvana.Psychology2, 229:There is a God Immanent Whose life is the source of the [230] activity, intelligence, growth andPsychology2, 236:though forms must disappear (because they are a source of separation) the inner, spiritualPsychology2, 317:In this soul activity is to be found the source or the germ of all the experiences which - on thePsychology2, 322:instrument of a higher force. The intuition. The source of inspiration, the monad. A few studentsPsychology2, 322:upon the evolutionary path, the Monad is the source of the exhalation or of the expiration whichPsychology2, 322:concerned in the latter stage, the Monad is the source of inhalation or of the inspiration. In thePsychology2, 344:the present world upheaval, and is the spiritual source of the specific cause of the ideologicalPsychology2, 400:imagination can roam, and provides a fertile source of specialized divine expression. The purer thePsychology2, 413:and condition according to the quality and source of the energy which flows through them. With thisPsychology2, 438:and tradition and heredity. He becomes a source of distress to himself and to his friends. A littlePsychology2, 470:it all should be worked out, and is a constant source of dismay to those around him. His friends orPsychology2, 481:has exhausted itself. But in any case, the source of the direction and the origin of the guidancePsychology2, 491:regard them as coming from some extraneous outer source. Yet all the time, the physical man isPsychology2, 497:forgotten and hence constitute a fruitful source of the frequent failure to bring relief. First,Psychology2, 498:germ-complexes, and therefore constitute the source of all the trouble. This method (even if thePsychology2, 499:wise, does it? The question now arises as to the source of dreams. Again, as in those cases wePsychology2, 508:indulges on the physical plane; they are the source of much confusion in the mind of thePsychology2, 512:the masses of the people are left with neither source of sustenance available for their helping.Psychology2, 514:of divorcing himself temporarily from the source of this mystical or spiritual potency; or he mayPsychology2, 517:movement - outward and inward - which is the source of much of the present world crisis. The effectPsychology2, 519:conditions will then be traced to their true source. This is the over-stimulation, plus thePsychology2, 537:the solar plexus center today is a most fruitful source of trouble. It produces a great deal of thePsychology2, 540:(as stated above) but which is also a fruitful source of the cleavages with which modern psychologyPsychology2, 551:esoterically called) they constitute a fruitful source of difficulty. 3. The activity of the solarPsychology2, 552:interplay with the solar plexus, is a fruitful source of nervous trouble to the mystic and advancedPsychology2, 620:inspiration, the loving protecting force and the source of instruction and of teaching. When thisPsychology2, 664:nor any religious differences. The second source from which the New Group of World Servers will
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