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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIALISTS

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Externalisation, 330:by individuals, groups of world thinkers and specialists in the different fields of world endeavorFire, 914:come in from another planetary scheme, and are specialists in their particular line. They haveHealing, 48:two. These three may call in other experts and specialists in electro-therapy, osteopathy andHealing, 276:has reached such a point of complexity that specialists have perforce been needed who can deal withHealing, 480:therapeutic aspects that they have given rise to specialists - to those who concentrate upon aMagic, 14:on the statements of other people, and by the specialists in the various branches of knowledge. ItMeditation, 46:is so vast that I cannot deal with it here. Specialists will later take up the problem, and theMeditation, 71:We seek not to develop Masters of Black Arts and specialists in ruthless self-expression at theMeditation, 104:and openly acknowledged, doctors and brain specialists will study with greater care and accuracyPsychology1, 274:to their ordinary surmise. I write not for the specialists, but for the average intelligent studentPsychology1, 283:hygiene (an interest hitherto confined to the specialists), to the general recognition of the
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