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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIES

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Atom, 25:This involves the building up of forms and species until you have something coherent andBethlehem, 275:to the new world, he will yield his place to a species more sensitive and less gross in its nature.Destiny, 125:the racial types towards a higher standard. Many species of animals will also die out and are todayEducation, xi:By what processes of evolution did the human species emerge from the matrix of nature so that manEducation, 12:of active work and by the perpetuation of the species. Response to pure intellectual awareness.Education, 14:is an apparent hiatus between facts and known species. In transitional periods some of the bridgingEducation, 14:laying the foundation for the emergence of a new species of human being - a more highly evolvedEducation, 135:undue and unlimited propagation of the human species. This lack of sexual control has brought intoEducation, 139:to racial generation and the perpetuation of the species, and with the science of light (a scienceFire, 604:light and heat. So that there are different species of Agni (fire); but "whatever other fires thereFire, 647:stages. Continuity of existence. Perpetuation of species or reproduction on some or other of theFire, 1072:types. The herbal scientist who is producing new species is really occupied with the effect of sexGlamour, 135:understood, a form of control and guidance and a species of government which it is not possible forHealing, 14:to perpetuate - both the present form and the species. [15] The law of cause and effect, calledHealing, 244:sweep of evolution - to the extinction of a species; it leads also in time to the death of theHealing, 247:for a temporary cycle, determined by its species and environment, thus resisting successfully anyHealing, 247:to the various kingdoms in nature, and to the species and types and forms within those [248]Hercules, 133:it is very difficult to serve the incredible species called man. Inform a man of a truth thatMagic, 34:a type of energy which distinguishes the varying species of the animal kingdom and makes one manMagic, 34:the minerals, the forms of vegetable life and species of the varying species of animals; theMagic, 34:of vegetable life and species of the varying species of animals; the structure of the forms and theMagic, 38:animal kingdom, producing their distinctions, species and nature. Human consciousness, orMagic, 99:beauty and diversity, and the evolution of new species with an objective impossible to explain toMagic, 110:one's apprenticeship? Is not true knowledge a species of intellectual love? If a poet can pen anMagic, 139:that is one of the fundamental laws of species which nature so wonderfully demonstrates. TheMagic, 285:the vital life of God is the perpetuation of the species, and this is the result of the livingnessMagic, 332:kingdoms of nature that produces form, shape, species, kind, type and the differentiations whichMeditation, 134:The dark brother recognizes no unity with his species, only seeing in them people to be exploitedPatanjali, 265:characteristics, [265] its essential character, species and genus; we see it in relation to itselfPatanjali, 369:effect-producing cause, even when separated by species, time and place. 10. Desire to live beingPatanjali, 394:effect producing cause, even when separated by species, time and place. A paraphrase of the sutraPsychology1, 122:a certain kind, and animals and forms of varying species. It is the passing out of a ray thatPsychology1, 163:head of the animal kingdom, on each ray, some species of animal susceptible to human influencePsychology1, 258:still rule increasingly lessened, and certain species will die out unless they are preserved inPsychology1, 277:women which results in the reproduction of the species. Speaking in terms of modern usage as it isPsychology1, 291:the woman, resulting in the reproduction of the species. In the union of the lower energies withPsychology2, 125:self-preservation or to the reproduction of the species is a demonstration of the animal soul. ThisPsychology2, 212:the angle of the whole and not from the angle of species, had reached a particular stage ofPsychology2, 213:upon the moon chain. The consideration of species and of types may not be permitted; it is futile
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