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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPEAKS

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Astrology, 165:secret of balance, of equilibrium and finally speaks the word which releases the initiate from theAstrology, 376:impelling the Bull upon its onward rush." So speaks the Old Commentary. The import of this is thatAstrology, 593:the principle of privation about which H. P. B. speaks, and more than self-imposed limitation. ItAstrology, 625:of Shamballa. It is the Lord of Sacrifice Who speaks. The keynote of sacrifice or the "process ofAstrology, 631:ever saying: Go forth and come thou back." Thus speaks the Old Commentary in reference to thisAtom, 40:the Literary Digest of February 26th, 1921, he speaks of the ability of the microbe to select andAtom, 146:When the scientist, for [146] instance, speaks of force, or energy, and the Christian speaks ofAtom, 146:speaks of force, or energy, and the Christian speaks of God, and the Hindu uses terms analogous toAtom, 149:and for that time to arrive, of which St. Paul speaks when he says: "There should be no division inAtom, 156:even our Christian Bible recognizes it, and Job speaks of "the sweet influences of the Pleiades,"Autobiography, 84:he talks of the babies who die unbaptised and speaks of them as "little vipers," burning to a crispBethlehem, 23:to remember that no initiate makes any claim or speaks about himself. Those who claim to beBethlehem, 41:of the aspirant. Where the Christian disciple speaks of "Christ in you, the hope of glory," (Col.,Bethlehem, 55:as he portrayed Christ as the Son of God Who speaks divinely, we have fallen down in love andBethlehem, 56:physical events, and all the time God Himself speaks, "Hear ye Him." Another point which isBethlehem, 58:documents; but, on the contrary, St. Paul speaks of Jesus as 'made of the seed of David accordingBethlehem, 83:mystics. It is Eckhart who says: 'The Father speaks the Word into the soul, and when the Son isBethlehem, 162:correlates blood with the Crucifixion. He speaks in the present tense, and does not relate theBethlehem, 193:Tertullian, one of the early Church Fathers, speaks of Jesus Christ as the "Great Fish," and of us,Bethlehem, 240:and the water of affliction.' - The God Who Speaks, by B. H. Streeter, pp. 175, 176. It takesBethlehem, 268:his ear to catch the sound of that "Voice which speaks in the silence" - when a man has quieted allBethlehem, 269:and past; it is present here and now. God still speaks to men, for this world of ours stillDestiny, 124:which the great initiate, Paul, refers when he speaks of the whole creation waiting for theDiscipleship1, XIV:please remember that though the Tibetan usually speaks of the soul, he also uses the word "ego"Discipleship1, 32:in the Heavens" of which mystical Christianity speaks and the result of this fusion will be theDiscipleship1, 59:flesh and the devil" of which The New Testament speaks. 3. Love. Love is that inclusive,Discipleship1, 251:B. S. who loves and serves; it is I. B. S. who speaks wisely and who works for me. The focus ofDiscipleship1, 473:1933 BROTHER OF MINE: It is not often that one speaks a word of encouragement to aspirants, and inDiscipleship1, 660:all the time from the struggling personality. It speaks to you so glamorously that the quiet andDiscipleship1, 679:the two, desiring neither. "God from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with earDiscipleship1, 696:the Creator. He meditates; he visualizes; he speaks and that which he seeks to create and toDiscipleship2, 173:is also perhaps in need of explanation. It speaks of the task of the Plan as implemented byDiscipleship2, 173:the New Testament in the Book of Revelations speaks of evil and of the destruction of the devil andDiscipleship2, 435:God is revealed to him; [435] suddenly the Angel speaks; suddenly his search seems ended and rewardDiscipleship2, 549:him by those to whom he seeks to give help, speaks increasingly of "my work, my group, my teaching,Discipleship2, 764:(The Light of the Soul, Book III:50.) who speaks of "isolated unity." Solitude and the daily life.Externalisation, 20:quality of every son of God. A harmlessness that speaks no word that can damage another person,Externalisation, 187:of life. Through the democracies humanity speaks. Fire, 60:Prana. It is that which is referred to when one speaks of the health-giving qualities of MotherFire, 63:was (born) the human race and the world." He speaks of the sapta Rishis and of the Manus as hisFire, 350:is such a relation is now exoteric." H.P.B. speaks of it in the Secret Doctrine. 31 "See S. D, II,Fire, 476:of this transmutative power, and frequently speaks in the sacred books, of the soul being tried orFire, 493:prophet of Israel (Bible, Isaiah 11:6) when he speaks of "the wolf lying down with the lamb"; hisFire, 507:at this in connection with the Logos when she speaks of the visible sun being the seventh principleFire, 706:goats." 