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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPACE

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Discipleship1, 730:of the Hierarchy, conditioned in time and space by some Master or group of Masters, working on someDiscipleship1, 745:are incident to his having to work in time and space and through the medium of a physical brain.Discipleship1, 749:processes, trends and activities in time and space. He can then be depended upon always toDiscipleship1, 773:initiation and from there has swung out beyond space and time; he has lost all self-interest and isDiscipleship2, 34:being released from the concepts of time and space. This has relation to the "double life patternDiscipleship2, 159:alone can all the divine qualities - in time and space - express themselves and find fulfilment;Discipleship2, 160:of the world for the full expression in time and space of the will-to-good - the Will of God.Discipleship2, 164:next few decades - until the year 2025 - a brief space of time indeed to produce fundamentalDiscipleship2, 193:of thought by the disciple, but - in time and space - they have no true existence. The only trueDiscipleship2, 206:and what is not yet possible in time and space - those two major factors which are governed byDiscipleship2, 209:group or center which expresses in time and space all the divine aspects - sometimes in latency andDiscipleship2, 223:three worlds wherein the concepts of time and space control. The Hierarchy is the Custodian of thatDiscipleship2, 248:changes sensitivity into love within an area of space; there is [249] that which alters sacrificeDiscipleship2, 249:sacrifice into bliss where neither time nor space exists." Formula Four has a specific effect uponDiscipleship2, 267:It is concerned with the relation of time and space, and is therefore related to the Eternal Now.Discipleship2, 273:all types, all nations and all races in time and space. I have used the exoteric symbol of the flagDiscipleship2, 284:unaware of separation, of divisions in time and space or of the spell of the Great Illusion. ItDiscipleship2, 285:time destroys that middle One and only Being IS. Space IS. Time and space reverberate and veil theDiscipleship2, 285:middle One and only Being IS. Space IS. Time and space reverberate and veil the One who standsDiscipleship2, 285:untouched, for aye unchanged. God IS. Time, space, the middle One (with form and process) go, andDiscipleship2, 291:into all parts, aspects and phases (in time and space) of his planetary vehicle, which is hisDiscipleship2, 298:purpose, intelligently understood in time and space and implemented by the soul as the expressionDiscipleship2, 302:spiritual Plan, as to occult events in time and space, and as to future or immediate possibilitiesDiscipleship2, 303:with the idea of direction in time and space. And, my brother, in the above sentence I give you theDiscipleship2, 309:dark into the light, from the jungle to the open space, from night to dawn. From point to point heDiscipleship2, 312:revelation - is working outside of time and space, as you understand it. His consciousness is free,Discipleship2, 320:with the idea of direction in time and space. Study these and see what is their relationship andDiscipleship2, 320:begin now to work in two directions in time and space, for the world of meaning is the antechamberDiscipleship2, 345:Deals with changes in the soul nature. Time and space. The Eternal Now or immortality. FormulaDiscipleship2, 364:producing conscious awareness of time and space in terms of the Eternal Now. Right interpretationDiscipleship2, 365:The nature of reality. Creation in time and space as understood in the three worlds. Formula 3.Discipleship2, 372:at any one time or particular epoch in time and space. Let us now consider these points ofDiscipleship2, 388:with the idea of direction in time and space. Hint VI. - The disciple must recognize the hint whichDiscipleship2, 395:with the idea of direction in time and space." I wonder, brother of mine, if you can realize that aDiscipleship2, 395:Return. It is there that the words "in time and space" come to have significance. One of the firstDiscipleship2, 396:do well to take the words "direction in time and space" and use them as a seed thought inDiscipleship2, 396:would be great. It is wise to remember that "space is an entity" - as H.P.B. expressed it. When heDiscipleship2, 396:- as H.P.B. expressed it. When he so defined space, he gave humanity one of the most importantDiscipleship2, 396:I attempt to translate for you. Direction. Time. Space. With these concepts in mind, occultDiscipleship2, 396:write): As indicating the direction in time and space from whence motivating energy and illuminingDiscipleship2, 396:disciple. As indicating (again in time and space) the direction in which the energies, manipulatedDiscipleship2, 396:be receptive; all these energies are moving in space and are in reality the life-aspect of theDiscipleship2, 396:space and are in reality the life-aspect of the space-entity; all are determined by the time factorDiscipleship2, 397:to use energies - located and found by him in space - within a set time and then to direct themDiscipleship2, 425:recognition of the two factors of time and space. The significances which are implicit in thisDiscipleship2, 426:these three great coinciding events in time and space make it possible for the seventh ray energiesDiscipleship2, 444:come when the purpose of the soul, in time and space, must become a pronounced conviction governingDiscipleship2, 451:the consciousness of the personality in time and space, and thus fail to register the "insight" ofDiscipleship2, 