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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOUTHERN

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Autobiography, 107:and applied the same principles to their own southern States. Forgive this tirade, but I feelBethlehem, 69:constellations called the Northern Ass and the Southern Ass, which are in the neighborhood of theBethlehem, 153:Temanite means "my God is gold," and also "the southern quarter," the opposite pole to the north.Discipleship2, 504:truth into Latin and Catholic America and southern Europe is no easy undertaking. It will be slow.Education, 119:hybrid groups found in the many islands in the southern waters in both oceans and hemispheres, asExternalisation, 402:northward and the period when it travels on the southern way. You will find that the month dividesExternalisation, 451:Americans, both in the northern and in the southern hemispheres, are still basically ignorant ofHealing, 265:interesting to note that the Jews who inhabited southern Palestine, and whose chief city wasHercules, 89:ass, and the other, Asellus Australis, or the southern ass. (There is also the third time, whenHercules, 137:all of special interest. First there is the southern cross that has never been seen in the OccidentHercules, 138:matter [138] aspect of man, the quaternary. The southern cross, the quaternary, is receding. TheHercules, 190:There are three constellations in Aquarius. The Southern Fish, Pisces Australes, picturing inInitiation, 53:among them. He dwells in the Nilgherry Hills in Southern India, and is not one of the Masters whoMagic, 79:capability in Sweden, and by an initiate in the southern part of Russia, who works much on theMagic, 307:The path of the sun in the heavens. The southern path tends to a lowered vibratory influence andMagic, 379:in Asia, and of this branch the Himalayan and southern Indian adepts are the representatives,Meditation, 304:are as follows: The Trans-Himalayan Branch. The Southern India Branch (these are Aryan Branches). AMeditation, 305:you, and others Whose Names are not known. The southern Indian school has special work with theMeditation, 307:will have a preparatory school somewhere in the southern part of the Middle West, and an extensiveMeditation, 307:for the Latin countries, probably in Italy or Southern France, but much depends on the politicalMeditation, 308:to Egypt Middle West, USA California, USA Southern France Italy Scotland or Wales Ireland SwedenMeditation, 309:It is not purposed as yet to have branches in Southern Africa or Southern America. Their day is notMeditation, 309:as yet to have branches in Southern Africa or Southern America. Their day is not yet, but comes inProblems, 111:is not free or equal, particularly in the southern states. The situation in the West Indies moreProblems, 111:The treatment of the Negro in the southern states is a blot upon the country; there the fight is toRays, 628:easily misled by their so-called leaders; the southern states are, however, almost unbelievablyRays, 746:are not equal to those of the white race; in the southern states, the Constitution of the United
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