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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPACE

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Fire, 145:forward of the solar ring-pass-not through space, and until the end of this mahamanvantara or dayFire, 146:devas and the human hierarchies in time and space. He is the animating principle; the will-to-liveFire, 147:is polarized in His second aspect. In time and space as we now conceive it, the sum total of jivasFire, 150:persisting [150] not only in time and space, but within a still vaster cycle. These preliminaryFire, 150:fire of Spirit blended, producing, in time and space, that fire which we call solar. He is theFire, 150:and the emanations of the Son, in time and space, are dependent upon the adequacy of the matter,Fire, 153:mind that we are not referring here to points in space; we are simply making this distinction andFire, 154:atom, which keeps the planets at fixed points in space and separated stably from each other; whichFire, 158:matters not whether that environment is cosmic space, systemic space, or the periphery of theFire, 158:that environment is cosmic space, systemic space, or the periphery of the physical body of a man),Fire, 158:with the root of matter, The end of time and space as we understand it, The unification of theFire, 172:of His sixfold brother. Fohat rusheth through space. He searcheth for his complement. [173] TheFire, 175:similitude and not in detail as seen in time and space. It covers the period of the first threeFire, 175:a thing only permissible in time and space or during the evolutionary process, but not permissibleFire, 201:grades, recognizes his identity in time and space, and for purposes of existence or being and byFire, 217:U M. In differentiation and as heard in time and space, each of those three mystic letters standsFire, 224:development of consciousness in time and space, therefore, the evolution of spirit and matter. IfFire, 234:to express the gradual development in time and space of the inherent capacity of a human being, ofFire, 239:following factors: Existence itself. Time and space. The quality of desire or necessity. TheFire, 243:itself. The development of quality. Time and space. The questions we are now engaged in answeringFire, 258:the action of our system and its movements in space in relation to other constellations. MagneticFire, 274:octaves, beginning at the base. Repetition in space: This concept is involved deep in the greaterFire, 274:system repeating its activity - Repetition in Space. A planetary chain repeating its activity -Fire, 277:as one complete revolution of the Sun in space, with all that is included within the ring-pass-not.Fire, 278:of consciousness. The ideas of [278] time, of space, and of activity (from the point of view of theFire, 281:with a man, a planetary Logos, or the Deity. Space, again, is included in the idea ofFire, 281:of consciousness, and its utilization of matter. Space, for the Logos, is literally the formFire, 281:are worked out - the solar ring-pass-not. The space wherein a planetary Logos works out His plansFire, 281:out His plans is similarly as much of solar space as His consciousness is developed enough to use.Fire, 281:or may be inclusive of a portion of planetary space of great extent, and even in the case of theFire, 281:the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell. Space for the atom (for instance, the atom in theFire, 281:form. We have here dealt a little with time and space in their relation to a specific center ofFire, 282:three worlds) be transcended, and then only will space (as manifested to man through the threeFire, 282:forms and hence both are controlled in time and space by KARMA, which is the Law of forms. It hasFire, 284:or a life cycle) that which we call Time and Space, and this holds equally true in the life cycleFire, 284:due to some energizing Will, and then Time and space are known. There are cycles of non-being whenFire, 284:There are cycles of non-being when Time and Space are not, and the energizing Will is withdrawn.Fire, 284:of the form through a certain location in space but as the cycle which includes both the greaterFire, 290:Now, and not from the standpoint of time and of space) the consciousness of [291] the cosmicFire, 294:Universe (Tabulation II) Entity Vehicle Center Space Time The Unknown 7 constellations cosmic LogosFire, 312:vitalized, tinctured, and pervaded the matter of space, thus embodying - in connection with logoicFire, 315:on all planes of [315] the system. In time and space we are concerned with units of differentFire, 395:ascending and descending from every point in space, endlessly, ceaselessly. Atoms make upFire, 404:radiant electric matter, and only in time and space, only during manifestation and only through theFire, 409:of the Entity concerned working out in time and space. Power to evolve or progress. This isFire, 414:manifestation may be written as . In time and space the order might be stated to be 7-3-10, and atFire, 419:as the THINKER, persistent in time and space, and the vehicle through which they think, which isFire, 421:and working out a preconceived ideal in time and space. The Microcosm comes into incarnationFire, 449:set up in the akaz, or that part of the ether of space which enwraps our globe, which makes man theFire, 481:or the mantrams that manipulate the matter