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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPEAKING

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Astrology, 53:a planet) The Earth itself Mars Pluto Man - speaking symbolically - is the "five-pointed star and,Astrology, 64:It might therefore be stated that, symbolically speaking, Leo governs the E .*. A .*. degree.Astrology, 91:Zodiacal Constellations Aries, the Ram Strictly speaking, what I have to say now concerns the pureAstrology, 93:It should be remembered - generalizing again and speaking symbolically - that the Crosses alsoAstrology, 100:Mercury, therefore, leads Aries to Virgo (again speaking symbolically) where the idea or Word ofAstrology, 105:upon the wheel and therefore entering the sign, speaking in symbols. [106] If he enters Aries whenAstrology, 140:all his activities. In the future, instead of speaking of the orthodox planets when dealing withAstrology, 181:which he has discharged." He has, figuratively speaking, to dismount constantly from his whiteAstrology, 191:this sign and this for two reasons, esoterically speaking: [192] First, the disciple has definitelyAstrology, 195:of the Great Bear. This is, esoterically speaking, [196] a great reservoir or focal point forAstrology, 196:of a lower aspect of the will, which - in speaking of humanity - we call self-will. Aries, in whichAstrology, 196:is the nearest to the Pole Star. Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the "star ofAstrology, 217:the entire world waits. This will happen if - speaking esoterically - the sixth ray energy of MarsAstrology, 220:of the Piscean Age. The formula runs as follows, speaking esoterically: "... the fish goddesses whoAstrology, 239:passed from Scorpio into Libra (symbolically speaking) and there have been "weighed in theAstrology, 243:Venus rules Libra, whilst - esoterically speaking - Uranus rules. Saturn is the ruler in this signAstrology, 271:development" to which we have referred in speaking of Leo-Libra-Capricorn. Through Mercury, VirgoAstrology, 276:are in potent opposition and, symbolically speaking, produce eventually that "tearing asunder"Astrology, 277:The cause of manifestation is, esoterically speaking, the stimulation of the "dead lives" (theAstrology, 283:of brotherly love which is wisdom. Ordinarily speaking, the mass of men would pass through the signAstrology, 284:and because of this omission, esoterically speaking, the "door is not open." Again, the keynotes ofAstrology, 296:these are rooted in the Sun (symbolically speaking) and are an inherent aspect of the greaterAstrology, 298:which is, as you know, the mother, symbolically speaking, of the form nature and reflects the Sun,Astrology, 298:occult in its significance. Esoterically speaking, you have the emergence of an interestingAstrology, 304:Aries. In the last analysis and esoterically speaking, fire is the great liberator and Aries is theAstrology, 311:for it is the polar opposite - psychologically speaking - of the state of group consciousnessAstrology, 311:beings stand today at a midway point, generally speaking, between these two states of mind, thoughAstrology, 325:until initiation has been taken. Esoterically speaking, the point of greatest interest lies in theAstrology, 330:of the Zodiacal Constellations It is because - speaking in parables - the light of Cancer is onlyAstrology, 345:and consciousness. This is the case cosmically speaking, and also from the standpoint of a solarAstrology, 345:at the sixth month, when - esoterically speaking - the three aspects of the form nature and theAstrology, 346:is also the energetic appearance (symbolically speaking) of a world savior. This Mutable Cross is,Astrology, 348:found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance. Speaking symbolically and in the words of the OldAstrology, 369:of Jupiter. Why this is so, is, esoterically speaking, one of the secrets of initiation. The clueAstrology, 382:this sign. As Taurus is so close, esoterically speaking, to the sign Aries which - in this worldAstrology, 382:sign of beginning, it constitutes, relatively speaking, a very complex aggregation of forces, beingAstrology, 384:exist in the rocks, deep under the plains. I am speaking figuratively and symbolically. Out of theAstrology, 401:the Taurian struggle is so great, esoterically speaking, that the effect of Mars is lost in theAstrology, 410:I would remind students again that when speaking of signs I am referring to the influences of theAstrology, 411:events which are today passing before his eyes. Speaking with a wide generalization, it might beAstrology, 425:though interrelated conditions of perception. Speaking technically, perception and response or theAstrology, 434:sensitivity is produced. Sensitivity, generally speaking, is of a threefold nature: Sensitivity toAstrology, 453:unless the center at the base of the spine (speaking symbolically) is aroused and the great fusionAstrology, 507:that between Venus and the Earth. Esoterically speaking, Mars is the alter ego of Pluto; theAstrology, 520:and the Signs When I say these words, I am not speaking idealistically or mystically. I am pointingAstrology, 548:of a point of balance or (esoterically speaking) of the "escape from opposing forces at the midwayAstrology, 557:Hidden Christ 1. The Cross of the Hidden Christ Speaking generally, therefore, the Mutable CrossAstrology, 564:of energies to be noted when, esoterically speaking, man "stands at the midway point where the fourAstrology, 606:for me to make this any clearer because I am speaking of some of the final aspects and effects ofAtom, 56:is frequently used in the New Testament, in speaking of the Deity. The