36 The Christian hints at this when he speaks of the Christ reigning on earth a thousandFire, 752:agent of the Planetary Logos. That great Entity speaks through Him and for one brief second (if oneFire, 786:Logos uses in constructing His scheme. A man speaks, and a very diversified mantram is the result.Fire, 803:fifth. It will be apparent that when a man speaks of karma, he is dealing with something much widerFire, 820:and they perish as did the lunar Lords. He speaks a Word; the fire descends. The blaze burstsFire, 888:of his positive energy. He wills, he thinks, he speaks, and thought-forms eventuate. AtomicFire, 978:is gained by speech, and what happens when he speaks, he is well on the way to achieving his goal.Fire, 979:to convey. In everyday life when the student speaks, he is doing just the same thing, only theFire, 980:universe of solar systems. Just as the Christian speaks about the great Word, the Word of God, theFire, 980:Word, the Word of God, the Christ, so the Hindu speaks of Vishnu, the great Singer, creating byFire, 980:by His particular quality of love. When God speaks, the worlds are made and at this present time HeFire, 1188:of an Existence of some grade or other. "God speaks and the forms are made." This tabulation shouldHealing, 124:relationships. A disciple serves; he writes and speaks; his words and influence permeate into theHealing, 354:member of a group, such as a group for healing, speaks of developing group consciousness, he refersHercules, 37:attention to his thoughts and to the words he speaks, which are ever the result of thought. He willHercules, 56:the truth and with quickness they believe. He speaks fair words saying: "I am the teacher. To me isHercules, 69:confounded". Aratus, writing about 250 B.C., speaks of Lepus as being "chased eternally", and it isHercules, 136:which the mathematician has in mind when he speaks of 'the elegant solution of a mathematicalInitiation, 55:educated at one of the British Universities, and speaks English fluently. His reading is wide andInitiation, 74:of SPEECH. He who guards his words, and who only speaks with altruistic purpose, in order to carryInitiation, 103:warrior, the victor in many a hard-won fight; he speaks not of his achievements, for he is too busyIntellect, 59:of that "Deeper Being" about which Keyserling speaks. Conscious union with the soul is sought, andIntellect, 136:A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 62. He speaks later on in the same chapter of theIntellect, 139:than reasoning because in reasoning the soul speaks, whilst in this act it enjoys. Reasoning...Intellect, 161:come under this category. Evelyn Underhill speaks of this in the following terms: "...thisIntellect, 205:284. St. Paul emphasizes the same truth when he speaks of "Christ in me, the hope of glory."Magic, 75:a word which drowns the triple sound. God speaks. A quivering and a shaking in the form responds.Magic, 90:is the "life more abundant" of which the Christ speaks. This is the achievement of the trueMagic, 179:There is first the higher clairaudience that speaks directly from mind to mind. This is not exactlyMagic, 208:soul, the imposer of rhythm, and the voice that speaks. This is something which can be acquired byMagic, 386:the two, desiring neither. "God from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with earMagic, 456:of Forms that we are now concerned. Patanjali speaks in one place of the "raincloud of knowableMagic, 499:(oft unintelligent) of the average medium, who speaks under the control of his own thought-formMagic, 573:as he lives amongst them, and as he thinks, speaks and acts, he learns the nature of that type ofMagic, 587:instead of simply living the life. The adept speaks no word which can hurt, harm or wound.Magic, 617:mountain air. Each sound is clear. The silence speaks with sound." Then come the highly significantPsychology1, 48:of the four minor rays. The Secret Doctrine speaks of the Lords of Knowledge and of Love, and alsoPsychology2, 47:meet and merge. The two are one. The Voice that speaks within the silence can be heard: 'The powerPsychology2, 174:has stood for ages before a fast closed door. He speaks with power the Word which opens wide thePsychology2, 356:with purpose towards the central Point." Thus speaks the Old Commentary, which is so oft quoted inRays, 95:understanding blossom as goodwill in men." So speaks a prophetic passage in the ancient Archives ofRays, 158:various aspects, of which the Great Invocation speaks: "The hour of service of the Saving Force hasRays, 198:stage that the prophet Isaiah refers when he speaks of giving to the struggling aspirant "theRays, 500:purpose, and whether the religious Christian speaks of the Kingdom of God, or the humanitarianRays, 607:this principle that Mrs. Besant refers when she speaks in one of her books of the fact that theSoul, 33:Hence the purposive behavior of which Hocking speaks. In this field of human behavior andSoul, 93:ether and motion. The Oriental teacher speaks of the akasha and of prana. Both are dealing with theTelepathy, 134:Presence and recognition on Earth. H.P.B. speaks in The Secret Doctrine of the "three periodical
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