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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIAL

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Astrology, 39:the sixth type of cosmic electricity, and wields special power, therefore, in conjunction with theAstrology, 204:the archives of the Great White Lodge with three special signs of the zodiac (which in a peculiarAstrology, 278:as they cyclically make their appearance, and special effort will be made, for instance, to gainAstrology, 416:interrelation of great interest, which has a special and peculiar relation to humanity. ThisBethlehem, 12:they may indicate to those who are ready a special way and a more rapid following in the footstepsBethlehem, 121:In time and space, in a particular life and at a special time, illness has its uses and may be aBethlehem, 167:the new, and gave out that new truth and that special revelation which Were needed at the time toBethlehem, 180:starting-points without the intervention of any special hero or genius, and to imagine that in eachBethlehem, 218:from the agony of the Cross He spoke to them a special message, relating them to each other. OurBethlehem, 281:of His remembrance. But Christ came as a special Messenger. He came to found the kingdom of God onDestiny, 61:Russia - a symbol of the world Arjuna in a very special sense - will emerge that new and magicalDestiny, 143:for nearly seventy years. It will pass out (by special and unique arrangement) in another fiftyDestiny, 143:cycle, because it is deemed that the needed special impulse has been adequate and that the impetusDestiny, 148:The major impulse driving the Christ towards special work was the desire to establish right humanDiscipleship1, 15:of the group with other groups occupied with special work within the Ashram and the emergence (as aDiscipleship1, 61:The third stage of the work to be done will be special and particular, differing for each group andDiscipleship1, 62:importance. STAGE FOUR. Having finished the special group work under Stage III, the members of theDiscipleship1, 72:in their differing grades and with their [72] special groups. This effort can prove successful onlyDiscipleship1, 80:each contributing his individual share and his special quota of energy to the sumtotal of availableDiscipleship1, 104:disciples to learn but one well worth while. My special instructions for you, therefore, may causeDiscipleship1, 140:can stop you... I would like to give you a special formula or mantram and I have chosen theDiscipleship1, 188:possible . I am assigning you no special work at this time, for your time is fullyDiscipleship1, 190:Think with simplicity. I give you, my brother, a special piece of work to be done during the nextDiscipleship1, 203:a closer group rapport and is in the nature of a special service which you are rendering to theDiscipleship1, 204:to others. Ponder on this. I am assigning you no special work. I would ask you to study theDiscipleship1, 317:you will find another reason why you have this special service to render along these lines. WillDiscipleship1, 354:for use in the group. I give you no other special work to do nor special meditation. Your time isDiscipleship1, 354:I give you no other special work to do nor special meditation. Your time is fully andDiscipleship1, 381:therefore, will be brief. I will not change your special meditation at this time and would ask youDiscipleship1, 424:group of aspirants. I have studied yours with special care for a reason which you know, but whichDiscipleship1, 438:except that which the group is doing, and no special meditation. Your major work at this time (andDiscipleship1, 466:Moon Approach. I would also like to assign you a special task which will be of value to [467] you,Discipleship1, 483:plane of life. To these words of mine pay special attention or you will undertake responsibilitiesDiscipleship1, 486:sometimes be bought at too high a price and a special effort, leading to success which leaves theDiscipleship1, 489:little to say to you at this time. There is no special work to which I would assign you, beyondDiscipleship1, 501:should prove of service to you. I assign you no special work but would ask you to do the groupDiscipleship1, 507:rule is: Talk less and love more. I have no special exercise to give you. I have told D. R. A. toDiscipleship1, 511:of glamor to enter: First of all, the glamor of special training wherein the discipleDiscipleship1, 525:there are three... I am giving you a special exercise. Go into your garden twice a week and meet meDiscipleship1, 594:which it is important you should grasp is your special field of service and the conditions underDiscipleship1, 632:much to those who read your words. I have no special occult exercise for you to do, save that youDiscipleship1, 643:rightly to interpret them. [643] I give you no special work except that which I am asking of allDiscipleship1, 645:relationship, I welcome you into this group for special training with the view of special service.Discipleship1, 645:this group for special training with the view of special service. It is no easy matter to interjectDiscipleship1, 669:each day. I would ask you that you take as your special work that subject which is today of suchDiscipleship1, 760:synthesis. Herein lies a potent occult hint of special use to workers. He is aware of the dangersDiscipleship2, XII:training was always incidental to a planned special group achievement. It should be remembered thatDiscipleship2, 8:of any subjective control, not because of any special privilege in the matter, but because if aDiscipleship2, 50:not the major intent. The forming of units for special service in organizing the life forces,Discipleship2, 75:for aid? Why search for something unique and