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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPEAKING

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Glamour, 250:and endurance of which he is capable. Broadly speaking, the energy of the soul works through theGlamour, 268:should it be sacrificed so that (esoterically speaking) its life is lost and in its placeHealing, 40:method, par excellence and esoterically speaking, of cleaning house and of purifying the centers.Healing, 81:to any particular type of force. Esoterically speaking, the centers can be in one of fiveHealing, 90:failure: The fact that very few, relatively speaking of the race are mentally polarized andHealing, 91:to wrong feeling and others to wrong thinking. Speaking in terms of the entire human family, theHealing, 152:of the world. (Forget not that, technically speaking, the first major initiation from theHealing, 169:solar plexus center; the most active - generally speaking - in humanity as a whole, is still theHealing, 189:key thought which gives it life and - occultly speaking - generative warmth. Have clearly in mindHealing, 200:fusion - that of the soul and personality. Speaking in terms of energy, this involves theHealing, 201:entire area is in a quiescent state, spiritually speaking, and. the focus of energy is elsewhere.Healing, 213:adequately grasped. Nothing is known, factually speaking, about the pineal or the thymus glands,Healing, 222:to the height of physical efficiency. I am speaking in terms of physical effectiveness and not ofHealing, 246:by the pull of the powerful life of the planet, speaking esoterically; this is an aspect of what isHealing, 246:the Law of Gravitation. This law is - again speaking esoterically - an aspect of the Law of Return,Healing, 298:in a position to mount the Throne, symbolically speaking, owing to the fact that They have not yetHealing, 316:admitted, and I would remind you that, occultly speaking, that would naturally be the case, for theHealing, 336:The eyes and the soul are closely related and - speaking in the language of occultism - the rightHealing, 341:to you or which may act as a blind. Symbolically speaking, the period of intensest meditation ofHealing, 380:will." I am here quoting one of the Masters, speaking at a conference held in 1725. [381] What IHealing, 392:of high degree, He meant that He was, occultly speaking, "making restitution to the Monad";Healing, 397:occult word, largely used by the initiate when speaking of death. The outstanding attitudeHealing, 406:now to another aspect of our theme. There are, speaking in the larger sense, three major deathHealing, 409:so real and so devastatingly important. But - speaking literally - from the angle of the mentalHealing, 448:center, Humanity, when He said (and He was speaking as the Representative of the Hierarchy, theHealing, 451:have met in conflict which has, figuratively speaking, elevated the mineral kingdom into the skiesHealing, 462:so many death beds. Coma, esoterically speaking, is of two kinds: there is the "coma of battle"Healing, 469:its existence upon the outer plane, esoterically speaking. This is a moment of great radiance; itHealing, 470:Two Main Reasons for Cremation Occultly speaking, cremation is needed for two main reasons. ItHealing, 506:is the death of the personality? I am not here speaking in abstract terms, as do all esotericistsHealing, 506:the "lower self," and similar phrases. Here I am speaking of the literal destruction, dissolution,Healing, 507:the personality. This also is what we mean when speaking of the integration of these two; the twoHealing, 507:now one. It was of this phase that St. Paul was speaking when he referred (in the Epistle to theHealing, 518:acting [518] as veils to that jewel. I am here speaking symbolically. Because of this happening,Healing, 549:care. The keynote to good health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution, just as it isHealing, 555:healer, therefore, uses two centers, normally speaking: his own head center and that center in hisHealing, 570:People have little idea how much - objectively speaking - they increase the potency of the diseaseHealing, 594:arise today. Eventually, and metaphysically speaking, the solar plexus center begins to have aHealing, 601:or their abstraction, and this is another way of speaking about radiation and magnetism. EveryHealing, 611:A principle is that which, macrocosmically speaking, is being developed upon each plane of ourHealing, 641:the entire body as an integrating factor. Speaking symbolically, therefore, there are times inHealing, 646:the quantity as he attains skill in action. Speaking in a broad and general way, and with theHealing, 647:certain stage upon the Path where, symbolically speaking, a door or point of contact exists betweenHealing, 647:The Angel of Death (and this time I am not speaking symbolically but am referring to an existingHealing, 656:work of radiation. The hands are needed not." Speaking symbolically, it is almost as if a greatHealing, 683:it develops) falls into three stages, broadly speaking; these are carried forward within theHercules, 30:reverses the usual procedure and, figuratively speaking, goes against the tide. Hercules, theHercules, 31:therefore, the sign of commencement. Cosmically speaking, it is the sign of creation, and thisHercules, 48:matter is raised up into heaven, figuratively speaking, and can enter upon its right function;Hercules, 53:having the single eye about which we have been