of space. Only the way can be pointed to those who areFire, 498:of the following manifestations in time and space: The fourth Creative Hierarchy - The human. TheFire, 501:of the Ego to discriminate as to time and space in the three worlds. Egoic adaptation of matter andFire, 521:intelligent effect through the medium of space. I would point out that the Lord Agni shows forthFire, 528:with the third, and producing - in time and space - that illusion or maya which temporarily blazesFire, 570:its internal economy, is independent in time and space, or (in other words), in manifestation. WeFire, 574:systems, and started a ripple on the ocean of space. The Sound grows in volume as time progresses,Fire, 589:(of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams of influence from themFire, 605:as the triple division of a Unity in time and space will have discovered [606] one of the keysFire, 616:possess the power to work it out in time and space, being the conscious forces of evolution. TheyFire, 624:the solar system itself, and of its environing space. It might be regarded as the pranic forces,Fire, 626:which causes concretion, or the appearance, in space and time, of the dense physical body. ThisFire, 627:the God of Water, in the sense of the waters of space, or the waters of matter. He is regarded alsoFire, 629:manifestation of the Spiritual Sun. In time and space these seven Rays of Light become the nineFire, 629:as it can be seen in existence in time and space is: Seven Spirits - sevenfold will. Seven Rays -Fire, 654:negative aspect. That group which - in time and space - is the union of the two aspects and which -Fire, 672:cause the revelation of the process (in time and space) whereby this union and its fruit isFire, 673:divine consciousness) originated in the remote "space of time," when the sons of God were seekingFire, 691:- causes certain eventualities in time and space and in the three worlds, His dense physical body.Fire, 692:at a still later period in time and space by the individual Monads of their bodies ofFire, 703:of man's body of realization. In time and space, and on the mental plane, they are Man himself inFire, 708:in the order of their appearance in time and space: First. There appear upon the third subplane ofFire, 723:in connection with the appearance in time and space of the five mind-born Sons of Brahma. TheFire, 730:here to emphasize, is that man does not, in space and time and in the three worlds, demonstrate allFire, 734:we are studying the relation (in time and space) of the positive energy of the solar Logos, theFire, 744:manifest through Their ten schemes in time and space, the hour of Their appearing differing. EachFire, 744:and its source. Their appearance in time and space, or their incarnation. Their disappearance orFire, 767:that a profound difference in time and space exists between the Logos, or Macrocosm, and Man, theFire, 793:round" differ as to length of time but not as to space location from those of other planets. TheFire, 801:It concerns the manifestation in time and space of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, and WhoseFire, 834:system, there exist cosmically certain bodies in space which have as definite an effect upon theFire, 834:system in process of disintegration in time and space in a manner similar to [835] theFire, 838:by M., thinks that if, at any point in a blank space of heavens - a space that appears blank evenFire, 838:if, at any point in a blank space of heavens - a space that appears blank even through a telescopeFire, 840:of the Agnishvattas, after its segregation in space, and the formation of its ring-pass-not. WeFire, 850:a state of consciousness in terms of time and space, and through the limitation of language, itFire, 878:into the general reservoir in interplanetary space. The fiery triangle is lost sight of in theFire, 882:therefore with the Akasha, or the ether of space. The "yajna" is the invisible Deity who pervadesFire, 882:The "yajna" is the invisible Deity who pervades space. Perhaps this concerns the physical plane?Fire, 887:Builders are forced into different directions in space, being built into the differing forms. TheFire, 895:of the "bird or swan out of time and space," and the place that birds play in the mysteries. HereinFire, 957:perform its mission. The one who - in time and space - through desire and love, directs thatFire, 978:can produce more definite results in a shorter space of time than is possible with a large andFire, 1041:in conjunction with its own rotary motion in space. As the wave lengths of the light from theFire, 1057:planetary atom is that which carries it through space along with the entire solar system, and whichFire, 1085:triad. The eternal substance that pervades all space, worked on by the world song and giving riseFire, 1090:units or cells in the body are more active in space and time than others. He must also bear in mindFire, 1108:of consciousness thinking in terms of time and space in the three worlds. It has therefore noFire, 1117:the Ego is sometimes called. Naught in time and space can hinder, for every form being simply anFire, 1133:and therefore relative permanence in time and space. The permanent atom may be viewed as the focalFire, 1144:of a Ray, of the appearance of a planet in space, or of the phenomenon of human birth. Certain
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