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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIALIZED

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Astrology, 199:- an aspect of the Fixed Cross, of peculiar and specialized potency upon the Path of DiscipleshipAutobiography, 299:Djwhal Khul. It was D.K., partly because he had specialized in occult philosophy and cosmic law,Bethlehem, 273:its particular formulations of truth, its specialized method of government upon earth and ofDestiny, 111:in nature. This is slated (if I might use such a specialized word) to come into manifestationDestiny, 125:refined, and so brought to a higher and more specialized state of development. This is todayDiscipleship1, 23:upon the physical plane focal points of specialized force through which the Hierarchy can work withDiscipleship1, 53:certain powers could be unfolded and a more specialized experiment be possible. Peculiar powersDiscipleship1, 54:These have always interested me and I have specialized in them. Naturally, I looked around amongDiscipleship1, 150:to write that which is popular. It is the more specialized task of working with and cooperatingDiscipleship1, 271:it is basic in the form life and also in the specialized activity of the second ray type and isDiscipleship1, 343:creative imagination and release your sense of specialized force in certain areas. That the lightDiscipleship1, 406:attention and earned for you the right to a more specialized and individual training. Secondly, youDiscipleship1, 531:prompts me to offer you this opportunity for specialized training. You have been puzzled over thisDiscipleship1, 673:or, having taken initiation, is being given specialized [674] work to do in collaboration with hisDiscipleship1, 713:or - having taken initiation - is being given specialized work to do in collaboration with his...Discipleship1, 767:initiation or having taken initiation - is given specialized work. At this stage he is described asDiscipleship2, 310:that are associated with life itself and that specialized training which is given to initiates -Discipleship2, 310:concerning knowledge as they do, may be specialized, and teaching can be taken in such isolatedDiscipleship2, 326:Rod of Initiation fits them for the reception of specialized energy, to be later used in theirDiscipleship2, 485:Relationship. I would have you do this with the specialized objective of understanding how you, asDiscipleship2, 518:fall into two groups: They follow the way of specialized detail and of a comprehensiveDiscipleship2, 609:is a branch, an affiliate, an outgrowth or a specialized part of the Ashram of K.H. It is becauseDiscipleship2, 611:K.H. in order to be of assistance to me in the specialized work I was attempting to do and whichDiscipleship2, 672:your brothers and that (because of this) you had specialized work to do for me. You took theEducation, xi:(but not more important) activities in the more specialized areas of study. "Until contemporaryEducation, xi:learning. But with the increase in size of our specialized bodies of knowledge - to the point whereEducation, 82:natural results. This also involves training for specialized activities, based upon innateExternalisation, 130:to the same inspiration but employing their own specialized methods to bring about the desiredExternalisation, 494:paragraph I have summed up the working out of a specialized divine activity. Externalisation, 532:microcosm. This dual activity entails much specialized training, and as the initiatory processExternalisation, 570:of the individual. Other initiates have specialized in the various languages, and two of them areExternalisation, 643:the needed stimulation. They precipitate certain specialized aspects of this newly received energy,Externalisation, 644:be released at the coming Full Moon. The five specialized energies are as follows: Externalisation, 659:Age. These energies, along with the five specialized energies referred to in my June (1948) FullExternalisation, 659:years slip away. The year 1952 will see the five specialized energies assuming great potency. IExternalisation, 659:my June message for 1948, I referred to the five specialized energies which were at that timeFire, 71:the text above. All rays express a peculiar and specialized type of force. Triad. This is literallyFire, 183:the world, is the representative on earth of the specialized force of the planetary Logos; theFire, 191:all over his vehicle and not only through the specialized organs, the ears, the product of physicalFire, 208:This varies according to the Ray, or the specialized work of the initiate. The center has itsFire, 357:may be the subject of logoic attention, and of specialized stimulation, and at another period aFire, 464:all the units in Their bodies, but causes specialized response from those who are actively andFire, 465:No man, for instance, can make definite and specialized progress without his brother