speaking, the eye of Shiva, the Bull's eye in theHercules, 92:"ship" quite frequently in a symbolic sense, speaking of the "ship of state", the "ship ofHercules, 96:and wherefore do I seek to pass this Gate?" and speaking thus he waited, listening for a voice.Hercules, 150:is the achievement of Hercules, psychologically speaking, in this labor. He has admitted light intoHercules, 216:imaginary belt. He says: "The Zodiac, properly speaking, is that belt of the heavens through whichInitiation, 25:where the average man would speak, and their speaking where the average man is silent. When menInitiation, 152:be remembered also that, generally and broadly speaking, the sounds within the solar system fallIntellect, 40:have mass education, but the individual is left, speaking generally, without any specificIntellect, 66:this distinction and Bianco of Siena was really speaking of meditation when he said: "What isIntellect, 152:they should "let their light shine," He was not speaking symbolically at all, but was urging uponIntellect, 171:there is a possibility that the prophet was not speaking merely symbolically when he said that "theIntellect, 184:and demonstrating the oneness of the human soul. Speaking generally, this Way is almost universallyIntellect, 184:attained. These three stages correspond, roughly speaking, with what the Tantras mean by [185]Intellect, 210:The answer is: A great deal. Psychologically speaking, the mind becomes controlled, and passesMagic, 21:dealing with the triplicities so often used when speaking of deity, such as spirit, soul, and body,Magic, 48:in relation to His (if one may use a pronoun in speaking of a life which is an existence and yet isMagic, 84:paramount factors. I am here generalizing, and speaking for the masses of men, and not for theMagic, 95:energy of the soul is set up, and, figuratively speaking, there is a steady flow of force betweenMagic, 96:usefulness. Those ideas and concepts (speaking in symbol) which come via the sutratmic negativeMagic, 96:give. Those which come via the opposite channel (speaking figuratively) produce too rapidMagic, 100:of the anima mundi, the world soul. Physically speaking, this can be realized if we can appreciateMagic, 188:center of a group, the longing to hear oneself speaking, teaching, lecturing, or writing are oftenMagic, 189:personality, and not by his claims or loud speaking. In self-forgetfulness he serves; inMagic, 189:When I use the words "creative work" I am speaking esoterically and am not referring to theMagic, 193:and latent. When this is the case then - again speaking mystically - an hiatus or a gap occurs, inMagic, 238:White Magic - Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force Speaking symbolically the substance of the astralMagic, 241:energy on to the path of return. Cosmically speaking, it manifests as the attractive force betweenMagic, 241:force between spirit and matter; spiritually speaking, it is demonstrated as the activity of theMagic, 241:the lower self into full realization. Physically speaking, it is the urge which tends to unite maleMagic, 275:generated a term we call the ether. Occultly speaking, this is the modern way of expressing "theMagic, 276:the birthing in humanity as a whole. Cosmically speaking, if right direction of the forces of theMagic, 277:idealism which would place them (symbolically speaking) in the pineal gland; they are neverthelessMagic, 277:objective of the Hierarchy (again symbolically speaking) is to make the pineal gland so potent and,Magic, 291:Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays Broadly speaking, the work of the human kingdom is to transmitMagic, 296:the final entering of the stream. Metaphorically speaking, the experience that lies ahead upon theMagic, 337:the tendency of three lines of thought, roughly speaking in the field of psychology. TheMagic, 357:of their intellectual heritage but, numerically speaking, scarce one in ten thousand is utilizingMagic, 421:future of this world group of which we have been speaking much depends upon two things. First, itMagic, 456:of the Universe. There are, symbolically speaking, three great books of formulas. Note the wordsMagic, 456:books of formulas. Note the words "symbolically speaking", and forget them not. There is first theMagic, 460:and is of varying kinds and was (esoterically speaking) generated in a previous solar system andMagic, 520:into the center. They constitute the door, speaking symbolically. Capacities and powers can die outMagic, 525:energy. This pours into it from the cosmos, and speaking symbolically, these energies are basicallyMagic, 526:just as the first, technically but symbolically speaking, emanates from the central spiritual sun.Magic, 529:his position in the human family and - again speaking in symbols - finds himself part of the centerMagic, 548:also crucified. Technically and astrologically speaking, in this present aeon he must understandMagic, 549:- earth, water, fire and air, and, esoterically speaking, passed as a Savior through the fourMagic, 554:and that it will dissipate when he (occultly speaking) "takes his eye away". He will need toMagic, 574:or wrong. When right, it would mean that he was speaking under the impulse of his spiritual will,Magic, 587:of the Centers The Awakening of the Centers Speaking more technically and therefore warranting theMeditation, 26:the polarizing life shifts to the mental unit. Speaking in terms of the solar system and viewing
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