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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPEAK

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Magic, 107:of which the brain is composed; later they may speak of seeing what appears to be like a sun in theMagic, 113:the polarization will be mental. When you speak of the ego taking more or less control of a man youMagic, 128:analysis is called for, and I conjure you to speak truth to yourself and thus clearly ascertain theMagic, 132:soul flourishes; in solitude the divine self can speak; in solitude the faculties and the graces ofMagic, 143:make our thoughts available for others. When we speak we evoke a thought and make it present, andMagic, 143:ceaselessly and irresponsibly, day after day, we speak; we use words; we multiply sounds; andMagic, 143:Is it not essential, therefore, that before we speak we should think, thus remembering theMagic, 172:to feed pride in Their disciples, nor do They speak words to them which could foster in TheirMagic, 179:but a form of direct hearing. The teacher will speak to the disciple as person to person. AMagic, 253:see clearly the glory of the Lord, and the voice speak only in benediction, and the hands be usedMagic, 289:the center of the hidden Light, let the soul speak: Let the word roll forth: "Beauty and glory veilMagic, 293:they get to the recognition of it is when they speak in terms of vitality or lack of vitality. TheMagic, 300:unpleasant in prospect to certain types. I speak about Death as one who knows the matter from bothMagic, 319:those who know will understand and for them I speak. Another method is still more advanced and isMagic, 320:Enter thy brother's heart and see his woe. Then speak. Let the words spoken convey to him theMagic, 320:Yet loose them not thyself. Thine is the work to speak with understanding. The force received byMagic, 320:and I am strong to do the right." Learn thus to speak. Learn thus to think. Rule III. Blend withMagic, 322:and lifted up unto the Lord" will know whereof I speak. It is needless for us to concern ourselvesMagic, 329:of every color and school of thought, yet they speak the same language, learn by the same symbols,Magic, 370:wherein his eyes are wide open; he has learnt to speak truth to himself, and has built up noMagic, 375:in terms of the higher and the lower self; we speak of the self and its sheaths, and of the selfMagic, 386:clamor snap. Forward I rush. "Myriads of voices speak and halt me in my tracks. The thunder of theMagic, 400:outer form. They are of all races; they speak all languages; they embrace all religions, allMagic, 403:ask and rightly so: What is this plan? When I speak of the plan I do not mean such a general one asMagic, 417:a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls can speak the needed words, and outline those conceptsMagic, 429:through the mind. It sounds like a redundancy to speak of union through synthesis, but it is notMagic, 451:with the life principle that they think and speak in terms of energy and its effects, and all theirMagic, 459:formulas, and They - taking the blue prints (I speak again in symbolic fashion), deal with theMagic, 467:importance than the injunction to live kindly, speak words of gentleness and of wisdom, andMagic, 474:lies. Keep silence and the light will enter in. Speak not of self. Pity not thy fate. The thoughtsMagic, 475:of thine own soul from striking upon thine ear. Speak of the soul; enlarge upon the plan; forgetMagic, 475:become "knowing creators." These can, and do, speak the impulsive words which bring into beingMagic, 477:selfish ends and ambitious purposes of those who speak and write. Yet there are a few true creatorsMagic, 477:are endeavoring to make their sound heard, to speak those mystical words which will enable humanityMagic, 481:Thought-Forms Salvation from our Thought-Forms I speak now for aspirants, who, throughMagic, 481:and meditation, are gaining power in thought. I speak for the thinkers of the world, who, throughMagic, 486:of matter from formulating. Where no desire to speak exists, and where the striving is to preventMagic, 519:point might be of interest before I proceed to speak of the "prisoners of the planet" and the workMagic, 525:human family. We will use the word humanity, and speak of its mission and function in the bigMagic, 550:is a fiction or a figment of the human mind. I speak not in parable; I utter only facts in natureMagic, 575:can hope to achieve his object." I intend to speak a few words about the hands, for there is moreMagic, 581:I dare not give and it is not permitted to me to speak more clearly. Few are yet fitted to beMagic, 584:none to tell him. Those who know the Way may not speak, knowing that the Path is constructed by theMagic, 586:do in their moments of meditation, and fail to speak the word which their spiritual mentor, theMagic, 586:their spiritual mentor, the Self, urges them to speak. It is in the aggregate of theseMagic, 606:becoming a physical plane phenomenon (do I speak paradoxically?) and will be known eventually as aMagic, 616:moves, around him, and above his head. He cannot speak; he cannot see. Truth disappears in water.Meditation, 29:all interested. Just what do you mean when you speak of the causal body? Say not glibly, the bodyMeditation, 61:Meditation I shall now be very practical. I speak for the man on the Probationary Path, who hasMeditation, 81:the Sacred Word, uttered according to rule. We speak also of a meditation followed under theMeditation, 130:endeavor and to perish at their hands. A truth I speak here; I