special and different from that of the rest of theDiscipleship2, 77:accepted serving disciples. The teaching - along special lines - of the New Age presentation ofDiscipleship2, 184:It concerns his relation to that vortex of special [185] energies which we call an Ashram. It isDiscipleship2, 188:who know something of meditation; they have a special and peculiar advantage over the average manDiscipleship2, 332:of power. The sharing in the. results of special spiritual events, such as: [333] The directedDiscipleship2, 336:been applying in my work with all of you in this special group; the related state persists also onDiscipleship2, 383:with him under what might be called a "special dispensation"; the rest of the members of his AshramDiscipleship2, 457:School students the world over, and my group of special workers such as yourself, must contactDiscipleship2, 563:Master. That is why, my brother, I gave you that special meditation last year upon the theme of theDiscipleship2, 585:somewhat more. I would ask you to undertake a special piece of work (of integrating work for me),Discipleship2, 597:D.H.B., is also entrusted with a share in this special field of preparatory work; he is not,Discipleship2, 611:comes into play in a peculiar manner and along special lines where accepted disciples areDiscipleship2, 643:the whole; his trained imagination also presents special difficulty for he can includeDiscipleship2, 645:Those in your immediate environment are of no special service to you for they are not yet upon theDiscipleship2, 665:trusted. Regard all that has happened to you as special training, what might be called "basicDiscipleship2, 669:band of lesser disciples who can be trained for special work during the next two or three lives. OfDiscipleship2, 669:a whole - is the cause of the choosing of this special group through whom the problems emerging outDiscipleship2, 670:numbered among the "friends of Christ," as this special group is called, and are upon a peculiarDiscipleship2, 671:of energy to which those who are to undergo a special training to fit them to form the specialDiscipleship2, 671:a special training to fit them to form the special group of the "friends of Christ" must submitDiscipleship2, 691:what I am really doing is training you for a special piece of service - the service of thought-formDiscipleship2, 706:upon the personality angles or the need for special developments and growth, for no trainedDiscipleship2, 729:and meditation as indicated. I assign you no special work. I seek to see you more closelyDiscipleship2, 740:from the solar plexus. I set no meditation of a special kind for you. The group meditation willEducation, 10:psychology (see pages 18-23). 3. Medically, with special attention to the endocrine system, plusEducation, 95:will only be found at present to be for those special incarnating souls who are today coming intoExternalisation, 23:towards this desired end? Recognizing my special circumstances what more can I give in MeditationExternalisation, 160:of still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantram and transmits the appeal to the OneExternalisation, 195:or by isolating groups for occupation of special areas, or by any man-made ideas of superiority orExternalisation, 257:than they love humanity and who cling to their special interpretations of what they think ChristExternalisation, 351:which the Christ is endeavoring to foster with a special effort in June. These two Full Moons areExternalisation, 362:Spiritual Forces at this time and the use of a special Invocation (one which humanity itself mayExternalisation, 389:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process A Special Wesak Festival Message April 1943 ThisExternalisation, 506:an organizer, and a wise general executive. A special group of devas work under His command, andExternalisation, 520:format of cultures and civilizations receives special attention. The Hierarchy receives andExternalisation, 538:will focus itself each coming Full Moon in a special act or demonstration of love. You will noteExternalisation, 583:the case of certain disciples who will be of special world prominence and who are of initiate rank,Externalisation, 642:so spiritual. The strength, the power and the special energies which He received at that dramaticExternalisation, 644:I (D.K.) am the fifth Master concerned in this special work and am, as it were, the liaison officerExternalisation, 682:Masters, except two or three Who have undergone special training in order to do some specialExternalisation, 682:undergone special training in order to do some special preparatory work for the externalization ofExternalisation, 686:Masters and higher initiates are undergoing a special and applied stimulation and are undertakingFire, 55:central ganglia, wherever located, and having a special with the spleen. [56] [57] Fire, 58:notes. These seven vowels and notes must have special correlations with the seven vedic metres,Fire, 81:35, 36 34 "Prana, or the vital principle, is the special relation of the Atma with a certain formFire, 81:builds up as a means of having experience. This special relation constitutes the individual PranaFire, 208:directed to whichever center is the object of special attention. This varies according to the Ray,Fire, 284:the particular life or entity involved, and the special stage of awareness reached. All must beFire, 328:Who embodies the violet ray or hierarchy, has a special relationship to the buddhic plane. It mustFire, 355:Creative Hierarchy, the human Monads, with special reference to our Earth chain. We have seen that,Fire, 355:our scheme, and particularly in relation to that special incarnation of His which we call the cycle
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