465:free (owing to certain difficulties in time and space within the planetary life) and must work asDiscipleship2, 515:in your soul as a complete surrender in time and space; in the personality it will register eitherDiscipleship2, 546:In the manifestation of souls in time and space, there come lives wherein - at times - a soulDiscipleship2, 552:speech. Picture a curtain, hanging across the space near to the place where you stand. ImagineDiscipleship2, 561:shine. Let me throughout the world of time and space radiate light, create a light, transmit theDiscipleship2, 563:absence or a state of withdrawal, [563] for the space of several hours as we count them on Earth,Discipleship2, 578:our Earth - that little ship adrift in time and space and sailing the great ocean of the cosmos.Discipleship2, 624:the two basic differentiations in time and space. That which is registered in the interplay betweenDiscipleship2, 633:That is inevitable in time and incidental in space when the disciple is immovable in hisDiscipleship2, 755:The rhythm of all life pulsates in time and space and in that rhythm you must find a note thatDiscipleship2, 767:on earth, the past that was before all time and space, evolved a thought. Forth into the light ofEducation, ix:of our culture be corrected? By geodesies in the space-time manifold of relativity theory? ThisEducation, 18:is an aspect of the divine energy in time and space. We are told that the Solar Logos circumscribedEducation, 18:desire, a certain measure of the substance of space and informed it with His life andEducation, 18:followed the same procedure and - in time and space - limited itself in a similar manner. On theEducation, 19:consciousness of the Monad, again in time and space. The lower self or soul is, for our purposes,Education, 20:its outer form. The soul creates, in time and space, in line with its desires. Thus the secondaryEducation, 24:can express at any given moment in time and space. Education, 24:You will note that these words "in time and space" have repeatedly recurred in this instruction.Education, 27:constitute the first differentiation in time and space; this produces something different, whichExternalisation, 22:in the hope of intensifying your effort for the space of the next two years (one has alreadyExternalisation, 37:the brain limitations of time consciousness and space consciousness. But they can also work uponExternalisation, 37:consciousness and from any such limitations as space relations within the solar system. The focusExternalisation, 184:other nations; German hegemony and "living space" must dominate Europe, and the German supermanExternalisation, 235:forces which impose the German demand for living space, and are thus denuded of liberty, ofExternalisation, 237:Germany, for the expansion of the German living space and the supply of Germany's economic need -Externalisation, 477:in nature. But this statement (made in time and space and as it concerns the form aspect and notExternalisation, 480:general interest within a few minutes. Time and space are now negated. Externalisation, 534:and those objectives extend away from time and space into the Mind of God Himself. Externalisation, 562:achieve a certain goal so early in time and space as He has. It involved a great expansion,Externalisation, 598:and so in line with divine direction in time and space that the end is inevitably sure; theExternalisation, 658:few centuries, applied therefore in time and space but having no relation to the inner spiritualExternalisation, 693:the entrance of the light, and thus providing space and entry for the desired, for the good, theFire, xiii:upon its [xiii] evolutionary cycle in time and space. Thus is form brought to the point where it isFire, 17:deep at the inmost sphere, as whirled through space the greater Wheel, bearing the lesser seven,Fire, 19:from Those Whose hour had come. Dark grew the space between the spheres. Radiant two balls became.Fire, 25:becomes the time that was. The aeon mergeth into space. The Word of Motion hath been heard. TheFire, 29:the darkest spawn of hell. They darkened all the space. *** From the coming of the heaven-sent OneFire, 41:described as that of driving forward through space, or forward progression. Little can beFire, 41:objectivity The reawakened Energies sprang into space. They are the veiled synthesis (S. D., I,Fire, 49:by a separated consciousness in time and space, and possible all that which is not so being thoughtFire, 49:of at any period in time and any point in space - we call Absolute Consciousness. It is the All,Fire, 49:the Changeless. Consciousness, thinking time and space, and of all forms as existing in them inFire, 49:time, however long or short, with a definite space, however vast or restricted, is individual, thatFire, 49:manifesting as consciousness in time and space, as Mrs. Besant so ably expresses it, includes allFire, 59:some other point in universal, though not solar, space. It is, therefore, obvious that this matterFire, 64:majority of cases; it demonstrates in time and space the correspondence of the temporary union ofFire, 71:order to examine the construction of the atom, a space is artificially made, then, if an opening beFire, 71:come from "outside," from a fourth-dimensional space. Each of the finer whorls is formed of sevenFire, 97:(of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams of influence from themFire, 143:which is the Law of Adaptation in time and space, or the line of least resistance. This line ofFire, 144:Logos is felt, beginning at a point in time and space which hides the mystery of the second chain,
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