benefiting, -Fire, 931:highest group of lesser builders, who are highly specialized. These will be dealt with somewhat inFire, 1145:unit is found. This means, that there are seven specialized force streams, each with its peculiarFire, 1195:and exponents of force or energy of a specialized kind. The quality of a [1196] Ray is dependentGlamour, 118:to the discovery of the rays governing the specialized vehicles. When these five rays (egoic,Glamour, 144:We are however only concerned here with its specialized use. Healing, 482:and which is unusual. The barriers erected by specialized medicine must come down, and the newInitiation, 91:first time his contact with a certain type of specialized force, up to the emancipated Buddha ofInitiation, 99:the etheric centers. At the fourth initiation a specialized type of force from a center which mustInitiation, 138:attention. This varies according to ray, or the specialized work of the initiate. The center hasIntellect, 23:the East, and in the monasteries in the West, a specialized culture was imparted to those who couldIntellect, 24:are due again to revert to the ancient method of specialized training for the special individual -Intellect, 32:It concerns itself with the technique by which a specialized training and self-culture can beIntellect, 35:who added to their equipment and training a specialized culture which enabled them to enter aIntellect, 35:where many thousands are ready for this specialized culture, and, therefore, are we facing a crisisIntellect, 41:spiritual kingdom, is hastened and nurtured by a specialized education, called the meditationIntellect, 44:Standardization Uniqueness Mass Education Specialized Training Science Religion Memory TrainingIntellect, 121:a supernormal faculty, or the possession of a specialized instrument by a gifted few; the mindMagic, 169:he will be tempted to sidetrack his efforts from specialized service to the race into theMagic, 173:or, having taken initiation, is being given specialized work to do in collaboration with his - . AtMagic, 177:called Nirmanakayas, or those definite, specialized thought currents originated by one of the greatMagic, 178:who seeks to impart a definite instruction and a specialized line of thought. The responsibility asMeditation, 113:groups, different centers may be the object of specialized attention, yet [114] the results will beMeditation, 315:to the Master's ashram at certain intervals for specialized work. He will have to train them too inPatanjali, 159:3. The indicated. Back of the sixteen specialized divisions and back of the six unspecialized, liesPatanjali, 354:the most profound kind and those adepts who have specialized in the science of sight, and thePatanjali, 404:of view is nearer to universal truth than is the specialized. He says: "Though things are similar,Problems, 41:along this needed line of salvage; yet their specialized work is sorely needed and is as urgent aProblems, 53:natural results. This also involves training for specialized activities, based upon innatePsychology1, 34:of the emanating source of his own temporarily specialized life. This triplicity of ideas requiresPsychology1, 100:of the nature of genius, and its definite and specialized cultivation. Training in creative workPsychology1, 157:produced the characteristic appearance, the specialized activity and the [158] intrinsic emanationPsychology1, 158:the differentiated forms come into being, the specialized lives express themselves, and thePsychology1, 217:Each of the planets contributes a unique and specialized quota to the sum total of evolutionaryPsychology2, 350:to his environment in a wider and more specialized sense. Today, in our Aryan race, humanity isPsychology2, 400:can roam, and provides a fertile source of specialized divine expression. The purer the agent, theRays, 142:and a few of the Masters Who have undergone specialized training because They are upon the firstRays, 297:of the two attitudes - inclusive realization and specialized service - renders the task of theRays, 365:thus making a spiritual approach along some specialized line, where a meeting place will becomeRays, 391:Him, His past activities as they may fit Him for specialized work, plus a sense of freedom hithertoReappearance, 160:a sense of values and all that we can give to a specialized intuitive research to meet it. We maySoul, 10:angle of approach. Both East and West have specialized in their thinking. Each, therefore, has theSoul, 128:through the etheric body which evolves the specialized centers in that body, and which in turn actsSoul, 137:definite sense-perception communicated through a specialized organ. It is practically beyond man'sTelepathy, 143:is normally focused. The particularized or specialized energies by which the individual (at thisTelepathy, 151:types of substance, each of which is definitely specialized and found on one or other of the
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