give not voice to the interestingMeditation, 133:Brotherhood September 25, 1919 Today I seek to speak to you on The powers of the Dark Brotherhood.Meditation, 143:and not just theoretically that whereof I speak before he is deemed ready to pass on into theMeditation, 290:In the forehead. At the top of the head. I speak not here of the sensation that comes when psychicMeditation, 290:there is an alliance between the two, but I speak of a definite vibration that accompanies contactMeditation, 297:postulates anent the present that will (so to speak) clear the ground for future action. The valueMeditation, 343:this series, something of general use. I wish to speak to you anent service and its perfectPatanjali, 109:of the mind, each field of knowledge, so to speak, which is reached by mental and emotionalPatanjali, 185:in Light on the Path. "Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Master it must have lostPatanjali, 195:aspirant has to solve, and he who attempts to speak only that which is entirely accurate will findPatanjali, 254:all problems, and not only this, but "lucidly to speak" and thus become one of the teaching forcesPatanjali, 338:who counsel and comfort him on his way. They may speak to him either in wordless thoughts, or inPatanjali, 357:to stand, able to hear, able to see, able to speak, thou hast conquered desire and attained toPatanjali, 366:reveal the spirit, whilst form, color and number speak aloud the word of God." Patanjali, 366:events and no succession of realizations is to speak in a language of mystery. Yet so it is andProblems, 17:of the German nation, there is little need to speak; they have been made painfully clear to theProblems, 64:still lies far ahead but the fact that we can speak of it, desire it and plan for it is surely theProblems, 85:the violence and prejudice of some of those who speak and fight for them prevent the majority fromProblems, 113:conditions. It is for the people of America to speak with a clear voice and demand that Negroes beProblems, 175:endeavoring to work for the common man and to speak [176] on his behalf in the conclaves of thePsychology1, 9:in order to understand that whereof I seek to speak. Some of the points I may make you may findPsychology1, 16:the pairs of opposites, spirit and matter. I speak not here of the pairs of opposites of the astralPsychology1, 23:I should like to point out here that when I speak in terms of [24] personality and perforce employPsychology1, 24:accused of personalizing these great forces. I speak in terms of entity, of pure Being, and not inPsychology1, 24:only manifesting in flashes, I am compelled to speak in parables and use the language of wordPsychology1, 43:be noted in the tendency of modern thought to speak of patterns and of plans, of blue prints andPsychology1, 66:the following aphorisms: Send forth the Word and speak the radiant love of God. Make all men hear.Psychology1, 72:fourth Creative Hierarchy came into incarnation: Speak low the Word. Speak low. Quality - power toPsychology1, 72:came into incarnation: Speak low the Word. Speak low. Quality - power to penetrate the depths ofPsychology1, 78:into their ears. Let man listen. Let man call. Speak loud. Quality - power to make the Voice of thePsychology1, 91:to us their existence in the past, not to speak of their continuing existence in the present? A fewPsychology1, 91:mental) of the day and hour. Of what does this speak? Of the sum total of the united cell life; ofPsychology1, 184:activity hitherto initiated. Of this I may not speak beyond telling you that an illumination willPsychology1, 189:to as being out of manifestation. We may speak about its influence upon a particular kingdom inPsychology1, 196:quality everywhere. This is what we mean when we speak of seeing divinity on every hand, ofPsychology1, 277:people, even the most good and saintly, can speak with real wisdom and understanding of thisPsychology1, 304:That can be but a loose excuse for wrongdoing. I speak of sexual relations of the right kind,Psychology1, 316:he is essentially a trinity, as is the Deity. We speak of him technically as Monad-ego-personality.Psychology1, 329:in consciousness, that of spirit-soul-body. I speak of a fusion in consciousness. The unity is everPsychology1, 359:force in the world today is harmlessness. I speak not of non-resistance, but of that positivePsychology1, 365:power of the seventh ray. It is almost as if (to speak symbolically) the executives who were toPsychology1, 394:are of such ancient import, shall say that I speak with accuracy, or establish the right or wrongPsychology1, 417:from the center of the hidden Light let the soul speak, let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and GloryPsychology2close of the previous volume, I would like to speak a word as to the symbolism we will employ inPsychology2it, it is not possible to do more than speak in parable and metaphor with symbolic intent - to bePsychology2, 84:the center of the hidden Light, let the soul speak: Let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and glory veilPsychology2, 145:to this end he must bend every energy. He must speak those Words of Power which are a group word,Psychology2, 154:attraction for the not-self. Other psychologists speak of this dominant activity as the "wish-life"Psychology2, 168:and note on note and chord on chord, they speak their thought to me. The voices which I hearPsychology2, 198:upon the sixth law and the seventh, for we will speak of them together. The other five laws have
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