outstanding passage in whichAtom, 135:call the ability to be inspired. I am not here speaking of mediumship, nor do I mean mediumisticAtom, 146:the 'I am that I am,' or the Self, they are all speaking of one and the same great life, but haveAtom, 146:own interpretation. We next saw that, roughly speaking, atomic evolution could be divided into twoAutobiography, 56:it. I became a good speaker and learnt to like speaking, so that now I am really happier on aAutobiography, 57:it like this?" I am sure that the secret of good speaking, provided you have a flair for words, isAutobiography, 73:come the sunflowers. Thereby hangs a tale. I was speaking to my Sunday Bible class in Quetta oneAutobiography, 81:the kitchen, never sitting in my presence, only speaking when spoken to and completely correct inAutobiography, 140:about Christ [140] and His Church I was really speaking of Christ and the planetary Hierarchy. IAutobiography, 161:of 1920, where the whole situation blew up. Speaking of my interior experience, I had become asAutobiography, 163:like that." I was startled to hear myself speaking out loud. The voice went on to say that wiseAutobiography, 163:psychic nature at all. The unseen person who was speaking so clearly and directly to me then saidAutobiography, 215:work in foreign languages nor had we any foreign-speaking secretaries. The knowledge [216] of whatAutobiography, 234:and women of goodwill. These are not strictly speaking spiritual aspirants. They are notAutobiography, 241:same spiritual experiences. I got quite adept at speaking through an interpreter. When lecturing inBethlehem, 19:These are astronomical facts, for I am not here speaking of astrological conclusions. In the periodBethlehem, 45:the heavens.' (Hebrews, IX, 23.) When Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus he states that 'Except a manBethlehem, 67:round of life; and this is true, whether one is speaking of the cosmic Christ, hidden by the formBethlehem, 88:importance. Christ was, is, and ever shall be. Speaking symbolically, it was necessary that HeBethlehem, 92:He called attention to man's essential divinity, speaking of God as "our Father," as He was theBethlehem, 101:and went about His country, serving the race and speaking those words which have molded forBethlehem, 122:and definitely with bread, just as, symbolically speaking, Christ's problem was the problem ofBethlehem, 139:is focused. Man himself makes this clear. In speaking of man, Dr. Bosanquet says that: "...hisBethlehem, 155:the appearance of speech and of that thinking, speaking animal which we call "man." So, in the aptBethlehem, 157:they were participating, the three Apostles, speaking through the mouth of St. Peter, were able toBethlehem, 167:consisted primarily at this time in teaching and speaking. But such is the wisdom and the beauty ofBethlehem, 225:but with the Cosmic Christ, so unmistakably speaking here: "Brahma, the self-effulgent meditated.Destiny, 71:are illustrations. Other nations are, relatively speaking, very modern, as for instance the GermanDestiny, 76:temporarily of the then emerging soul aspect (speaking symbolically) and the note of France has notDestiny, 89:reason that such a small percentage, relatively speaking, of French people migrate to the States;Destiny, 95:sharing, so sorely needed today. I am not here speaking idealistically or mystically. I am pointingDestiny, 120:of the incoming energy by man. War in the past, speaking generally and esoterically, has been basedDestiny, 136:coming in, passing out or in full expression). Speaking with brevity, we could say that: The firstDestiny, 150:the waters of the Piscean age will, symbolically speaking, be absorbed into the water-pot carriedDestiny, 151:nations will understand each other and - though speaking in many and diverse languages - will knowDiscipleship1, 53:been registered unconsciously by man. We have (speaking symbolically) rayed forth the light andDiscipleship1, 126:critical attitude and your isolation, relatively speaking. It is this combination which has alwaysDiscipleship1, 143:then be stopped. This cannot be done, occultly speaking, until you have made some changes in yourDiscipleship1, 192:soul and your brain, via your mind. Figuratively speaking, there is a lack of steady contactDiscipleship1, 215:that Hierarchy. Your orientation - esoterically speaking - is towards Shamballa. I use that phraseDiscipleship1, 219:This is now only occasional (relatively speaking). You are learning to leave others free - a hardDiscipleship1, 236:do believe you to be) you will welcome the plain speaking and truth - no matter how temporarilyDiscipleship1, 254:your mental body, it places you, symbolically speaking, in the warrior caste and [255] leads you toDiscipleship1, 269:the third initiation, the extremity of the soul (speaking symbolically and conveying no trueDiscipleship1, 282:and educational. Your life work, esoterically speaking, consists in mentally arresting andDiscipleship1, 290:Your analogy is not really in order. I was not speaking in terms of individual light but in termsDiscipleship1, 295:year has greatly strengthened your realization. Speaking symbolically, the Path of Discipleship isDiscipleship1, 298:flows from the outer petals of the egoic lotus (speaking symbolically), the knowledge petals, toDiscipleship1, 317:for the work to be done. The Old Commentary, in speaking of the work of those whose dharma it is toDiscipleship1, 328:inaccuracy. You have so little to do (relatively speaking) in order increasingly to become aDiscipleship1, 373:most easily handle this, if you so desired. I am speaking to you thus frankly, my brother, because
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