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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPACE

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Psychology2, 347:parts, dealing with those processes in time and space which bring about the integration of thePsychology2, 360:line and not along the many lines which, in the space of aeons, you have woven. These hold theePsychology2, 405:fundamental propositions: 1. That in time and space, man is essentially dual, consisting of soulPsychology2, 452:Yet all is equally divine in time and space and in relation to the point in evolution and thePsychology2, 472:that is the result of the activity - in time and space - of the human mind. The Problem of IllusionPsychology2, 495:to point out that I seek only, in the limited space at my disposal, to do two things: Touch brieflyPsychology2, 559:capacities of the One Soul but that, in time and space, some of them are expressions of the animalPsychology2, 568:in mind. The astral plane is - in time and space and to all intents and purposes - a state of realPsychology2, 569:These thought forms have been [569] built over a space of time and are usually of some one deeplyPsychology2, 711:soul ray of a nation, the potency in time and space of an incoming or an outgoing ray - all thesePsychology2, 731:It is not possible to enlarge within a brief space upon the methods and the plans of the HierarchyPsychology2, 733:- can change the aspect of world affairs in the space of a few years. If there is not anRays, 20:wheels must not for aye revolve in time and space. Only the greater Wheel must onward move andRays, 21:that all the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group. It onward moves inRays, 25:of the Eternal Now) all that happens in time and space. Orders and commands are the feebleRays, 25:give to what they understand by law. In time and space, and at any given moment and in any givenRays, 35:a reciprocal process, but in time and space it might be broadly said that the lesser ever invokesRays, 36:hold up or delay or even prevent (in time and space) the group initiation? The group need notRays, 40:of the initiate, and the mystery of time, space and electricity stands revealed. The major effectRays, 54:The one is related to Time and the other to Space and they are distinct from each other; and (asRays, 55:Sound, concerns that which is neither Time nor Space; it lies outside the manifested All, theRays, 61:unfoldment makes possible later (in time and space) the higher unfoldment in the world of theRays, 68:as in it lies at any given moment in time and space, is in line with the will of the One in Whom weRays, 78:two, humanity eventually appears in time and space. Humanity is the result of all subhuman forms ofRays, 80:lesser zodiac. Just as the number 6 expresses space, so the number 24 expresses time, and is theRays, 88:is the Law. When an embodied Christ in time and space reaches [89] His goal of achievement,Rays, 89:of the Christ (as the expression in time and space of the second divine aspect) is to establishRays, 92:world and free from the limitations of time and space. Having related Humanity to the HierarchyRays, 96:wheels must not for aye revolve in time and space. Only the greater Wheel must onward move andRays, 99:through the Ashram. The purposes of time and space, of events and extension, of matter andRays, 105:wheels must not for aye revolve in time and space. Only the greater Wheel must onward move andRays, 105:reference is made to the factors of time and space as if there were a basic distinction between theRays, 105:is cyclic in nature and manifestation, and that "space is an entity." It is necessary that thereRays, 105:into the knowing consciousness of the thinker. Space and substance are synonymous terms; substanceRays, 106:will be dominant. This is the significance of Space - the field wherein states of Being are broughtRays, 107:enters [107] in a new factor which also affects space - though in a different way - but which isRays, 107:Father, these appearances in time and through space are so small a part of the experience of theRays, 107:the awful "moment in time" when, pendant in space, he discovers that he is not the soul. What thenRays, 107:the ruler of time and the organizer, in time, of space. This he does, but ever with the reservationRays, 107:but ever with the reservation that time and space are the "divine playthings" and can be used orRays, 108:can grasp at any given point in time [108] and space. It is in this sense, esoterically understood,Rays, 108:Life as it materializes the plan in time and space. This is the result of the turning of theRays, 108:causing all the lesser wheels - in time and space - also to turn. In the meantime, the human beingRays, 108:in a moment of time within the orbit of space. Now, having said this, I would ask you if you areRays, 109:wheels can continue to revolve in time and space, hindering the onward progress of the great WheelRays, 109:of the great Wheel which - again in time and space - is the wheel of humanity. The Heavenly Man andRays, 111:world cycles would prove too short a time. The space-time schedule of the planetary Logos HimselfRays, 116:"Within the womb of time and circumscribed by space and limited by darkness - though sustainedRays, 117:wall. He is not circumscribed by time or space, but light and life are his. He realizes beauty andRays, 117:he knows