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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIALLY

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Astrology, 637:(S.D. Vol. I, 626) "There are only seven planets specially connected with the Earth and twelveAstrology, 642:Vol. I, 626) 2. "There are only seven planets specially connected with the Earth, and twelveAtom, 60:at the time of death; it was brought very specially to my notice some years ago by one of theAutobiography, 18:throughout the British Isles. She had her own specially built and endowed cottage hospital; sheAutobiography, 27:days "a governess cart," designed, I presume, specially for small children. On summer days myAutobiography, 46:lace. I was always proud of that achievement and specially proud when I once sold two yards ofAutobiography, 254:and a name is given to me. To my own group of specially picked aspirants I have acknowledged myDiscipleship1, 114:the etheric web is, therefore, in this locality specially reinforced and the activity of the centerDiscipleship1, 292:is one of your co-workers (L. U. T.) with whom I specially ask you to make contact. Hold him inDiscipleship1, 409:with any group is ever a hard one, and has been specially so in your case. This I foresaw, but IDiscipleship1, 417:service. These are two of the keynotes which are specially yours, and these qualities should beDiscipleship1, 786:a name has been given to me. To my own group of specially picked aspirants I have acknowledged myDiscipleship2, 529:are around you always and I have held you specially close lately during these difficult postwarEducation, 72:will become possible only in small schools of specially selected children or small colleges with aExternalisation, 307:[307] A group of Masters and initiates Who are specially related to the Christ's department, asExternalisation, 504:call the Master D.K., and another Master Who is specially linked with the work of preparation inFire, 90:pranic entities are in the air above us, and are specially active in such parts of the world asFire, 90:and the rays of the sun are recognized as being specially beneficial. Relations between man andFire, 92:and of all forms upon the planet. They have a specially close connection with human beings owing toFire, 361:four minor Logoi, or Lords of the Rays, and is specially concerned therefore with the developmentFire, 365:2, Chain 2, and scheme 2 during round 2 axe specially linked and vitalized, and are the focal pointFire, 435:now on the fifth subplane of all the planes, specially in the three worlds of human endeavor, andFire, 449:instructed user), some one or other of which is specially adapted to produce nearly every possibleFire, 455:of the way for them in the different countries, specially in Europe and North America, is occupyingFire, 460:For thousands of years, wild animals have - specially before the coming in of firearms - destroyedFire, 463:increased activity of the deva evolution, and specially of the devas of the ethers, the lesserFire, 512:the Heavenly [512] Men Who are His centers, and specially as He stands to the particular HeavenlyFire, 573:in the fourth round, and in the fourth root-race specially. We shall then have the correspondenceFire, 574:- The Atlantean, in which the above qualities specially demonstrated. Fire, 577:that law. This second law of the system governs specially the second plane, and the second subplaneFire, 579:root-race, showing how the Law of Cohesion was specially active at these periods. A condition ofFire, 587:Rays and the laws of the planes where they specially control. The third Ray which is the ActivityFire, 661:the astral plane are those with whom man is very specially connected at this time owing to hisFire, 669:plane. The sixth Creative Hierarchy likewise is specially connected with this particular order ofFire, 707:(This is because each subplane comes specially under the influence of its Number, Name, or Lord.)Fire, 859:splenic center, being the vehicle of prana, is specially developed under evolutionary law, and itsFire, 882:are four branches of knowledge to which H. P. B. specially refers: - S. D., I, 192. These four areFire, 1254:of the sixth Initiation and trains them specially for this work. Special aptitude in color andHealing, 221:the fast dying out Lemurian types; Negroes are specially prone to infectious epidemics. I have notHercules, 33:a human being to create something which shall be specially his own. In ancient Accadian days, thisHercules, 45:possible, than Taurus itself, the dove becomes a specially appropriate symbol for this littleInitiation, 17:His line of development) the five rays that are specially manifesting at the time He takes theInitiation, 56:time in various parts of Europe. He works specially with masses more than with individuals, thoughInitiation, 61:the Master K. H. and the Master Jesus will be specially concerned with the movement towards theInitiation, 61:wherever possible. Two other Masters, specially concerned with the seventh or ceremonial ray, whoseInitiation, 187:of the sixth initiation and trains them specially for this work; special aptitude in color andMagic, 66:and the moon. Those members of humanity who are specially under lunar influence respond to thisMagic, 343:in discomfort in all the bodies, and is [343] specially sensed as depression by the physical body.Magic, 343:of temptation. It is one of the things which specially hinders the aspirant. It renders himMagic, 343:need to cultivate, and that the group should specially seek to attain. They are as follows:Magic, 404:serve to reveal other aspects of the Plan and specially that one to which the illumined knower canMeditation, 167:his goal via the path of the Mahachohan. But specially note, that on this planet the Lord of LoveMeditation, 170:when the time comes. This first line is specially the line of government, of racial development, ofMeditation, 211:down and up again. What I seek to bring out specially here is that these seven bands do not allMeditation, 232:affiliated. On his environment. The point I seek specially to emphasize is the life side and notMeditation, 279:of some class in the ashram, or during some specially successful meditation wherein the pupil hasPatanjali, 205:The "conquest of the organs" has reference specially to the senses and is the result of magneticRays, 51:at along the normal lines of incarnation, or the specially created form to which Theosophists give
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