that That exists. Instead of time and space and all the rich inducements of the form, heRays, 119:(through the power of magnetic love) across the space separating the Triad and the personality, heRays, 124:that all the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group. It onward moves inRays, 126:that he is adhering to lesser "rules in time and space," and that once he has demonstrated toRays, 127:"the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group." I wonder if you can graspRays, 128:limitations. These have their place in time and space, and that is all. Once the world of the soulRays, 129:to be controlled by the "rules in time and space," or a candidate for initiation who knows thatRays, 132:of the Life. Then that which in time and space has been termed the soul can "onward move in life."Rays, 143:a planetary crisis) appears in time and space, light also immediately [144] appears and of suchRays, 145:observing Group which "moves forward in time and space"; its members watch the great war andRays, 148:being; three great Centers emerged in time and space and - at this point in the evolutionary cycleRays, 175:carrying all before it, oblivious of time and space, aware only of intensity of direction, andRays, 176:all the actions and reactions of time and [176] space, and a focused will-to-good which is soRays, 183:the factual and phenomenal aspect (in time and space) of the Great Illusion, in its three forms ofRays, 183:as existent maya; this must provide, in time and space, the forms through which the plans of theRays, 201:and carry the Sound to other localities in space, holding it in quiescence on the withdrawn breathRays, 204:Wisdom the Buddha was the expression in time and space; that means that there was only a relativeRays, 238:call this the interchangeableness of time and space - a meaningless phrase to you but one which isRays, 241:revelation as a disciple can grasp in time and space) and revelation which is the synthesis of theRays, 264:duality, spirit-matter, present in time and space. The Law of Synthesis has reference to thisRays, 283:Master. It is at this precise point in time and space that the work of Transformation begins forRays, 289:It is a question of timing and of movement in space; it concerns the relation of the Hierarchy,Rays, 303:that form is all; who living thus in time and space, see not the light or life within the form, whoRays, 307:kingdoms to certain characteristics in time and space, which produce effects in the great worldRays, 307:four kingdoms in nature. This Plan, in time and space, is not in any way concerned with individualRays, 309:with them, as endowments, later in time and space and manifests anew through the medium of moreRays, 327:the Hierarchy; it marks the moment in time and space when the initiate sees truly and for the firstRays, 437:free from the limitations of time, though not of space, because space is an eternal Entity. YouRays, 437:of time, though not of space, because space is an eternal Entity. You will see, therefore, theRays, 438:- viewed from the angle of time and space - are shewn in a definitely relative form; later cyclesRays, 449:constitute the first differentiation in time and space; this produces something different, whichRays, 453:though these threads eternally exist in time and space, they appear distinct and separate until aRays, 459:of concentration. It is transient in time and space. Through conscious, creative work, it can beRays, 461:referred to above. It is eternal in time and space. The abstract mind. This reveals itself mostRays, 464:substance through which divinity (in time and space) expresses itself is karmically conditioned; itRays, 520:all substance in manifestation and in time and space to act and react in conformity to His Will. HeRays, 520:of the Great Breath"; of this breath, time and space are the two aspects. It affects the tiniestRays, 539:to his development at any point in time and space; it enables him to contact and see the hithertoRays, 558:the three Rays of Aspect, even if - in time and space - their souls may originally be upon one ofRays, 581:bring together all these energies in time and space: ray energy, Piscean energy, Aquarian energyRays, 589:of the planetary Logos, and each - in time and space - is in process of generating those points ofRays, 592:It responds - again sequentially in time and space - to the light of the Logos. It is for thisRays, 600:manifested life; therefore, from the angle of space, he has dominated and overcome cleavage andReappearance, 32:use is unknown. All this has taken place in the space of eighteen months. Reappearance, 45:so in line with divine direction, in time and space, that the end is inevitably sure; theSoul, 60:is given under the heading of "ether." "Whether space is a mere geometrical abstraction, or whetherSoul, 60:has been directed to the intervening portions of space from which sensible matter is absent; andSoul, 60:among those who still prefer to use the term space. But a space endowed with physical properties isSoul, 60:who still prefer to use the term space. But a space endowed with physical properties is more than aSoul, 61:[61] connotes a genuine entity filling all space, without any break or cavity anywhere, the oneSoul, 65:Subject to all the laws of [65] time and space, fully amenable to the laws of energy, largely the
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